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Gender: Female

Age: I prefer to play around my age for humans, but for other wordly races it varies of course

Orientation: Straight, bi-curious

Power Exchange: I usually like to play quite outspoken and rebellious characters who has to be made to submit, though I can seduce if required

Race: Caucasian. Though I've played other world races such as elves.

Bodytype: I am around 5ft7 with a slim and athletic build and smallish breasts slim and petite with small breasts and so I generally play girls of a similar build.

Alternate species/fantasy races/furries/mutations: Open to many races though not into furries.

Settings: I am into a lot of different settings, mainly revolving around things that I am interested in so Game of Thrones, Star Wars, Star Trek, World of Warcraft, I like Historical ones such as Roman empire, pirates in the 18th century and others.

Likes/kinks: PM to find out :P

Hard limits: Underage, scat, toilet, waterplay, bestiality, rushed posting, spelling errors, blood (if not relevant, eg, post-battle or vampire themed),

Availability: Available most of the week and it may vary on weekends.

PM if interested
Oh, sweet she was, and pure and fair, the maid with honey in her hair

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Cool Laila "Roleplay" Rice

Hi all!

I'm sure I'll edit this over time, but for now....:

Gender: Female

Age: I can play anything from 18 to mid 30's, I reckon.

Orientation: Straight, Bi, Lesbian; all of the above.

Power Exchange: I like and sometimes prefer playing the "innocent" girl, but sometimes I like to be a bit more rebellious; both work well in scenarios where I need to be seduced or forced into situations. I've had experience being the seductress as well so am happy to play both sides of the coin there, really.

Race: Caucasian

Body type: I'm slim/slender and fairly short/petite with small-ish boobs, although I suppose they're in proportion to my frame! So of course, I'd be better playing that sort of build, but I'm happy to play anything really. I like curves and big boobs and butts myself anyway, so I'm sure I could pull it off if need be.

Alternate species/fantasy races/furries/mutations: Not sure about this. I know I'm not a furries sort of person, but anything else, I dunno, so I'm open to suggestion but wouldn't be confident until I tried.

Settings: Oh I'm happy to play all kinds of scenarios, I reckon. While I may be new to this site, I've had experience in all sorts of roles so again, I'm open to suggestion.

Likes/kinks: There's not a lot that's out of bounds for me, sexually (surprising as that may be); maybe it's 'cos I've grown immune to the boundaries of old, with the rise of internet porn? Again, make your suggestions and I'll let you know.

Hard limits: scat, pee, bestiality, quick/rushed replies, spelling/grammar errors (though I may slip up from time to time - I mainly mean half-arsed efforts), blood/gore/brutal violence. The usual, really; common sense applies here.

Availability: Availability varies week to week, but I'll try to check-in fairly often and if I'm in a story, I'll make it a higher priority if I can. If I am available, I'm usually available all-day. I tend to have my laptop on and be doing "something" most of the time! XD

Hopefully this is a good enough profile to draw some of you in? Gimme a shot and let's see what kind of magic we can create together.

Laila x
Status update: (13/7/14)
If you know me and need me, PM me, but I might not get back for a while... Not really in a place where I can write/RP etc. or really be on here right now... I'll be back soonishly though - don't worry!

SRP Profile | Current SRP Stories: 1: Mama's Gone 2: La Nourriture des Dieux | Story Ideas
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Gender: Female

Age: A woman never tells

Orientation: Bisexual

Power Exchange: I prefer to be the submissive of the scene, but I can play a dominate if it's absolutely necessary.

Race: Mine really does not matter because I can and have played almost every race, but as a fun fact I am African American.

Bodytype: I tend to play women more on the curvy and short side, but I can and have played many different bodytypes. I'm very flexible.

Alternate species/fantasy races/furries/mutations: I'm very open to playing different species. Especially anthros/furries. I've played everything from a panther to an elf.

Settings: I'm not very good with historical settings and need a lot more practice with it so if you have patience I'll be happy to try. If you don't I'm much better with more modern settings.

Likes/kinks: Bondage, spankings, forbidden relationships. I'll let you know the rest during our discussion time.

Hard limits: Urination, defecation, incest(grew out of it, sorry!), bestiality, underage play, rape, hard-core gore, necro, or anything in those categories

Availability: Mostly the weekday evenings.

Misc: I am simply that innocent girl who loves to be 'influenced' into to being the naughty girl. Rping is my dirty addiction and I don't plan to go to rehab anytime soon. Help fuel my addiction. There are so many ways to get in touch with me besides the forum if you want a private RP session and I promise this 'innocent girl' is no amateur.
"I'm in your dreams, both waking and sleeping."

