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Educational female masturbation videos

Evening all,
My wife and I are chasing videos of women, preferably reasonably "normal" women (ie preferably not porn stars) doing explicit videos talking through how they like to masturbate, such as what they do and think about when they get started, various techniques and toys (if any) they use, and demonstrating how they do it, maybe giving some commentary along the way until they orgasm.

Can anyone recommend any DVD titles, sites or search terms that we can start to look at or search for?

Thanks in advance
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The only ones I have seen are the Nina Hartley ones, they are very good.
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Originally Posted by ArabianNights View Post
The only ones I have seen are the Nina Hartley ones, they are very good.
Nina is awesomesauce in her tute's, but she tends to get long winded. I never knew she and I were related! (false, we just both get long winded sometimes. XD )
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I suggest that you both check out the videos and commentaries at http://www.ifeelmyself.com. Although they're not specifically educational, the videos are tasteful, candid and beautifully presented, and the commentaries are insightful. A few years ago, they played a significant part in convincing my wife that masturbation is "okay" -- natural, delightful and something that normal, good girls can enjoy.

Hope that helps! Good luck!
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