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Welcome To The BDSM Talk Forum

Welcome to Lit’s BDSM Talk Forum, I hope you enjoy your time here and find it a place to come in good times and in bad. In trying to create that environment we have few rules, but those we do have we created in the interests of encouraging friendship, community, and a diversity of BDSM discussions. Part of creating that atmosphere is based on respecting others as individuals and not discriminating in any form (eg. race, age, religion, gender, sexuality etc.). As with the policy of literotica as a site, we also uphold the view that censorship is not an ideal, but also must stay within the legal boundaries for the forum to remain operational. If anyone has any questions as to the rules as posted below, please feel free to contact the moderator(s).

1. No spam / No promoting of other websites.
2. No personals ads (they go here BDSM Personals )
3. No posting of another's personal information
4. No posting of your own private email address
5. No personal threats
6. No posting of copyrighted images

Please, view this link for more information concerning copyrighted images and lit's stance pertaining to same.

Copyright Law Information

Adherance to the rules is encouraged out of respect to all the users of the forum. Admittedly it is easy to make an honest mistake when you are in unfamiliar territory, and for that reason the moderator whose responsibility it is to ensure they are respected will attempt to be fair and helpful in letting you know if you have overstepped any set guidelines/rules, and where possible will allow the poster to correct the mistake themselves. If that is not possible, and that is subject to the moderator's decision and the view of posters on the forum, the moderator will take steps to correct the problem and notify the relevant poster with an explanation as soon as possible. If anyone sees anything in the forum they think is outside the rules/guidelines, please notify the moderator(s) by either using the ''Report this Post' option in the right hand bottom corner of each post, or PM'ing the moderator directly.

In the Talk forum, our focus is on discussion of BDSM and it's associated sexuality and/or lifestyle choices in real life relationships, but also welcomes discussion of online experiences, and BDSM related fantasy. While online and fantasy are included in discussions on the forum it is asked that people respect that all 3 areas, though sharing a common denominator, are diverse in the experiences of those involved. There are similarities in some areas, but are also wide gaps in others which if remembered can save a lot of hurt feelings and misunderstandings. For instance, someone who has only ever experienced an online caning can never tell another what it actually feels like in real life. It is not a judgement of better or worse, but a reality which can lead to serious consequences if not fully appreciated and explained when sharing with another what they can expect from a real life caning. The same can be said of discussions about online play and the views of those who have never experienced it. We can all imagine what it is like for the other, but until we ourselves have had a similar experience, we cannot honestly judge and tell another what to expect. It is often that which is not understood which is most feared. In all reality, many have experienced a combination of all three areas, but defining of which one is speaking when asked for feedback is important to prevent misinformation or misunderstanding.

It is also hoped people who are seriously seeking answers to specific questions they may have, will feel comfortable in putting those questions to the forum for feedback. It may be difficult at times to put yourself out there, you may feel it is an irrelevant question to others, but please be assured, if you are asking it someone else is likely to also be seeking the same. You will find most on the forum will treat the questions seriously and offer to share their experiences.....respect those experiences may not always provide the answer you would hope for, nor may they mirror your own, but are usually a response in good faith. It is also asked people do not feel they are not welcome because they do not have enough experience, or the 'right' experience. We all had to start somewhere, we are all at various stages of our own journey....some of those journeys will share a lot of similarities, others will not.

We are not a BDSM chat room, nor do we encourage posting 'in role' here. Our aim, as explained above, is to discuss BDSM etc., as an interest or lifestyle, not play it out on the forum. Online sexual role playing is also not appropriate for this forum, but can be found Here

We do not encourage off topic material (excessive flirting or personal conversation that interrupts serious topics) in BDSM Talk threads. Light conversation, flirting, off topic type threads, and funtimes are appreciated and to be had in the BDSM Cafe . Flame wars are also discouraged. As in any type discussion where people feel passionately about a topic, there will be times where discussion becomes heated, often highly emotional. Please try to remember during those moments that just as you might not share the same view as another, they too have just as much right to not share yours. The aim is to respect we are all different and individual, and hopefuly through sharing openly and honestly we can begin to better understand the other, not try and bend them to our own personal view. The alternative taken by some of agreeing with everyone, or avoiding discussion, usually does not work effectively for long, and does restrict or end discussion.

