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Teachers special project(closed for Uggg)

Patrick Dunn sat hunched over his desk, his usual position while in his office, grading a stack of tests that was so tall it almost toppled over. The room was dimly lit as it was starting to get late into the afternoon and being winter it was already starting to get dark out. The blinds on the window behind him were open and a magnificent sunset shown in the distance but he seemed to involved in the task to notice. It was his office hours but as usual none of his students had been by for quite some time, which was fine from him because of the stack of tests he had to mow through before tomorrow afternoon.

Depression quickly started to sink in the further and further the deeper into his grading he got. He threw down his pen in an combination of disgust and frustration as he ran his hand through his hair. His dress shirt crinkling a little at the option and coming slightly untucked from his long black dress pants. After being at it for several hours he needed a break. His stomach growled and he realized that he had worked through lunch and his body was reminding him that, other than stressed, he was also quite hungry.

Taking a quick peak around his office and at what little bit of the hall he could see and listening to see if anyone was coming down the hall, he reached into his desk drawer and pulled out a brown paper bag and a flask. He usually didn't drink on the job but this semester had been very trying and he used it to calm his nerves. On top of the busy semester with frustrating students he was up for tenure so his performance was under the microscope. He feared after this most recent group of tests that he would never get tenure. The stress of being up for review was starting to put a strain on his life outside of work and it caused him to recently break up with a long term girlfriend. If he was being honest, the drinking also helped deal with that, but he wasn't that honest with himself.

Pushing the stack of papers back on his desk, he set to work on his lunch. It was a simple sandwich and an apple and his flask was filled with rum and coke mixed. He wasn't much of a drinker so he felt less guilty mixing the hard liquor with soda. It also helped hide the fact he was drinking. Taking a long drag from the flask he started to feel his weary muscles relax. He took a deep breath and set to the task of trying to relax and enjoy his lunch despite the mountain of papers cluttering his desk and the thoughts ever present in the back of his head.

He was deep in through when he was pulled out of his revelry by a knock on his open door. He jumped a little at the sound and then felt a bit sheepish as he hadn't even heard the young woman in his doorway approach. The sudden jolt out of his thoughts made him spill a little of his drink onto the desk, which caused him to panic and soak up with his tie.

"Yes..." he said nervously to the student in his doorway.
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Arriving at Professor Dunn’s door a little flustered was the result of finding time had flown by a lot quicker than expected. Cavelle meant to knock lightly but with her vision a little blurred by tears she tripped at the last moment and ended up giving the door quite a thump. She recovered quickly and hadn’t hurt herself but the sudden noise startled the professor who spilled his drink over his desk. Cavelle was mortified.

"Yes..." he sounded nervous.

“Oh... Professor, I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean to startle you!”

She rushed forward looking in her bag for something to try and help him mop up the mess with but to her surprise he jumped up and intercepted her. He used his own tie for the job instead. Cavelle smiled shyly; there had always been something about Professor Dunn that intrigued her. He was a strange man but extremely intelligent and not entirely unattractive despite his age, but really, who uses their tie to mop a spilled soda? She felt herself sympathetic to his awkwardness. It was something she could relate to.

“Are you okay dear? Have you been crying?”

She blushed. This whole situation was becoming embarrassing.

“No professor, I don’t know if you recognize me but I’m Cavelle Bates, I normally wear glasses in your lectures. I’m trying out contact lenses for the first time today. It’s harder than I thought it would be.”

That was the truth and it was also part of why she was here. She’d climbed out of bed that morning at a leisurely nine am. With no morning lectures she could afford to sleep in. She took her time in the shower and even considered a little play time while she had herself all soaped up and slippery but the anticipation of trying out the new disposable contact lenses her optometrist had given her changed her mind. If this trial went well she would commit to buying a long term pair. It was all part of her plan to reinvent herself.

Out of the shower with a towel wrapped around her tall slender frame and her favorite fluffy towel wrapped around her short dyed black hair she’d looked at the little double container with excitement. Getting them in was the tricky part. The optometrist had shown her how during her appointment and with his gentle assistance she’d managed to fit them on the third try. This was the first time she’d tried by herself though and it proved more difficult alone.

After a quarter of an hour of painful poking and prodding as well as a few minutes of teary eyed blinking she was finally able to look at herself in the mirror and see clearly without glasses for the first time since half way through primary school when her vision had begun to deteriorate. For the most part she liked what she saw, though maybe she wished she had a bit more shape to her legs.

Cavelle was a tall woman, she’d begun to shoot away at about fourteen years old and by the time she was eighteen she’d stood half a head above most of the other girls. She had a lean figure and was fit from playing netball but she was shy and dressed conservatively.

That and maybe also the glasses had kept her under the radar where boys were concerned. That was something she planned to change. The truth was that at twenty one she was starting to feel lonely. She looked with envy at the other girls out and about with their boyfriends or flirting shamelessly in the student cafeteria. Though it didn’t come naturally to her she was intending to get noticed. The contacts were phase one of the plan. Phase two, new sexier clothes, would be next but there were budgetary limitations to this plan. As a result phase one point five was getting a paid job.

Professor Dunn had left a note on the notice board saying he was looking for second year students to help tutor some of his first years. So after an afternoon lecture with Professor Price and a hot chocolate at the University Cafe she’d headed for the admin block where Professor Dunn's office was located on the second floor.

What she hadn’t been expecting was how glorious the setting sun would look from the second story windows. The winter gods were really putting on a show this evening. Every tint of orange painted the underside of the ominously building clouds and when Cavelle lifted her hand to the window glass the light painted her slender wrist a pale shade of peach.

She spent a minute taking it all in but staring at the sunset with new contacts in was very irritating on her eyes. She’d been wearing the new lenses all day and her eyes were at their limit. Tears started to flow and she couldn’t wipe them away fast enough as she headed for the professor’s door with dark blue and green spots in her vision, a strange contrast to the beauty of the sky outside.

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