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First published story

Thinking about doing a series of my experiences. Thoughts?

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I'd love to hear or read them and ask some questions regarding your adventures and experiences!
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Originally Posted by Stephie38DDD View Post
Thinking about doing a series of my experiences. Thoughts?

I LOVE thee not for sacred chastity.
Who loves for that? nor for thy sprightly wit:
I love thee not for thy sweet modesty,
Which makes thee in perfection's throne to sit.
I love thee not for thy enchanting eye,
Thy beauty, ravishing perfection:
I love thee not for that my soul doth dance,
And leap with pleasure when those lips of thine,
Give musical and graceful utterance,
To some (by thee made happy) poet's line.
I love thee not for voice or slender small,
But wilt thou know wherefore? Fair sweet, for all...

'Faith, wench! I cannot court thy sprightly eyes,
With the base viol placed between my thighs:
I cannot lisp, nor to some fiddle sing,
Nor run upon a high stretching minikin...
Not I, by cock! but I shall tell thee roundly,
Hark in thine ear, zounds I can **** thee soundly.

Christopher Marlowe
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Dope shit...
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I'm not a non-con reader, so I'm not part of your target audience.

It's a stroke story and it has lots of hot sex. There isn't much character development, but that's not what you'd expect in a stroke story.

I found it highly implausible. I never understood Carson's actions. Why would he want to have sex in his own bed with his drugged wife sleeping in it? Why would he want to fuck his drugged, sleeping wife? Then there was two things I considered impossible - (1) Carson is able to relative easily fuck his wife's virgin ass and (2) his wife didn't freak out when she woke up being fucked in the ass with someone's body covering her face.
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