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SRP Profile

Gender: I only see myself playing female characters when it comes to SRP.

Age: 18-30

Orientation: Heterosexual mainly. Have done bisexual in the past though so it's not totally out of the window.

Power Exchange: I myself am more of a submissive so I will write my characters like that. I like for my partner to have a little bit of control. I only really seem to be in control/like to be in control when I’m making my partner feel good. It’s their turn to revel in the pleasures!

Race: This doesn’t matter to me. I’ve only played white before but I don’t see how any other different race should feel or be any different.

Bodytype: Slender, tall, small-ish boobs and a great ass. I only say that because I like my ass a lot.

Alternate species/fantasy races/furries/mutations: I can play mystical and fantasy creatures such as fairies and sorceresses. And you know what? Tentacles don't phase me! But I understand how some people dislike that. Anyways …

Settings: I can play anywhere really. As long as I can imagine it well enough. I just like a decent RPer with some detail and some sense in S/P/Gr.

Likes/kinks: Making my partner happy, control, submission, light BDSM (bondage, spanking), dirty talk, toys, blindfolds, tickle torture. Romance to just a quick dirty down to fuck.

Hard limits: Anything nasty, like what the average person wouldn’t like. Humiliation/Embarrassment/degradation. Being an outright slave.

Availability: I’ll just try as be on as much as I can. We all have lives, though. E.G. COLLEGE AH.

Disclaimer: I’ll probably be editing this a lot, adding things. I’ve managed to come to a blank tonight. Blah, apologies.
In time I think you will learn to be natural with me, as I find it impossible to be conventional with you.

~Jane Eyre

My SRP Profile~

The Dorm Next Door

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SRP Profile

Gender: I'm a female, so naturally I write from that perspective.

Age: I'm in my 20s, so it's easier to write about characters in that age range.

Orientation: 90% heterosexual, 10% curious?

Power Exchange: Submissive, but power play is extremely enjoyable, so don't expect me to be without any kind of backbone.

Race: Hispanic, typically. My characters are an extension of me, so there's going to be quite a lot of overlap. There's a theme here.

Bodytype: Following said theme, petite (5'1) with small breasts and large hips. Think 28 - 38 inch waist to hip ratio.

Alternate species: Only humans.

Settings: I love historical fiction, but I'm still unsure if I'm a good enough writer to pull something like that off in a roleplay. I usually go for modern and near-future settings. Science fiction and dystopian can be fun if the plot is good enough.

Likes/kinks: I'm just going to direct you here: https://www.f-list.net/c/smartlittleowl

Hard limits: See above link.

What I like: Plenty of description, great grammar (the occasional typo is okay), and for both of us to work together in moving the story forward. Don't let me carry all the weight! I can be a very demanding partner, but I will give you great replies if I notice your effort. Also, no one-liners! I typically write anywhere between a page to six pages, which is rare but I have done it. I also like to write via email. If you can make me feel real emotions while reading your words, you have my full attention.

Availability: I live near the West coast and work at night. I'm free during the week from 1 p.m. to around 8 p.m. MT, but typically not at all on weekends. That being said, I tend to put everything on hold (within reason, of course) if your writing is sweeping me off my feet. I can be a bit obsessive with my writing, so I'll make time for you if you're inspiring me. In other words, I have given up a few hours of sleep to reply to great partners before.

About Me: Some random things about me are that I speak and write fluent Spanish, I've been roleplaying for over 10 years now, and I have a very feminine and innocent looking demeanor about me. If you're looking for a woman to make you feel like a man, in control and primal, then you've found her.
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This is such a cool Thread...
Thank you all for the Cool profiles and descriptions.
It lets one know, we are not alone in our sexual wants, likes and dislikes.
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Gender: female

Age: 18 to 50

Orientation: Im personally straight, but can do bi or lesbian.

Power Exchange: I'm a submissive for the most part, but I don't mind switching to more of a Dominant role from time to time.

Race: I don't have a problem with any, but prefer to have my own character match myself, white, as far as writing goes, as that is what I'm familiar with.

Bodytype: human; slim to semi-curvy; breasts anywhere from an A to D Cup; any color or length hair; any eye color.

Settings: modern day; Not into sci-fi, furries, tennacles or futuristic.

Likes/kinks: I can write a wide range of personalities, from a timid, young virgin with intamacy issues to a domineering Mistress, swinging, mild bondage, etc; oral sex, road sex, bi-curious.

Hard limits: Scat, needles, necro, kids, incest, verbal degradation, humiliation, violence, torture, rape, choking, gagging, bukkake, male gay sex.

When I do write, I pour a lot of time, thought and effort into my stories. I appreciate partners with the same level of commitment. I won't write with someone who doesn't pay careful attention to spelling, grammar and punctuation. I appreciate detail in posts. Because of this, I prefer to write in the third person. Although, I'm willing to try 1st person writing with a patient partner. My posts tend to be longer, 400-800 words. PM'S are also appreciated for questions or ideas pertaining to the story being written.

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New to the site in general, but I figured this was a great place to put myself out there.

Gender: Going to have to go with just Male. I can't say that I've even begun to comprehend the female mind, much less that I'm able to imitate one.

Age: 18-40

Orientation: Straight as an arrow... With a bit of a curiously bent shift.

Power Exchange: I usually play this by ear. Although I'd say I'm a bit more of a dom than a sub. Maybe 70-30 dom-sub.

Race: Anything really, but I'm most comfortable with Anglo origins.

Bodytype: I'm tall and lanky, though I've been muscular in the past, so I can play roles that are similar. I'm not as good at roleplaying plus sizes, simply put.

Alternate species/fantasy races/furries/mutations: Furries are a no. Mostly I'm ok with humanoid species, although I'd be willing to try something a little out there if persuaded. Fantasy archetypes are fine by me.

Settings: Most any setting is fine by me. I could only see myself not enjoying a setting from a piece of literature/movie/game I wasn't familiar with.

