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Gender: Female

Age: My character is usually somewhere between 18-35.

Orientation: Straight

Power Exchange: Sub or equal. I have tried dom, but it always feels weird to me and doesn't last long.

Races: Any

Body Type: It varies with the character. If there's something particular you like, let me know.

Alternate species/fantasy races/furries/mutations: Not often and only if they're fairly human like. No furries or mutations.

Settings: Open. I prefer modern or historical. I enjoy fantasy sometimes. I don't do very well with futuristic/sci-fi. I'm just not much good at making technical stuff up.

Likes/kinks: Dirty talk, Noncon, mild bondage, chance of pregnancy, impregnation, good storylines, and interesting characters

Hard Limits: Gore, scat, bathroom play. (See the forum rules.) Also, not really crazy about anal, but it may be negotiable.

Availability: I post mostly in the evenings. I try to respond as quick as I can, but sometimes that still means only once or twice a week.

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Hi all!

I am a returning writer from over four years ago. I’m not sure if many will remember from my ‘irishcollegeguy’ days, but I’d love to hear from my old co-writers if you are still around! Now that I have my post-college life under control and moving in the right direction, I felt the time was right to dip my feet back into the Lit Forums pond. Below is my SRP profile:

Gender: Male.
Age: 18 to late 20s.
Orientation: Straight.
Race: Caucasian.
Power exchange: I am a natural Dominant, but I will and have played equal.
Body type: Muscular, athletic frame.
Hair and eyes: Short, brown hair and green eyes.
Alternate species: Not my thing.
Settings: Modern day, but I have dabbled in medieval settings as well.
Likes/Kinks: Development of characters/storyline, romance, anal, mild bondage, teasing/flirting.
Hard limits: Gore, scat, watersports, blood, extreme BDSM, vomit.
Writing style: I tend to write at least one good paragraph per post, working on the development of the storyline and my character.
Availability: Thanks to the iPhone, I am constantly connected!

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Gender: Female

Age: Between 18-28 tops.

Orientation: Straight

Power Exchange: Sub, not used to being dom.

Races: White or Asian, others maybe depending on story.

Body Type: Short and slender body type. I'm a really small gal and would appreciate a guy who was ok with that.

Alternate species/fantasy races/furries/mutations: Not really used to writing any of these.

Settings: Historical or modern.

Likes/kinks: Dirty talk, romance/eroticism, nipple/breast play, some slight 'roughness' in the bedroom (I like being taken against the wall and having my neck squeezed, but that's about it).

Hard Limits: Hard BDSM, underage, scat, gore, whatever else.

Availability: Can write nightly, sometimes during the day as well. More time on weekends/weekdays as well.
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my SRP profile


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SRP Pm me sometime..

Gender: Male

Age: 18-45

Orientation: Straight

Race: Not sure I would be comfortable playing anything other than a White male.

Body Type: I'll be what you want me to be.. or leave it to your imagination!

Settings: Realistic settings are what I have a history with, but I'm open to suggestion..

Power Exchange: Dominant / Submissive / in between. Any and all really, suggestions welcome!

Likes: I tend to be quite descriptive in my writing and am looking for people who can contribute equally to the story.

Dislikes: No incest or ageplay. Other than those I am pretty open.

Limits: animals, minors, anal, scat, etc.

Availability: I tend to log on several times during the day (UK time), and check email frequently for notifications and will attempt to reply asap.
“Look at those cheekbones. I could cut myself slapping that face. Would you like me to try…?” ― Irene Adler, Sherlock
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Hello! Thank you for checking out my SRP profile! I've been writing for two decades now, professionally and for pleasure and enjoy writing and exploring a plethora of settings and situations. I am always happy to brainstorm on new stories with others, so please drop me a message if you are interested in writing together. Thanks!

Gender: Male; I will write any gender.
Age: Early 30s; Characters will fall in the 18 to 60s range.
Orientation: Pansexual; I will write pretty much any sexual orientation.
Race: White; characters can be of any race.
Power exchange: Switch, favoring dominant; my characters can be of any part of the "power spectrum" or not take part in it at all.
Body type: My characters tend to fall into a wide variety of body types, depending on what the wishes of my writing partners are.
Hair and eyes: The same goes for physical characteristics.
Alternate species: Fantasy races, supernatural (vampires, werewolves, ghosts etc), aliens, etc.
Settings: Fantasy, modern day, science fiction, established settings (i.e. Star Wars, Dragon Age, Forgotten Realms, World of Darkness).
Likes/Kinks: Romance, power play, developed plots, character growth and interaction, a strong, varied writing style, BDSM, fetishes, forced stripping, voyeurism/exhibitionism, foot play, women in stockings, business wear, pretty much everything that isn't a "hard limit".
Hard limits: Gore, scat, bathroom play.
Writing style: Third person or first person, depending on who I am writing with. One or more paragraphs, detail and character orientated.
Availability: At least a few times a week. I work full time but often check my email for notifications via smartphone.
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Evenin Folks

Here is my answer to the original post. I am a writer by passion, and am training to be an editor by trade. I have RPd for a long time. I love to write. I'm open to a lot of things.

