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My interest is creative erotic writing, but I am new to this site after many years on the old AOL. I have posted stories on Lit (boxwoodsub and boxwood25) which tend to have similar themes.

IRL I am male, white, professional worker who writes well in business context, late 50s, American.

In RP, I am generally male and straight, mostly submissive, but I like women and can play lesbian sub roles too if you want, and can be forced bi if the scene is compelling. I can play 40 and older, I don't have the social knowledge or mindset to play younger, but younger partners (20+) can be interesting.

I am interested in the mental aspects of submission and erotic humiliation, so my biggest turn on is an intelligent and sexual woman, including engineers, bankers, executives and nerdy science girls with a hidden side. Detailed writing with settings and costumes and use of photos to set the stage all make the RP more effective. Spanking, flogging or crops, bondage and attention-getting pain all work, but I will pass on heavy pain for its own sake. I'm looking for erotic RP not just smut, but there needs to be a strong sexual theme to it- no long and complex platonic romance stories.

Very flexible in RP and into most basic kinks, hard limits are no to minors, family play (not Daddy), animals, toilet play or gore. I can play human, maybe a historical period, but unable to get my mind around fantasy, magic, or creatures of any sort.

My schedule is flexible and I can be a steady player, we should both be doing medium length descriptive posts, not one sentence replies. I am living outside the USA now so your evening is actually morning for me.

Send me a PM if you have an idea you'd like to explore and we can make tge schedule work.
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Gender: Male

Age: I can play 18-30, but most comfortable with characters in their mid 20s.

Orientation: Straight.

Power Exchange: I lean towards dominant, but I like equal power in relationships.

Race: White/Caucasian.

Appearance: 5"9', athletic/muscular, short brown hair/green eyes. Average length with thick girth.

Alternate species/fantasy races/furries/mutations: I have never had interest in this. I write better when I can relate to the scene.

Settings: I write best in the present/near future settings.

Likes/kinks: Light BDSM, anal, petite female characters.

Hard limits: Blood, scat, animals, minors, violence, guy-on-guy (not against it, just not my thing).

Writing Style: I like slow buildup in the storyline, developing both the storyline and the characters. I tend to write at least one good paragraph a post, and I will be expecting the same Sent from my iPhone

Availability: This will depend on how busy my real life is, but I should be available most weekday evenings 8-10pm GMT, and various times on weekends.
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Gender: Male

Age: 18-50.

Orientation: Straight.

Power Exchange: Dominant. Although I have always wanted to try playing a virgin and being trained to be a cougar's cub in a non-BDSM manner.

Race: Caucasian IRL, will play other races if requested.

Appearance: 6'3", average but will play to my RP partner's tastes, short brown hair/brown eyes. Uncircumcised 6" long and 2.5" diameter.

Alternate species/fantasy races/furries/mutations: No interest. Humans only.

Settings: Any time/universe, but I don't like to do stories based on copyright protected properties. Prefer to make up my own world if needed.

Likes/kinks: Light BDSM, creampie giving, BBW, Pregnant, lactation, breeding, MILF, any setting involving water (bath, shower, pool, lake, ocean, etc.) Daddy/daughter, Master/slave, bi-sexual female submissive, non-consensual.

Hard limits: Creampie eating, scat, animals, minors, guy-on-guy (not against it, just not my thing).

Writing Style: Whatever the RP calls for. I've done stories that are a couple sentences a post, I've done ones that have multiple paragraphs per post. Depends on the setting and style of my RP partner.

Availability: Most weekday evenings EST and all day weekends, depending on my schedule IRL. I take trips every 2-3 months and will be gone for about a week. I will let you know when those come up.
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Gender: Female

Age: 18-50.

Orientation: Straight, but love the idea of being seduced (forced?) into lesbian encounters

Power Exchange: I have a thing for being dominated/being forced

Race: Caucasian, but if the story asks for something, I am sure that is possible

Appearance: 5'9, slender, C cup, full round ass... but of course willing to change to the preferences of my partner.

Alternate species/fantasy races/furries/mutations: No experience with, but the right setting who knows.

Settings: Modern times are easiest to write, but willing to adjust.

