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Originally Posted by Desiremakesmeweak View Post
Publishing, if it is anything, is definitely not a 'one-size-fits-all' kind of business. If it even is a business at all.
I see you have the same disdain for publishers as most people have for investment bankers.

Based on your posts, it comes from ignorance of publishing as a business. Yet you argue with knowledgeable people who have made and continue to build successful careers in publishing.

I won't argue with you about investment bankers. The only ones I can name are those who managed to crash the entire fucking world economy.

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Interesting comment...

It's true - I have a TOTAL ignorance of publishing as a business. So I'm not going to argue with you. I love my ignorance. I embrace my ignorance. I NEED my ignorance. Please don't take it from me.
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You may have noticed that I didn't respond to your last post--for the same reason. You seem to be clueless about publishing, so why bother?
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One thing I do like about this board as a whole is the articularity of the disagreements. It's so refreshing.
Chloe Tzang
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Originally Posted by ChloeTzang View Post
One thing I do like about this board as a whole is the articularity of the disagreements. It's so refreshing.
Most of us are authors. We know the importance of words, and we can read.

The General Board? There are some illiterates on it, and many shouting their messages but with closed ears to the responses.

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