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View Poll Results: Most Original Sex Scene
1) A Foreign Affair by Tx Tall Tales (see below) 14 12.73%
2) Auto-Erotic by Bob Peale (see below) 54 49.09%
3) Memoirs of a Lady Ch. 10 by Judo (see below) 42 38.18%
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2001 Awards: Most Original Sex Scene

Please nominate the sex scene of the 3 choices that you found to be most creatively done. Click the choice to read the scene in context. The scenes are listed below.

* * * * *

1) A Foreign Affair by Tx Tall Tales

Most of the guys understood English pretty well, and understood what I was saying. When Yolanda got the Ok from Angela, we knew the real fun was about to start.

I lead the ladies to the guestroom, sat one on each side of the bed. I explained that the guys would enter in pairs, one to each side of the bed for 30 seconds, then they would switch places. The girls would write on a pad of paper, which guys they 'identified' in order. Then the second pair would come in. Somebody would ring a bell when it was time to switch. Then again when the time was done. The guys would leave the room and then the girls would write the results.

With the girls in place, I directed the guys to remove their shorts, and sent Chago and Alejandro in. They were the closest in size. The bare-naked state was to be a bonus for the girls. From the door, we watched as each discovered that the guy in front of them was nude.

* * * * *

2) Auto-Erotic by Bob Peale

Traffic comes to standstill as we wait for some jackass in a sports car (talk about glass houses!) to change a tire, the result of a too tight maneuver between him, a truck, and the curb. I look to my right and am instantly sorry I did. A college aged woman, miles from any beach I know of, is sitting there in a red and blue bikini who's purpose I'm certain is simply to torment me. She's driving a jeep without a roof or doors, and I can plainly see that the bottoms of her suit are cut so high that the butterfly etched on her hip is as visible as the nameplate on the side of her car. Her skin glistens with sweat and her brown hair is damp, pulled back in a ponytail to keep it out of her eyes. Her stomach is soft but smooth, much more enticing than the anemic, muscled caricatures so popular in men's magazines, and her breasts swell obscenely out of a top that would have to double in size just to qualify as too small.

They sway erotically as she talks agitatedly into a cell phone, her lips puckered sensually as she communicates her frustration. I sit entranced as a pregnant bead of sweat rolls seductively down her long, tanned neck, following the curve of her tit, and soaking the spot where her I guess her nipple must be. Unconsciously I reach down and rub my crotch, chewing on my lower lip as I slide my hand under the waistband to finger my cock head. I need to cum so bad, but I don't want to do it here, not like this. For the second time today, I tear my hand away, gripping the steering wheel with white knuckled determination, willing the traffic to move before my resolve crumbles.

* * * * *

3) Memoirs of a Lady Ch. 10 by Judo

"I can feel a lot more than that." I reached back for him with one hand and pulled Sam close to me. He held the reins low along the sides of Big Boy. I could feel his cock slide south until it was level with my pussy.

"Can we go faster?"

"Sure." With a click-click of his tongue and another gentle kick with his feet, Big Boy's gait change from a trot to a canter running around the indoor room. On the first footfall, Sam's cock slipped inside me and began rocking in-and-out with a steady rhythm. The sudden entry took my breath away. The wind rushed over my body. The heat of the animal below us rose, making my breasts sweat against him.

"Oh, Jesus!" was all I heard out of Sam as he tried to concentrate on the reins. We ran by the open door a dozen or more times before I realized how lost I was to the experience. The saddle pushed against my clit, driving all other thoughts from my senses as Sam's cock thrust along my G-spot from behind.
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