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Any one want to write this up for me more of the in between details

Hi there people.. I read a story once and I think it was on this site
But for the life of me I can not find it again
The only idea I have of the story is that
It goes something like this...
It is about a husband/wife...
it was them suggesting people that would be on
There hall pass list.... he had the typical
Beautiful celebrities... but she had a few
Celebrities but also she had... I think
A footballer from there local team...
One night they go out to a pub... and she
Notices her “footballer” at the pub maybe
Celebrating and she is emboldened to go
And have a go at picking him up by the hubby..,
Not thinking that she has a chance..
She does get him... and takes him home
All the while the hubby/boyfriend...
Is now panicking and crying trying
To get her to stop before it is to late...
But she does take him home and fucks him in
Front of the crying husband....
That’s the part I can remember... any help
Would be great..
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Could it be The List by badfunker? The one element that's missing, though, is the crying husband.
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Cheers mate for looking... but nah that’s not it I have
Checked that one out before.... maybe it’s not on this site
I will keep looking and one day when I’m not
Expecting it... bam it will pop up...
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