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Family camping

May sound weird but... family camping?
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There is nothing more special than family camping! Have tent, sleeping bag, old school coffee percolator...I'm in!!

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Mom and Dad are still quite in their prime. Mom still turns heads and Dad likes the idea, So there is Mom, looking good in a bright orange Bikini, she is getting things together for our evening fire. There are three kids, a Son, and two Daughters.

The Son has brought his longtime girlfriend, along. The Girls are sharing the larger 6 man tent and Sonny has set his own tent off to the side near a running stream. Nice Athletic body, tight shorts, arms to die for and a nice package right there for everyone to take notice.

Like Father, like son, as the saying goes. Sonny likes to know his girlfriend is getting the looks from the other campers too. He, has persuaded his girlfriend to wear an almost see-through white bikini. Even his sister Carol mentions to her brother how his girlfriend has nice big boobs. Carol runs her hands over her budding breasts. Then she decides she is not going to be left out.

It's getting dark, nice fire burning. The girls all seem to be wearing next to nothing! Bikinis look great in the warm light of a shimmering campfire. Mom notices everyone is having a great time. She admires her handsome husband and then notices her Son has stepped away from the fire. She takes a few steps toward where he is camped out. And is taken by surprise, the way the Moon is shinning just on the other side of his tent. Mom, stops and can see that her Son is changing. Wait, was that. . she can see the outline of his sculpted body. He has a impressive hard on and looks as if he is going to take care of it.

Mom can't help but watch, Mom is trying to decided to do the right thing and turn and return to the campfire. She watches as he starts to stroke. She unctuously reaches down and is surprised to find she's wet and excited. She adjusts herself, spreads her legs a little, And steps on a twig, her Son seems to stop stroking himself and quickly changes. "Damn twig", Mom stands in the shadows as her Son joins the others.

She notices her Daughter saying something to her Brother. They both look guilty, looking about. (What are those two up too.) Her Brother shakes his head, No. She is saying something, what did he just do? He is holding the top of his sweat pant out so that she can see down into his pants. He is showing his Sister his still hard penis, boner! The look on his Sisters face. How long has this been going on?
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As a young and shy nephew, I am very happy but stressed to have been invited to the trip.
My eyes dopen not know where to look at, all my young cousin and there slim body and firm breast, or my hot aunt and her full body , so sexy. She seems to feel that I have a crush on her for some time, and maybe will try to seduce me?
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I miss family camping trips.
Olivia - Mid 20's MWF
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Originally Posted by SecretFunLady View Post
I miss family camping trips.
You can crawl into daddy's sleeping bag anytime!
58 yr old MWM, with an open mid, good heart and friendly nature. Here to interact, explore and enjoy.
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