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Work and Pleasure

Driving home from visiting relatives for the holdiday, I had some time to think (5 hours of time exactly) and my mind started wandering as it sometimes does. And I was thinking about how fun it would be if I could mix work with pleasure.

For me that led to a fun thought experiment about having a business that provided a (discreet) BDSM experience where women could sign up for a certain...service, come to the house, and spend an hour with me. Obviously there would have to be some safeguards in place so they know am legit, but they could select “services” from a menu (e.g. during the ordering process they could select flogging, choose from a crop, whip, or belt, then select which parts of their body would be allowed and the intensity), and then come to the house and we’d just have fun. It could be just toys/ and props too so there’s never any concerns about STD’s or what have you. And they could have recurring appointments if they want lol.

I’m not seriously considering a career change, but it was a fun thought to follow. You guys think I’m nuts? Anybody ever have similar ideas for a career change?
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I like the idea,
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Letting a complete stranger tie us up and beat us is a risk few will be willing to take. Enjoy your fantasy.
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Great fantasy, but I think you would have to be in a very large city and it would take years to build the trust to have enough clients.

Personal I have not thought much about anything like that. I am a submissive and think more along the lines of being forced to work from home fully nude and restrained all the time.

My Master requires me to keep an online slave journal open to the world because slaves don't need privacy.

It seems my slave rules might as well be open to public reviews so feel free to check them out as well.
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