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Story idea looking for author

First scene: set in the near future. Poor girl breaks into wealthy guys house to steal something. Guy comes home early so she hides among the android staff in a storage closet. He goes to the closet and seees her, and thinks she is the latest model of sex robot. He thinks she is a gift from a friend because a friend mentioned they were dropping one off. He takes her to his bedroom and begins to kiss her. She has to play along because if he knows she broke in then he will kill her. He moves down and begins groping her butt and passionately kissing her. Moves.back up to fondle breasts. Lots of foreplay ensues. Traditional sex. He also instructs her to talk dirty.

Second scene: he like her so much he keeps her around where he can see her so she can't escape. Plus there is security all over. In this scene, a few days after he first, he decides to try the ddlg kink with her. Lots of foreplay

Third scene: again, just a few days after he decides to try bondage with her. (Light bondage, think handcuffs and a simply gag) again lost of foreplay.

Fourth scene: [Not on Lit he won't.]

Sixth scene: he invites one of his male friends over and they all have a threesome together. Double pentration and both holes being penetrated along with gay sex. Lots of foreplay.

Seventh scene: he invites a female friend over and they all have sex. Do as you will, but make sure to have lots of foreplay.

Eight scene: he has a female prostitute over and has her and them have sex while he watches and masurbates. Think scissoring and breast play. Lots of foreplay

Ninth scene: he invites a male prostitute over to have sex with him and instructes her to watch and mastirbate to it. Lots of foreplay. She uses sex toys to masturbate.

Tenth scene: he invites to guys over and they all have sex, again while she is instructed to watch and masturbate to it. Think double pentration and spit roasting. And she should use her fingers to masturbate herself.

Eleventh scene: he has two girls come over and they and the main girl all have sex while he watches and masturbates. Think scissoring, eating out, fingering, and breast play.

Twelfth scene: they just have a good old fashioned orgy win tons of people, tons of foreplay, pentration in every hole and homosexuality everywhere.

Thirteenth scene: he plays out a rape fantasy with her.

Fourteenth: finally end with her giving up on escape and them two having simple sex, with tons and tons of foreplay and both holes being penetrated by him.

Whew. This is a lot, but it's been on my mind for a while so if you could write it that'd be great! Just some tips to remember:
-lots of foreplay always!! I know I forgot it in some prompts but there should be lots in every scene
-be very detailed and write in the firsts person, feel free to switch perspectives between the main guy and girl often
Thanks so much for doing it this

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Maybe I'm wrong but I don't really think you switch perspectives when writing in the first person.

Omniscient view would allow you to write knowing the thoughts and feelings off all the characters.

I guess some books change perspective from chapter to chapter or something like that.
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How much time is this story supposed to cover? Because I don't see her pretending to be an android for more than a few hours, maybe a day, tops. Eventually she is going to have to do some very un-android things like eat, sleep, and poop.

Also, you are going to have to lose the dog scene if you want this to be posted at Literotica.

Other than that, it is a nice saucy premise for a story.
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