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Arrow Some Helpful Reminders for Literotica Users:

Hi Literoticans,

I hope all of you are enjoying yourself on the Forums out here. Literotica is great place to be in, and it is you people who make Literotica what it is. Here are a few helpful guidelines that will, hopefully, make your experience much better.
  • Literotica registers several new users every day, and most of them arenít aware of the rules here. Please be helpful and patient while dealing with them. No one appreciates a grumpy douche. So, if you canít be helpful, donít be snarky either. Itís very uncool.
  • Please report contents that violate Literotica Forum Guidelines. You can also send a Private Message with a link to the said post/thread to the Moderator. The Moderator will take appropriate actions as necessary. Please remember that Moderators are not present on the Forums 24/7. Itís important for you to remember that. So, a major cause of non-removal of reported posts may be their absence.

    As long as I'm a Moderator here, I request that you send me a Private Message with the link of the offending posts/threads, instead of reporting it. A message of the reported post goes into my e-mail and I donít check it that often. So itís possible that your reported post may go unnoticed for a long time.
  • People of all kinds visit the Literotica Forums, and not all of them might be polite like the vast majority. If you feel that a particular user is posting rude/malicious comments or being unhelpful, you can add them to your Ignore List.

    The programmers at Jelsoft have added an ignore function for your convenience. Just go to your User Control Panel and add the user you don't want to deal with any more. The offending userís posts will be hidden and any threads started by the user will not appear on your screen. They also cannot send you Private messages.
  • Moderators here are users who have volunteered to help the website. Their job is to remove spams, advertisements, off-topic comments and moving threads to where they should belong. In other words, their job is to enforce the rules of Literotica.

    The administrators here don't believe they are anyone's parents nor are they anyone's Jiminy Cricket. It's not their responsibility to make sure that everyone on the site uses free speech responsibly. It's up to individual users to be responsible for themselves.

    In short, the website believe in the First Amendment, and offensive content will not be removed unless it breaks one of the rules. Anything else goes. You may post whatever you like. Consequently, so can everyone else.

I wish the best to all of the users on Literotica. Itís vibrant, and truly one of a kind. I hope you can appreciate that and help the website for its betterment.

Best wishes,

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