Availability: Varies, but I try to post once a day. I can usually guarantee a minimum of a few posts a week when my college load is heavy. Usually, I will post once a day, and can end up doing multiple multipara posts in a day when I really get into something and have the time.

Gender: I am male, but I am open. Transformation can be intriguing.

Age: Im open.

Orientation: I can play heterosexual or bisexual characters.

Power Exchange: I’m a bi switch with hetero Dom leanings. However, I am very open to a lot of things. Vanilla can be fun, but damn, I do enjoy the swirls and crunchy bits, and some days, only rich darkness will do.

Race: I'm white myself, and I'm happy to play any race really, though I do worry about doing a different cultural background justice without perpetuating a stereotype. I do enjoy portraying furries, aliens, and made up, mythical, or folkloric beings

Bodytype: I am a big guy, but I can play any size.

Alternate species/fantasy races/furries/mutations: I’m not a tentacle fan. Other than that, I’m pretty open. I really enjoy anthros, scifi, fantasy, modern myth, and mutation can be fun.

Settings: I love historical settings, often with some mysticism thrown in. I also love generic fantasy style settings, including those that are medieval with some artistic licence/fantasy race characters. I also love gritty, realistic contemporary settings. Futuristic/sci-fi stuff is solid. I'm very flexible about setting if an idea grabs me though, I bounce all over the spectrum, so again... shoot me your idea.

Hard limits: The site bans certain things for solid reasons, so I’ll just add scat, vomit, graphic gore/vore sexplay, atrocious SPLLinG, rushed/unedited posts or tiny posts. Oneliners make my Muse wail. Sometimes a post isn’t big, but I do prefer multipara, and high quality, detailed writing.

Likes/kinks: My sexual nature is alternately Dominant and potentially sadistic or submissive and masochistic, usually romantic, and can be quite vanilla as well at times. Eventual cuddling is never bad. I have wide ranging tastes and am malleable. I really enjoy RPs featuring nonconsent and dark, violent storylines as well as vanilla romances and everything in between, especially if they involve intelligence, inventiveness, romance, impregnation, or fights for dominance, but there are way too many things to list. I’m willing to try things. I’m open to new ideas. Try me if I seem intriguing. I need unpredictability and caprice. I need you to stimulate my mind with your own.
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This is really my first time doing any sexual roleplaying. I will likely be modifying my profile every now and then as I start to figure out what I likes and dislikes. I do have a passion for writing and would prefer stories with a lot of tension and character development. I'm a college student, so my schedule varies. I will probably be able to post once a day, but there will be times when it will be less frequent.

Gender: Female

Age: I'd rather play around my own age to start (18-23ish)

Orientation: Straight, but I am definitely a little bi-curious

Race: I'd try to play any race, but most comfortable playing white

Body Type: Any

Settings: Right now, I'm mostly interested in modern settings but I'd be open to fantasy or sci-fi settings as well

Power Exchange: I'm drawn to submissive roles, but am open to any

Likes: I like stories that are edgy and a little dark. Voyeurism, humiliation, manipulation, blackmail, probably others but those are what come to mind at the moment

Dislikes: Romance. In real life, I love romance, but not at all what I'm looking for here.

Limits: Rape, violence, animals
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Contre la mer, le dos plaque au mur

Gender:Male IRL; I wouldn't dare to assume I understand a woman enoght to write from that point of view.

Age: Mid-twenties IRL. I will venture out no further than to 40 years of age.

Orientation: Heterosexual. I keep my mind open, yet I simply don't tick that way.
I'll have to ask you to excuse me if I refuse to play with a cross-gender writer. I respect your choice, yet can receive no satisfaction from such play.

Race: Caucasian IRL. Don't see why this should even be on the list.

Power exchange: I don't think any relationship - however lengthy - can be evaluated on such a binary basis. I will explore anything I find tempting or challenging.
"We bid farewell - the slave becomes the master"

Body type: Anything can become beatiful when wrapped in words.
Alternate species: I will explore anything I find tempting or challenging.

Settings: I lean towards darker shades. Noir. Macabre, even. What I feel most attracted to is the world we live in, with it's darker strokes accented. Then again, I will explore anything I find tempting or challenging.

Likes/Kinks: Ink. Vice. Secrets. Psychological conflict. Stockings. Red. Deep purple. Intelligence. Self-empowered women. Music. Businesswear. Indulgence. Suspence and suspicion.
"I sometimes wonder... Where do we go from here?"

Places I won't go: Scat. Extensive gore for it's own sake. Incest. Illiteracy.