Likes/kinks: Incest (mostly brother/sister), doing everything my brother tells me, naughty pictures, being recorded, sex in naughty places, getting caught, bondage, getting dressed in clothes picked by another, spanking. (and surely much more)

Hard limits: The usual

Writing Style: I hope to make you happy with my posts

Availability: Some days you will need a stick to get me away from this place, other times RL can be very troublesome. Sadly not always predictable how things go but always try to find a moment to reply.

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Gender: Female and as such I write as one.

Age: Anything from 18-35 I'd say. It's really all dependent on the character I'm writing.

Orientation: Bi-sexual, why not have fun in both Worlds.

Power Exchange: Yes. I'm the submissive kind. I'm fiesty without a second thought but i can also play the obeying good little slave.

Body Type: Slender to lightly Curvy, with B/C cups Long Blond hair with slight curls and Ice Blue eyes.

Alternate Species: I Love stories in the timeline where Men are Lords/Masters and woman were Ladys/Mistress/play things. I like just about anything when it is interesting or made interesting for me. I'll play about anything that sounds like alot of FUN! I'm not into furries or aliens or tentacles monsters and the like. Humanoid fantasy races are fine I guess, but really the storyline would have to be what grabs me.

Setting: Contemporary/Modern, Historical, Alternate Universe and Fantasy are all great. Though I do love the time line of the Mid ages, where woman where Ladies and the men where Lords and slaves where bought or just forced to be one . Like i said once before.

Likes/Kinks: BDSM, Bondage, Spanking ,Flogged, Light Humiliation, Light Exhibitionism, Anal sex, Rough Sex, Psychological Play/Coercion, Orgasm delay/teasing, Choking, Gang-Bangs, Plug and Rape/Kidnapp. There's more I'm sure, but can't think of them at the moment.

Dislikes: Excessive Pain/Violence/Scares, Anything involving children, any form of human waste, spitting, enemas, animals, (just about the normal things I would say).

Writing Style: I have a preference for longer detailed posts, where in the story and characters are what come first and the sex is a delicious bonus. I don't claim to be the best at grammar, however I at least I make an effort and prefer to write with those who do so as well. I only tend to make mistakes then when I'm tired. Thou I try not to make to many mistakes, so if I make to many mistakes, kindly shoot me a PM so I can correct it at once.

