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Gender: Female

Age: 18 - 20

Orientation: Lesbian/Bisexual

Power Exchange: Im not so much into Dom/sub stuff but in my real life Im more sub but I can try to switch

Race: I'm Caucasian

Bodytype: I'm 5'5, 115ish, brown hair, brown eyes, 34B I would be open to trying other body types.

Alternate species/fantasy races/furries/mutations: Not something Id be into

Settings: Im open to settings

Likes/kinks: I like older partners, I like ass play, I'd say Im a little kinky and open to a lot different things, If there anything Im into Ill let you know, Just ask.

Hard limits: Blood and scat, Im open minded otherwise

Availability: Usually am on once a day at least

Additional comment: I only RP through pm, I know that a ton of people hate that but I don't use any IM's and am too self conscious about my writing to post it in public, so yeah probably won't get to many takers on this.
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Originally Posted by Vail_Indigo View Post
Thanks for the fat-shaming.

comes back momentarily and steals Vail away to do nasty things to her in a dark corner of the world
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Originally Posted by zydrate View Post

comes back momentarily and steals Vail away to do nasty things to her in a dark corner of the world
Iz stolen
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New name, same game.

I'm a former, very experienced, member of Lit, who quit when I got in a serious relationship with a man who didnt approve... well, now that's over and I'm back, so here is my SRP!

Gender: female, can play male side characters to add to the story if needed.

Age: 18-30

orientation: STRAIGHT

power exchange: Sub if its that kinda story

setting: mostly modern, have never really gotten into the future settings, but would be willing to try it with a patient person. Some historical if it's more based in the Old West or something like that, maybe even medieval but I would have to do some research since I don't know much about it

likes/kinks: romance right now. Just went thru a HARD breakup... So looking to distract myself with fantasies... DETAILED SCENES AND STORYLINES. I absolutely cannot get into a story if its only sex with no plot and character development. Anal is a turn on. Toys... Pretty vanilla right no . that might change over time.

hard limits: bathroom, extreme pain, true incest, rape, stories with no plot/character development

availability: I'm available almost all evenings after 5 eastern time. All Thursdays and Fridays... That is no guarantee that I'll be in the mood to write... But I can usually do at least one post every other day, if not more often.
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Gender: Female

Age: Over 18

Orientation: Typically Straight but I can appreciate a beautiful woman!

Power Exchange: submissive to a Dominate man (which is my preference), Dominate to a submissive man, Dominate to any woman.

Race: I'm Caucasian

Bodytype: I have a curvy and athletic figure, but I'll play whatever my partner prefers.

Alternate species/fantasy races/furries/mutations: I'm thinking no, especially with the furries and mutants. The others I'd think about with the right partner.

Settings: Any time any where!

Likes/kinks: Vanilla / Romance to Light BDSM, non con, reluctance, public play, experimenting, teasing, any thing fun.
Hard limits: Age Play, Waterworks, Scat, Pets, Hardcore BDSM/ pain, humiliation, pain without pleasure.

Availability: Depends on my Schedule
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Gender: Female, will do the odd multi gender alien, tentacle beast, or shemale.

Age: 22+

Orientation: Mainly Hetero, depends on story and gender

Power Exchange: equal or shifting, I can do dominant or submissive but it depends on the other writer

Race: does not matter

Bodytype: I am curvy, but I do all sorts of shapes, and I like my lesbians to be athletic in comparison.

Alternate species/fantasy races/furries/mutations: Bring it on with a side dish of magic.

Settings: depends on co writer, I've done futuristic, western, Victorian, alien, space ship, and within a literary/movie works world.

Likes/kinks: The more you enjoy it, the more I enjoy it.

Hard limits: Humiliation, gross stuff, pain for pains sake, coercion, not a big fan of incest.

Availability: weekdays usually mornings
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Post My Sexual Role Play Profile

Hi all, here is my SRP, or at least the first draft.

Gender: Male

Age: In real life, I am almost in my 50s, but I am happy to play any age as long as I can relate to the character that I am being asked to portray.

Orientation: Straight, though I am bi-curious as far as sucking a she cock.....

Power Exchange: I lean towards an assertive Alpha male. But I can also be a switch, after a long weekend of making decisions, it can be fun to have decisions made for me.... As such mostly assertive but can be mildly submissive.

Race: White/Caucasian.

Appearance: In real life, I'm 5'12 and overweight, though I am relatively fit with it. As such I can relate to any sensible build that the story relates to. If the story is based on an idea of mine, then I prefer to be 'myself'.

Alternate species/fantasy races/furries/mutations: I have never had interest in this. I write better when I can relate to the scene and character. The only exception to this could be a Middle Earth style character; or possibly a human with an extra power (Heroes, X-men etc)

Settings: I write best in the present/near future settings, again because I can relate to the scenario, the environment. However if I can relate to the setting, then I am happy to consider other options.

Likes/kinks: Light BDSM, Tie and Tease, Foreplay, kissing etc, anal, petite female characters, though not exclusively. After all the mind is the most erotic organ of the human body. I am also intrguied by taboo topics such as Power Play, and the interaction between the two characters - such as Older/younger, Boss/employee, Shop assistant/customer.....