Time: Daily. Online 19:00-01:00 GMT

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Experienced Player, New Here

Gender: female

Age: can play 20s to 40

Orientation: Heterosexual with bi leanings.

Race: Caucasian IRL, not that it matters in the least.

Power exchange: I love power exchange play and can just as easily switch between sub and dom.

Body type: Curvy and slim, not willowy and slender.

Alternate species: I'm not sure I totally grok this question, so I'm going with 'no.'

Settings: open to anything, very good at historical.

Likes/Kinks: Smart men. Fine suits. Lingerie. Exploration.

Places I won't go: I like the forum rule limits, but I'll add no scat, breast feeding and pregnancy play, no extreme gore. Willing to negotiate anything else.

Time: I'll try to be on daily, but I never can tell. EST

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Gender: Female in RL.

Age: My characters tend to vary and they usually are around 18 to 40.

Orientation: Straight but can be convinced to become bi.

Power Exchange: My personal sexual taste runs strongly to being sexually submissive. I can write a powerful or overconfident character in the beginning, only to have her world going upside down where her submissive part is brought out. By some blackmail, by a kidnapping, even by mutual agreement, I really live the whole training process, or being controlled physically and mentally where my character changes from a prim and pampered lady to a complete whore, for example.

Race: Any, but I suppose I prefer to play white/caucasian and Asian characters as I am Japanese.

Body type and appearance: I'm very flexible with regard to the appearance of my characters, so I can fit to my partners interest at any story. Some things that I don't usually like are enormous breasts and hips.

Alternate species/fantasy races/furries/mutations: I'm interested only in realistic human characters than of other species.

Settings: My preference is the present day because it helps me to have more accuracy in the story, but historical settings can be fun if both writers are genuinely familiar with the historical setting (both time and place) involved. The relatively near future would be fine too.

Detailed and very descriptive writing. I tend to prefer multi-paragraph posts than just a lonely one. I enjoy both writing and reading long posts. Sometimes shorter posts are ok, but as I am not a fast replier, I believe a more detailed content is better than little content waiting for an instant reply.
Oral, ganbangs, kissing, ropes, blindfolds, gags, toys, interracial, netorare, light to medium bondage.
Special attention to clothing as I believe it has a huge part in a sexual roleplay.
Good pictures (not much into cartoons or animes but it has to depend of the story) as I'm very visual player, so creating well drawn pictures really helps me)
Open communication. Explaining to each other where we want the story to go, suggestions of what we should play and so on. I think it is better if we are on the same page and discuss ideas even if we have different opinions.
Intense build up and intense sex. Paying attention to emotions, scenarios, reactions is important to me.

Limits: I have a lit of limits such as toilet play, animal play, food play, vomit, cutting, burning, blood, whipping, wax, extreme violence and serious injury.

Availability: While I can read almost everyday, my available time to post isn't so long. I believe for now it is around twice maybe three per week but sometimes can play more in one day. If I see that I will take more than a week to reply, I'll let my partners know.

And finally, I am open to any ideas and willing to build a whole new one, if needed to. Bring me your thoughts and I will share mine with pleasure.
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Roleplay Addict & Proud!
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Marseilles watched as their two thin figures faded down the trail and with a swift turn flashed a grin. "Well played Jean" she murmured under her breath. It was truly a beautiful move in the game of chess the two were secretly enveloped in. It was the sign of a veteran so she didn't expect Fernan or Albeir to catch on show she applauded him for that openly. Marseilles closed her eyes nodded her head slightly just before giving a gentle clap.

As he approached to join her she held out her hand for his to guide her wherever he deemed necessary she be. Marseilles was greeted with a warm but gentle smile. She paid extensive attention to his tales attached to the various jewels of art with ease.

At that moment there were only two men in the world that had existed; him and all the rest. Marseilles hung on his every word if only to promote the look of her admiration but all the while masking her true intention of turning him into a most dangerous game to be played. Her eyes flirted mildly with his when one of is tales would take a more darker or morbid turn of events. Naive gasps left her lips when the story was consumed with swash buckling and romance.

Still she hadn't forget herself too much in what he was doing, although he could be hypnotizing at times. They came upon a door that was nearly closed but open just enough to peak interest. Marseilles couldn't decide weather it was left purposely open or mistakenly forgotten.

As he approached the door Marseilles acted on pure physical urge and a quarter of scientific purposes. She slowly massaged her hands up the Duke's back before gently turning him for a timid but increasingly more passionate. Her hands pin his wrists to the wall before their lips part.

"Slightly more bitter than I had anticipated..." Marseilles stated as she turned for the room. "

"Also the faint scent of a woman vaguely lingers on your skin" She mused as she stroked his face. She had no intention of taking it any further as of just yet. She quickly changes the subject back to the room.