Likes/kinks: I think the character's likes and dislikes are more important than mine personally, but mine are (in no particular order)-- bondage, domination, and really great buildup. I'm not as interested in quick sex when it comes to srp, though I wouldn't be turned off from a character because of it.

Hard limits: In addition to the Lit limits are scat, vomit, incest, furries, anal ( receiving ).

Other Notes: I am not unapproachable!! If you feel like I'm not embodying the character well enough, just let me know and I'll see what I can do. Not to say that I'm a pushover, but I'm not against working with others.
We are the music makers,
And we are the dreamers of dreams.
-Arthur O'Shaughnessy
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Gender: Male

Age: I feel comfortable writing anywhere from 18 to mid-40s

Orientation: Heterosexual, but I'm not adverse to the idea of multiple female partners

Power Exchange: I'm naturally a dominant but easygoing personality, so that would be easiest for me to write. I don't mind interacting with another strong willed personality, but I'm not going to be able to write a submissive character, because I can't identify with such.

Race: I'm a mixed bag myself, so I'd be comfortable writing anything from Pure Anglo to First Nation to Hispanic to any type of mix

Body type: Whatever suits the scenario, although if it requires a tall, buff bodybuilder type, I'll probably write with an Austrian accent

Alternate species: Fantasy, science fiction, real life, I'm willing to discuss the gamut of options.

Settings: See above

Likes: Cue the Rodney Carrington song. If you don't know the one, Google "Show Them To Me." Go ahead, I'll wait. And the answer to your next question is that I like all types and sizes. I also like a story line. Sometimes it takes a little conniving to get from there to here, but I think it's worth it.

Dislikes: I like violence. I like sex. But I'm a man who keeps his appetites separate. Also, no anal (giving or receiving), scat or water sports or rape.

Other Stuff: Guy in his early 30s, with ambitions/delusions of being a writer, and I'll be checking here at least once a day, unless I go on a camping trip.
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Leilani's SRP Profile

GENDER: Female

AGE: 27 in real life, but will play between 19-28


RACE: Black (i prefer interracial SRPs. Just my preferences)

BODY TYPE/APPEARANCE: 5'8" without heels, 140 lbs, athletic figure from dancing, long black hair, dark brown eyes, 36C chest


SETTINGS: Flexible. Open to discussion depending on the RP

LIKES/KINKS: Romance, teasing, sensuality. I really like plot heavy and development. Open to any type plot as long as it's reasonable and "realistic-ish." I like to build the plot, story, and foreplay before jump to the gun .passionate, spontaneous sex, best friends turned lovers, teacher/student, employee/boss, risk of getting caught having sex, dirty talk (non-insulting), some aggressiveness (ex. pinning to surfaces, firmly grasping wrists - but not painful), Lolita - younger woman seducing an older man, erotic massages

HARD LIMITS: Blood play, snuff, bestiality, toilet, underage, extreme pain. ONE SENTENCE REPLIES. Having to translate what you wrote because you were rushing

WRITING STYLE: I prefer to write in 1st person, but flexible depending on co-author's preference. Whatever you choose, pick one and stick with it. It drives me nuts to try to keep switching POV and tense from post to post.


AVAILABILITY: Pretty much weekday afternoon/evenings and varies on the weekends. If you say you can write with me, and you disappear on me every time I try to write, DON'T BOTHER! I want a co-writing PARTNER

Attached Images
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Leilani Reigns

Every good girl has a wild side

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Gender: Male

Age: Mid-20’s to mid-50’s, but uncomfortable playing anything younger than say, 35. It’s been a few years since I was there, and times have changed a lot; I’m not sure I can be “authentic” there anymore.

Orientation: Straight. Not even curious about the other way.

Power Exchange: I can play dominant, but mostly I gravitate to neutral. Not submissive at all.

Race: Anglo/Caucasion.

Bodytype: I prefer playing a middle-aged guy with an average build and and average dick, but I can write whatever turns you on.

Alternate species/fantasy races/furries/mutations: Human or humanoid. Creatures that spend most of their time as humans are okay, but not my favorite. I'm burned out on elves, vampires, werewolves and zombies…they’ve been done to death. Not into furries at all, nor superpowers.

Settings: Current, normal, everyday works best for me. Fantasy is okay, but not preferred. Historical and/or medieval—I like swords. But I’m always open to discussion; if you have a setting that gets your juices flowing, hit me up—maybe I’ll like it.

Likes/kinks: “secret” or risky sex (public or semi-public); older man/younger woman; full tits (C or D cup); incest (goes along with older/younger); cheating; non-con; light bondage and/or rough sex (blindfolds, soft restraints, spanking, pinning down, holding wrists, pulling hair); teasing; “slow hand” sex; fast, down-and-dirty sex (quickies); eating pussy; blowjobs/handjobs.

I don’t really have a particular “type” woman that turns me on; I’ve been married twice, once to a woman who was 4’11” and weighed 95 lbs, now to a woman who’s 5’10” and a size 22. Go figure…

Turn-offs: Excessive ink and/or metal. I don’t mind the odd tat here or there, but “sleeves” or something that takes up your whole back or flank is to me like penciling a mustache on the Mona Lisa—a woman’s body is already a work of art; why try to “improve” it? Same goes for piercings; a ring or post here or there is okay, but please just don’t set off the metal detectors at the airport…

Hard limits: Blood. Pain. Poop. Pee. Rape. Anal, giving or receiving. (Qualifier: I’ll stick anything else up there you want—dildo, plug, vibe, cucumber, whatever—just nothing that’s alive and attached to me.)

Writing Style: First or third person, descriptive, with lots of plot and character development, i.e., “stories with sex” rather than “sex stories”. Non-negotiable: Good grammar, good spelling, and punctuation!

Availability: Whenever I can. Once a day to a couple times a week is normal, but my job takes me out of town sometimes and then it might be a week or longer between posts. Longer posts when filling in back story or describing stuff or setting a scene, shorter posts when interacting with my partner so they can react to what’s being said/done.
Innocence never just dies; by it's very nature, its death is always a murder.