“The strength of women comes from the fact that psychology cannot explain them. Men can be analyzed, women...merely adored.”

My SRP Profile
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SRP Profile

Gender: I am male in real life and prefer to continue that tradition in my SRP’s I will play NPC girl characters but unless I’m really captivated by the story then I wont play a main female character

Age: I am in my 30’s but I can play a wide rang of ages from a teenager to a older male my age is really dependent on the story and or what my partner wants or enjoys

Orientation: I am as straight as an arrow and my characters are as well (unless I’m playing a female character but that’s a whole other story)

Power Exchange: I am a dominant and a master so for the most part my characters portray that. I can be any thing from the hard-core master to the manly man who just so happens to like to be in control during sex . I like having to work for submission more than when its easily given and enjoy the back and forth of two characters struggling to top the other. I play the “game” well and always play to win so my writers should be prepared for that.

Race: Caucasian but once again can play any thing in the role play I tend to stick to my own race but if pressed will stray into others for the sake of the story

Body type: I try and change it up as much as possible in the role play and don’t have one specific body type usually I go for lean and muscular tan skin usually around 6 feet or less (5’9) I switch my eyes and hair color and style more often then not and you can see me in violet piercing eyes or in shocking emerald green once again it depends on what I’m feeling at the time.

Alternate species/ Fantasy race/ furries: As a big fan of the supernatural I can play any thing and every thing in that theme or vein. Vampire, werewolf, ghost, demon throw me a species you want and I’m sure I can and have played it before as for furries I am interested but have less experience with them and portraying them I would love to do it though with the right partner

Settings: The fun stuff! I will play any type of setting from classical or period pieces to sci fi and fantasy. I love creating worlds breathing new life into history and even rolling around in modern times (though you will have to work harder to tempt me on that front) I live in fantasy by default and so I am always up for traveling to a different realm. I love historical times as well the regency era medieval Victorian London and will always jump at a chance to go back to those times. I enjoy sci fi as well and love creating a massive world and or solar system for my writers enjoyment as well as my own. Setting to me depends on the story and as long as the story is good the setting can really be anywhere

Likes/ Kink: Oh boy I have many and really live by a “try any thing once” motto when it comes to sex but just a few of mine are dominance, bdsm, pregnancy, dark rough sex, love stories, and much more I should say that my biggest kink and like is the back and forth of two writers who are keyed in and working together. There is nothing more seductive in the mind and its ability to paint a picture and when my partner has that ability I respond in kind. Many may have heard of the term “mind fuck” and its some thing I adore and go nuts for in a role-play. Astound me with your writing draw me into the world seduce me with your attention to detail and I will respond in kind let the words flow seducing and drawing us both in and I will enjoy it immensely.

Hard limits: Scat, piss, quick or super short replies, poor writing, and depending on the story blood/ gore/ ect

Availability: I post once a day but usually more if I ma home I am on Lit so my posting is usually strong and I am always available.
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deleted- double post

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Gender: male, but I will play either

Age: 40, but will play any age over 18 and below 55

Orientation: I am straight, but I will write lesbian stories. (Hey, I am a straight guy, and so find these stories to be hot. Yes, I am that stereotype.)

Power Exchange: I don't mind being dominate, or equals. I am not quite as good at being subservient, but I can try.

Race: white, but will play any and with any

Body Type: slender, but will play and play with any

Alternative Species: Mostly no, though I will pay a human opposite another humanoid race. I am not into furries or tentacles.

Settings: Any. I enjoy variety.

Likes/Kinks: stockings, cleavage, corsets, a real plot

Hard Limits: animals, vore, bathroom

Availability: I can post at least twice weekly at a minimum and quite a bit more if I am not working.

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Gender: Female

Age: Any age is fine as long as it's acceptable, so like 18-40

Orientation: Bi-curious

Power Exchange: I'm a switch but mostly submissive. I love it if the tables turn during the roleplay and the dominant one becomes submissive (or vice versa)

Race: I'm from Hong Kong and mixed asian/western

Alternate species/fantasy races/furries/mutations: Not a fan of furries and weird mutations. Humanoid races in fantasy like elves are fine with me

Settings: Probably either a modern setting or fantasy setting and maybe some fandoms, although any setting should be fine

Likes/kinks: Light bondage, teasing and orgasm denial are my favourite. Generally I like to have bondage elements in a RP or have the RP revolve around it, so like kidnapping, interrogation and being captured kind of stories. The build up is my favourite part whereas I'm not very good at describing the smut. I probably have some more that I can't think of right now.