Hard limits: Blood, scat, animals, minors, major violence,

Writing Style: I like stories where the situation develops over time, with build up and character development. Whilst not always practical, I would consider writing dialogues on a IM service. I also prefer to develop OOC ideas via PM etc as and when required to ensure both parties are enjoying the story.

Availability: This will depend on how busy my real life is, but I will be available most days. If I am not around for a while, I will do my best to give my apologies in advance.

Side-note: One area that can irritate me (and others) is where the other writer makes decisions on the behalf of my character. I know we all can do it at times if we are not careful, and if it is something trivial that does not affect the story such as "would you prefer tea or coffee" then happy to move to story along. But please do not make major decisions on my character's behalf - thank you.

Note to Readers: I write for both my own enjoyment as well as the enjoyment of the readers. If you are enjoying the story, please let me know, as we all like to be complimented. Many thanks.

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Alright, I'll take a bite on this!!

Gender: Male

Age: I'm in my 50's but could play roles 45 to 55

Orientation: Straight

Power Exchange: Old and treachery always overcomes youth and exuberance. I like the stories of and older man taking advantage of a young female.


Body Type:I'm 5'11" and about 200 pounds, typical mid-fifties guy. Hey, I'm still good though!

Alternate Species/Fantasy Race/Mutations: I've always liked the "Island of Dr. Moruea" story. Hybrid men and beast, mostly fantasy. And even slight mutilation, perhaps only one arm, or wearing a mask to hide your face.

Settings:Mostly the present day, although I can do sci/fi. Period pieces if I can get some guidance. I also like the isolated, like an island or in the middle of the jungle. Even a deserted planet. But I would consider any option.

Likes/Kinks: Depends, if this is private, I love erotic horror, blood, bondage, some gore. If we're here on Lit., I'd tone things down. Beyond that, I'll think about anything.

Hard Limits: I'm not into snuff, not really into incest(maybe a little), no scat

Writing Style: I like stories that develope over a period of time. Chain stories that develope characters. Good or evil characters. And I like mysteries sometimes to remain mysteries.

Availability: Well, I'm already involved with some members here writing for them a chain story. I still can squeeze some time in most days. I would let someone know in advance if I were not around for a few days. Hey, I take a vacation from time to time.

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Probably about time I do one of these

Gender: Male

Age: Doesnt matter to me I can play any and all variety of ages

Orientation: Straight

Power Exchange: I am a dominant in real life and so I tend to play the sam in my writing (do what you know right?) most of my roles and ideas revolve around some sort of power play or with that theme in mind

Race: Im French Canadian/ Latino in real life so Yeah lol I can play really any role I tend to gravitate more towards Latino though because its my primary race

Body Type: I play all sorts of body type and like to experiment I will either play them broad and built or tall and lean (panther like to bull like) in real life Im 175-195 and significantly built but I try to diversify as much as possible

Alternate Species/Fantasy Race/Mutations: I will do any thing and every thing I play real life, fantasy, futuristic there probably isnt a theme I wouldnt do and that extends to my species as well I have done every thing from old man to a furry creature to me its just about the story and the creativity behind it

Settings:Mostly See above

Likes/Kinks: Oh boy once again I like to experiment and do and play around with as many themes as possible primarily I like forced/ reluctance, breeding, kinky sex, domination/power play, light bondage, anal, Incest, oral (giving and receiving), riming, and the like to me though my biggest kink is story I very rarely do one off or just quick romps and when I do I make it well known I am looking for that I have a lot of different projects and the like and I absolutely love well fleshed out characters romance and a good story to me that is the biggest thing and I am always looking for the mind fuck

Hard Limits: scat rape and really thats it

Writing Style: see likes and kink or STORY STORY STORY

Availability: I am usually on every day HOWEVER I can some times stare all night and not think of a post I try not to let this happen but some times my creative mind can be finicky and with the stories I have I might favor one over the other however I try not to go a few days with out a post
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Sexual Preference: I suppose pansexual can be used. It really depends on the character in question. I am open to any orientation, though the default is usually male/female. Again, it's more based on the character and the particular story than some hard and fast rule.

Types of Characters I Play: I like to play a wide variety of character types. There isn't one in particular that I enjoy above any others. Male or female, dominate or submissive, crazy or sane, it's all fun and even better to try out something different and unique. That said, I don't particularly enjoyed super powered characters, nor the super angsty anti-hero type. Someone with appreciable flaws makes a character shine, even ones with really out there concepts. I love all kinds of humor and sarcasm, so that is usually thrown into the mix, even when presented with darker themes (dark/morbid humor is the best).

Types of Races I play: Just as equally broad as the types of characters I play. You name it, I'll play it. As long as it makes sense in the story concept and setting. All types welcome!

Favorite Genres: Fantasy, Science Fiction, Post-Apocalyptic, Fantasy Western, Space Western (Shiny), Survival Horror (Zombies, etc.), Romance, Supernatural, Modern Fantasy, Horror, Slice of Life.

Disliked Genres: Anything Historical, though alternate versions of history might be considered depending on the idea.