My SRP profile
Team PM

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Talking My SRP Profile

Hey everybody. If you're reading this...this is all the information you'll need (Well, most of it anyway) to lean more about me and find out what sort of Sexual Roleplay I am into. I feel like I am missing something or that this information doesn't represent me as well as I'd like but either way...here it is!
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Gender: I am guy so I only play as a guy within my Roleplays

Age: It depends on what kind of Roleplay is taking place. However I would have a small preference towards 18-25 over anything else.

Orientation: I am straight so I will only play straight characters within my Roleplay. However I can lean towards a light bisexual side within a Roleplay when necessary.

Power Exchange: I would consider myself to be more submissive than anything in real life and within my Roleplays. However I believe I'd say I am switch during Roleplays as sticking to one type just isn't as much fun as changing it up every now and then! I can play as a Dominant, a Submissive, a switch, or any other sort of power exchange within a Roleplay along with no power exchange at all if the Roleplay calls for it.

Race: I'm white so it is very likely that I will be playing this within a Roleplay. However I am open to playing any sort of race you're interested in. I have no real preference to any specific race you might play during a Roleplay and love mixing it up as often as possible. I will say I've got an interest in Asian girls in my Roleplays.

Bodytype: I'm just an average guy with a pretty average body. with average height, weight, etc... If you're interested in what I look like you can find out through a PM, however during my Roleplays I can switch it up and play as somebody with just about any type of bodytype out there. I prefer to keep things closer to my own body type however.

Alternate species/Aliens/fantasy races/furries/mutations: I'm not really into anything outside of human for my Roleplays. It just isn't much of an interest of mine, however on occasion I might take an interest in a Roleplay involving female aliens, Vampires, Zombies witches, Angels, or demons. If there is an interesting scenario to go along with something other than human I will likely be in as long as it doesn't require me to do research to be able to play as that sort of character.

Settings: Mostly interested in just a realistic modern setting however I can easily branch out into a futuristic or historical setting if necessary. Although I prefer not to do any fantasy settings, if the scenario is interesting enough I will do my best to try working with it.

Likes/kinks: The list includes but is not limited to: Incest, Spanking, Schoolgirls, Oral Sex, Pussy Licking, Blowjobs, One Night Stands, Drunk Sex, Caught Masturbating, Uniform Sex, Clubbing, Tease & Denial, Multiple Orgasms, Voyeurism, Exhibitionism, Discipline, Roleplaying, Cuckolding, Ageplay, Sloppy Seconds, Femdom, Lapdances, Strip clubs, Cumming in pants, Rim Jobs, Lots of foreplay, Creampies, Cheating, BDSM, Handcuffs, MILFs, Lots of dirty talk, Facesitting, ass licking, Submissiveness, Dominance, Spying on people, humiliation, dirty panties , panty gags, biting, scratching, hot wax, candle wax, orgasm denial, chastity belts (Male & female) Slutty Girls, Innocent Girls, Panty Sniffing, Sweaty Girls, Public Sex, Shower Sex, Car Sex, School Sex, Office Sex, Schoolgirls, cheerleaders, nurses, Halloween costumes, Handcuffs, Southern Girls, Cowgirls, and so much more!

Additional Likes/Kinks: I prefer a little bit more buildup before getting into the sex. The more foreplay the better. I also enjoy bringing in sex toys during a Roleplay, especially after we've been having sex for a while. Other interests include celebrities, unique settings, Uniform/Costumes, scenarios with a twist in them, and much more.

Hard limits: Blood, Scat, necro, vomit, drinking piss, graphic gore, and guy-on-guy. I really don't have a full list here as I have not come across many limits or things I wasn't into. I'll add more as I come across them however.

Availability: On weekdays, I try to check the site periodically throughout the day although I won't usually be on completely until later in the day after work hours. On weekends you can usually expect me to be online most of the day (Although not always at the computer or paying attention). Overall, my availability tends to change often but even if I'm not around I still enjoy getting back to find a Roleplay waiting for me to begin/continue.

Notes and Comments: While I am considering Roleplaying through the Sexual Roleplaying board on the forms, at the moment I only roleplay through PM. On another note, I do not use Yahoo Messenger or other IMs to roleplay as I prefer to keep this side of me on this website only among other reasons. I hope those of you who prefer those types of communication understand. With that being said, my PM is always open if you're interested in contacting me for any reason
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Extras: Fun little extras that provide a little more information about me, my sexual preferences, sexual interests and more. They are not all inclusive and may not be 100% accurate. However they do add more information if you're interested. Some of this information may be found in my signature, however as more of these pop up they may be bumped out to make room for newer stuff so you can find the full list below. I will update this with new information when it becomes available and whenever I remember it needs updating. Check it out:

Random Stuff: Sex Map | Favorite Lit Stories | F-list Kinks | BDSM Kink Test | House Eros K-List
Sexual fantasies I've posted: The Pool | After The Party | Teased By A Stranger | Birthday Surprise | Bet At The Bar | Graduation | Porno With My Girlfriend | The Girl At The Party | Kiss
Craziest places I've masturbated: In The Lake | On The Balcony
Surveys/Questionnaires: Sex Questionaire | Blowjob Questionaire
I'm a shy Roleplay loving guy who loves Incest of all kinds, especially Brother-Sister. Want to Roleplay, Chat, Talk about fantasies, or anything else send me a PM as soon as possible! I'd love to hear from you and hope my inbox is filled up with Dirty PMs as often as possible.

SRP Profile | Dirty PM Fan Club
Questionaires/Surveys I've filled out:
Sex Questionaire | Blowjob Questionaire
Craziest Places I've masturbated:
In The Lake | On The Balcony
Fantasies of mine:
Teased By A Stranger | Birthday Surprise | Bet At The Bar | Girl At The Party

Love slutty little Sisters who love to sneak back into the house looking like a complete mess after getting slightly drunk and fucked for hours at a wild party and tiptoe into my bedroom to sit on my face. Doesn't interest you? Doesn't mater, PM me anyway!

