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Question I'm thinking and hoping there is a problem with the new

site software. I can't get a response from Laurel by PM or the CONTACT US form. Has anyone else had a similar problem?

I sent in a story on 10/28/17 and it is still PENDING. It was rejected for 2 spelling typos! Both correct, but not in context. MATER and KNOW are fine, but not when I meant MATTER and KNOWN. Fine, fixed and resubmitted Timegasms 6 --- Coach It was rejected again for age - my time traveler went to visit her father on his last day and her 10 yo self was the only one who saw her. There is no sex or talk of it. I aged the younger self to 18 and it was still rejected for AGE! I confirmed there was no sex though the older self time travels nude. Rejected 2 more times even after submitting it as text vs RTF.

I wonder if the new software has some keyword it rejects? I can't get an answer and it's now 12/3. I'm still waiting with no news.

The story has been accepted on another site with similar rules - on 10/28.
HELP!! ??
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That is a long time. Try sending another PM to Laurel, see how you go. Don't bother with the Contact Us form, apparently it hasn't worked for years. PM "Laurel".

New stories continue to be posted, so it sounds like yours has got lost in the system somewhere.

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