Turn Ons: I am a fool for a good story. It has to be more than just about sex or sexual themes, especially not about particular kinks. I love developing stories and character concepts and talking things out with potential writing partners. I'm big on decent grammar, creativity and characters with real personality. The characters aren't just a tool to vent frustration, sexual or otherwise, but vessels to explore new worlds and ideas. I'm also very keen on description. Some people might find it a waste of time to read over all of it, but I really enjoy knowing exactly what a character looks like, thinks, or how they react and of course what is going on around them. As for sexual turn ons (see turn offs for what I'm not into!) it depends entirely on the story itself. I don't have a giant K-list of turn ons. I prefer passionate sexual scenes with consenting lovers (though how they get to being consensual is another matter). When in doubt, just ask! The worst thing that can happen is I say I don't like that and we move on from there. Oh, and I know I mentioned it before but I feel it warrants additional mentioning. I love humor! I love funnies. The world is imperfect and sometimes dumb. Good things happen to bad people and the other way around. I tend to find humor in things and appreciate people who don't have to take every situation seriously.

Turn Offs: Let's start off with the common things. I'm not into weird sexual situations, watersports, scat, vore, gore, pissing, anything BDSM, underage, or dominance or submissiveness. Just not my thing. I won't budge on those. I'm not a big fan of first person writing either. As stated previously, I'm big on descriptions so one-liners and general small posts are a big turn off. Also, writing responses for my characters (unless discussed previously to move the story on). You write for your character I write for mine! If you got questions, ask!

Availability: I can usually post once or twice a week, maybe three or four if I am especially lucky or inspired. That's the general time frame, though with work and life it can sometimes get delayed. I always keep tabs on such with my partners and let them know if I will be unable to respond for a prolonged amount of time.

What I am looking for in a partner: I'm looking for detailed descriptions here, multiple paragraphs, good grasp of dialogue, interesting, quirky characters with flaws, and above all, communication! Before I even get an idea going I like to talk it out, throw ideas back and forth and go from there. I'm not in it for the kinks, I'm in it to write, develop a character and have fun. If sexy time comes along for the ride, awesome sauce. If not, that's cool too! Gender is irrelevant for characters and writers, both male and female are encouraged to apply, though I happen to be partial to writing with female characters, so they will often get priority when choosing a thread. They are usually the surest way to get me to jump on the thread-band wagon! Again, writer gender is irrelevant, as long as you can write believable characters then we should be all good.

I tend to write long posts, 200+ words (at the very very minimum which is super rare) in the 3rd person. I prefer my writing partners to do the same. Basically, you get what you give. Short, undescriptive posts, bad grammar and spelling will likely leave me uninspired to respond back.

I also should state for the record I will not write through PM's. They are reserved for OOC talk, planning, developing, etc. I prefer threads first and foremost, though if I am eager enough for the writing idea I might be persuaded to do e-mail.

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GENDER: i'm all male.

AGE: work well with 18-35.

ORIENTATION: straight as a ruler.

POWER EXCHANGE: i am a dominant male in real life, but not really into violence or forced. And that's how i portray my characters. I believe in control but in a more subtle way that leave others with a choice they won't follow.

RACE: mom is an elf, dad an incubus, brother a human, sister a vampire and i'm all race. Oh! Sorry as long as its not Goblins or Orcs i hate grotesque creatures.

BODY TYPE: i play all sorts of body type, infact i think it depends on the settings and storyline.

ALTERNATE SPECIES/FANTASY RACE/MUTATIONS: trust me, this is my main interest. I can play almost all species. Supernaturals, superhumans, aliens, humans, anything that is not grotesque in nature. My best is an incubus or a vampire.

SETTINGS: i mostly enjoy medieval settings (something that has to do with a quest) i also do sci-fi, futuristic, modern, haven't really played apocalyptic settings but i'm willing to give it a try.
"I'm a slow walker but I never walk back."

"In the middle of the winter, I finally learned there was an invincible summer in me."

"Be not the first by whom the new are tried.
Nor yet the last to lay the old aside."

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LIKES/KINKS: well, i fall in not so many themes; incest, erotic coupling, milf, erotic horror, and student- teacher relationship are things i enjoy. I like teasing, oral (giving and receiving) romance, long intense build-up, domination/power play, kinky sex.
HARD LIMITS: scat rape, forced, beastility, and i hate zero descriptions. Writing a story without knowing your character and surroundings is like finding a light switch in a new dark factory. Writing with some one who types only four lines is equally as bad.
WRITING STYLE: majorly depends on the story. Though i enjoy first person style of writing than third person. I think out of the box, this is because i enjoy long build up stories. I plan ahead, connecting bits from each scene together to create suspence for the next scene
AVAILABILITY: i'm available every day and i mean it. Though because of my many stories, i might not post when you wish me to but when i'm fit to.
"I'm a slow walker but I never walk back."

"In the middle of the winter, I finally learned there was an invincible summer in me."

"Be not the first by whom the new are tried.
Nor yet the last to lay the old aside."
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Gender: Female

Age: 30 in that tenuous thing we call reality, but I actually prefer to RP someone in their late teens to early to mid-twenties

Orientation: Heterosexual with bi- tendencies.