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My SRP Profile

Gender female

Age: 18 to 24

Orientation: I am straight so I will only play straight characters within my Role play.

Power exchange: i am submissive. but i am open

Personality: sweet shy and innocent virgin. i am open to different personalities

Race: white

Body type: i normal play small or curvy but if there is a preference my partner likes i will play it.

Alternate species/fantasy races. i am open if its got a good plot i am in.

Settings: Mostly interested in just a realistic setting . i love historical and fantasy and mid evil

Likes/kinks: Incest,Dominance, Romance, fantasy,mythical. i am open

Hard limits:Anal blood abuse rape

Availability: I am on through out the day.

Writing Style: i am a detailed writer and i like posting in paragraphs and i don't mind small spelling mistakes but i ask that you fix them.

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Location: I've given up on finding a good roleplay daddy on my own so I've teamed up with a few other litsters (in a similar boat as me) to offer FMF for daddy. See my home page link.
Posts: 497
Okay, I've been meaning and wanting to do this for a few days now, and have the support and encouragement from some of my girlfriends here, so here goes. What's a girl got to do to find a good "fuck me long and hard until I can't stand it anymore and then fuck me some more" roleplay daddy around here? Old enough to be daddy but not too old? With a nice long, fat, shaved smooth throbbing cock and the ability to use it for a long time for both our pleasures? And my multiple pleasures (if you know what I mean)? Why is that so hard to come by?

No, I'm not looking for daddy, just a daddy aged man I can call daddy and can do to me all the things an older, experienced man can do for a young woman my age (like cyber fuck my brains out and then some). And I'm not alone. I've met several young women here around my age that are looking for the same thing (though they may not state that in their profiles) but are having difficulty finding it, too. So here's what we, as a small group of young litsters, propose: make an offer many of you guys can't refuse - hot, detailed, lengthy FMF with daddy roleplay action. Anything from the basic straight 3-way cyber to... well, we can talk about that. I've participated in some extreme stuff, but many of my litster friends haven't.

But here's the deal - most of the guys here either a) don't have a profile (n/a is all) b) bust into my message box with little more than "what's up, Renee?" or whatever cheesy line they send to every girl here c) have an otherwise nice intro message but a blank profile to back up what they're saying. I could probably go on to mid alphabet, but my point is we, as a group, have requirements for roleplay daddy. He must have at least a minimal profile including age. He must have a large, shaved smooth cock and be able to prove it with a pic (just not in your profile, that's just wrong). He must be within a certain age. He must have yahoo and be able to participate in a 3-way conference for a lengthy amount of time (no bailing as soon as you reach your goal, roleplay or not!). He must be able to handle two hot and aroused young women at once and keep them both involved and satisfied. So, if you think you can get in line with those requirements, me and one of my handful of young female litster friends here can give as good or better than we get.

So if this is you, to weed out the trolls, send me the message "Check me out" with the title "Daddy here" and we'll go from there. This being a 3 way of course depends on one of my friends being available. Be aware we don't just right into sex. This is detailed roleplay and that takes at least a little build up - but we all know what we're here for.

While most of my young female friends willing to join me in this don't wish to have their name listed here, Amanda doesn't mind.

For more specifics, and to keep in line with the posting methods here, here are our agreed upon specifics:

GENDER: We're all female.

AGE: Whatever our individual profiles say, typical 18-22 at this writing.

We're all straight for the most part, but seeing that this is specifically for FMF daddy play, don't be surprised if at least a little girl-girl action take place. Maybe alot, depending on daddy and the way things go.

POWER EXCHANGE: Most of us are heare mainly for the straight FMF sex, but most are open to at least a little light spanking or even light bondage together. With two girls to play with, that could get very interesting for daddy.

BODYTYPE: See our specific profiles and pics.

No thanks.

SETTINGS: Realtime, usually in a hotel or in daddys living room or bedroom.

LIKES: We each have our own likes, but, in general, they are daddys large, thrusting cock inside us for an extended amount of time (and orgasms) and in a variety of positions; daddys strong hands griping us, guiding us, helping us or, in some cases, holding us in place; some light spanking by some of us, some light bondage by some of us, but each agreed we are open to suggestions; some girl on girl action or at least some girly mingling. Anythign else, ask.

HARD LIMITS: We all know a lot of guys like anal, but most of us want nothing to do with it; nothing to do with your butt; nothing nasty; humiliation or verbal degredation.

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Gender: Female, but in the past have played male (and a hermaphrodite once). I can only see playing long-term characters that are female... I can play male for a scene or two when the story calls for it, but would likely not play a guy as my "main".

Age: I'll play whatever age is required for the story, but do tend to play younger, college-age girls.

Orientation: Bi with a preference for men, but lately have been playing more and more girl/girl scenes. I'm starting to feel more comfortable with that.

Power Exchange: Usually submissive. I can play authoritative characters, but have seen horrible results when trying to play the dominant mistress.

Race: Whatever is appropriate for the character. Whites and Asians are who I usually gravitate towards.

Bodytype: Whatever the story calls for and I'm happy to take requests. Some guys like thick girls with heavy chests, others like their fuck-buddies petite. It's all good to me.

Alternate species/fantasy races/furries/mutations: Sounds kinky. I'm in! ~LOL~ I love stepping away from real world settings and flexing my imagination. In the more fantastical settings I tend to play shape-shifters so I can mix it up a bit. A tiny, petite Japanese girl one day and a buxom German redhead the next. A fit for whatever mood I'm in! ^_^

Settings: I'll play literally any setting if my partner(s) turn me on and make me feel sexy. But if left to me, I prefer something fantastical with a little adventure. Comic book worlds, Space Opera, Anime, D&D, etc.

