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Originally Posted by LWulf View Post
You might also temper this, if she says she is going to prepare breakfast (which on a camping trip might mean something like cold cereal).

If she asks you if you need to prepare breakfast, counter her question with a question like "what is breakfast going to be?"

If she answers with cold cereal, then you could say "That isn't something you need to worry about, and you'd be happy to have what she serves." This makes the polite refusal for her cooking as not being wholly unreasonable and not personal against her.
Thanks LWulf
I've now discovered it'll only be Friday night's meal - so no 36hrs of bug-fest temperatures. If it looks too suspicious I can always survive till breakfast. I'll be cooking a breakfast with bacon n eggs, grass, sheep droppings and a dash of dead bugs. So long as the temp is high enough for an appropriate time we're safe :P
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As an added comment, I find an antacid prior to any non food-safe meal usually helps keep it down*. I normally have to do this whenever I go out to a restaurant because rarely do I find restaurants serve food properly cooked.

Since I was trained in food safety as a restaurant manager, I know exactly what to look for and feel for Gordon Fucking Ramsay when he visits a restaurant for the first time.

*Medically speaking, this isn't something you want to do recurrently.

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Originally Posted by LWulf View Post
Your motivation: If you don't sell it well enough, you WILL have to eat her prepared food.
Well seriously, I dont know what kind of people you deal with when you need that much "selling" just to be spared their cooking.

In my entire life all I had to say was "no, thanks, dont like/want" and I never HAD to eat anything I didnt want to. I would sure like to see someone try make me
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What's wrong with addressing this before you even leave? 2 days is a long time to go on a silent mission - especially if you're trying to sneak in a meal when she isn't looking. Can't you just ask her..

I'm a little unfamiliar with how food is kept from spoiling when we're camping? Should I plan on bringing boxed milk for cereal? I get a little nervous when ____ isn't kept refrigerated so I'll just bring ____. If that sounds good to you.. I can bring enough for everybody and plan one of the meals...

Truthfully, you can buy a cooler now that will keep items cold for 3 days. Maybe they're better at this than you think. or maybe they aren't aware of a problem and it would be worth buying the cooler for the group.
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Just tell them you have a medical concern.
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Some foods will keep fine with no refrigeration for several days. Apple, cookies, trail mix, dehydrated fruit, crackers, potato chips (crisps in the UK I guess?) You could ask her to provide a specific food which she doesn't cook, so her skill or lack thereof wouldn't be involved.
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Originally Posted by stickygirl View Post
...I'll be cooking a breakfast with bacon n eggs, grass, sheep droppings and a dash of dead bugs. So long as the temp is high enough for an appropriate time we're safe :P
And all this time, I thought 'British cuisine' was an oxymoron.

Okay, in all seriousness, why no ice chest? They are ubiquitous in the US.
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To wrap this up: we had a reheated home-made Chinese sauce and sticky rice for Friday evening's meal. I was too hungry to get picky, but we "cooked the fuck out of it" before it was eaten. No one died.
We had a great weekend
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