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Le Jacquelope
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Trying to write from both perspectives in erotica - ladies?

What goes through your mind when you are having sex? Oral sex (giving/receiving), and intercourse?

How would you describe the experience?

Talk to me here.

My challenge for the day is to write from the woman's as well as the man's perspective...
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I'd suggest reading some female-authored stories on the topic. They can be quite enlightening.

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Tongue! Have I got a thread for you!

Much frank discussion of orgasms from both sides of the great divide!

You're welcome.
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LovingTongue, my one piece of fiction here at Lit is written in the first person. I try to write as I honestly experience sex, oral or otherwise.
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His finger slowly traveled across one sweet cheek into the dividing valley and slowly over the other buttock. Without a word, he did it again. Again his finger traced the lace edge of her panties where her bottom was revealed. He appeared to be emphatically underlining his discovery. Kate held her breath, every muscle in her body tense, waiting for his reaction.

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