Likes/kinks: Anything kinky or taboo, and I'm in (save for the few items below). I can have boring missionary position sex anytime I want in the real world... I come here to push my limits and be nasty. Unfortunately, most nights I face a degree of anxiety about publicly writing really perverse stuff, so it's good if my partner is direct and authoritative. Tell me what to do (no matter how nasty or perverse), and there's a damn good chance I'll fucking do it. I just need to hear it first to feel relaxed and free about it.

I also have a bit of an oral fixation and have had a lot of fun in group encounters in the past, but they seem very hard to pull off right.

Dislikes: Short unimaginative posts, shy partners and sex scenes that go on too long -- a few posts each and I'm ready to move on to something else.

Hard limits: If there's one thing I've learned it's that if I'm horny enough, I'll do anything. ~LOL~ But generally speaking, no gore or scat (but pristine anal sex, including anilingus/rimming, can be a lot of fun).

Availability: Very hard to say. I'm on the American East Coast and most nights I'm free. But free and in the mood to write smut are sometimes a hard combination to come by. That said, time shouldn't be too much of an issue as I only do play-by-post.

Frequently asked Questions:
Q: Will you write incest?
A: Sure! This is all a fantasy world which I have no difficulty separating from reality. I feel perfectly fine with incest fantasies. That said, none of the ones I have ever participated in have lasted more than a week or two before folding, so perhaps I'm not the best at it.

Q: Do you like anal?
A: Love it! It's kinky! Nasty! That's what I'm here for. You don't need to be shy around my backside, if that's what you're into. ~LOL~

Q: What's the nastiest thing you've ever RP'ed?
A: Pretty sure I can't say here. ~LOL~

Q: Is that you in your profile picture?
A: Of course it is! (edit: this question and the next no longer apply. Of course I'm not my profile pic now~ )

Q: Wait... what? Really??
A: *sigh* Here you go, boys. You're welcome.

Q: Why didn't you reply to my PM? That's rude!
A: Sorry about that... I honestly don't mean to be rude, but there's any of a hundred reasons why I didn't promptly reply. Some of them might be that your PM was obviously a copy/paste job you sent to all the girls currently online in hopes that one might respond, or what you wrote was uninteresting, or you caught me just logging off for the night and I just needed to go, or it was a proposal for a new story and I'm already over my limit and feeling stressed, or maybe you're just so fucking sexy that I was afraid replying to your PM would send me into a sexual frenzy the likes of which I may never recover. Feel free to believe that last one if it makes you feel better about it.

Q: What's your name?
A: Kitty, Kitten, RPK, Kat... those are all good.

Q: Wanna fuck?
A: Okay, seriously... if you're genuinely interested in having any kind of dialog, and especially if you are wanting to RP with me, you need to step it up and come at me with something more enticing than "Wanna fuck?".

Q: Why don't your characters drink alcohol?
A: Because I don't drink alcohol. I'm not bothered by people drinking around me (in RP or real life), but it's a write what you know sort of thing. I hate writing about my character going to a bar and having to order a drink because I have no fucking clue what tastes good or bad, or comes by the shot or by the pint, or what's appropriate for the scene and company, etc. So I try to just avoid it altogether.

Q: What's your obsession with Thelma from Scooby Doo?

Have a question not answered above? Let me know! This is kinda fun! ~LOL~
Please do not PM me asking to RP via instant message. I am only interested in story threads.
My Profile

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Really Really Experienced
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Join Date: Mar 2015
Location: Europe
Posts: 435
Gender: Male

Age: From 18 to 35

Orientation: Privately, I’m straight, but on paper, I could see some bisexual action happening

Power Exchange: In real life I'm more dominant part of a couple, with occasional role switch where she takes the lead and I obediently follow.

Race: Caucasian, or, if it is a fantasy play, an elf

Bodytype: I prefer to be who I am in real life, slim, yet fit guy, taking care of my own body, body being a temple of the soul and all that. For a bit more insight, click here.

Alternate species/fantasy races/furries/mutations: Grown wings, dweller of the seas? Oh, and, since I am a huge fan of cunnilingus and oral sex in general, a snake tongue, split in two, is
one of the feats I can utilize to the full extend

Settings: Fantasy, Sci – fi, historical settings like crusades, Moorish invasion of Iberian peninsula, French revolution, Napoleonic wars, Alexander the Great, Cleopatra, ancient Rome,
Olympic deities, or gods mixing with mortals…

• Literacy – This might be a problem. English is not my native language, and while I am extremely satisfied how I handle it verbally, I’m not sure I can follow in written form.
• I am referring to is the text editing, specifically. But like the Derek Trotter said once nicely – he who dares, wins!
• Oral fixation. Pussy, clit, nipples, ass crack, feet, back, arm pits…. You name it, I’ll eat it. Period.
• Anal is a yes, but not rough anal sex. Easy one, foreplaying, relaxing a partner, leading her into it by her own demand.
• Lubricants, massage oils, saliva… I find this like a cheese on pizza – it simply cannot be too much of it.
• Domination… this is an area which is pretty much foreign to me, so I can’t really say yes or no. But I guess, to the certain extent, in RP, pretty much anything goes?
• Threesomes. FMF, MFM, I can’t decide which prospect turns me out more, so definitely a yes.
• Mild BDSM, butt plugs, chokers, mouth balls on her; her stilettos poking my body, perhaps even some candle wax? (Wolfie, wolfie! )
• Beyond that, I am open to discussion, at least. You have a proposal? Sure, bring it on, let’s see what can be done about it.
Hard limits: Guro and scat. While I can understand the use of limited violence in a roleplay (spanking, whipping, paddling, etc.) excessive violence for violence's sake tends to repulse me. I'm open to watersports and other piss play but draw the line at coprophilia.

What I like: Long, elaborated stories. The more details, the better. Joint writing, both sides being engaged actively, forming a story together. Sure, from time to time, I can write a story for you. But that’s not something I would like to as a rule of thumb. Joint creativity, I guess.

What I don't like: Humiliation, sadism, beating, rape (unless it was a predefined fantasy of a partner), anything that opposes to at least one partner's wishes.