Availability: I honestly cannot give a standard answer. At the moment my schedule is not particularly demanding and so I may well be free enough to manage a post everyday or every other day depending on the length and review time. However this is subject to change as real life commitments will always take precedence over Lit life.
~~~~~My SRP Profile~~~~~
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Check my profile for info. I like to keep my roleplay realistic. I'm not into anything kinky or weird, but something in particular I'm interested in is to reply to a Craigslist add. Ideally the add would be for someone seeking someone for a personal porn video for their private collection. The person posting the add, in roleplay of course, would be; wealthy so as to be able to afford to pay $$$ for strangers to perform in a personal porn video as well as have the free time to devote to it; healthy, well groomed and able to sustain lengthy "arousal time" (i.e., keeping it up and pumping); mid-40's at the most (yes, I check profiles); a sizeable cock.

If you're interested in maybe playing with me, send me your Craigslist add "as you would post it on Craigslist", including how much you're paying. Make your subject line "Craigslist Add".

PS - I'm not looking for extended play times, just the standard meet-up to discuss, sign contracts, etc. and then shoot the video. If you can provide a video person as well that's even more exciting to have three or more people involved. No anal.

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I am looking for a female writer to join me in a story of a wealthy man who made a promise some twenty years previously to his brother- in- law (Recently deceased) to take care of his newly born sister if anything happened to him.
Intro :-
"Damnation" , the expletive spilt from Logan's lips as he woke & surveyed the naked woman sleeping beside him. She was the latest in a long line of women he had bedded in a bid to find one , just one, who could give him what he craved. He wasn't even sure he knew what it was but to date none had stirred him & made him wish to spend the rest of his life with them. Sure enough they had all been beautiful & willing to share his bed but he knew that all they were really interested in was his vast wealth that he had accrued through his import/export business. Most of the women had lasted only one night & a few a week but no more.
Right now though he had another problem on his mind. Roland his brother-in-law had passed away after the horrific highway pile-up & before he died he had reminded Logan of his promise to take care of his younger sister. A promise that Logan had long forgotten but the dying Roland's reminder pricked his conscience & he had sent her a letter inviting her to come & stay. She was due today , what was he going to do with a 20 year old he didn't know as he had never met her & could barely remember her name?
OOC any enquiries or suggestions please pm
SHE is my baby girl , the love of my life & i will protect HER, guide HER, advise HER & mould HER into the perfect baby .
Chastise HER when SHE displeases me & make love to HER when the mood takes me

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This is a working profile. I may change/add or remove if my preference changes.

Gender: Female. I won't be a very convincing guy for sure.

Age: 18- mid 30.

Orientation: Heterosexual.

Power Exchange: Partners but I like to be dominated some. Humiliation and taunting are a definite turn ons. I, however, do not appreciate name calling like cow, pig and dumb. I will extend the same courtesy to you unless you ask me specifically for it. I am NOT a SUB. When I choose you as a partner, it's for my character and not for my real self. You don't get to own me.

Race: Mixed race. I am fair skinned though. I can play white, mixed, brown..I am not picky as long as I like the story.

Body type: Healthy female. Not too skinny and not fat. Curvy. C cup with brown eyes and long black hair.

Alternate species/fantasy races/furries/mutations: Yes to all.

Settings: Historical, Fantasy, Contempory, Sci-Fi. I'm fine with all of it. The story just has to make sense is all.

Likes/kinks: I love my tits to be roughly played with(clamps, clips, the works). Light choking, hair pulling, rough sex, degradation, dirty name calling, reluctant/forced/rape fantasy, sometimes bareback fantasy, pregnancy threat, breeding, monsters. Some S&M and Bondage but not the whole BDSM scene. And dirty old men.

Hard limits: Grammar and sentence formation. Adding details and writing FOR ME (Also called God-Modding me. Why do you need me to RP then? Just do it yourself) No strap on for me and no bi or lesbian scene. Nothing against it but it's just not me. I know guys like their BJ's but don't forget to play with me when I am wanking you to heaven. It's called courtesy. Nobody likes a selfish partner. Please no "Daddy" scenario, incest, piss play and ass licking.

Availability: UK time. I drop in every hour or 3.

Writing style: I am a detailed writer. Sometimes more so but sometimes I've been known to write just a paragraph or two. I don't mind a slow burn till sex but I am also fine with jumping straight to sex.
My SRP Profile

-Single. 31 year old female. NOT a Sub, NOT a Slave but very kinky.

Tit play (Not rope). Light choking, hair pulling, rough sex, degradation, dirty name calling, reluctant/forced fantasy, sometimes bareback fantasy. Some S&M. And of course dirty old men. <3