Race: I have different ethnicities in my background, so sometimes my inclinations run toward playing someone with olive skin and especially playing the darker skinned person in a one-on-one situation, or group dynamics

Body type: I'm on the shorter, curvaceous side with longer hair, so I tend to write accordingly

Alternate species/fantasy races/furries/mutations: I do have a fetish for tentacles of the gentler sort. There's a story on literotica about a woman who goes on a blind date with an alien with tentacles that I find very sexy. And I do like mythological giants. Also, I've often fantasized about Belle and a pre-transition but very gentle and soft and furry Beast. And I guess I wouldn't mind writing as an elf maiden meeting a human warrior. So I guess this is a subject that would be open for conversation

Settings: Modern, historic, fantasy, steampunk, fanfic, superhero, scifi...Again, I'm good with coming to a mutual agreement

Likes/kinks: I like the slow seduction, innocence gently brought into a new sensuous world. I've mentioned a couple of my kinks up above, but I would love to write a story with a young innocent who somehow is undressed in front of a group of men, and "passed" around while hands and lips gently explore her body. Not a gangbang or anything like that, with every hole being filled simultaneously. Again, the slow seduction, which also works well with a scenario involving just one-on-one

Hard limits: Writing my character acting/reacting a certain way, or feeling a specific emotion, without either checking with me first or me having written in the thread already. Embarrassment is okay, humiliation...not so much. No anal, bukkake, scat or watersports. Unusually large penises. (I'm a short girl. Why would I want to deal with something a fifth of my size?). No pain. No outright coercion or mind control, but a little reluctance or subtle mental nudge is not a bad thing!

Availability: Can't guarantee time of day, but if a thread is started, I will guarantee I can probably post once a day, except for holidays.

Examples: I've been very fortunate to have found great co-writers. These aren't the only genres and styles I'm interested in, but it will give you an idea of some of the things I like

Portrait of the Artist as a Young Alien
Tale as Old as (an alternate) Time(line)


In addition, I have been very lucky to be in some great RP threads based in the universe of the Dresden Files. The universe is loosely based on a combination of the book series, the TV series and the imagination of the collaborating writers!

Snow Queen and the Six Dwarves
Catching A Dewdrop
For three years I had roses and apologized to no one

My SRP Profile

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Gender: Female, I've never played a male character but I'm not opposed to it.

Age: 20 in reality, but I'll play any age.

Orientation: Heterosexual but not opposed to doing a threesome with another fine lady.

Power Exchange: I prefer to be submissive, but I can be a dominant if the sex is passionate and not rough. I like when people get rough with me, but I hate to hurt other people, even in a sexual way.

Race: Caucasian, but if you have a thing for ice dragons that turn into sexy black women at night and werewolves during a full moon, I will do it.

Body Type
: I'm curvy in reality (5'9", 180 pounds), but I'll do any body type.

Alternate Species/Fantasy Races/Furries/Mutations: Yes please!

: I'm open to anything.

Likes/Kinks: Incest, dragons, teasing, experimentation, breeding, forced/reluctance, domination/power play, light bondage, anal, oral, riming, make outs

Hard Limits: Scat, peeing on each other, vomit, or blood (as well as underage, animals, and Harry Potter because of Literorica's rules)

Availability: I'm usually on here daily.

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Experience: I've roleplayed a lot under a different username, and I did a bit previously a couple of years ago.

Gender: I'm looking to play a male character, mostly because I've done a lot of playing female characters so while I can do it, I'm looking for something different to my usual.

Orientation: I'm Bi-sexual and I'm looking for either a straight or gay roleplay.

Power Exchange: I'm mostly submissive, but don't mind playing a more dominant role.

Race: Anything the character calls for although for obvious reasons, I would be more comfortable playing a white Caucasian.

Bodytype: I'm an average guy, so I'm happy playing that. Characters can be fit and toned too. I like girls who have got some curves to them, but I like variety.

Alternate species/fantasy races/furries/mutations: As long as the characters are physically attractive (i.e. not some weird alien mutant, but humanoid etc.) I'm not fussed. I prefer human qualities so furries tend to be off as well. That being said, slight feline qualities (tail for example) wouldn't be totally off the table.

Settings: I can pretty much fit into any role whether you like real life scenarios or subtle twists to real life, or perhaps a whole new world both sci-fi or fantasy. If I had to choose a favourite, I'd prefer a more fantasy setting. If you have a setting, or want me to come up with one, I'm more than happy to oblige.

Likes/kinks: Context, backstory and complex plot lines are a big yes for me. A gradual build up ending in an epic climax.

Hard limits: Toilet stuff, pain and most BDSM.

Availability: Well I'm English so I'll be working off GMT.

Additional: I'm a fairly flexible guy metaphorically speaking, but I'm not afraid to say what I like or don't like within a scene, although I'm fairly agreeable. I can usually see the potential in any given storyline. I'm really stoked to find a really great roleplay so please, send me a PM if you find me interesting enough!
A Link to my Lit Profile
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Gender: Female, but I'm willing to play male characters if necessary.