Limits: Nothing extreme so none of the gore/blood, rape, scat, piss kind of stuff.

Availability: I try to reply at least twice a week, sometimes I'm available often, other times only once a week. Long replies aren't a necessity but I'd prefer it. For now I'll probably prefer to RP through PM, so PM me if you have story ideas or want to play
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Gender: Female

Age: 20s usually since I haven't experienced being older so I'm not sure if I could portray it accurately.

Orientation: STRAIGHT

Power Exchange: I generally prefer to be more on the submissive side, to have the man be more powerful in the situation.

Race: I'm white and generally like to play as such

Bodytype: It depends on the situation... I generally play short and athletic but if a role depends on a certain body type, then I'm more than willing to accomodate

Alternate species/fantasy races/furries/mutations: Never done this before... but I want to learn!!

Settings: If I have a specific time period and place to research, I can do historical settings, I try to keep it accurate... i do a lot of current stuff though

Likes/kinks: I'm still learning these... romance, powerful men, men with power in their jobs such as military, police, etc, country or outdoor scenes, sports scenes, maybe bdsm? exploring this territory..

Hard limits: Urination, defecation, bestiality, underage play, rape, hard-core gore, necro, or anything in those categories < what she said

Availability: Most evenings and some days!

Misc: I like a lot of detail in my stories, a good plot, some plot twists perhaps, dialogue... sometimes a barrier as to why two people shouldn't be together, but i love romance and like most of my stories to have a romantic element to them
Sorry but I have no desire to "chat", or "share fantasies" with anyone via pm. The only people I want to chat with are my writing partners. Its just not my cup of tea. Please don't message me asking me if I ever have dirty thoughts about my sons or anything similar. I do not. They are babies and that's disgusting. I am mom. Not a pedophile.
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Thumbs up Greetings.

Edit: Reposted

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Love to RP, active and looking

Gender: I play male characters

Age: 18-20 generally

Orientation: Straight, and virgin. (But I only do M/M RPs)

Power Exchange: I like to play a very reluctant, fighting, but ultimately physically powerless sub, and I like the Dom to be very sadistic and twisted (I have a lot of background in writing horror, so nothing is too twisted).

Race: Usually white, human.

Bodytype: Very small, petite, young-looking.

Alternate species/fantasy races/furries/mutations: Not a fan of anything furry, but I would consider some sort of vampire/fairy character.

Settings: I love prison, dark urban, war, and generally anything realistic and gritty.

Likes/kinks: Like I said before, I used to be a horror writer. Violence, noncon, grit, that's what I'm looking for. I prefer to play the victim.

Sexual violence
Domestic violence/pseudo-incest (step father/sib)
Psychological torture
Gang sex
Prison sex
Serial Killer/Victim
POW (gang-related or army-related)

In-story killing is cool with me so long as you ask permission first.

Hard limits: Minors, scat, vomit, piss. Please have some basic writing/storytelling ability.

AIM (theheartstopped)
Skype (Amazonnicci)

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Creative RP Desired

Gender: I only play female characters (I am a M2F crossdresser iRL).

Age: 18-30.

Orientation: I can play heterosexual or bisexual characters.

Power Exchange: I am very submissive, and being a switch or domme is very alien to me. I'm good with nonconsent, and like 'take charge' men.

Race: I'm white, and doubt I could do other races justice. (The race of my partner(s) does not matter.)

Bodytype: I prefer to play petite, slim-athletic build. Breasts between large B-cups and small C-cups.

Alternate species/fantasy races/furries/mutations: I like to play human characters. However, I am not opposed to my partner(s) being from another species, planet, flora, dimension, etc.

Settings: I love creative RP, so as long as the setting fits an intelligent and creative narrative I'm open to anything.

Likes/kinks: I'm very submissive with few limits and taboos. I love thigh highs, boots, shoes, sexy clothing. Abduction, collars, and cages are also turn-ons.

Hard limits: Minors, dull RP.
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Introduction to Lord_Poseidon: So, after a lot of consideration, I've finally decided to post my SRP profile here. I respect the need for people to look up the likes and dislikes of fellow players, but I'm not your typical SRP'er. I find it incredibly dull and unsatisfactory to put up guidelines for myself and others; hence this little introduction to 'me'.