"And here Monsieur? May I? " Marseilles asked the Duke her cheeks falsely flushed with color before she continued lightheartedly with a smile "I promise not to reveal nothing of what is behind it".
Full-time Playgirl, Part-time Femme Fatal and always Your Dream Girl

My Idea and Blurt Thread.

Take a peek at my SRP profile! I dare ya!
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Nastassia's SRP Profile

Nastassia is the name. 19/F/NE college student. Being a barely-make-ends-meet college student with a vivid imagination is one of the things that led me here (lit) and I sometimes fantasize of discretely prostituting myself out to make some extra money. Though I would probably never consider something like prostituting myself out in real life, the thought of what strange men (and women, too!) would do to me and with me really gets my juices flowing, so that is what drives me here. I hardly have time for a life outside of school and work though. My friends don't know about this page and would probably freak if they did.

I originally had a ton of info in my profile, but seeing that I'm here mainly for sexual roleplay, and after seeing/discovering the SRP Writer Profile thread, I decided to transfer most of that content to here and just link it in my profile. While I'm here to roleplay, I want and like to keep it as close to reality as possible so this profile will reflect that. In general, my SRP Writer Profile info consists of me roleplaying out my fantasies through roleplay/cybersex with straight-up, realistic scenarios and expectations.

*******CAUTION: Lengthy content ahead. Turn back now or forever hold your tongue!*******

NAME: Nastassia

GENDER: Female

AGE: 19

HEIGHT: 5'4"



HAIR COLOR: Brown (shoulder length)

ORIENTATION: Straight (but am open to discussion)

RACE: Caucasian.

BODYTYPE: A petite yet curvy (or so I'm told) 5'4", 110 lbs, 32B.

APPEARANCE: I've been labeled many things, most of them flattering. I've been told I'm "innocently curvy" and am still getting accustomed to some of the looks I get for my petite figure. I've been told my 32B breasts fit my petite yet curvy frame perfectly and I'm extremely flattered (and usually blush) when people genuinely compliment me on that or what some say is my full, round backside.

BACKGROUND: Usually shy but very personable college freshmen. I don't come from a wealthy family and am just scraping by financially and have little time to myself between school and working.


It's simple - just take all the personal details above and add in the fact that I sometimes fantasize about discretely selling my body for sex to make some extra money and you've got a good grasp of my basic roleplay desires. I have a reputation for being very sweet, so being purposely seductive is something very new to me - something I'm working on with my new "hooker" persona. I also know prostitution can be dangerous on many levels and many ways, so I must keep that in mind as well.

POWER EXCHANGE: Not real sure what this means or what I should put here, but the only "exchange" I'm looking for is prostituting myself out in exchange for money and, hopefully, a good time by all!

ALTERNATE SPECIES, etc.: That's just weird and not going to happen. Perhaps I'll dress up like a Playboy Bunny if that's your thing. That's an alternate species, right?

SETTINGS: Realistic, contemporary real-time settings (more on that below).

LIKES: Not real sure what to put here either, but I'll try. For the sake of this profile and any ensuing roleplays that will come from it, my main focus is just straight sex. Giving and receiving oral or just a straight head job from beginning to end. I'll cyber fuck in any position or most anywhere you want as soft or as hard as you want, though I prefer hard to soft. Being the barely-make-ends-meet college student prostituting (on roleplay anyway) for money, I have ideas in my head what I'll charge for straight sexual acts (or by the hour). Anything beyond that you'll simply have to ask as we're "setting up the deal" (I'm new at this!). I personally love the idea of a large (not huge) shaved cock attached to a client that can use it with vigorous endurance who'll get his money's worth out of me. I also like a client who's not shy about taking what he wants. I have no interest in rape or nonconsensual, nor anal, but a client who likes to get a little rough is fine by me. That's one of the things that excites me in my fantasies.

WHAT I'LL DO (in roleplay) FOR MONEY: You've seen my "likes" (basically straight sex), so here's what I'm willing to do for clients (though I'm not necessarily into them myself) -

step-daddy/step-daughter (a little creepy though)
[other kinks? ask!]

Keep this in mind though, I'm NOT HERE to play these roles per se, I'm here to realistically play a prostitute/call-girl being paid to play any of these parts (if that is what you want) for you. I'll always be my 19 year old college student self, just being paid (in roleplay) to play your role for you -- if I choose to take you on as a client. Most anything beyond straight sex will, of course, cost more.

HARD LIMITS: The usual stuff. Can we say "no bathroom stuff" and be done with that? Plus nothing to do with your butt. Plus I'm also saying a big NO to anal, that's just gross, but I know that one day someone may eventually talk me into this (or just take it without my consent. Hey, that's one of the dangers of being a prostitute - creeps!). I'm also saying a big NO to rape or nonconsensual, but again, I'll need to weed out the freaks and weirdoes during the deal making. Kissing, especially on the lips (this is cyber-sex, not cyber-love), is a no-no though I will receive anywhere below the jaw line during sex.

