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Question First time author looking for beta-reading and editing


I just finished my first attempt at writing fiction. The full story has 50k words, I intend to post it in five parts.

I have two requests:
1. Beta-reading:
Does the story make sense? Are there any logical breaks in the story line? Can a person who hasn't read the story understand what is happening? Things like these.

2. Editing:
English is not my first language. Therefor I feel that I have used certain verbs and adjectives a bit too often, some support here would be greatly appreciated.

I have spell and grammar checked the story. I know the difference between there, their and they're. I do not think that there are many errors left but...
Also there are some errors word has difficulties in detecting (to/too, quite/quiet, prepositions, etc.)

And last but not least the tenses. Did I used past tense when I should have used past perfect? Or past continous?

Anybody interested?

Best regards

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Category? That's one of the biggest considerations someone who might help will have.
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Missed that tiny little bit of information...

Overall, it's romance, I guess. Some super soft bondage and one group sex scene. But everything consensual.
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Hey there!
I might not have a lot of editing experience but I should make for a decent beta reader ;-)
Send a PM my way if you're interested!
Greetings, Cubius
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PM is sent.

As I'm fully aware of the fact that this is a voluntary and unpaid effort, I am grateful for every bit of help and support you are willing to give and every insight I can gain from it.
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