Another interesting tip that might prove helpful is the use of an acronym used by some on the BDSM forums. The acronym is PYL/pyl which translates to Pick Your Label/pick your label....the first referring to roles such as Dom/me, Mistress, Master, Top...the latter reserved for sub, slave, bottom. This term was introduced as an attempt to avoid long all inclusive lists of roles in posts, or people feeling they had been excluded from the discussion because their particular role was left out.

If you are seeking information and interesting reading of past threads and topics relevant to the practice of BDSM, please visit our extensive BDSM Library where many an hour can be passed without noticing the minutes flying by. Another way to find some interesting reading, or just see what discussions on the board can be like is to browse our PYL "Thought of the Day" calendar 2005 and Submissive "Thought of the Day" Calendar 2005 . For those interested in the genesis of this forum, about some of the founding forum members as individuals, and the skin-to-skin practice of BDSM in general found threaded throughout, check out what we affectionately call the M thread (Mega, Monster, or Mother thread), located here: Monster Thread. Enjoy, and feel free to PM the moderator(s) with any questions you may have, or even ideas you may have for the forum.

BDSM Forum Moderator
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Cat's Secrets - Photography That Is

The Joy Of Pain

Our Stories and Poetry

The 500 Question Purity Test - score 26.2% Pure

Kink Score - 861 - Wow!! You're too kinky for most!!

Slave Register #624517 - registered as owned 22-06-2002

"I thought I wasn't interested in pornography, but then I realised it was because I was having sex all the time...if you stop having sex, pornography becomes inspiring"...****ssell Brand

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Updated Picture Guidelines

NOTE: Admin has appended these. 6/29/2015

The gist is this: please do not upload to our servers (as an attachment or user icon/profile image) any photographic images that
1) contain genital closeups or explicit sex; or
2) do not belong to you.

To clarify: no, you cannot upload photos of your erect penis or wet pudenda, and you cannot upload photos that you found on the Internet.

You can post links to images found elsewhere on the Internet. HOWEVER, we reserve the right to warn or ban you if we feel you are
1) spamming/advertising for another site/product/etc. or
2) you repeatedly post linked images which stretch the screen.
We also will remove links to images upon request from copyright holder. If, after we do so, you replace the image, we may ban your account.


The Literotica forum offers three different ways that you as a user can display your own images. Because of the massive size and high activity of the Literotica forum, none of these methods are pre-moderated. However, we will remove any images which are brought to our attention that violate our rules or any U.S. laws. The three methods of posting an image on the Lit forum are as follows:

1) Attachments. These are user-owned (that is, created by you and to which you own the copyright) images which are uploaded to our server by users.

2) Remote linking. These are images which are hosted on your server and displayed in your posts.

3) Avatars/Profile Pics. These are your images which you can upload to display on your profile page and next to each post you make.

The Literotica Forum Photo Guidelines have been created to conform to United States law in regards to content and copyright laws.

Here are the Forum Photo Guidelines for all attachments, avatars, and any image uploaded to our servers (Numbers 1 and 3 above):

Legally, we can allow soft nudity, but photographs (does not apply to non-photographic images) posted on this site may not contain "sexually explicit conduct", which the government defines as:

- Actual or simulated:
(A) sexual intercourse, including genital-genital, oral-genital, anal-genital, or oral-anal, whether between persons of the same or opposite sex;
(B) bestiality;
(C) masturbation;
(D) sadistic or masochistic abuse; or
(E) lascivious exhibition of the genitals or pubic area of any person. We're talking about the close-ups, or any pictures where the genitals or pubic area is the center of attention, or part of any simulated masturbation. Artistic full nudes are fine, so long as they aren't spread shots and the person can't be masturbating or simulating masturbation

ALL images (uploads and links, Numbers 1, 2, and 3 above) must follow these rules:

- All persons in all adult-themed photographs must be over 18 years of age.

- Image must not contain URL or other advertisement.

- Image must not contain bestiality or extreme sexual violence.


Please note that these rules apply only to photographic images.

Non-photographic images (drawings, paintings, 3D renderings, etc.) may not contain bestiality, underage sexual content, or extreme sexual violence.

If you see any images which violate these guidelines, please report the post and we will review your report. Anyone caught repeatedly violating these guidelines may have their image posting privileges revoked.

Literotica may remove any image for any reason without notice, and may periodically purge old images from the forums.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact a moderator.

Thank you for your time, and enjoy the site
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