WHAT (or "who") I WON'T DO: In addition to the HARD LIMITS above, I'm very picky when selecting the clients I'll service. Rather than list specifics here, I'll just say that I strongly prefer young to middle-aged professional types in good shape (see my "Likes" above). Seeing that this is cyber-life and not real-life, all I have to go by is what you share with me in your introduction compared to what you list in your profile and I'll leave that at that.

WHAT I REQUIRE: I require that you have a good grasp of the English language and good typing and writing skills (I'm not a grammar nazi nor an Einstein either, but I put the effort into it (no, I'm not perfect) and expect the same from my partners.) A great imagination! That you understand this is cyber-sex/play - stay in character from beginning to end (though surprises are sometimes nice (and sometimes not)). You should have a profile here, too! Know that a good roleplay takes a while. If you commit to it, finish it. Remember that between school and work my time is limited - please respect that!


Seeing that my roleplay scenarios will always revolve around my discrete college-girl prostitution, I've listed some general realistic "settings" below where most every transactions will be initiated from. Where we actually wind up is up for negotiation.

Setting #1 - Strip Club: There's this strip club I've heard about for years. It has a reputation for being safe and the town and community it's in are tolerant, for the most part, of its' presence. Word on the street is, though, that the strippers are allowed to do pretty much whatever they want so long as they keep it all behind closed doors at the club. But that's just rumor as far as I know, plus I have no desire to be a stripper or "work" for the club. I simply want to show up (with my fake 21 y.o. ID) and mingle and see who I connect with. I've never been to a strip club, so I'm sure to suffer a little culture shock on my first visit. (If we hook up at the strip club it may be my first visit or I may have gained some experience since posting this.)

Who I expect I may run into:
-- Just the regular guy who goes to a strip club (first timer or seasoned patron).
-- Club owner, bouncer, employee, etc. (who may or may appreciate me being there).
-- Cop or undercover cop (giving free advise or hustling me for a freebie or more).
-- Stripper (this could be interesting).
-- Two or more guys at once (friends or in a group).
-- Someone/something I hadn't considered. Being a single young woman in such a place is sure to have it's surprises, dangers and pitfalls. Some things you can never see coming. Got something?

Setting #2 - Sidewalks around the clubs in this same town an hour away: One of these nights, when I'm feeling a little more frisky and ambitious, I'll dress a little more flirty and walk the sidewalks around the clubs in town and see who I run into. Unlike the strip club, the sidewalks are full of random club and restaurant goers. Who knows who I'll run into out here! What you got?

Setting #3 - on the phone, negotiating a hook-up: When I'm feeling really adventurous, I like to post an add at BackPage that goes something like this (using a fake name of course):

Adult Escort section
Independent college student available for fun!
Hey guys, I'm Ashley and I'm your secret feisty girl next door who loves partying, enjoys having a great time and knows exactly how to please. Call me if you want to have some discrete fun, something I'll guarantee we'll have together *wink wink*. I'm 19, sweet, petite, and I'm looking forward to hearing from you! Call or text 1(###) ###-####. Appointments friendly. Outcalls only.


First of all, do you have a profile here? There's no excuse for NOT having one - they're free! Keep in mind I prefer young to middle-aged professional types who are in good shape. If you're good with those things, pm me here at lit (when I'm online!):

[PM] Title: Your pm title line should include the following and nothing else: 472-0135

This helps we weed out the trolls, spammers and "chatty" freaks.

[PM] Message: Your message should include the following:
1) where you're contacting me at/from (Strip Club/Sidewalks outside the clubs/BackPage add)
2) your name
3) your asl
4) the role you're approaching me as (club patron, etc.)

Please Don't:
-- tell me what I'm doing
-- tell me what I'm wearing
-- tell me how I respond/reply to your approach
-- have a pervy ID indicating you have a weird fetish that makes normal people cringe
-- message me with a new or very recent ID to try to get around the fact that your other ID is pervy and you have a weird fetish that makes normal people cringe

Please do:
Wait on a reply (unless you spam me, troll me, blast me or don't have a profile). I promise to get back with everyone who is considerate enough to comply with my roleplay wishes as spelled out here. You may not like my reply (I may deny that I'm a working girl?) or we might be headed for a hot roleplay (!).

If and when we start our little chat, lets play it like a tennis match. Once you send the ball in my court, wait for me to send it back over the net in your court before you reply again. However, if I'm planning to send another message immediately behind the one I just sent, I'll end it with "......." to indicate more is coming. Feel free to use the same method as needed.

I know this has been a lengthy read for you, so thanks for sticking with me. Now you know where I stand and what I expect. The whole idea behind this is to lay the groundwork so we can hit the ground running.

Let's play!!!

