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Lightbulb Ideas...

I am great at coming up with ideas and living then out in my mind, but I am not so great at putting them into the written format.

So, Here are a few ideas that I offer to anyone who wants to take them and write a story. Or, use them as a starting point to create something else... I hope someone will take up their pen on one of these...

Kathy Sleaze and Whorda do the morning nude show…

Star Whores episode 69. Luke, go check the evaporators. Ok, uncle Lars, just as soon as I’m done fucking your wife… Learn to use the force Luke and you’ll be able to make any woman suck your dick. Sign me up!... She’s my sister? Ok, I’ll fuck her anyway…. Luke, I am your father. Yeah? Suck my dick! Ok, just don’t cum in my mouth… Sorry Han, I just want to get fucked in the ass by a wookie. But you can jack off on my tits if you like… Jar Jar Binks fucks queen Amidala… Han solo gets buttfucked by Lando…

7 Stranded Castaways. Did they really spend all that time on the island without fucking each other? Mary Ann really likes a DP… Ms. Howell can’t stop sucking cock…

I Fuck Lucy… Lucy and Ricky have a foursome with Fred and Ethel…

The Beverly Whorebillies. Uncle Jed fucks Ellie while Miss Jane gets together with Granny…

The Stepford Whores…

Mrs. Ed. (a whore is a whore, of course, of course…)

New knowledge about sex and how it is implemented. The social experiment.

Prison policies
A. Naked visitation with public fucking.
B. The all naked unit.
C. Fucking and sucking the guards.
D. Filming the fucking for money to run the prison.

Nursing home therapies
A. Sucking and Fucking seniors for improved health and healing. (A cure for cancer)
B. The fuck a nurse line provided by your insurance company.

The work environment
A. Fuck breaks replace coffee breaks.
B. Advancement through sodomy and oral sex.

In Schools
Sex education includes a clinical practicum- “Welcome to Sex ED. I am your teacher, Miss Hardnipple, and this is my teaching assistant, Mr. Cutcock. This year the school board has instituted a new curriculum. I won’t tell you all the details, but rest assured that the new format is more progressive than the old one. I think you’ll find the class both informative and fun. For this class the school’s language rules don’t apply, so you should feel free to say fuck, cock, pussy, tits, ass, cum and any other word that applies at the time. Outside this classroom, the regular rules apply as usual. We will be learning about the reproductive process in detail, birth control options, sexual positions, orientations, taboos, fetishes and much more. Those wishing extra credit, can design and build a fucking machine. To get full credit, you will give the class a presentation and demonstration of the machine. Your first assignment is due tomorrow at the beginning of class. It is to write an erotic essay titled “Who I fucked this summer.” Alternately, you may choose to write about who you wish you had fucked, but you must include that it is a fantasy. This essay must be a minimum of 3000 words. You have the remainder of today’s class period to get started writing. Later, we’ll be doing practical exercises…”


Mom wants a pina-cum-lada. Son decides to tend bar…

Family travels the country in an RV. No privacy. Learning to fuck from mom and dad. Orgy at the RV park…

Take your kid to work day. Mom works in a brothel…Son watches mom at work…

Marine Corps research and development in conjunction with the Navy medical department, works on development of an automatic self-starting IV for field casualties. (Actually happened in the 90’s) What’s next? The backpack blowjob? That’ll change the face of war-LOL.

My Wiccan willie… Sex magick in the coven…

VFW. Veterans of the fucking wars…

Sister makes cum flavored wine for brother…

Dad bought a lathe for his workshop. Mom used it to make an oak dildo…

Tomboy sister builds the ultimate fucking machine in daddy’s workshop… What were its features?... Who did she demonstrate it to?
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You should post stuff like this at the Story Ideas forum.
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