Age: Openminded, as long as the character isn't so young or so old that they wouldn't be able to have sex.

Orientation: I'm homoflexible, in that I prefer sex with other women but occasionally like to feel a cock inside me too.

Power Exchange: In real life I'm Domme-switch, but since I'm married to a submissive and get plenty of Domme action at home I'd prefer to play submissive characters here.

Race: No limit, when you have your fist elbow deep inside someone does it really matter what colour their skin is?

Bodytype: I prefer to play athletic girls with reasonable figures (B or C-cup breasts) but am flexible with appearance as long as the description suits the character I'm playing well enough.

Alternate species/fantasy races/furries/mutations: I prefer sci-fi to fantasy, but don't mind playing as any creature/alien/hybrid as long as they're physically capable of having sex.

Settings: Contemporary and sci-fi settings appeal to me more than fantasy ones, with aliens, weird science and insane technology being used more than magics, mystical creatures and curses.

  • Literacy - This may sound strange appearing on the list but anyone wanting to roleplay with me should be able to at least spell correctly and know decent sentence and paragraph structure. There's no fun to be had trying to pick apart a huge block of text and trying to work out what a word is supposed to be saying.
  • Mind control and non-consensual scenarios
  • Psychological manipulation, blackmail and other coercive tactics to force my character to behave in a depraved manner against their better judgment
  • Domination, especially of powerful female characters by people who should be much weaker than them
  • Public humiliation and debauchery
  • Forced orgasms, especially when coupled with public settings
  • Bondage and restraint, especially when linked with forced orgasms and public humiliation.
  • Anything else! I'm very openminded when it comes to pleasuring both myself and others and would be willing to discuss any scenario which didn't revolve around either guro or scat.
Hard limits: Guro and scat. While I can understand the use of limited violence in a roleplay (spanking, whipping, paddling, etc.) excessive violence for violence's sake tends to repulse me. I'm open to watersports and other piss play but draw the line at coprophilia.

Availability: I currently work from home and so am usually available most days. However given the nature of my work I'm sometimes called away for days at a time with little warning.
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Originally Posted by zydrate View Post
comes back momentarily and steals Vail away to do nasty things to her in a dark corner of the world
Originally Posted by Vail_Indigo View Post
Iz stolen
*fetches her nightvision camera, a pair of surgical gloves and some lube*
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This is LONG overdue, but here I am:

Gender: Female

Age: I'm 24. I'll play most anything 18-30ish (give or take). Aging upsets me, I won't lie. I'm still young, still cute, and that has worked well for me. I fear the day that it will not any longer.

Orientation: Straight female. But I'll RP straight males - when I'm feeling more dominant, I'll play a male role.

Power Exchange: I think the whole Dom/sub thing is bizarre, overplayed, a bit stupid, not at all tantalizing, rather boring, and just not remotely believable in ANY story. But, I like being taken, dominated, forced, even tied up sometimes. Just lose all the "Yes, master. Oh, anything you want Sir" bullshit.

Race: I'm an American white girl from the heart of the lone star state.

Bodytype: I typically play what I know, so my girls in threads are generally, well.....me. Or just like me. Slight build, short, athletic with thickish thighs, small breasts, long hair. If we're putting on labels, I'd say latter-day athletic. I looked HOT in HS and College. The working world makes you soft and you gain some fat back. But I can still out-sprint you, and I run 20 miles a week and lift weights. I will always fight the good fight.

Alternate species/fantasy races/furries/mutations: I don't know. Sometimes this is just such a waste of time and results in some of the worst, straight out of Dungeons and Dragons Game Night dialogue ever. Sorry, but I need a great story with my sex. If you're some Hobbit or Elf, or want me to be, then meh. Probably saying no thanks. That said, I DO occasionally get off when some monster, god, demigod, giant, humanoid type creature, etc., takes and uses some sweet, human girl, usually played by me. So I can work with someone here, but don't get cocky.

Settings: Man, I've done so many. Setting and continuity are what make a great RP. I can do just about anything, but prefer it to be in a recognizable world. But if you want to fuck me in the Shire, or in some cartoonish place, then go to hell.

Likes/kinks: A good story, a vulnerable character, a flawed opposite character, the need to make the best decision out of all bad options, darkness, evil, pain, and plain, old, hard, rough, sex. I will cream myself every time if you can put me in a situation where I have to choose the outcome and the best possible outcome is giving myself to you to do as you please, because the alternative is horrible. You do that, then you win.

Hard limits: Minors, scat, necro, vomit, water games, and graphic stuff. Also: heavy bondage (lame and unbelievable), bondage centric stories (so dumb, not at all sexy), And if you can't spell, use grammar, or imagine, then I may block you. Also, if you want my character to strip for you or you want to spank her, then move right along....those do nothing for me and they are so unimaginative as to make me bored.

Availability: If you can write, I'll be around a lot. But I'm here a lot anyway. I will probably write more and more often than you. Usually.

The Important Part: I view the RP's as if we are collaborating to tell a story, as if in a novel or screenplay. So don't jump straight to sex, don't be corny, don't be cliche, and use grammar, good spelling, and think about what you write. Write actions that are true to the character. Don't be surprised if I think the writing is lame. A lot of it here is.
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Gender: Male

Orientation: Straight

Power Exchange: Either or but enjoy submissive

Race: Caucasian

Bodytype: Average but can change to whatever is needed.

