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Prince, especially the Purple Rain soundtrack.
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Really Experienced
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If you are looking for a fast steady beat, listen to any Dancecore music. Sure to make the encounter a quicky though.
DMs are welcome.

47 WWM living on the southside of 757.
KIK is Nightfall757
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Grateful Dead (anything without Donna's screeching)
We used to be Followmenow6969

This is a COUPLES profile, so please be a FEMALE and born that way before considering PM'ing us...

She is a Bi female, He is a straight Male

If we're old friends please say Hi, but some guys are becoming a pain in the ass
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Still say, Zeppelin I
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Originally Posted by Sweet_Lara View Post
Still say, Zeppelin I
For this type of activity, I like Kashmir from LZ's Physical Graffiti. And there's at least one good fuck song by Nine Inch Nails.
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Invisible exhibitionist
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If there must be music, I greatly prefer instrumentals. Lyrics distract me too much.
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The Outhere Brothers - I Wanna Fuck You In The Ass.
My semi-literate drivel.
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Same list as first responders long term CPR timing songs
Bee Gees Staying Alive is the most used timing pace for that. 100BPM
Steady paced and deep. No shallow doof doof, I need more that the head poking me like a sewing machine.
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Love to love you baby, Donna Summer, extended version.
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Originally Posted by quietlylooking View Post
For this type of activity, I like Kashmir from LZ's Physical Graffiti. And there's at least one good fuck song by Nine Inch Nails.
One?? Most songs by Nine Inch Nails are good fuck songs!
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The birthday party for angry sex...
Stuff that floats my boat...

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Portishead for sure.
We are an attractive couple in our early 40s.
This is our first story:

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