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Incest Rp Lover
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Names: Amy, Levi, Susan, Rita
Age: 18-24
Gender:female, but I will play male NCPs
Orientation: Completely bi, not happy unless I interact with both genders.
Kinks: everything I can think of. Harsher the better. Prefer incest, kidnapping, humiliation, blackmail
Hate vanilla sex and illiteracy. I've tried it, and failed the rp.
Power play: completely sub, but will take charge of sissy boys.

Times on: Everyday. Mon,Wed,Fri: 8am-8pm, possibly more. Tuesday 2:30-5:30, possibly more or less. Thursday and Saturday are completely unpredictable. Sunday I only get on a little bit,just long enough for a post or 2. I never know when. EST

Body type: use everything
Time periods: usually modern, but can play historical
Species: human so far, but willing to do shape shifters.

I play usually 2 girls. Will start out with one, but another usually gets drawn in. So far my Staying Late rp is proving the exception, but it's early yet. When I started Sister and Daughter, I fought against bringing in Amy, but that turned out to be the best possible thing I could do. Using 2 girls is sometimes the only way to keep a rp going.
I'm sorry, but as of 11-22, my android broke completely, and there is no telling when I will get on lit again. I'm hoping to get a new android or laptop very soon, but there is no telling when. Until I do, I won't be getting on.
I've finally set up my srp profile again and I'm looking for new partners to play with.

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Location: midwest
Posts: 54
SRP Profile

Gender: I am female so I only write as female

Age: I enjoy anything from 18 thru mid 30's

Orientation: I am straight in real life, but I would explore a bi storyline, especially if it is a gay male MMF line

Power Exchange: depending on my mood, I like to be both dominant and submissive, but never thru humiliation or abuse

Race: I'm Caucasian, so again this is my preference.

Body type: I am a busty woman and proud of it.

Alternate species/fantasy races/mutations: no. Realistic fantasies only please

Settings: It has to be modern day

Likes/kinks: Gee there are so many, but I love extensive breast and pussy play. I love a good incest story. I also love hot wax

Hard limits: I don't do scat, blood, minors, vomit, gore, bestiality, choking, and of course, no killing! I don't mind a little slap on the ass or hair pulling but I am not into true pain. If you are not sure whether I would fulfil a role, feel free to PM me.

Availability: if the story is hot, I will make myself available. I tend to start thru pm and then transition to email.

Comment: What I do here, I do for fun and pleasure. I've been role-playing for a while, and consider myself to be a literate and detailed writer. With this said, I do enjoy good spelling and punctuation. However, this doesn’t make me a Nazi. I’d appreciate some good writing from my partners too.

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Posts: 2
I'm backkkkk

Returning for a good time and some SRP! Formerly known as EkedSad, I am EkedSad The Second Coming!

Gender: I'm male, and I only play male characters.

Age: Pretty much 18 - 35. I'm not much a stickler on age, normally my chars tend to be 18 to late 30's

Orientation: Straight, no iff's ands or butts.

Power Exchange: I'm pretty laid back and easy going, even though I have a very dominate personality. I have what you might call a jekyll and hyde persona. I can switch back and forth (Hyde seems to come out when things are getting pretty hot and heavy). Yet I can be quite the romantic. I'm quite the paradox.

Race: I tend to play white/caucasian characters, because I am white. They tend to have Irish, Scottish or Italian backgrounds.

Bodytype: My characters tend to be either average, or lean and muscled, or bulky. If the SL needs something in particular, just let me know.

Alternate species/fantasy races/furries/mutations: I'm pretty much willing to try anything at least once. I have played Elves, Vampires, Orcs, Werewolves (Lyncans), Demons etc.

Settings: Modern, fantasy, sci-fi, medieval.

Likes/kinks: Details are simply awesome, Example, I don't want to know just that she's wearing underwear I want to know style and color ect. I like writing, so I like to be able to put detail and effort into my posts rather than just slapping a few sentences together and leaving it at that. I like the build-up, I like seduction and teasing.

I do have a kink for cuckolding RP (aka me NOT being the cuckold, but doing it to another man). I enjoy play that involves women that are displeased with their man, and are looking for other options. Size queens, cheating mothers, wives girlfriends (not cheating on me of course). I tend to play my characters packing in the loins department (only because its true to life with the mun).

Slight kink of impregnation (aka my char knocking your char up), hey we all have our kinks.

Plain old one on one sex is fine by me too! Never can go wrong with romance either.

I have a thing for redheads and brunettes, as well as goth and emo chicks. Also enjoy older women / younger man situations.

I enjoy building a story then enjoying my just deserts. I like trying new things, so just refer to my hard limits below, keep away from those things and I'll most likely be willing to try! Most of all, I like fun. So I want myself and who I RP with to have it. IF things are not fun, dull etc, let me know and we can look into spicing it up some.

Hard limits: Anything involving scat, vomit or other bodily functions, minors, severe torture. I can play the forced thing a bit, but I tend to like my women a bit more willing (or at least becoming willing as the SL progresses). Not really big into incest, but I won’t mind playing a step father/son having relations with step mother/sister.