Alternate species/fantasy races/furries/mutations: Never tried but open to ideas.

Settings: I would like to explore every setting possible.

Likes/kinks: Milfs and cougars, Slow buildup with foreplay leading to an epic climax, tease and denial.

Hard limits: bestiality, toilet stuff, and super rough.

Availability: I am Eastern time but feel free to send stories whenever they hit you.

Additional: Just ask me i am up for a lot and enjoy role playing.
the world need people with imagination. and flying cars.
http://forum.literotica.com/showthre...5#post69321975 -Srp profile
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Gender: Im a man, so I should probably stick to male characters. Id be willing to play a woman, I guess. Shed have to be a slut, though. I love sluts.

Age: At least 18, please. Seriously. I cant understand why anyone would want to fuck a hot, slutty girl with a serious oral fixation and an ass that stops traffic if shes only 17 years, 364 days old. Who would want that? Talk about boring. Yawn, call me when you grow up.

Orientation: Hetero. I like lesbians, though, especially the ones who like cock.

Power Exchange: I'm looking for a relationship built on mutual respect and trust.

Usually dominant, but I can dominate in all kinds of different ways. Some women want me to seduce them, James Bond style, and make love to them on a yacht on the Riviera, and some women want me to hold them down and fuck them in the ass with my big dick.

Im more into psychological dominance than physical. I like being in complete control of a woman so that my wish is her command. She either will not or cannot resist anything I say. I find that so fucking hot.

All that being said, I'm certainly willing to play an equal or even submissive role. I love the idea of a young, inexperienced boy being seduced and educated by an older, experienced woman.

Race: Im the Caucasian for the occasion.

Body Type: Well, in real life I am 6-4, 225 pounds, 0.3% bodyfat, I can bench press a small tractor, and I have a perfectly-sized cock that is always hard, tastes like chocolate and ejaculates money, so Ill probably just play characters like that. Or maybe something else.

Alternate species/fantasy races/furries/mutations: Someone can try to explain this to me.

Settings: Im pretty much open to any time, place or scenario except one where all the women refuse to give head.

Likes/kinks: Asses. Womens asses. Tight, fit womens asses. Hallelujah.

Blowjobs, handjobs and cock worship. Getting my cock sucked is my favorite thing in the world, and Ive been lucky enough to meet some women who truly enjoyed giving head. You enthusiastic cocksuckers out there, I love you and thank you. An enthusiastic blowjob makes a man feel like a fucking god.

Dirty talk and explicit descriptions. If you ever write something like, She gasped as she guided him into her center, then I will mail you a punch in the face. Get the fuck out of here with that bullshit. I want to write with women who vividly describe spurting cocks and stretched out assholes. And talk dirty to me when youre getting me off. It makes me cum harder.

Innocent/inexperienced women with dirty/slutty minds. Maybe shes ashamed of her impure thoughts, maybe shes not. Maybe she needs an older gentleman to guide her through her sexual awakening. Maybe shes just hungry for dick.

Also, older, sexually experienced women who are confident and know what they want (i.e., dick). Maybe they can teach a young guy how to fuck properly.

Aw hell, slutty women in general are hot as fuck.

Cunnilingus. I know how to find the man in the boat and send him overboard.

Ass play/anal: I like it more for its taboo/last frontier quality than anything else. What are you doing, Dave? Pushing my finger into your ass, honey. Also, theres nothing more dominant than fucking a girl in the ass.

Hard limits: Poopoo, peepee, killkill.

Availability: The hotter and sexier you write, the more Ill write with you. Make me want to jerk off every time I read something you wrote and then Ill know we have something special.

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Gender: Female, though I can play a male if the right SRP comes along

Orientation: Bisexual

Power Exchange: I lean fairly submissive - I prefer if my partner takes the lead and exerts a bit of control, but I'm not going to go as far as becomes somebody's slave.

Race: Caucasian

Bodytype: I'm fairly athletic, 5'9''

Alternate species/fantasy races/furries/mutations: Never tried.

Settings: I tend to enjoy fairly realistic settings, but in general I'm open to ideas - just because I haven't tried something before doesn't mean I'm not willing to.

Likes/kinks: A bit of exhibitionism isn't frowned upon here, nor is a cheating SRP. I also like it a little rough: pull my hair, spank my ass!
Really, it's about detail with me - I love the buildup just as much as the sex itself, so if you just want to jump straight into fucking me, we're probably not the right fit.

Hard limits: bathroom stuff, pain, humiliation.

