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Post Welcome to the BDSM Forum

Hello and welcome. Our rules here are simple and few, attributes that we hope make them as easy to adhere to as they are to understand.

BDSM Forum Rules

1. No spam
2. No personals ads
3. No posting of another's personal information
4. No posting of your own private email addy
5. No threats

Our small online community is one in which anyone can ask a BDSM question and have it answered by any one of the many people who pop in and out of here on a more-or-less regular basis.

We have all kinds here: Dom/mes, Switches, subs, everyday life-experienced, seekers after theoretical knowledge, sympathetic nillas, newbies to this lifestyle, couples, singles, Tops, bottoms, masochists, Sadists, and more. At least one of us, probably more, will be able to answer your sincere questions, respond to your concerns, address your issues, and laugh, cry, and rejoice with you as you travel your own BDSM path.

Here, in our posts and threads, we tend toward inclusion of those who come our way, and we possess a broad-minded tolerance for concerns about skin-to-skin kinks of all persuasions. Thereíll never be much flaming or fighting here if only because most of us have felt the lashing hurt of individual and societal displeasure and fear with regard to our very-private sexuality. Likely you know this already, as a group (however loosely-defined) BDSMíers tend to be very accepting of individual sexual differences.

We don't put much stock in the convoluted conventions with respect to chatroom-style BDSM honorifics. In other words, we don't use W/we and O/our and U/us. We don't call all our community members who happen to be dominants "Master" or "Mistress". We don't bow and scrape. No one actually talks or acts like that in everyday life situations. How could they? Nor do we, here. Feel free to leave such awkward chat room constructions at the door on your way in. In fact, please know that we focus primarily on that which we do in skin-to-skin BDSM relationships. We're not a chat room kind of place and have no desire to be a chat room kind of place. There are many places on the net in which chat room BDSM'ers can feel comfortable spinning out thier fantasies; this is not one of them.

This place is all about discussion and thought. We talk over issues and needs and experiences. We compare techniques and suppliers and how to make our own toys. Many of us haven't yet made the move from discussion of these needs to actually experiencing them - and that's fine. When we do, we'll be ready. In other words, experience is not a requirement. However, an open attitude, a questing spirit, and a firm grounding in the reality aspect of BDSM relationships will, most definitely, aid in your finding a place in our community.

One of the methods by which we've decided to further our feeling of community is our decision to disallow personals ads in this Forum. You can ask anything that's BDSM-related, talk about anything at all, no matter how "out there" a fetish it is, but you cannot post a personals ad here.

The BDSM Talk Forum had its genesis in a single thread, one known by a variety of affectionate nicknames (the Mega, Monster, or Mother thread). It was first posted in July of 2001 in Litís How ToÖ forum and grew to 68 pages, 1340 posts, and 31,548 reads by the time we got this spanking (ohhh!) new Forum on February 23, 2002.

Itís still available to anyone who wants to peruse it. We think of it as a gold mine, of sorts. Chronicled in the thread are many months of wonderful BDSM-flavored insights as well as information about many of us, personally, and the manner in which we became the close and supportive community we are today. (BDSM: Questions and Answers: http://www.literotica.com/forum/show...threadid=39661)

Again, welcome to our community. On behalf of all, i thank you in advance for respecting its atmosphere of acceptance, inclusion, reality, and calm discussion.

Be silly. Be honest. Be kind.
--Ralph Waldo Emerson

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