I answer PM's that catch my attention, something witty or rough dirty talk. Rough takes precedence because it tends to get me wet and that's why I come on this site.

- No cams, phone or pictures or demands for personal details please. No Skype. Nasty, rough fuck loving older men, ask for my kik through pm.

- NOT into Incest or "daddy" play. No ass licking and piss play. Not a Bi and not interested in females at all.

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SRP Petes478 Masculine Dominant

Gender Male

Age 42

Orientation Straight Hetero only

Areas of focus Women ages 22 and up who are trying to be all things to all people, trying to have it all, be a business and professional at work, be perfect in bed for their husbands/boyfriends, be perfect moms to their kids, are constantly "go, go, go" and they are burning themselves out quickly. When a woman crosses my threshold, she is secure in her knowledge that she may "leave the driving to me". She relinquishes her need to always be "ON", and cedes her will to me.


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Gender: I play females.

Age: 18 to mid 40s

Orientation: Heterosexual.

Power Exchange: Submissive.

Race: Doesn't matter to me.

Bodytype: Whatever the story requires and whatever the partner fancies.

Alternate species/fantasy races/furries/mutations: Preferably humans, but I'm open to fantasy races. No furries/mutations.

Settings: I prefer present and modern settings.

Likes/kinks: Incest, daddy!kink, anal, orgasm denial, spankings, light breathplay, rough sex, public sex

Hard limits: Non con, scat, waterworks, animals, gore, bloodplay, vore.

Availability: I am usually able to get on everyday. Do keep in mind my timezone, which is AEST/GMT+8. Evenings on the weekdays and normally the whole day during weekends (might be doing other things though!).

Posting: As stated, I'm on most evenings so if you're in a thread with me, you can expect a reply. But seeing as I work full time, some nights I'm just not in the mood, you know? Also, if you're posting with me, please don't godmod and do post at least one - two paragraphs!

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Gender: I only play Males.

Age: 18-50

Orientation: Straight.

Power Exchange: Dominant although I am able to take on Romance roles as well. Consider it anywhere between Vanilla and Dominant.

Race: Human

Bodytype: I don't have an interest in playing fat characters although anything else is fine.

Alternate species/fantasy races/furries/mutations: I'm good with mostly anything that's humanoid. Once you start getting into tentacles and other things I can't relate to, then I lose interest.

Settings: I can run with almost any setting. Historical (and if you play this, have at least some idea of the era you're in) and near-future are currently at the top of my list. Space/Fantasy settings would likely be next although they would have to have an interesting beginning to get me involved. And run-of-the-mill modern day stuff isn't appealing to me right now unless you have a new angle you want to explore or if want to play in a region that isn't North American, European, Japanese or Chinese.

Outside of the initial post I don't do much collaboration with my writing partner if I collaborate at all. I'm not against it but a lot of these threads tend to not be very plot heavy and don't require it. With that said I'm always interested in having a plot-based SRP given the right scenario.

Likes/kinks: Just take a look at what I'm not interested in.

Hard limits: I'm not interested in playing with other Males or with people who refuse to say if they're male or female. If you're one of those I'm just going to assume you're Male. Lit limits, any idea that's based off of a series (comic books, movies, tv shows, etc.), real people, and playing submissive characters. I'm sure there's a few other things I can add in this spot later on.

Availability: It depends. I'm not tied to my computer but at the time of this writing I'm available to post between 2-3 times a week.
I'm looking for writers for these stories. If you're interested then send me a PM.

Current Stories

Six Ways To Sunday
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Gender: Mainly females but I'm open to and have happily played any gender, given a little time and patience from my writing partner.

Age: 18+

Orientation: Again, I'm open to give anything a try, though I excel at heterosexual.

Power Exchange: Hmm. I did not realize how much of a challenge this is to specify. For me it depends on the character I create, my partners character, the situation/mood/genre/vibe/flow of the narrative and possibly what I had for breakfast last Tuesday.

Race: Human? Doesn't matter, I've played them all... though there seems to always be a lack of hot chocolate on such forums. I play black females quite well, being I am one.

Bodytype: Any and all!

Alternate species/fantasy races/furries/mutations: So long as it's mostly humanoidish, I'm good. Bring it.

Settings: Oh fun. Dystopias, apocalypse, post apocalypse, oh look there could possibly be an apocalypse, fantasy, supernatural, specific time periods (I will research and attempt to wow you I swear I will, so help me...), future, modern, scifi, alternate history/earth etc. I could go on forever. Oh! Steampunk! Can't leave that out.

I will gladly do real life so long as it's action, mystery and other fascinating story candies to make the hotness hotter. Sell it to me, I'll probably cave.

