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best way to get my husband to try bdsm

how can I get my husband to tie me up and give me a good spanking
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Miles Long
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Originally Posted by hotliz View Post
how can I get my husband to tie me up and give me a good spanking
Have you asked him?
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Originally Posted by Miles Long View Post
Have you asked him?
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Oh, just tie him up while he sleeps and see what happens.......
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Us men do not take hints well. Tell him in no uncertain terms what you would like, "tie my hands behind my back, put me over your knee and spank my ass until it is bright ass red". That is the type of hint it takes at times.
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^^^ this. Sometimes the subtle hints just go complete over our heads. You have to sometimes tell us exactly what it is you want. Communication it the second rule of marriage, while honesty is the first. Talk to each other. It does work.
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Encourage it in bed, tell him you are open to trying new stuff.
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For many of us, hitting a woman crosses a line. For me to cross that line, my lover would have to be absolutely clear and specific as to her wishes, and I would need constant feedback. Maybe not the scene you want, but there it is.
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