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End of the World Blues: OOC Interest Check

Welcome to the world of Terranor.

Ages ago, the world was covered by different species, all living in harmony. That was before the coming of the Ancient Enemy, the terror in the darkness. They tore the world apart and swept it with the fires of war. Almost every civilization was destroyed. Thousands of years later, now the Humans rule the world, and the enemy all but forgotten. What was once living truth is now myth, magic a lost memory. But what people forget, time remembers...and darkness can come again.

The Races:

The Faey- are one with nature, their magic and technologies all utilized to mold themselves and life around them to it's best use. Some of them have animal traits, such as long, pointed ears, or cat slitted eyes. Some have slightly greenish cast skin, and a way with plants. They live around 600-800 years, and retain beauty and youthful health almost all their lives. They are allergic to iron and steel.

The Dwaeym- Are consummate crafters and miners, able to work with materials down to the molecular level, twisting together substances into new and unique alloys and able to strengthen softer elements to better withstand time and hard use. They have given the world Silversteel, Void Iron, Blood Bronze, and Reinforced Gold. They have kept for themselves the secret of Powder and it's uses.

The Drakkon- Are said to hatch 4 times in their long lives. First there is the hatching from the egg of Birth. They are little more than animals, beasts of hunger and wrath, best left alone. The second Hatching comes at the end of childhood when they cocoon themselves within another egg, and emerge as vaguely humanoid lizard men, titanic in strength and highly intelligent. In this form they wander the world until adolescence ends, where they enter the Third Egg. From this, they emerge as mature Dragons, able to lay eggs for a new generation.
The Fourth Hatching, is when they leave behind the mortal coil.

The Humans- Are young and immature, with short lives of only a single century. They have learned many things from the Elder Races, such as crafting from the Dwaeym, farming and animal husbandry from the Faey, and mastering of fire from the Drakkon. Each race may see in them the reflection of themselves, but bonded to a creature that lives a short life, full of mistakes.

The Naeithid- Are the opposite of the Faey. They mold flesh to serve their will. They have given us all things of nightmares, including Necromancy, Vampirism, Lycanthrapy, and many more terrible things. They are the demons of the human legends. They are the Ancient Enemy, locked outside the world in darkness...but now they are returned. Rivers will run black with the blood of innocents.

More to come...
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I'm interested but I'll wait and see what else is posted first.
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