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How would you describe the basic elements of seduction?

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*I accidentally posted this in story ideas. I meant to post it here.*

I was thinking about seduction in stories. (For me, in this instance, I was thinking about a woman seducing a man.)

What does seduction mean to you?

Or, if you were to break the act of seduction down to its most basic elements, what would they be? (Doesn't need to be a woman seducing a man, could be any combination of characters. I haven't thought about how seduction between other gender identities may differ, that would be good to explore here, too.)

Here's mine:

1. The character being seduced (the seducee?) should be uninterested at first and should be resistant and conflicted as the seduction goes on.

2. The character doing the seducing, a woman in my example, needs to express extreme horniness or desire in an unfiltered, unabashed, unapologetic, untamed way.

3. Either the woman character or the story itself needs to strongly suggest that the only "solution" to her desirous state is sexual engagement with the guy.

4. The woman needs to persist in her extreme desire in spite of the guy's reluctance to engage.

I can't shake the feeling that I'm missing something or that I haven't got it quite right. How would you describe the basic elements of seduction?

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