Availability: I'm usually available during the day
Sometimes a crime of passion is not realizing the passion in time
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I am; gasoline, N matches
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been thinking of doing this for a while

  • Status: Unavailable
  • Experience: low forum experience
  • Age: 50's, but malleable
  • Gender: Male*
  • Orientation: Heterosexual
  • Power Exchange: Dominant roles or equals
  • Race: white, but malleable
  • Primary written language: English (American)
  • Bodytype: (in real life, 6'-0", 240lbs, broad shouldered, in fantasy I'm malleable but prefer realistic)*
  • Alternate species/fantasy races/furries/mutations: yes - yes - no - yes
  • Settings: malleable *
  • Likes/kinks: a penchant for impact play and buggery, the rest is malleable
  • Soft limits: deep throat
  • Hard limits: minors*, scat, animals*, golden mouthwash, death*, dismemberment*, disfigurement*, gay, blood*, politics, religion, anything to do with not being able to breathe freely
  • Availability: Daily - but please allow for real life
  • F-List link: more concise likes/dislikes
* = see verbose


My job is either feast or famine during the year. Primarily, summer is famine, while winter is the feast. My availability varies to that schedule.

I am looking for a collaborator to write with. I like spunky, no matter what the role, but there's a difference between spunky and back-breaking defiance. You don't want to make it seem easy, okay, I applaud you. Just know there is a limit.

My feeling is, if you only portray yourself in whatever role you fill, then you aren't really role-playing. I don't mean to be odious, but I like a writing challenge and I hope my writing partner does too.

I'm not a typo-nazi. I do make mistakes sometimes, but try to remain legible and allow that same courtesy to another.

My likes and dislikes are relative to a scene. Vampires drink blood, but they don't drown in it. Human/animal relationships (bestiality) is a hard limit, but two wolves, or a werewolf/human relation isn't a problem to me. If you want to do a Star trek universe, I can do that, but I prefer original characters over trying to portray established characters.

I'm not opposed to blow jobs, but because I have an inane fear of not being able to breathe, I'm leery about deep throat.

I understand someone wanting to know my 'age' or 'sex', but 'location' isn't something that makes sense to me. This isn't a personal ad, I am not seeking to meet with you in real life. I am not typing one handed and in the end, I'm not looking for someone else who does either. I can write passionately, without fapping while I do it.

Perhaps I am "missing it" and if what I am describing isn't SRP, then maybe SRP isn't for me. This is one reason I haven't done this up until now.

Finally, make me SEE with your words, not pictures!! I allow exceptions for articles of clothing.

My Stories ................................ SRP Profile .........................My SRP Projects
My Sex Map ...................................................................... Author's Hangout Profile

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(I filled this out ages ago, but have been gone for a while. Now that I am back, I figured I would move this up a bit...)

Gender: I am all Female

Age: Let's just say I am well into adulthood. As for the age of characters I like to play or write, any age between 18 and 40 seem to work best for me...

Orientation: IRL I am Straight. For RP and Writing, I prefer my character to be straight as well, but that does not mean I will not dabble with another female, for the sake of the story and role play.

Power Exchange: I prefer my characters to be submissive. Now, allow me to explain for a moment. I prefer to write characters that are strong, intelligent, driven, and show many dominant qualities. But, deep down in the depth of their soul, my characters are submissive, but often they must be shown this particular quality. This is why I choose to only write with a Partner who can bring to life a very Dominant Male Character and Personality. Does this mean the Writer has to be Dominant, no, the Writer's preference is not required, but I have found, in my experience RPing, that a Dominant/Master is best written, oft times, by a Dominant Male Writer.

Race: I am White (Italian with a smattering of French heritage). Race in my stories matters not to me.

Bodytype: Never really gave it much thought, but to be honest, when I chose Character pictures, the females are always attractive, sleek, slender, lean, etc . I, for whatever reason, tend to gravitate toward red haired Characters (my own hair is very dark auburn brown, LOL).. but I have had characters with varying looks and hair color...

Alternate species/fantasy races/furries/mutations: I have no issues with writing/playing and alternate species, or a fantasy race. I have played a Lycan, a Vampire, and a character who Shape-Shifted into a Tiger. I enjoy playing and writing those kinds of Characters and playing/writing with those kinds of Characters. As for mutations, that is a bit more complicated. Yes, I have RPed in that scenario. I am ok with tentacles, Angels or Demons. I am NOT Ok with Gender mutation, where a female grows a penis, or a male develops breasts. I am not comfortable with that and choose not to write in the genre.

Settings: I enjoy almost any setting. It is the story that interests me, the setting is secondary to the storyline. But, I do enjoy most any setting, Fantasy, Reality, Sci Fi, even dabbling in Historic or Apocalyptic.

Likes/kinks: Wow, this could get long, LOL! I will hit the main points. My Writing Partners and myself can discuss specifics when discussing story and writing ideas.

First off... Details, Details, Details. I like Characters that have history, backstory, well fleshed out ideas and personalities. Paint me a picture with your words... Who is he? Why is he? What is he? His thoughts, his motivations, his experiences, his personality...

I much prefer a story that is erotic and dark, sexual and mysterious. I prefer to NOT plan a story out in advance. Yes, I want to get the basics down, and the guidelines and ground rules, but I do not want the story, or the Characters to be predictable. Shock me, surprise me, make me and make my Character think, react to what you are doing. I like when my Character thinks she knows what is going to happen, or thinks she can control what is happening, and then is helpless, out of control, dependent on the Dominant Character.