Availability: I'd say maybe 2 + times a week, I like to make my post worthwhile. I also tend to post 3-4 paragraphs (good ones), but if your not putting effort in it, I'm not either.
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Join Date: Jan 2014
Location: New York City
Posts: 626
Gender: Female
Age: 35
Orientation: I'm pansexual.
Race: White / Native American
Power Exchange: I'm pretty good at errant sub, but I'm happily able to be in any role.
Body Type: I have a big ass and big tits. I'm hourglass shaped, but certainly not petite.
Hair and Eyes: My hair is naturally red but often dies black.

What I Play
My Characters: I'm willing to play just about any sort of character. I prefer playing women, and often pick women that are unlike me. I like to push boundaries with my characters in terms of making them unlike me (e.g. straight or gay vs bisexual, making them skinny or short, etc...). I also don't mind alternate species, or other 'weird' things.

Your Characters: I'm pretty much happy playing with anyone else. Though it helps if there's motivation for our characters to interact.

Settings: Honestly I'll play anything that seems compelling. It's easier to sell me on Sci-Fi and Fantasy themed RP's.

Likes/Kinks: I like playing the tease, or making someone lose control because they want me so much, so that's a fun one for me. I'm pretty GGG (open) as far as kinks go.

Hard Limits Anything involving waste fluids. Ageplay. I wont be involved with youths or even 'barely legal'. Prolapses or disfigurement are out. Force Incest is also out.

Writing style: I'm rusty with my online RP skills, I used to do it more when I was younger, but it's been a while. I am definitely capable of long posts with detail.

Availability: I can post a few times per week. My frequency depends a little on how crazy the rest of my life is going and how moody I am currently.

Notes: I'm not generally going to want to play myself in an RP. I am me all the time so it doesn't really feel like roleplaying to me. Not that I won't ever cyber, but that's an entirely different thing.

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Location: Europe
Posts: 296
Gender: Male
Age: depending on what fits the story, between 18 and 40
Orientation: bisexual
Body type: depends on the story
Height: 6'6
Hair: long brown hair
Eyes: blue

I'll play in any interesting setting, I'll take a look at everything.

Turn-ons: Romance, smart women, breast and pussy play, group sex, Dom/sub dynamics, light bondage, pet play
I like it

Turn-offs: quickies, feet fetishes, strong pain

Limits: Anything involving urine, vomit, animals etc...

Availability: Once a day

If the RP-starter wants anything special, I'll do it.

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Posts: 4
Gender: Female characters

Age: 18 to mid 30s

Orientation: Heterosexual, preferably.

Race: Human. White, Hispanic, Asian.

Bodytype: Whatever your fantasies are.

Settings: Modern day, mostly.

Likes/kinks: Biting, daddy!kink, incest, dirty talk, double pentration, exhibition, face fucking, nipple play, teasing, light bondage.

Hard limits: Bloodplay, scat, vore.

Availability: I'm usually on every night (timezone: GMT+8), will reply whenever I can unless I'm too overwhelmed by my life.

Writing: If you're in a thread with me, I expect the basics. Spellcheck, acceptable grammer and all that jazz. I will always try to match what my partner gives me in a post. I prefer to write in third person and past tense, but I can do first person.

Others: PM to work out a plot for a thread! (:
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who knows?
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Posts: 4,948
Gender: Male, though I have some ideas about non-human roles as well.

Age: 30-50. I'm on the older end, but play a variety

Orientation: Straight

Power Exchange: I've had little success in the SRPs with incredibly dominant personas. I tend to be laid back, but am willing to explore more with the right partner. I would say I am more a romantic than a dom.

Race: Mostly caucasian characters

Bodytype: I tend to play who I am, slender to average build

Alternate species/fantasy races/furries/mutations: I've not tried them here, as many are looking for a background in a specific story, given the leeway to create, I think I would enjoy the challenge.

Settings: Modern, fantasy, sci-fi, medieval.

Likes/kinks: I have several, age play (younger women / older man) being the most prominent. My screen name probably gives the other away.

I have a thing for redheads, but blondes and brunettes have great appeal as well.

Hard limits: scat, vomit, forced, bodily violence

Availability: 3-4 times a week.
I suppose I should be thankful, but I'm not there yet
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Join Date: May 2014
Posts: 10
Gender: Male
Age: 18-40 but can play any age. 29 in real life
Height: 6'0
Weight: 180
Build: Muscular, athletic
Eyes and Hair: brown
Orientation: straight

Likes: Age play, submissive women, power struggles, cheating/affairs, public places, facials, squirting, long RP that span several weeks to months (in fantasy...days in real). Using photos/inks to show pics of clothing we are wearing, 3somes, sharing.

