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ORP announcements 2016

Continuation of the original thread.
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Dune, the world's best selling sci-fi novel

The Affairs of Kaitain

OOC (great index)

It is the year 10,148 AG. The aging Elrood Corrino IX sits upon the Golden Lion Throne of the Galactic Padishah Empire. Members and agents of other noble houses, like Atreides or Harkonnen, surround him seeking favor and advantage.

If you think you have what it takes to survive, or even prevail in, the intrigues and affairs of the Imperial capital, then the planet Kaitain is the place for you!

Assassins, swordmasters, concubines and powerful 'witch/priestesses'.
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5 Things Go Wrong - 1 more player


We could use 1 more solid writer, someone who can post at least twice a week. Someone who can write a character sheet that is in-depth and interesting. Someone who likes to read and write.

In particular, it looks like the players could use a healer type.
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I have a rough idea of throwing some mutants in a super space prison and see what crops up. No established universe, just a good near-future romp with some solid characters. Maybe aliens attack and the guards and prisoners have to band together to survive?

Like I said, it's a very rough idea but if anyone's interested pm me.
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Originally Posted by Mephistophelily View Post
Naah. With UM, offtopic IS ontopic.

On the rare chance anyone out there is interested in doing an rp based on 'The Reluctant God' by Pamela F. Service, or 'Sunshine' by Robin McKinley
I am SO on board for that!
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Legacy: A Star Trek RP IC thread

Casting Call / OOC Thread

Plenty of slots open.

Playgrounder #136 and proud of it!!!!

Earth 3
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A call for lesbian RPG

Hello, everyone!

I have been in the mood for DMing and i have a few plot/ideas i would gladly develop alongside another player/author.

First of all, i must say that whatever plot we take, i would like focusing on lesbianism and domination at some level and - if possible - exploring lesbian incest. I do not discriminate player's gender or orientation, only require that the CHARACTER fits to such requisites, as this is the way i use like exploring.

In all cases (listed down here) i am prepared and inclined on using a very light role-playing system, however, i am open to run most of the scenarios system free style, if required. Just keep an open mind for the idea of using a no-complex guiding system. Most of the ideas placed here are actually stories i have been developing for future Game Books, so i have some work already developed.

Scenarios/Plots list:

Sapphic Trek - The idea here is having a small - Phoenix class - ship on patrol duty on neutral zone. It is not the usual XXX porn Star Trek parody as we see on most movies, however the idea is having a hard hand on sexual scenes, along the stories, missions and adventures.

Lipstick Note - The story passes on 30's at the fictional city of New Vienna, where a young woman finds herself the only heir of a P.I, now taking his role as investigator. Most cases are sexual / taboo oriented and i already have a solid character to propose to the player.

Sisterhood - This is a scenario typical for nun exploitation. The concept is of a fantasy/medieval scenario, however with a lower rate of magic and demi-human creatures, even if they both still present. The premise is the player making a young novice engaging a religious convent and finding an environment of secrets and intrigue.

St. Magdalene Disclosed - A classic about schoolgirls, the player creates a new student for St. Magdalene's Academy, a small but renowned institution which forges the future high society ladies. As the character explores the old style Academy, plots about characters and secrets unfolds.

Sin-ergy - Actually, i cannot tell much about this one without spoiling everything. But the whole idea is a young Amish girl awakening for the adult life and family secrets.

In most cases. i can handle more than one player. However, my intention here is finding one player and then selecting one of these scenarios. If happens of having more than one player, i would go along, but it is not a must. My preference is playing by PMs until i organize myself to start playing by any Instant Messenger suggested.

The proposals are thrown away and feel free to PM me questions, suggestions or other ideas.

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Looking for several co-writers, both male and female, for an accidental time travel into the past.

Focus is primarily on survival based thoughts (food, water, shelter, etc), though of course our erstwhile companions will need to understand that part of planning for the future will involve future generations, and how to gain said future generations.
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Looking for a partner

I am looking to do a thread involving either space, fantasy I love zombie based thread's those are awesome to do I am pretty much on every day so I can post as much as you want to if you're interested or what to do another type of thread hit me up and lets see what we can do together.
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Gotta catch'em all

Im looking for a female partner for a pokemon themed thread. The story of a hapless new trainer. She adventures across the land, searching far and wide. Unfortunately, her pokemon are harder to tame than expected. It doesn't help that her rival wants to humiliate her in some more intimate ways as well. Will she make it to the elite four or will she just be the regional whore?
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