And on the flipside, I too will write my Character to be unpredictable. Believable (in the context of the story) but unpredictable. You never know how my Character may react, what she may do or say at any given moment. My character will think, feel, react. I want my character to have depth, emotions. I like to throw a curve ball when writing, as much as I like getting a curve ball when writing. I like to make my Partners think... I like to be made to think!!!

I write best with Dominance/submission, Master/slave, Mind Play/Mind Games (or as many call it, Mind Fucking) Force, Non-Consent, Psychological play. I enjoy my character begging for the caress of a whip, or begging for mercy. I like my character to feel fear, to feel want, to feel need, to feel confusion, to feel some pain, to feel devotion, to feel love... I like Binding (chains, ropes, leather) ... Being Controlled...

I enjoy Vampire and Lycan, Demonic and Angelic, Master and slave...

I enjoy the Dominant being cruel one moment, romantic the next, confusing the slave until she is unsure what is happening. Mind Play, I so enjoy Mind Play, and Breath Play. I like my Character knowing that the Master could end her life if he chose to.... I like that fear...

Hard limits: Yes, I do have some very hard limits that I refuse to cross. No golden showers, No scat, No bathroom play at all (other than a shower or bathing type situation, that is totally different). No vomit, or blood, nothing that is gross and disgusting. I am not into that kind of slasher/horror writing. No animals (outside of a Demonic type or Lycan), no harming of animals (I am a devoted animal lover), no extreme humiliation...no physical beatings that are outside of the norm for a D/s or BDSM story. In other words, no violence for the sake of violence, if that makes sense. I am not into incest, Nor am I into gender mutation...

Bottom line... Let's chat about the story you and I want to write. Let's make sure we are on the same page, and most of all.. let's enjoy writing together...

~^~ RainingHeat ~^~

~^~ A warm splash of moisture on a steamy summer night ~^~

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Female, 18 and I simply want to play myself in different roleplay scenarios. I may come back and edit this later and fill in (or out?) the details like many have, but for right now I'd like to share some specific scenarios I'm interested in.

If you've read my profile, you already know I'm not looking for a "daddy" (that's just weird), but an older, sexually mature man who can treat me the way an insatiable, multi-orgasmic nymphomaniac like my self needs to be treated. I like straight sex, including oral, and lots of it. I'm not into anything kinky but I'm not opposed to "daddy" playfully forcing my over his knee (or wherever) and spanking my bottom for any number of reasons. Letting your hand roam and explore between smacks is also a great time for a forced finger fucking. That will almost always get me in the nympho zone.

How I hook up with daddy

I live in a large apartment complex with my mom. While she loves me and provides good for me, she always seems to be working leaving me on my own most of the time. Being left alone in a large apartment complex with a lot of single and divorced older males, "daddys", a young woman like me can get into trouble. Lots of trouble. I like to go for walks around the complex, even down the halls, just to see who I can meet. I'm always smiling at the older guys and sometimes flirty, or at least a smile and a wink so they remember me. When I do hook up with one of the residents I direct him to my Facebook group. It's very small and elite group but growing, and very, very private. No one would even know it's there if I didn't specifically invite them to join it. I'm the only one allowed to post or comment, and when I do it's usually about something sexual, a desire, a fantasy. Or I sometimes post a link to a sexy outfit I've found online and the guys know that when I do that, that's an invitation to buy it for me and send it to me along with a note introducing yourself and/or inviting me over or out one night while I wear it. Either way sparks are gonna fly.

TO PLAY: message me the note introducing your self and a link to the outfit you're sending me and we'll go from there.

Fucking machine video

This one is for the ladies. Being home alone a lot while my mom works get me into trouble. Sometime I go to craigslist just to see what the pervs are posting; "models", "massages", porn, etc. This one add intrigues me. It's an add soliciting for a 18+ fresh face to make big money staring in "fucking machine" videos. The thing that really catches my interest is that it claims the studio and all the workings is controlled by females. No males. It also claims that none of the videos will be available in the U.S., only overseas. While I obviously want to approach this with caution, I do want to explore it and see what's up so I reply to the add requesting more information.

TO PLAY: message me with more information about the shoot, how things will go and how much I'll be paid and we'll go from there.

Mall security guard

So there's this older guy who has more money than he knows what to do with. He also has what some call an endless sex drive, a body to match and a large, shaved cock to boot. Put all that together and this guy buys a large mall just so he can be the security guard and be around all the young women who frequently shop and hang out there. He's known there and frequently hooks up with one of the girls once he's off duty, sometimes even in his security office while on duty.

He's known to have his own facebook group, too, similar to mine (invitation only and very private), where he posts what his next shoplifting victim should be wearing on a specific day. If we're wearing that and you begin to approach us, that's our cue to slip something in our purse (or wherever). This is for times when he's feeling dominant and controlling, apprehending a shoplifting suspect and taking them back to his holding cell where he does any number of things to them. There's a whole lot of sex and ultimately his "victim" is let go with no charges. Walking funny and smiling, but no charges.

message me a link to the outfit you'll be looking for (multiple links if needed) while you're out making your rounds and we'll go from there.

, please have a profile yourself that includes your age and other information about you! No excuses for not having one!

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