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Slim and in shape 65. A similar younger man would sure be nice. Think we could make each other very happy.
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Another fantasy for you lovely gentlemen

Since my last fantasy was well received by a few members, I think I will share one more.

Even though I am a young man, I have always wanted a top daddy who knew what he wanted and how he wanted it. I enjoy the thought of being used for his pleasure, through and through. My latest fantasy revolves around being bent over the bed by my daddy. I feel him pull the ropes tight, locking my hands in place. As he finishes, a hard slap lands on my bum, both he and I know my tight boy hole belongs to him. He spreads my legs apart and pushes me further onto the bed, my semi erect boy cock mashing against the side of the bed. Reaching under, his left hand clamps onto my cock, squeezing it. His right hand on my shoulder as he leans over and licks my neck.

He could have me right there and I would have loved it. He can have me anywhere, my body belongs to him and his pleasure. On the opposite side of the room is a mirror and I see him get on his knees behind me and pulls apart bum, exposing my tender boy hole. A soft moan escapes my lips as his tongue makes circles around my sensitive area. I feel both his thumbs spread me a little so his tongue can taste his boy's hole, invading me, licking, sucking, inspecting me.

Standing up, I see he has a toy in his hand, a thick black butt plug. Not too thick or thin, but just enough to stretch me, to prep me. To my pleasure and delight he works that butt plug slowly into me, his saliva coating the toy and my bum, until it is all the way buried inside of me. I moan lightly for my daddy as the toy fills me to the brim. That's when I feel it, WHAM! A hard slap on my left bum, WHAM! another on my right bum. I moan and shake as he continues to slap my bum. "Do you see how hard you have make daddy's cock, boy?" He says to me as he continues to punish me. I love being punished this way, I enjoy his dominance over me. I can feel my ass cheeks heating up as the hits slow down. I know he is getting tired, but I love being disciplined. I secretly hope he continues, but as he begins to remove the butt plug, I know what is now coming and I begin to leak with expectation!

Words cannot describe the feeling of when that daddy cock enters you. I feel that throbbing cock head at the base of my boy hole, I feel it slowly enter, sliding in, little by little. I spread my legs apart just a little more because I want all of that cock, I want daddy's entire shaft buried inside of me. And then it happens, his hips hit my bum and we make eye contact in the mirror. I arch my back as I look into his loving eyes, I want him to know I can take daddy's cock, I am not afraid. I know my place is under him. The primal lust is wild in his eyes as his hips begin to move out and then in again, long deep strokes. My body is going wild, my hips are bucking, my legs are getting weak, but his strong daddy hands hold my hips firmly in place. He begins to pump me from behind, long aggressive, powerful thrusts, always deeper, invading me! I am so helpless before his torrent of pleasure. My hands tied behind my back, my top daddy fucking me over and over, showing me this is where I belong. I hear his deep grunts and moans grow louder and longer as he explodes deep within me. My ass muscles clenches his cock, I want his seed inside me, marking me, claiming me. Everyone will know this boy hole belongs to daddy!

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jackstud is online now
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Thats my boi
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Hi mid 30s from UK here
Id love to talk to an older dominant guy.

So many crazy feelings that I'm trying to come to terms with.
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Perfect, I was in your position from 15years old sucking mature dominent cocks Loved it, but now at the other end of the spectrum. Been married to long to remember but still love being sucked off by submissive young gentlemen, but they have to suck every last drop with no leaking, otherwise there will be repercussions.
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