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Big Bair
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Ladies - Ever take an accidental dick up the ass?

Years ago, I was the proud owner of my first car - a beat up Jalopy. The back seat was perfect for having sex, so much so that I have considered trying to reproduce something similar in my house. :-)

My girlfriend at the time, and I were in the back seat one hot, sweaty, summer night with the windows rolled down. Fortunately there were very few mosquitos in the region. I say fortunately because there was a lot of exposed skin in the back seat of that tin can at that particular point in history.

Things were going very good. Her back was arched and she was taking everything I could pump into her. She was wet. She was very, very wet; so much so that her juices were running down the crack in her ass and dripping onto my vinyl seat. I was hammering her like a porno stud.

My biggest mistake was in making seven-inch strokes with a six-inch dick. It worked very well for a while and my balls would slap her butt cheeks with a satisfying "thwack-thwack-thwack"; my dick completely exiting her cunt and ramming back in time after time. She was making noises like a small jungle monkey, moving in rythm to my strokes and turning her tight little cunt towards the sky. That was her mistake.

The combination of an upturned ass and a wildly pounding, but unguided dick eventually resulted in my dick impacting her tight, virgin ass - wet with her own juices - and ramming home to the hilt. Not only did I stab her as deeply as I possibly could have but I didn't even know I was doing it and continued to pound her, but now in her ass instead of her cunt.

Her movements and screams should have been a clue, but honestly, I thought she was starting to really get into the horribly severe fucking she was taking.

It wasn't until she managed to find her voice and shout "You're in the wrong hole -- you're in the wrong hole!!!!" That I sensed someting was amiss.

This little mistake only turned me on more and I jerked out of her ass and slammed back into her cunt in one smooth motion and continued to bang her brains out. Not a thought was given toward sanitary procedures or the possibility of infection, which thankfully we avoided. I shot her full of cum in a few seconds and began to cool down.

Unfortunately... she did NOT cool down for quite some time. She was about as pissed-off as a young white girl could get! She claimed that her ass was too sore for her to sit down for the next three days.

This happened so easily that I am relatively certain it has happened to other people. Many may not admit it, but I do know of one case where it happened to a friend of mine -- or rather to a friend of a friend of mine.

The two of them had been out partying and picked up two women at a bar. Supposedly they were married, but that is not material to the story.

As he told it, they adjourned to a remote bush setting just outside of town and one couple was screwing in the car and the other on a tarp on the grass. The guy said he was in the car and he heard the woman screaming and cursing. Afterward she was icy cold to her date on the way home.

When the women were back at their car, the friend explained, "Hell, I was doing OK until my dick came out and I accidentally rammed it up the bitch's ass. Fuck her if she can't take a joke."

So I got to wondering .... , how common is this ???
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*sbl b*
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Never it happened to me, but dam wished it did
-(`v)-w tht w h t's s f w fl lk l f th . gv d t b hmb t b th p뮧 tht m t...-(`v)-
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Ready to Rock!
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One girl (afterward) said something like "God, I've been waiting for you to do that for a long time. Yes it hurt, but I wanted it to, and I got used to it real quick. You knew I started cuming again, right?"

The other girl made it obvious before I even got half way in that I missed, so to speak. After I pulled out with profuse apologies, her arousal had slipped a little but it came back quick. We never mentioned it again, just like it never happened.
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Sir's wonder woman
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Yes it happened to me, with my now ex husband, soon after we were married. It put me off even the thought of anal sex for over 20 years. It hurt like all hell and I bled for 2 days and was sore for a week.

It took a great deal of patience and communication from a lovely man to get me to try even a finger. I'm so grateful to him, though we're not together anymore, for awakening that part of my sexuality. He was the only one I trusted enough to go all the way with, three times in total.

After we split up I had no desire to do it with the other two partners I'd had, until I moved to be with Gil. Anal play is a regular part of our sexual life now and I love it. TRUST and communication have worked wonders for me
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Everything well in hand!
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Had one slip once... doggy style, warm summer eve, we both moved the wrong way- omgess the pain!
I tumbled off the bed and sat in a corner glaring at him reprochfully for a good five mineuts while he said "I'm sorry" a good dozen times. Realized it wasn't his fault, went back to what we were doing.
I was... wow, 18... seems so long ago, LOL. Yeah I know, 21 isn't much older, but I've been married to the same guy for two years and anal is part of my repitiour now, one of my favorite parts.
*sighs* can't wait till he gets home from CA.
Really don't need unsolicited messages. I won't cyber with you, I won't write smut with you and I will certainly laugh as I show them on the Asshat PM threads.
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GO Angels!
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I've had men miss and ram the "wrong hole" but they never made it in. Even that hurts, and what cracks me up is that men never seem to understand they aren't getting anywhere. I always have to tell them. Never did figure that out.

