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Red face *smooch* It's The Literotica Valentine's Day Story Contest!

Hi writers!

Baby birds are singing outside my window, the smell of love is in the air, and roses are approaching $199/dozen. That can mean only one thing: the Literotica St. Valentine's Day Erotic Story Contest approacheth! We will accept entries starting...NOW! and we will stop accepting contest entries on February 12. On February 20, we will announce the 3 winners. This contest will coexist with the usual monthly contest. Stories may only win one or the other, not both contests simultaneously.

All rules for the monthly contests are in place. The only exception to the rules is that we will allow authors who have won in our monthly contests within the last 6 months to win in this special contest. However, if you have won a prize in another theme contest within the last 6 months, you are not eligible to win in this one.

The following guidelines also apply:

- All contest stories must be submitted via our online form. If you are a WebTV user or have difficulty with the form, follow the instructions here.

- Author must put the phrase "VALENTINE'S DAY STORY CONTEST 2002" in the "Notes" field of the submission.

- Story must focus on Valentine's Day. Please don't just submit a normal story and throw in a sentence like "It was Valentine's Day, and..." at the beginning. That would not be in the spirit of the contest, and readers & voters would probably punish you for your trickiness.

Any story that meets the above criteria will be automatically entered into the contest, and winners will be decided by reader input. The prizes for the top 3 stories will be the same as those award in the monthly contests.

Good luck, and have fun!
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Is there any age limit to this Valentine's Day contest?
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Ummm..the characters? Well, they should be able to define the words legally consenting adults. As for the readers...well, Laurel has considered giving everyone a test to see what age they are intellectually but...sigh...what can you do?

Some people never go CRaZy -- what truly horrible lives they must lead.

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