Availability: As mentioned in my profile, due to the nature of my work, I don’t always have access to Literotica. There are long periods, four to five months, that I will be unavailable. But, Skype, Kik, and Gmail are available to me, and I prefer gmail as a means of communication

About Me: New to lit, new to RP, so, if I make a fuss sometime, be gentle on me. Ever watched ‘Scent of a woman’? You remember how he adores women in that movie? Well, so do I, I guess. I like nice food, I like lady with manners, sharing a nice dinner and a bottle of wine, flirting, caressing each other on the dance floor, then slowly releasing our inner selves, the dark side, until all taboos are breached.
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Posts: 13
So after a while lurking and trying to get involved, I realised that I have to do this properly. While my posts on Literotica may be fairly low at the moment, I do have quite a lot of experience. This has been mainly through Omegle & Kik, but they are starting to get full of bots, and the quality of the writing can be a bit hit and miss. So here it goes:

Gender: Male usually. Happy to play female.

Age: 18 to 30

Orientation: I am straight so I will only play male straight characters within my Role play.

Power exchange: I usually tend to be in the dominant camp. But for I'm here to explore so I'm happy to try something else if the story idea is good.

Personality: Calm and collected initially, depraved and dominating as I go on

Race: white

Body type: Default is 6'0, medium build fairly fit. Happy to change as the circumstances require

Alternate species/fantasy races. i am open if its got a good plot i am in.

Settings: Love doing exploration fantasies. Truth and dare and the such. Happy to play around

Likes/kinks: Incest, Dominance, Group, fantasy, sc-fi. If I am able to set up a multi person game of truth or dare (or similar!) dream come true

Hard limits: Blood, scat, necrophilia. I will usually say if I don't like something

Availability: Around most evenings GMT. Sometimes more often

Writing Style: I am a detailed, committed writer, looking for the same from my partners. Some spelling mistakes are ok, we are only human.

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Location: USA
Posts: 4,047
Gender: Male

Orientation: Straight

Power Exchange: Dominant but its fantasy writing so I want to explore.

Race: Caucasian

Body type: chubby IRL but plays whatever body type I want .

Settings: I would like to explore every setting possible.

Likes/kinks: Romance, teasing, sensuality, cum play, hair pulling, spanking, rough sex, and really just about anything else that isn’t down below.

Hard limits: Incest, bestiality, toilet stuff, also the lit rules .

Availability: can one post a day but I will post more when I can unavailable during holidays I will let you know if I can’t post ahead of time.

P.M. ladies if you are interested in writing with me.
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Join Date: Sep 2015
Location: Chicago
Posts: 56

Gender: Male

Age: Although I prefer older, 21-late 50's would be the range.

Orientation: I am straight and play as such, however group play there's no limits.

Power Exchange: Equal power is my first desire, however dominating a woman is always possible.

Race: Any

Body type: Tall, Dark and Handsome...I imagine my character's sharing these qualities, perhaps glasses at times, clean shaven faces, dirty scruffy beards at times.

Alternate species/fantasy races/furries/mutations: I don't have much experience there but I am open to trying.

Settings: Generally, I prefer modern realistic or modern fantasy/sci fi. But if the idea is good, I can be talked into others.

Likes/kinks: Strong character development, cheating, age play, drama, intelligence, bimbofication, exhibitionism, group play, pregnancy or risk of, some mildly taboo roles

Hard limits: scat, toilet play, and rape to name a few. Also, please do not write full responses for what my character's thoughts, feelings, desires, and actions are.

Post length: Semi short, I enjoy banter back and forward much like a conversation rather than long drawn out paragraphs of each character.

Availability: I like to try to post most days, but at least a few times a week.
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Originally Posted by coachjd View Post
Gender: Male

Age: Although I prefer older, 21-late 50's would be the range.

Orientation: I am straight and play as such, however group play there's no limits.

Power Exchange: Equal power is my first desire, however dominating a woman is always possible.

Race: Any

Body type: Tall, Dark and Handsome...I imagine my character's sharing these qualities, perhaps glasses at times, clean shaven faces, dirty scruffy beards at times.

Alternate species/fantasy races/furries/mutations: I don't have much experience there but I am open to trying.

Settings: Generally, I prefer modern realistic or modern fantasy/sci fi. But if the idea is good, I can be talked into others.

Likes/kinks: Strong character development, cheating, age play, drama, intelligence, bimbofication, exhibitionism, group play, pregnancy or risk of, some mildly taboo roles

Hard limits: scat, toilet play, and rape to name a few. Also, please do not write full responses for what my character's thoughts, feelings, desires, and actions are.

Post length: Semi short, I enjoy banter back and forward much like a conversation rather than long drawn out paragraphs of each character.

Availability: I like to try to post most days, but at least a few times a week.
Hi, your SRP sounds very interesting... please turn on your pm or contact me. I would love to hear more about your interests.
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Really Experienced
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Location: Europe
Posts: 257
Gender: Females.
Age: 18-30-ish.
Orientation: Fine with playing Straight, Lesbian, and Bisexual orientations.
Power Exchange: Bratty sub to slave.
Race: Irrelevant. I've played characters of various races. (and species)
Bodytype: I prefer to play characters that are slender, skinnyfat, or muscled (and anything inbetween).
Alternate species/fantasy races/furries/mutations: Take me on an adventure!
Settings: I prefer fantasy/medieval settings, and also those steeped in science-fiction. That said, a bit of reality is good every so often - if the idea tickles my virtual pickle enough.
Likes/kinks: Verbal/physical humiliation/degradation, objectification, choking, slapping, pet play, non-consent, slavery/abduction, collars/leashes, bondage, rough sex, branding, spitting/licking, facials, blackmail.
Hard limits: Scat, bloodplay, mutiliation/gore, torture, bestiality, vomit.
Availability: I aim to write one reply a week. This may vary depending irl workload/responsibilities, and the amount of threads I'm currently juggling.

