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It’s probably a good thing. I didn’t know about the myriad of cocksuckers and trannies that would have been more than happy to suck loads out of my virgin 18 year old cock. I probably wouldn’t have gotten through college.
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I would have taken the natural road to where my instincts wanted me to go. Hormones and medical help and become the girl I should have been.
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If I could have a do over of my sex life, I would have said at one point that I wouldn't have slept around as much, or have cut my number of partners down to at least a fifth of what it turned out to be. But after thinking about what that would imply, I realize I wouldn't be the person I am today and, quite frankly, I wouldn't have met my husband if it weren't for that less-than-becoming phase of my life.

Really, if anything, I would only do the same exact things - people - as I had before, but in much safer and less self-destructive ways. And possibly experimented a little bit more with some of my more outlandish fantasies before becoming monogamous with a rather vanilla (compared to me) partner, but I digress.
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Originally Posted by 4yourpleasureiam View Post
I would have taken the natural road to where my instincts wanted me to go. Hormones and medical help and become the girl I should have been.
The only reason I would not go that route is that fact I could be mistaken for Paul Bunyon's big brother...

I'd be ludicrous as a female...
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When I was 18, a woman who was probably in her 60’s, propositioned me to basically become a male prostitute for her and her older friends. She promised me more money than I could spend if I would have sex with her. She then told me she had a ton of divorced/widowed friends that would pay me a lot of money to have sex with them on a regular basis. I was completely freaked out and told her I wasn’t interested! For most of the time she was talking to me, I was hard as a rock and there was no hiding in my nylon running shorts. She pointed to my obvious “problem” and said something like “it looks like he likes the idea.” I laughed, and said, “that happens all the time for no reason”, and went back to my run. Now, if I could have a do-over, I would jump on it. I was young and stupid!
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Do over?

Knowing what I do now, I'd have been less shy and made sure I started eating my high school girl friend's pussy and encouraged her to give me a blow job. I recently found out she loves sucking cock and swallowing cum. Even if I was not thinking of bisexuality back then, I'm sure it would have presented itself and I'd be exchanging cum kisses with her today, not to mention cleaning cream pies from her pussy. Most, if not all, that cum would be mine, too. Unfortunately she and I had mis-communicated and ended up marrying other people. I have seen her recently, she's divorced but I'm still married. She knows I'm bi and accepts it very well. We have exchanged a few cum flavored kisses and will share more in the future, I'm sure.
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my first time was as a teen, I was at concert with my girlfriend and were in the back of the stands making out and I was feeling her up, A guy from a radio station (engineer) was close by at his control board was watching us. . He said you can use the back of my van and we did. Later she had a ride home,* but I did not and was going to hitch a ride this same guy offered me a ride and said he just needed to make one stop. He was asking me about the sex with her and we started talking about sex. The stop was at his apartment he said come in for a minute while I make this call to my boss. Once inside he handed me a beer (cool I was just 18) and handed me a porn*magazine came back in and asked me if I had a hard on, I was embarrassed, but he said hey this is natural i jerk off all the time with the mag, don't you? I said I do, he said here I will show you mine* and than show me yours and we can compare than he reached over and grabbed my dick and started stroking me, and than he leaned over and started to blow me . I came in his mouth, what a great rush. He asked to reciprocate but I would not, I did jerk him off though.**Wish I had sucked it as it was many years before I did and realized i had skipped a lot of fun.
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As some others of you have said, I was hung up about "love" and "the one." I would have enjoyed alot more sex and relationships with both women and men.

I was also very hung up on appearance, which led me to ignore some very beautiful, thicker girls.
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Originally Posted by Samsacks View Post
I was also very hung up on appearance, which led me to ignore some very beautiful, thicker girls.
I've always liked full figured and busty girls or women. They seem to really enjoy the attention and make wonderful sex partners to me. Men don;t need to be full figured, muscular or skinny as long as they have a nice cock and enjoy getting sucked. I do enjoy reciprocation, but it's not required.
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I'm only 23 currently but at 18 I had one guy from lit who I got to actually meet and have a nice sex outting with... only on the 2ND time though. I wish I had grabbed the courage and just told him I wanted to have my ass pounded the first time instead of being nervous cause I'm pretty sure we would have met a lot more after that... which gosh my clitty always gets hard when I think back about it.

I wish I had hidden the toys I had better as well LMAO.
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My first time with a guy was a high school friend. We were 18 when I gave him a bj and he jerked me off. That was the only time we played. I think he was up for more but I freaked me out a little. I wanted to but didn’t at the same time. As I look back it was a missed opportunity to explore and experiment.
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Mr. Briggs
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Originally Posted by Carloprove View Post
Same here. Looking back I realize men wanted me in a sexual way. I had no idea. If I could go back....play it up, flirt like crazy and give them a thrill
Same here. I never thought of it back then. Was only focused on pussy then the web broadened my horizons. Lots of things I would have been open to trying
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If, if, if wishes were horses

When I was 18 way back in the last century, I knew that gays existed and would actually meet some at university but not get involved just as I'd dodged previous apparent opportunities. I knew I liked dressing up en femme and that I was also attracted to girls and decided to ignore any attraction to boys - women were hard enough to understand and the pressures way back then against appearing in any way other than straight male heterosexual were enormous. If I were 18 today, I'd definitely be experimenting more including trying to dress and go out at least to experience it. Assuming at 18 I'd have the same interests as now I'd be generally a submissive bottom with an interest in black lovers but also interested in various three way combinations.
Allen James
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I would definitely embrace my bisexuality sooner. Although I did a little experimentation back in my late teens, I never accepted myself as a bisexual guy until my mid forties.

So many wasted years...
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Originally Posted by nightjack View Post
I would definitely embrace my bisexuality sooner. Although I did a little experimentation back in my late teens, I never accepted myself as a bisexual guy until my mid forties.

So many wasted years...
Same situation for me...a bit of experimentation in college but never admitted I liked it. Have always loved women but a friend recently helped me to realize that my failure to explore my curiously may have affected my relationships...
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Probably like you, Hitchiker had lots of gay sex. Unlike you though I was never presented with the opportunity outside of websites. I would either had to go to a club or risked meeting someone online. But then I ask myself why don't I do that now?

If I was eighteen again I would do something about my hair, do something about my clothes, shower a bit more (I was a mess, you wouldn't believe it) and make an actual effort with girls.
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