Dislikes: quick roles, vomit, severe body abuse

Time frame- any

Prefer RP on Yahoo or Aim or Gchat
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Join Date: Nov 2014
Location: In Your Face
Posts: 654
Gender: Female

Age: My characters can be anywhere from 18-30

Orientation: Heterosexual, however I can do bi/bi-curious

Power Exchange: I tend to enjoy playing more submissive, however if my partner needs me to be more domineering, I have no qualms with that. Generally like there to be 40-60 in terms of power (so, more even than not)

Race: Biracial, multi-ethnic, and Caucasian... go with what you know

Bodytype: I like to play moderately fit or average women, however this can change as needed

Alternate species/furries/mutations: I would rather keep my stories in the realm of reality, please.

Settings: modern day preferably, north America (again, go with what you know)

Likes/kinks: Developing the story/character, oral, exhibitionism/voyeurism, mutual masturbation, light bondage/domination, hair pulling, breast play

Hard limits: Minors, torture, ass to mouth penile transfer, ass to pussy transfer, beastiality, scat, blood play, needles, golden showers, eating panties, foot worship, poor grammar, poor spelling, one liners (I'd like for a partner to actually advance the story), more than a week between posts

Availability: 3-4 times a week

Please PM me with plot ideas! Love to start a role play =)

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Join Date: Nov 2014
Location: Down there.
Posts: 135
Gender: Female
Age: teens/twenties
Orientation: straight
Race: little of this, little of that
Power Exchange: a little sub, when the mood strikes me.
Body Type: voluptuous
Hair and Eyes: black and blue
Alternate Species: Not a huge fan, but if the story gets me hot...
Settings: I'm wide open. Anywhere from Gotham to Alderaan to Azeroth to the creek out back.
Likes/Kinks: Well, swallowing. Older men. Lingerie. Heels. Unexpected romance. A little force.
Hard limits: Not too into mixing my sex and violence. Major pet peeve about playing with people who write my character.
Availability: Not every day, but most.

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Originally Posted by avrgblkgrl View Post
I prefer for my character to not stray too far from my preferences. And although I love sex and expect it to play a strong role in the story, I enjoy a good story line that benefits from the sex. You can read a sample of my fiction (check my signature) and poetry to get an idea of how I write. I adore a good sense of humor.

Gender: I desire to play female characters.

Age: From 21 to 45

Orientation: Heterosexual or bi female with a strong preference for males.
Power Exchange: I'm definitely more of the submissive type, but can top for play or if necessary.

Race: I'm interracial, but I prefer to be classified as black (grey eyes being the only real tell-tell feature). I would prefer to play a black woman (there aren't enough on here ).

Bodytype: Rather athletic but soft and curvy. C cup breast, sometimes D depending on the cut. I prefer to stick to my body type. 5'4 (and a half!) average weight--not model thin but definitely not over weight.

Alternate species/fantasy races/furries/mutations: Although I prefer to play human, I would be interested in playing non-human roles such as vampire or were, shape shifters or demon. No furies/mutations.

Settings: Historical or modern day settings. Romance.

Likes/kinks: My likes are varied. I can play light BDSM, but no humiliation or rape. D/s relationship (loving and considerate) I absolutely love fit, dominant alpha males. I enjoy regular and rough sex (hands around the neck and light bondage), coercion, mutual masturbation, public sex and clothed sex. Etc.

Hard limits: Minors, scat, animals/furries/whatevers, necro, vomit, piss, foot worship, and graphic gore.

Availability: I generally post 3-4 days a week. Mid-day works for me or late evenings. I'm more flexible during the summers.
Bump. I'm looking for a new writing partner.

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Location: Wherever the fantasy takes us.
Posts: 3,351
Gender: Male. I doubt I could write a female character.

Age: I'm mid-50s. I'll play younger but probably best no younger than 30. If you want me to play older, I'll give it a try.

Orientation: Heterosexual. I really wouldn't be comfortable with anything else.

Race: Caucasian IRL. It shouldn't matter for a roleplay.

Power exchange: I am submissive. Very much so. That's the way I most want to roleplay. I couldn't play a Dom. I'll be equal for the right situation, but even in that would prefer the female character to be at least slightly stronger.

Body type: I'm average-to-tall and on the heavy side. For a roleplay, though, what do you want?

Alternate species: Not completely opposed to it, but would rather keep it close to human.

Settings: I'd most rather go with present day, but would consider futuristic to fit a Sci-fi scene. Historical would be ok, but probably not earlier than 19th century.

Likes/Kinks: Tease/denial, bondage, cbt, facesitting, interrogation, some non-consent/reluctance. I like Dommes to be firm but sensual and caring.

Limits: No scat or golden shower, bestiality, severe humiliation, death or mutilation. Of course, forum limits also apply.

Time: I'm on EST and can post most every day. I can do a few times a day if you want, but they likely won't be very long.

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