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I am not a guru!
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Location: A weirdo stranger like you will never know.
Posts: 2,021
GENDER: Female.

AGE: 20.

ORIENTATION: Straight but bi-curious/playful.

POWER EXCHANGE: Who comes here for vanilla? So yes I'm open to power exchange. Notice the word "exchange" though, so no non-consent or anything like that. I'm willing to discuss power "exchange" in the form of willfully submitting to bondage with the guys and then they can exert all the power they want. I'm willing to discuss both ways with the girls and actually prefer this play with the girls.

BODYTYPE: Slender, petite.

ALTERNATE SPECIES: Dinosaurs. Just kidding, not interested in this..

SETTINGS: Modern/current time only.

LIKES: I like to really get into the physical interactions through the detailed mental interactions through SRP. That's what SRP is all about, right? Seeing that this is SRP, I'm open to and like regular sex (the more physical, the more better - who's here for vanilla?) but really lean towards light bondage through power exchange (willing, no non-consent). A little spanking and the like is welcome, too. The physical through the mental of SRP is what I desire, and sometimes pain is pleasure, especially when mixed with pleasure. I also have a thing for fucking machines. If you can strap me down to a table or whatever bondage device you want and relentlessly machine-fuck me, I will have made a new friend.

HARD LIMITS: While I'm open to spanking and the like during light bondage, I have no desire for the hard stuff. Also no anal, that's just gross.

Honestly, I just prefer to play on the threads so you're really going to have to win me over for a SRP. Why? Because a good RP takes time, and a great RP takes even longer... and I don't do bad RP's.

I also play FMF with Renee, but please contact her first: http://forum.literotica.com/showpost...&postcount=861

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Silvert0ngue is offline
Join Date: Sep 2015
Posts: 54

Age: Anything from 18 to maybe early 40's. Anything else is negotiable. Other than the age limit of lit of course.

Orientation: Straight as an arrow.

Power Exchange: I can do an equal partnership, but I prefer to be Dominant. I suck at playing submissive unfortunately.

Race: I tend to play what I know. I'm not opposed to playing other than caucasion, but it would only be at my partners request.

Bodytype: I can do most stuff. Long and lean, to well muscled. Larger body builds would make me feel rather unsexy, and that would detract from my ability to write.

Alternate species/fantasy races/furries/mutations: I can do vampires (as long as they don't fucking sparkle) and fantasy races as long as they are humanoid. Elves and such I can do in an intimate setting. I can play orcs and goblins as short lived NPC's but again with the whole not sexy thing.

Settings: Fantasy, or reality. Not as strong with scifi, but that doesn't mean I wouldn't be willing to try if the story was right.

Likes/kinks: I like romance and emotions to play a big part in my stories. I enjoy a slow simmering build until the passion overwhelms everything. I enjoy sexual tension and I enjoy teasing. Nothing more fun than pushing each other's will power to the limit. Body types I can handle most from thin to bbw, one thing though is I am a breast man. I love large breasts, full lips, and amazing eyes. Eye contact, and oral are also two big things that drive me crazy.

As far as kinks go the only thing that comes to mind at the moment is I like DD/lg play. Not so much in an age play manner, nor do I want to fuck my daughter, but I do enjoy the other aspects of it.

Hard limits: No extreme violence, no blood, no scat, gore.

Availability: Currently I have a good deal of free time, but it may be unpredictable as to when I can write. I will do my best to be on at least once a day, but I can't make any promises.
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Sean Renaud
The West Coast Pop
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Gender: Primarily Male but you don't really have to work hard to convince me to switch.

Age: 18+

Orientation: Primarily straight

Power Exchange: I prefer to be on top but I'm flexible

Race: Whatever tickles my fancy at the moment.

Bodytype: See above

Alternate species/fantasy races/furries/mutations: I believe the proper terminology is give me a hell yeah.

Settings: Any, I'm a little short on fantasy at the moment.

Likes/kinks: Submissive women, rough play, rim jobs, foot kissing, anal, bondage. You know the usual stuff everybody is in to.

Hard limits: Don't get me banned from Lit.

Availability: Sometimes I'm driving. Sometimes I'm sleeping. Otherwise I'll probably show up.

Additional comment: If I ignore you for more than two or three days I may have missed you somehow. I probably won't kill you for pming me. If I have responded to you in the last twelve and you pm me to tell me that you've responded I'm likely to keep you waiting a day or so simply to teach you a lesson about not rushing me.
"Ask not the sparrow how the eagle soars"
~Kiryuin Satsuki

"Be bold with your intentions, and delicious with your sins."
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Welcome to the meat grinder, Sean.
Innocence never just dies; by it's very nature, its death is always a murder.

My SRP profile
Team PM
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I was here a few years back, but life has a way of distracting you, but I'm back and looking for some interactive fiction with other writers

Gender: Male. Write what you know.

Age: Primarily late thirties to early forties, again going with the maxim of writing what you know, though I'll give it a go for anything under or over this age range

Orientation: Heterosexual, though I would not object to my partners wanting to bring other women into the bed with us.

Power Exchange: My preference is equal status, with the occasional (and if the story requires, more than occasional) contestation of wills. I can be dominant, but submissive is too much of a stretch for me.

Race: Anything from Nordic European to Eastern Mediterranean, as well as First Nation

Body type: Whatever the story requires, though I'd probably be more comfortable with lean, outdoor active body type. Again, write what you know.

Alternate species/fantasy races/furries/mutations: I'm fairly flexible on this subject. It would be one of those things that everyone talks out until everyone is happy with the agreement.

Settings: Anything from modern day to fantasy to historical to futuristic to comic books. My only caveat about writing specific genres is that general canon is observed, but the writers don't get obsessed with the minutiae. I do have a preference for the derring-do of a good Errol Flynn movie, or his modern equivalents. And I wouldn't say no to something set in the genre of the TV series "The Wild Wild West." Or just a good western in general.

