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Mom/son story ideas inspired by Tacocarnitas

I have a story idea that is influenced by the mom/son big tit sex stories written by Tacocarnitas. His stories doesn't involve just a busty mom and her son, but also other busty girls.

An 18 year old boy goes to an all-nude strip club where his mom is a feature performer. His mom has massive breasts bigger than the size of her head and a bulbous butt to go with it. She takes the stage wearing a golden bikini outfit and sees her son sitting at the front tables. She takes a moment to wave hi to her son before starting her performance. After dancing around for a few minutes she pulls down her panties showing off her ass and bush.

She then rips off her custom-made bra and throws it to her son. The busty mom now naked except for her stilletos twirls around shaking her huge hooters and twerking her firm thick ass, which makes the crowd go wild. She then lures his son to her, bends down to whisper in his ear to tell him to come up to the stage and fuck her. The busty stripper mom has him come up on stage and strips him off his clothes. His shirt, shorts, and underwear tossed aside and he is now as naked as his mom.

She starts sucking on his already stiff cock to get it moist for her. She lays on the stage floor and spreads her legs for him. He kneels down and slides his cock down her wet pussy. The mother and son hold each other tightly while they have steamy sex onstage in front of a bewildered crowd. He flips her mother over and pounds her doggy style, her bubbly asscheeks slapping against his abdomen and pelvis.

The son uses his hands to squeeze his mom's massive tits, pulling her close to him, as he continued fucking her pussy from behind. The mother and son pressed their lips together as he came loads inside her, whispering 'I love you' to each other. The crowd reacts with wild cheers and catcalls as the naked duo got up and took a bow. The lucky son picked up his busty stripper mom and carried her off backstage where they received a loud ovation (and kisses) from the strippers.

After hanging with the nude strippers for a few hours, mom and son went home still naked and took two sexy strippers with them. The son slept that night in the arms of his mom and the two strippers.

You guys have any of your own ideas?
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It seems you enjoy balloon titties?
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Originally Posted by EquinoxRising View Post
It seems you enjoy balloon titties?
Everything is bigger in Texas.
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Originally Posted by Carnevil9 View Post
Everything is bigger in Texas.
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Originally Posted by Carnevil9 View Post
Everything is bigger in Texas.
Texas consists solely of debris and mud washed down from New Mexico's southern Rockies. Everything is muddier in Texas. Great for nude mud-wrestling, hey? But I digress.

The story should be set on the outskirts of El Paso TX, around the corner from drive-thru alcohol, firearms, and sex-toys shops. An artillery market is just down the road. Club patrons are mostly off- (or on-) duty Border Patrol thugs and used pickup dealers. They all chug cheap mescal gusano and swallow the worm, to strengthen their manhood. They sweatily view the mom+son show and think longingly of neglected childhood. Tears are shed.

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