Likes/kinks: Comedy. Make me laugh. Laughing is so sexy.
Dark and hopeless? Yeah... I'm all about that too. Terrify me, make me scream, then calm me down only to do it all over again. Mindfucks are fun.
I am so easy, really, I am. I like good old vanilla but will attempt to roll with any kink that pleases my writing partner, so long as it is not one of the things I mention in the hard limits topic below.

Hard limits: Oh my. Minors, anything that belongs in a toilet, non con as the main focus of the game (I can handle a little here and there though), sexual gore, and excessive [insert body part] worship.

Availability: Honestly, I'm sporadic, but it can be anywhere from several times a day, to maybe only two or three times a week. Depends on the work load real life hands me.
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please contact me, i love more info
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Gender: Any

Age: Typically, I play mid-20s to late 30s but I am flexible

Orientation: I can play straight, bi, lesbian, gay and anything in between.

Power Exchange: I strongly lean submissive, but it depends on the story. I am equally capable of playing a dominant or equal power character.

Race: Any

Body type: Whatever the story calls for. But my go to characters are either petite, curvy brunette girls or taller, lean and strong men.

Alternate species/fantasy races/furries/mutations: I don't have much experience there but I am open to trying.

Settings: Generally, I prefer modern realistic or modern fantasy/sci fi. But if the idea is good, I can be talked into others.

Likes/kinks: Strong character development, intense/conflicting emotions, drama, intelligence, bondage, impact play, other moderate bdsm elements, pregnancy or risk of, some mildly taboo roles

Hard limits: scat, humiliation, degradation, blackmail, purely smut roles (no fun without story), gore, vore. Also, don't write for my character. I don't mind if you write a natural reaction of my character or a necessary expected action to start the next scene, but don't write out entire dialogue and actions scenes, or make decisions for my character. That's no fun.

Post length: Usually Semi to multi para. But it depends on the story and what it takes to move it along. I like semi-long posts that include perspective and responsive to what the other character writes. But it depends on the story and my partner. I will try to give what I get.

Availability: I like to try to post most days, but at least a few times a week.

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New to Literotica

Gender: Female

Age: 25.

Orientation: Straight

Power Exchange: I love the Dom/sub aspect. I am much more submissive than I am dominate.

Race: I am open to all.

Body type: Comfortable playing all different body types

Settings: I don't mind the setting. I am use to playing more realistic settings (present time) but I am open to others. Sci-fi, fantasy, historical, etc.

Likes/kinks: I love sex in pretty much any shape or form. I like the idea of light bondage/minor violence (depending on the roleplay).

Hard limits: No bathroom, minors, vomit, drinking piss or anything belonging in the bathroom. No family or underage either.

Availability: Right now, I could probably post a few times a day.

Misc: I would like to meet someone who can be detailed and not give just a few sentences here and there. I like details, and from what I see on here, others do too.
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Posts: 33
Gender: female but whatever

Age: will play 18-30

Orientation: hetero

Power Exchange: I tend to be submissive in the bedroom. Nothing satisfies like making my guy cum so hard he gets goofy.

Race: Not an issue. I'm happy to play any race, but if race is 90% of your kink, expect me to be bored.

Body type: Prefer voluptuous. Will play stick figures if the scene is irresistible.

Settings: If there's a good story to it, I'll play pretty much any setting.

Likes/kinks: Sucking and fucking are my favorites. Curious about exhibitionist, multiple partners, non-consent, other things. I like a little romance, too. Kissing is nice.

Hard limits: Toilet stuff. Violence. Heavy bondage and S&M.

Availability: Most days.

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Black and White Writer Role-play Profile

Gender: Female characters only - not limited to the human species.

Age: For human characters, I can do anything from 18-30.

Orientation:: I can play heterosexual, bisexual or lesbian characters.

Power Exchange: I love playing both submissive and sexually aggressive women, leathers, PVC, Lycra, latex, clad young hotties. I can be rebellious, sarcastic and coquettish with bows in my hair and big lacy dresses. I absolutely adore non consensual RP. I also love playing the sluttliest little bitch you can imagine. The sort of girl who'll drag three men behind the nightclub in the early hours of a Sunday morning. I am not interested in playing the 'normal' girl-next-door type.

Race: I am white and am happiest playing this as I've white. I have played Asian (Japanese) women. I can play any ethnicity, as long as I feel comfortable and create a good character for you - not a stereotype.

Body type: I'm a tall (5' 7") white lady with pale skin and bright red hair Yes sorry I'm a ginger. I have a willowy, long, slender limbed physique and a 34C cup bust that isn't that large, but look larger on me due to my slim frame. I don't do BBW's sorry. Simply because I'm a naturally 'thin' person.