Likes/kinks: I do like a certain amount of lead up to the "Main Event", as it were. Yes, it is quite enjoyable to crawl into bed, but I like to know the story behind why the people in question are crawling into bed in the first place. And, like Jerry Seinfeld, I like breasts. I have legs. And I like banter. And as I said above, I sometimes like a little adventure to the story, one person rescuing the other, and perhaps being rescued right back.

Hard limits: The usual, blood, pain, etc. Not into anal at all. Spanking would be one of those things of the comical sort, as was exhibited in the western "McClintock."

Availability: I can usually be on once a day, and if we get a thread going, I'll give you a heads up if I'm going to be gone for a few days.
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Location: Last stop before Antarctica
Posts: 357
Thumbs up SRP Profile

Gender: Male

Age: From 18 to 40, anything older will be under special circumstances

Orientation: Straight with bi tendencies, so no m/m but open to mmf bisexual play

Power Exchange: Can switch, in my day to day private life have a sub-type personality however in my sex life and in RP am more suited to a dominant role, what can I say, I'm a different man when it comes to the bedroom

Race: Caucasian, can do Hispanic and tribal races as well (both real world and fantasy)

Bodytype: I'm of average build and 6'2 irl so I'm very flexible however no extremes (bone thin, ultra big etc).

Alternate species/fantasy races/furries/mutations: Furries only if the author specifically requests and the story appeals to me, vampire, fallen angel, werewolf, elf, demon, in fact any and all fantasy species I'm always open to as well as humanoid only sci-fi creatures.

Settings: Historical and mythical, I go nuts for mythological settings. Fantasy and sc-fi leaning more towards the fantasy side of things

- Literacy – Words are my forte, it gets me off to no end creating worlds out of only 26 letters, I love being descriptive and visual as possible
- Pussy, I worship it with my mouth until I can't breathe and then worship it some more, It's my number one turn on
- Anal: Giving is a massive yes, I love the butt, receiving is a yes but only with the right person
- Fantasy fulfilment - pleasure from other peoples pleasure is a big one for me, the more turned on you are the more turned on I am, I revel in giving others what they need
- Hopeless romantic - on the vanilla side of things I am a sucker for romance, the more cliched the better so always open for a more loving story
- Incest - open to brother/sister, Dad/daughter and mother/son, only do one on ones or threesomes for incest, no orgys or gangbangs
- Domination… This is an ongoing process which I'm exploring within myself and the community but I would say I'm at an intermediate level.
- Threesomes, foursomes, orgys, the more the merrier, as stated above bi play is dependant on the author
- BDSM, spanking, biting, scratching, light pain play, rope, and open to anything the author would like to explore
- Erotic horror - specifically vampiric blood play, recently found this to be a kink of mine and am looking to explore this in an SRP scenario
- Animalistic - base instinct primal stuff is a big turn on, just letting go and giving in to the beast inside

Hard limits: Scat, piss play, gore, bone breaking, necrophilia, Strictly no beating and/or hard violence.

Middle ground: Humiliation, rape play and non-consent, degradation are usually fine depending on the story. I will always give stories consideration if they are specifically your fantasies (see the bullet points above)

Availability: Depending on how many stories I have on the go usually 2 or 3 times a day, I work two jobs and to put thought and detail into what I write. I don't tend to do much on the weekend as I'm usually working, sleeping, or visiting family.

About Me: Been lurking on Lit since 2006 but just created a login so stranger but no stranger if you catch my drift. I operate under a pen name as my real name is the only one of it's kind (as far as I know, if I Google my name it'll only come up with stuff about me) so anonymity is important. As I said I'm a big fan of Lit and the many of the authors situated here and I love writing very visually descriptive, detailed stories. If you have any other questions feel free to flick me a PM.

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daveydarling is offline
Join Date: Dec 2009
Location: Nashville
Posts: 73
Gender: Male

Age: Mid 30s, but comfortable going up or down to suit the role.

Orientation: Straight.

Power Exchange: Dominant streak a mile wide, but comfortable switching somewhat when playing the younger male to an older woman.

Race: Mixed, of the dark variety, but again, flexible in the story.

Bodytype: the usual

Alternate species/fantasy races/furries/mutations: Generally human, though given the right inspiration, I've often enjoyed playing a humanoid alien or anthropomorphic creature, perhaps a supermutant along the lines of Fallout 3, or a cyborg.

Settings: Twists on modern civilization, post-apocalyptic, sci-fi themes of alternate universes or deep space, even fantasy settings.

Likes/kinks: Bondage, BDSM, exhibitionism/voyeurism, writing multiple characters, taboos (mainly of the incestual variety), weaving stories with a partner, mixing erotic, smutty sessions with engaging roleplay that advances a story and adds depth to the characters.

Turn-offs: Horrible writing. That includes poor grammar/spelling as well unimaginative or repetitive writing. 'She does this, then she does that, then she...'
I also don't like tame, vanilla, everyday scenes. The jock and cheerleader, or a simple married couple going about a typically uneventful day doesn't inspire me to write.

Hard limits: Scat, that seems to be all.

Writing Style: Generally third person for longer, more immersive scenes, but first person is fine for shorter, more personal scenes. The length of my posts depends on the appropriate reaction to the situation, but I'm not into one-liners or short, shallow posts that don't do anything for the storyline.

Non-negotiable: Writing ability. If you type with a disdain for punctuation or using all the letters in a word, all the kinkiness in the world won't be enough.

Availability: Fairly regularly, as work and social needs dictate. I'm a big believer in working around RL. For the near future, I'm around during the day while I work nights, but I'll be back to working the usual 9 to 5 in a few weeks.

I prefer roleplays over IMs, so the ideal partner for me is a gal who likes to sit down and get immersed in a story for a bit. I'm also open to writing via a shared document, like on Google Docs, or some such thing. Lately, my favorite vice has been engaging in wanton power exchange scenarios with older women, such as mothers and teachers.
Your argument is invalid. Mainly because you're a figment of my imagination.
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