I'm not too limited in my choices, and I may be more of a RP'er than a SRP'er in that regard. I'm generally open for ideas and not picky, but keep in mind we might have a difference in taste, so don't expect me to run along with every extreme or bizarre thing you may suggest.

As for post length and paragraph-tyranny, I don't have any minimum requirements and will try to adapt to most styles. Just beware that I DO like fleshed out, well-considered replies and will probably throw mid- to long-length posts in a thread.

For me, it's not about going for the action (read: sex) right away, it's about building up the situation and the characters before anything else can happen. It's about writing a good story together and having fun along the way. I view the sexual aspect of SRP'ing as the reward – not the sole purpose.

Gender: Male. I don't think I've ever played a female character in my seven years of participating in a forum-based roleplay. I have often flirted with the idea, but without result. To be honest, I find the idea of writing from a female's perspective quite beautiful, but also somewhat intimidating.

Age: Based upon my own experience, I can play more or less any age.

Orientation: No real preferences there. Keep in mind, though, I've only ever played heterosexual characters.

Power Exchange: Again, no preferences here. I'm not experienced in either category, but I'll use my tools as best as possible.

Race: Why does it even matter?

Bodytype: No preferences here either.

Alternate species/fantasy races/furries/mutations:
Sure, sure. Not likely to happen, but I'm always in for a good story.

Settings: As a new player in the field, I've only played in a modern setting. But my taste for roleplay in general has brought me to many different settings and worlds, so I will not object to try out new 'places' if the story is strong enough.

Likes/kinks: I'm tempting to write “no preferences” here as well, but that would not be entirely accurate. I focus more on character development, and bonds between characters, than physical descriptions and attractions. That does not mean, however, that I do not have my own turn-ons. It runs all the way from sensual touching to blackmail. Hear me out on this one, and we can work sometting out.

Hard limits: Extremities, illegal sexual actions, non-consensual violence with no ties to BDSM... these are vague descriptions, but we can discuss it more closely in the early phase of the game.

Availability: This one is my greatest weakness, and it's important that you read through this! I simply don't have the time to sit by the computer all day and write replies. Sometimes, you will have to wait for a couple of days, maybe even a week, for a reply. This will test the patience of some people, and I advice impatient players to look elsewhere for entertainment. On the other hand, I always attempt to write long posts that challenge my fellow writers, and it may be a worthy compensation to some. You'll have to decide if it's for you or not.

References: Take a look at these threads to get an idea of my capabilities and preferences:

Art of Enslavement

Art of Reconciliation

- and always remember: Have fun! Enjoy life! Be happy!

|| SRP || Ideas
- We do it in the dark with smiles on our faces -
- We're dropped and well concealed in secret places -
- We don't fight fair -

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Prefer private RP...but might consider the forum.

Gender: Female

Age: Mid 20's to early 30's...I would consider playing younger than mid 20s but not younger than 18.

Orientation: Straight

Race: Open to playing any race

Body Type: I prefer to play characters that are slender and petite but could be convinced otherwise

Settings: Fantasy, Science Fiction, historical settings....I do like realistic also (neighbors, co-workers, friends, etc...)

Power Exchange: Equal to submissive roles

Likes: Internal conflict; knowing I shouldn't being doing what I am doing is a huge turn on. This could happen in many ways...manipulation, blackmail, etc.

Dislikes: I'm not really into incest or ageplay. Other than those I am pretty open.

Limits: animals, minors, anal, scat, etc.

Availability: I don't have a set schedule but I'm around quite a bit. I check pretty often and if I am not online during the day I am during the night. Sometimes I will be offline a couple days or so depending on my schedule.

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my SRP profile

GENDER : Male only

AGE: ANY , prefer to play older than the female but not set in stone

ORIENTATION : Heterosexual

POWER EXCHANGE: Controlling , manipulative, lying, cheating , blackmailing, persuasive & quite often romantic

RACE : White , or mixed race

BODY TYPE : Will play any type depending what the character requires

ALTERNATE SPECIES: Vampires, Dragons, Elves, Dwarfs, always willing to do new types

SETTINGS: Modern ,Historical , Dreamworlds, Nightmares

LIKES: practically everything , it is after all a fantasy role -play, enjoy injecting a sense of humour , unexpected twists evolving in the story

HARD LIMITS: Hard core violence , gore , watersports

AVAILABILITY: Early pm GMT , for around 4/5 hours each day including weekends
CONTACT :I prefer to play on yahoo or skype , but otherwise pm's, email , or on the forums. If interested call me on any of the above (addresses in my profile)
DISLIKES :Poor Grammar, text speak , poor spelling , use of wrong words eg there , they're & their.

