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Story idea: kinky fight club

This idea had been in my head for a while now and it will be even longer before anyone here gets to see it. So I will just toss it out to the masses.

The basic idea is for some sort of fight club where to win you have to fuck your opponent. Other than not kill said opponent there are no other rules. Also no one in my version volunteered.

The particular story that I am writing has lots of fantasy and non-con elements, but I would be interested to see what others might do with the idea!
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"The first rule of Fuck Club is..... you do not TALK about Fuck Club!"

Do you envision males vs. females in this story? Because that would seem to be pretty unfair. And males vs. males would be kind of icky to many. Now female vs. female with strap-ons might be a good match-up........
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Since each match will end with fucking, what differentiates 'winners' from 'losers' other than maybe who's on top? The scenario could easily feature explicitly bisexual mixed-couples matches, either 1-on-1's, or tag-teams, or free-for-all. Lone winner royally fucks all losers.

Jim and Josie face off against Ken and Kara. After Jim takes-down Kara and Ken 'beats' Josie, it's just Jim and Ken. Winner gets the women again. If they tie, do they get in a couple of DPs? Or the women trounce the men in the first round, cowgirl-riding their cocks triumphantly, then confront each other. Whoever wins will enjoy much clitoral stimulation. Or all four are in the same ring. Josie quickly subdues Ken, takes a quick reward fuck, then joins with Jim to overwhelm Kara. Now it's Josie vs Jim -- who cheats? Or maybe Josie and Kara together thump Jim. Two reward fucks, then on to each other.

No, there are no rules, but if an opponent is disabled, they won't be much of a fuck, so it's in the fuck-fighters interest to not cause much damage.
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You might find it helpful for inspiration (and, you know, science) to check out the sexual wrestling videos and "ultimate surrender" videos (I believe that's what they're called). Also, there are a lot of nearly-fighting lesdom videos by Mean Bitches that could help you sort some ideas for what the victor of the Fuck Club session does.

I hope this helps give your ideas a little boost off the ground into becoming reality! Best of luck and happy writing.

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The version I am working on has fantastical elements which go a long way to evening the playing field.
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