Alternate species/fantasy races/furries/mutations: Well to be blunt I have many penchant a from growing up watching Science Fiction and Fantasy and Horror films (particular favourites are the older films from Universal, Hammer, Alien - and television series like Doctor Who, Star Trek and Tales of the Unexpected and The Outer Limits).

So that means I love Mad-Max type scenarios, Blade Runner, etc. I also love historical and romantic style stories settings (Legend (1985)) being a particular favourite. So a Tolkien type whimsical, romantic like Middle-Earth setting is also very desirable. I love playing imps, elves, fairies, demons, angels, witches and vampires and other mystical creatures. I however don't find 'furry' particularly interesting. So please no requests for sexy 'fox babe' types.

In the Science Fiction side of things I don't mind tentacles and fanged monsters. Slime, scales, are all good fun. Genetic/nuclear fallout mutations such as a huge Gorilla/human hybrid is an ideal playmate. Predatory plant life is also a big turn on. If you want to Google 'Vore' that'll give you an idea of what I like. (Sorry if that's a bit lazy), but it helps sort the truly interested from the uninterested. Please note that as much as I love Vore I don't do gore - at all! NEVER! I also do not do anyone under 18. So if your penchant is for underage sexy role play I'm sorry but you're out of luck.

Settings: Historical settings (more fantasy than reality is best for me), regular fantasy through to contemporary settings (pre 1990s is preferred for vampires and the like for elves, demons, witches) as the clothes, general world was so much nicer than today's vile, cold uncaring world. A gritty Alien, Blade Runner like future, or a shiny silver cat suited, gleaming future like Star Trek is also a big interest for myself. If the world created is interesting and piques my interests I'll give it my hardest work to make it grow.

Likes/kinks: My sexual nature is submissive and masochistic. I also really enjoy RPs featuring nonconsent and dark, violent storylines. My hottest buttons are definitely intelligence, inventiveness, verbal humiliation/mockery/contempt/mindfuckery/corrosion of self worth and domestic type violence/battery/choking. I get far more turned on by what a character can do with his/her bare hands and sick mind than I do by lots of props and protocol. My characters require no set rules, fairness or quid pro quo. I need unpredictability and caprice, to truly be at the mercy of another's cruel whim, to never know what the right answer or action may be. My kinks include (but are by no means limited to) coercion/blackmail/abduction/slavery/captivity, rough sex/rape/sexual violence, domestic violence/battery/torture/knives/cutting/implements/spanking/etc, tattoos/branding/marks/collars/bondage, humiliation/objectification/psychological torture/etc, choking/asphyxia/spitting/facials/etc.

Hard limits: Minors, scat, water sports/animals/furries/whatevers, necro, vomit, drinking piss, foot worship, graphic gore, atrocious SPG, rushed/unedited posts and finally - switching.

As I said previously and it bears further repetition; don't do gore - at all! NEVER! I also do not do anyone under 18. So if your penchant is for underage sexy role play I'm sorry but you're out of luck.

Availability: I am a busy working modern woman and have a husband and other familial commitments so I cannot be hear all the time that I'd like. I also love to write erotica and General fiction and I'm a keen artist, so these are very important to me. I love writing and that's the main reason that I am here. That must and will rightly take all priority next to my husband and RL. Even if you, or even I aren't in the mood for RP a quickie or some general chit-chat is always appreciated and welcome - and very much loved. I'll be honest and state that I am a bi-polar sufferer. That means I have very high highs and terribly dark low lows. My sexual drive also swings from a highly sexed promiscuous young lady to being almost physically repulsed by the physical touch of another. So I will appreciate a great deal your patience and compassion and understanding.

"A Black and White Writer - because life never is."

I am a living, breathing human being and sadly the real life impinges upon my ability to be here as often as I'd like it to reply as swiftly as I wish to, but I'm patient and understand and appreciate that in others.

My SRP Profile

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my SRP

Hi new here, so just finding my way around.

Gender: Male.

Age: Happy to play any age over 19. IRL 40.

Orientation: Hetro.

Power Exchange: I'm all about status. Love it. Very flexible and happy to play dominant, high status, low status or submissive.

Race: I'm white, but happy to play any character.

Bodytype: Athletic, buff or slim build.

Alternate species/fantasy races/furries/mutations: Yeah, bring it.

Role play experience: 6 years experience acting in improvised theatre, and ten years experience with D&D as a kid.

Settings: I like the exotic and the interesting. Happy to do suburban, but I like something unusual going on. We are limited only by our imagination and I don't like imagining boring things.

Likes/kinks: Aphrodisiacs, mind control, fantasy,Exotic Costume, masterbation, oral, orgies, dom, sub. Open to most things.

Hard limits: Minors, pissing or humiliation (why??) I'm not really sure about incest.