Anyway, I guess my answer would have to be no, as penetration was never acheived.
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Faceted Sensualist
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::winces:: it has happened a couple of times with everyone I've been with... I get quite wet, we always get quite carried away... I tell ya its a heart stopper though, you guys may not feel the difference, but once he was so persistant and couldn't get a clue from my hips weaving away from him that I finally slapped his leg and shot him a nasty glance...

of course he thought I was just taunting him, and I thought he was doing it purposly... eep!
Jackie Blue
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Yes. *shudder*

The first time it happened, it hurt like ten kinds of fiery hell. The first time, the guy was so sorry he did it that I had to console him for a week afterward. I cried like a baby and couldn't sit down right for days. Needless to say, we didn't have sex for a while after that, LOL.

Other times...well, I didn't care where I was being fucked, as long as I was getting one hell of a ride.


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School Bus Slut!
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its' happened 2 me a few times 2






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Originally posted by Bandit58
Yes it happened to me, with my now ex husband, soon after we were married. It put me off even the thought of anal sex for over 20 years. It hurt like all hell and I bled for 2 days and was sore for a week.
Same situation, but I didn't bleed as much, and we're not married yet. Damn! He was so blasted horny, I don't think he would've known the difference if I didn't say anything! I wonder if I should take this as a sign...!
Sex is never the answer. Sex is the question; YES is the answer!" - Sexy NYC/Guide to NY Erotica 2001

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Violette in Bloom
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Old 04-16-2004, 05:11 PM   #11
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it happened to me with my first lover.... only once, after that i loved anal enough that he didnt have to "accidentally" miss. lol.... i sort of wonder if they do it on purpose.
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Old 04-16-2004, 05:22 PM   #12
muffdiver extraordinaire
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Doesn't anyone communicate??
It's never happened to me, but then maybe I'm just amore careful driver than some...
Not that I haven't gotten the wrong trajectory on occasion, but never "just rammed it in without knowing". If I've missed the target area, my partner would be kind enought to mention it before anyone gets hurt.
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Old 04-16-2004, 05:51 PM   #13
rosco rathbone
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This has actually happened to me twice this year with two different people. No shit.
SOme people literally just have loose, easy-access asses. It sounds gnarly; but it's true.
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Not yet

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Literotica Guru
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So help me, if anyone with a nick of "Kobe" answers this thread.......
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Old 04-17-2004, 05:48 AM   #16
Really Really Experienced
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wrong hole

Yes this has happened to me several times.Usually they would yell wrong hole at the least ,or get the fuck out of there.Had one girl I used to shag that would always raise her hips up so I would go in her ass.I never did fuck her pussy.She used her ass as her form of birth control.My wife I have now and I were in the shower once and she turned her back to me and I was going to do her standing up and went in her ass and she loved it.
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Old 04-17-2004, 05:17 PM   #17
Literotica Guru
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Oh, this is an interesting thread. Yep....has happened to me once.

Here's the short version... I was with a guy I was dating in college and we were getting frisky (although quietly) at my folks house. Let's just say things were rather...ahem...wet on my part and when it happened, I didn't really feel much. When I told him, "um, I think you're in the wrong area," he said, (this is priceless)......................"holey shit, I did miss!"
My first story! - "Solo Shower"

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Old 04-18-2004, 10:42 AM   #18
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My ex boyfriend did that a couple times, but never got in penetration.

After a while, I figured out he was doing it on purpose because one itme when he did it he actually slowed down and tried to get it in. Needless to say he didn't get very far.
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Old 04-18-2004, 05:00 PM   #19
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It's never *actually* happened to me, but I have been known to writhe around so that it "slips" up my ass by "accident." Yum.

Now, if I wasn't actually wanting it, it would be pretty nasty. Ouch!
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Old 04-18-2004, 10:33 PM   #20
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Never happened here... That I know of...
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Witchy Woman
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never gotten actual penetration that way, but for the longest time hubby would " accidentally slip" when he was trying to ram himself home. I'd buck about 2 feet off the bed and shoot him a shitty look and he'd sheepishly apologize.
Being as I can't even abide having my ass fondled during sex I told him if he continued to slip we'd have to quit fucking until his aim improved...lol. Needless to say he improved PDQ!

And for the record, it's not that I'm a prude about anal, it's just that the 2 times I've tried it I bled horribly for days afterwards and was in pain comprable to childbirth.
Oh what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to decieve.....
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Literotica Guru
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I've had some bumps, but no penetration, not that penetration would be a bad thing.
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I've been bumped but never accidentally penetrated. I like anal but need to be prepared for it.
The best way to behave is to misbehave.~Mae West

When he fingers you in public, licks his fingers and kisses you.

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Only once, and even though he swears it was an accident, I know better. That "accident" happens about three times that night.
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This happened to me once...i about levitated it hurt so bad...I think I even cried...it was NOT fun
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