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Family Helps The Business

I've been running this one around in my head for a while, but I can't get past certain parts before I ... well ....

Though I'll use Dad because that's more common across the world, it could just as easily be Mom who owns and runs the business. There could be some different turns if that were the story line.

They're all in it together. In this case, Dad, Mom, two daughters, one son. Author can determine how extensive the play is. In my mind, the three (of age) kids play, the parents both know and support. Lots of skin and open, blunt talk but no direct play between parents and kids.

To help win contracts or reward customers, Dad arranges dates with his daughters, one or both. The son, while straight with girlfriends of his own is very adept at dressing and prepping the girls. He is their valet before each date, doing all of the intimate tasks as well as their hair, nails, etc.

He preps both daughters for a two-fer date, dresses them in identical nearly-not-there dresses (V neckline cut way too low, thigh slit cut way too high), then walks them to the door to meet their dates. Then something different happens. Mom walks out dressed the same way in the same dress, Dad having prepped her. This is to be a three-fer date, a first for the family. Mom and the two girls will all be entertaining the clients in the same room.

Will Mom and the girls be prompted to put on a show of their own for the clients? If so, will they tell about it when they get home? Will it open other doors?
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It could work well with the family set up you suggest, Mum, Dad, a Son and two daughters. Perhaps the business is struggling and in order to attract customers the Son suggests to his sisters that they should offer customers/suppliers a little something extra.

Perhaps one day a female sales rep arrives and the sisters suggest that the brother should do his part as well.

Maybe Mum and Dad find out but knowing that the business can't survive without whats going on turn a blind eye, perhaps one day Mum or Dad have to suggest their son or daughter do something for a customer.

Lots of potential for all sorts of shenanigans without their having to be incest if you don't want to go their. Also lots of voyeuristic opportunities, son could be showing a new customer around and lets them see his sisters sucking some other customer off, only catch is these guys don't supply enough business...
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