Availability: I can be on most evenings. If there is a story thread exciting me, I can be more often.
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Gender: Female

Age: I am flexible but mostly play 18 to 27 at the oldest.

Orientation: Straight, but also will play lesbian as well.

Power Exchange: Submissive. Mostly play younger girl older male, but I may be open to playing older, if it suits that role.

Race: Caucasian. But willing to play any race.

Body type: Fit. Also open to playing any size that fits the characters I portray.

Alternative species/Fantasy races/Furries/Mutations: Never tried it, but I never say never, have done vampire roles, and superhero roles, but other than that no experience, but willing.

Settings: I am open to just about any kind of setting, mostly have only played up to date settings, but am willing for all settings.

Likes/Kinks: Being submissive. Anal. Non-consent. BDSM. Older/Younger. Brother/Sister. Anything forbidden or off limits. Rough.

Hard limits: Scat. Water sports. Heavy blood, unless in a vampire role. Vomit. Gore. Torture.

Availability: Mostly nights. I am pretty open, but I prefer longer Roleplays.
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Gender: Female only (perhaps do little bits for a NPC male)

Ages I'll play: 18-35

Orientation: Heterosexual, Bisexual and/or Lesbian.

Power Exchange: Vanilla to heavy non/con (submissive to men, dominate over women)

Race: Any

Body type: Any my partner would prefer

Alternate species/fantasy races/furries/mutations: Nope

Settings: Modern

Likes/kinks: What do you want?

Hard limits: I follow Literotica rules (no scat, no golden showers, no minors)

Availability: Depends. I can't say for sure, but let's see how it goes. I'm in the Midwest so, there might not be any answers between 11PM-5AM central time
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Gender: Male, but willing to play female with other female (I rather enjoy the challenge of that)

Age: I am flexible but mostly play 18-35

Orientation: Straight

Power Exchange: A bit of both. I often play the dominant role, but I really enjoy playing the submissive role when a lady is up for something different.

Race: Caucasian. But willing to play any race.

Body type: Slim, but willing to play whatever the character calls for

Alternative species/Fantasy races/Furries/Mutations: I'll do basic fantasy races (elves, etc), but I don't really go in for things more exotic.

Settings: I am open to just about any kind of setting. Most of my experience is with modern and fantasy settings.

Likes/Kinks: Romance, teasing, seduction (particularly being seduced), being submissive

Hard limits: Blood and other non-sexual body fluids. Rape (I will do lighter non-consensual, but no rape)

Availability: Quite a lot at the moment. More at night, but also here and there during the day.

What I look for in a partner: Someone who can write descriptively. I don't necessarily mean long. I'm not that strict about grammar or post length, but I want someone who can write more than a couple sentences, and who will write descriptively. This is supposed to be a fantasy after all.

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Updated 30/04/17

Gender: Male only
Ages I'll play: 30 - 49

Orientation: Heterosexual

Power Exchange: A bit of light Sub and some Dom towards women, willing to experiment.

Race: Human but willing to negotiate

Body type: Any

Alternate species/fantasy races/furries/mutations: Open to ideas

Settings: Fantasy/ Gothic/ Steam Punk, Present

Likes/kinks: Naturisim, Lycra, PVC, Teasing, Costumes, Fitness

Hard limits: No scat, No minors, No Animals

Availability: Am in Europe so +1 GMT usually on line in office hours and a bit at weekends. Will usually be able to do 2 or 3 replies a day, but happy to take longer depending on the situation.

Visit The Naughty Scribe website

Come and have a drink at- The Last Drop Tavern

My SRP Profile updated: 30/04/17

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Gender: female, willing to play male if I am dominant over female, or feminine boy in male on male.

Age: 18-30

orientation: bisexual

power exchange: Sub to men, Dom to women, not often but if I am very convinced I will do Sub to women, but don't count on it. I am also getting more into Dom over men but am at exploring point.

Race: pure white.

Body type: anything

Alternate species/ fantasy races/ furries/mutations: open to anything but tentacles.

settings: no medieval unless you have a good reason and no apocolypse. Love fantasy, modern and anything after the 90's really, unless it has a lot of nature or it's really good fantasy then I'll do any time range, modern or old.

likes/kinks: love playing fantasy species and light BDSM, incest, being seduced, romance.

hard limits: anything bathroom unless it's a sensual shower or bath or sex in shower, hardcore BDSM, rape unless it's at the beginning, or extreme pain unless the situation is not from other persons character.

availability: a lot of the time, unless I have to go to my sister's to baby-sit.

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Thanks for the fat-shaming.
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Originally Posted by Vail_Indigo View Post
Thanks for the fat-shaming.
This. I know people sometimes play idealized characters here but some people like myself actually prefer women of curve so agree with your objecting to fat shaming.
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