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Gender: Male

Age: Prefer to play 35 - 50, but I do remember 18 - 25 well.

Orientation: Hetero

Power Exchange: I prefer to be the dominant, but I do like to have a bratty sub 'seize the moment' on rare occasion.

Race: While I am white, I can play any race provided no stereotypes are expected of me.

Bodytype: Over the course of my life, I have been a skinny string bean, muscular jock, overweight and physically fit. I can play any body type.

Alternate species/fantasy races/furries/mutations: Nope.

Settings: Historical or contemporary. I prefer stories involving the ocean, whether on the seas or near them. I also love the outdoors and a remote log cabin is always wonderful.

Likes/kinks: Well, I'm a dirty sailor. I think it would be best to look at my hard limits and ask any questions from there. I will say I love a partner who loves cum, hers and mine. That's probably my biggest kink, right after a woman who is will to talk and RP her more personal fantasies.

Hard limits: Severe pain/bondage, minors, animals, blood/vomit/scat, marking

Availability: My schedule is weird. If I am not teaching or don't have an obligation to teach, I'm on my boat at sea.
Just a 42 year old sailor, nothing extraordinary or bad. Just a man enjoying a much less stressful life.

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Wink MzSeductress Srp profile

Gender: Female
]Age[/b]: 18-30

Sexual Orientation: Straight

Power Exchange: D/s,Equal d/s,Sub

Race:Any no boundaries here

Bodytype: Anything I choose

Into writing alternate species/fantasy races such as: Aliens,Ghosts, Werewolfs, Vampires, Hybrids,Succubus, Witch and anything supernatural, romance and drama, strangers meeting and love stories

Settings: Anywhere

Likes/Kinks: Light Bondage,Teasing,Romance,Reluctance,Hardcore Sex,Spanking, Longterm/Shortterm threads as long as posts are detailed and interesting.

Hard limits/dislikes: Rape,Hitting,Scats/Watersports, Humiliation, Extreme Bondage

Availibility: Daily-Every other day (depends on rl availability)
Xoxo from Mzseductress :*

My Srp Profile

Kik: Mzseductress91
Hangouts : Mzseductress91@gmail.com

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Post Jazmyn's SRP Profile

GENDER: Female

AGE: 27 in real life, but will play between 19-28


POWER EXCHANGE: Sometimes I wanna be the seductress, sometimes I want to be seduced

RACE: Black (i prefer interracial SRPs. Just my preferences)

BODY TYPE/APPEARANCE: 5'8" without heels, 140 lbs, athletic figure from dancing, long black hair, dark brown eyes, 36C chest


SETTINGS: Flexible. Open to discussion depending on the RP

LIKES/KINKS: Romance, teasing, sensuality. I really like plot heavy and development. Open to any type plot as long as it's reasonable and "realistic-ish." I like to build the plot, story, and foreplay before jump to the gun .passionate, spontaneous sex, best friends turned lovers, teacher/student, employee/boss, risk of getting caught having sex, dirty talk (non-insulting), some aggressiveness (ex. pinning to surfaces, firmly grasping wrists - but not painful), Lolita - younger woman seducing an older man, erotic massages

HARD LIMITS: Blood play, snuff, bestiality, toilet, underage, extreme pain. ONE SENTENCE REPLIES. Having to translate what you wrote because you were rushing

WRITING STYLE: I prefer to write in 1st person, but flexible depending on co-author's preference. Whatever you choose, pick one and stick with it. It drives me nuts to try to keep switching POV and tense from post to post.


AVAILABILITY: Pretty much weekday afternoon/evenings and varies on the weekends. If you say you can write with me, and you disappear on me every time I try to write, DON'T BOTHER! I want a co-writing PARTNER
Jazmyn's SRP Profile

Jazmyn Marie

Treat me like a princess, Fuck me like a whore

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Gender: Female

Age: 24 though will play 18 to 40ish depending on scene

Orientation: Actively, hungrily Bisexual

Power Exchange: Always sub with guys, can sub, switch or even Domme with girls. Prefer sub roles to be coerced or forced, I'm sassy, cheeky, like role reversal scenes. Love non-con

Race: Caucasian

Bodytype: Blonde, 5'5, fairly slim, 34C, couple of tats, usually some extravagant nail polish

Alternate species/fantasy races/furries/mutations: Alien & Fantasy yes, furries no

Settings: I love historical (and some fantasy) settings, mainly because they offer such delicious opportunities for female subjugation....

