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He walked along the broken concrete path that curved around the reservoir, his pace seeing an equal measure of resistance and velocity as the young black labrador pulled him in different directions. He didn't mind the lack of control or the uneven step she took as the duo pushed past a large crop of cat tails poking through the frozen mire.

It was chilly, the first signs of winter displaying themselves as clouds dragged across the gray sky. He always preferred the cold. Still, in that moment, his enjoyment of such a dreary day was cut short when the cultivation of troublesome thoughts imposed it's will upon him.

He was close to losing his job, a job that was supposed to be better than the IT support drudgery he had endured before. The job was working as a web designer for a small SEO firm. He loved the "indie" feel of it and the ability to work from home, but his lack of experience had resulted in a loss of pay whilst transferring jobs. Of course, he had negotiated a higher number of hours to make up for it. Despite the initial agreeableness to such a relationship, his boss had slowly devolved into a penny pinching asshole in the first three months.

He could tell that within the past few months, his boss was getting ready to cut him, having already regretted the deal made before he was hired.

So despite this wonderfully cold day and this trek into the suburban wilderness with his best friend, he didn't feel much joy.

He sighed heavily and played with the leash, tugging Loki from the edge of the water as they continued their journey down the tiny path. A few minutes later and he would find himself near a large grouping of condominiums lost in thought and with his blond hair adorned head sweeping the ground for objects out of the ordinary.

"Hey there..."

The voice was soft, serene, but yet held a certain power that resonated with confidence...It was her.

He looked up to see the raven haired woman standing about 20 feet away wearing a large black goosedown overcoat and blue jeans.

Miss Jeannie. If ever there was perfection, it was her, though eh was not naive enough to assume she was in fact, perfect, but rather she seemed to exude something relative to that.

She smiled and swiped a few stray strands of hair from her pale face.

She was a landlady. He had come across her several times while walking the reservoir path. She owned about half of the condominiums in the area, and despite her rather stern nature when dealing with her clients, she always seemed cordial to him.

"Hey, Miss J...how's it going? How's the business?"

"Oh you know, same shit different day kind of thing. Up to my ass in tenant complaints and I can't seem to find a handyman decent enough to be here at 8am and get shit done. It's the typical landlady dilemma, "she grinned lightly, taking a few steps closer," How's life in the world of Jon and his ever trustworthy companion, Loki?"

He laughed and relaxed, his posture taking a social stance that seemed much less defensive. Despite their acquaintanceship, Jon had never been the best at socializing, especially with beautiful women.

"Same as always. I'm thinking I may need to make a change in my current vocation...web design, the market, everything has been fairly awful as of late."

She smiled a little wider.

"Well, you know I could use a new handyman, one who lives in the vicinity and knows their way around a garbage disposal."

His eyes rolled to the side and he mused the offer briefly. Blinking several times, his dark blue eyes settled on hers.

"I may take you up on that. I used to run maintenance for the city on various parks and recreation centers. I have a bit of know-how in that area."

"Great. Well, here's my number."

She drew closer and handed him a white business card.

At that moment, he hadn't expected much of the exchange, but the process has begun into something that would change his life forever.
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Miss Jeannie.

35 years, single. She had never found love or at least, she had not recognized it, if she had found it. Not that she was MS. Prim N Proper, she could be very naughty when she was in THE MOOD!

Her day to day life was one big mess, what with all the troubles she had to deal with, with all the owners of the condominiums.

Sure she was rich and could buy almost anything in the world that she wanted. But being rich, would not get rid of her day to day headaches of dealing with the nagging condominiums owners.

She walked down to her office, her security guard and female secretary greeted her. She smiled and greeted them. She always believed in being nice to her employees. After all, they were the ones who were responsible for taking care of her business.

She sat down at her desk and looked at her watch. 10 AM, another BUGGER OF A DAY HAD STARTED and to top it off, her handyman had quit and she was desperate to find a new guy.

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