Likes/kinks: Non-Con, spanking, BDSM, humiliation, interracial, gangbangs, intelligent, grammatically capable partners.

Hard limits: Kids, blood, animals. Scat not ok, watersports fine

Availability: Available most of the week and it may vary on weekends.

PM if interested
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st fornicate..i enjoy doing bro/sis, daddy/daughter being my favorite. i'm free during the day as i don't have to work. i'm 60 female but will play any age that you want. 5'4" 198lbs, gray/brown hair, green eyes. 38C pink/tan nipples that are extremely sensitive to touch. i'm very much into details and romancing up to the sex, no matter how long it takes us to get there. i'm a very willing person, open minded to anything and everything that gets you going
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July 17, 2014: Open to opportunities...

Gender: Male (though I've RPed female before)

Age: I'm in my early forties. I think I can play from 18 to 50s.

Orientation: Heterosexual (prefer female writing partner)

Power Exchange: I tend to be the one who writes more and ends up controlling the flow of a story or PM encounter though I crave to submit into my fetishes. I think I can write dominant or submissive but not hard core level (which I've never experienced and don't get the nuances of). Bottom line I can take control but enjoy surrendering control too.

Race: Scottish-American. (Okay, the Scottish is a few generations back...)

Bodytype: 6'4", brown hair neat with a bit of salt, close-trimmed beard, brown eyes, solid built but have lost serious weight in recent years so look pretty good. Equipment has never had any complaints (6"+)

Alternate species/fantasy races/furries/mutations: Not really.

Settings: I'm pretty well fixed on the real world or realistic with a little fantasy or sci-fi thrown in as something unusual (a little magic as a plot device or transformation agent). No historical, far future, etc. Just not relatable enough to be enjoyable. There's just so many fetishes and situations to enjoy in our world, don't really need another.

Writing style: Seriously it is in the details. A contribution should span 1-3 paragraphs. Any less and you're not really providing energy to the endeavor and more than 3 tends to become a solo story where my input isn't relevant. Think of smells, tastes, how things feel, temperature, sounds. All the details make the situation so much more realistic and powerful as a fantasy. Places don't have to be down to the street address but understanding where we are or where we're going sets mood.

Please take the time to spell and write clearly. I make a mistake myself sometimes but it is painful to read typos constantly.

Detail and Desire make most of the difference.
Setup and foreplay set the bar for how powerful the 'play time' will be. (Real-time play in PMs or Yahoo IM is an option if schedules permit and our writing has us needing quicker satisfaction...)
I love women and all things feminine, on her and on me too.
I love to feel a woman cumming, to watch her react to the pleasure, to urge me to do things to her. I love to know that what I've written has touched a woman's real desires and fantasies and helped her cum in real life.
I love to be seduced into playing in panties, lingerie, and more. Doll me up and we can be torrid or sensual.
I like anal play, giving and receiving
I like a woman who brings another man into the room for her pleasure but also to encourage me into slutty acts.
I like cum-play.
(I can write to other things I think pretty well, including writing as a woman, and I'm up for it if I can give you your deep-seated desires...)

Hard limits (no nos):
scat/urine/dirty underwear
denial (we're both here for the whole ride, right? )
rape/non consensual/forcing/slavery
drug use
Might be others, but can't think right now. Ask first please.

Availability: Back here for the first time in many months. If involved in a story I can be here a few times a day or at least in evenings. If we choose to play in PMs, later evening Eastern Time Zone U.S. can work sometimes, better to schedule ahead. I'll always try to communicate expectations so you aren't hanging. If we're agreed and available, I could do yahoo IM for real-time RP but only after we've written together or are comfortable.

Additional Comments:
My wife is understanding but not THAT understandingso... I won't do webcams. I won't send you pictures. If you want to send me some, I'm okay but sorry it's a double standard there. I'd enjoy them but can't ask you to do something I can't. Don't do phone sex and won't meet in real time. I'm looking for interesting writing experiences that produce powerful, pleasureable times for both of us. Don't want a deep relationship/chatty friendship outside of this activity just here for some fun.

I don't want to string out stories for weeks of build-up but the set-up and characters are important. Spending some time on them to start makes all the rest better. Being clear before we start on what you want to experience is important. If there are specifics you request (certain phrases, certain names, situations, etc.) that you really crave please let me know.

I've been a roleplayer for many years (table-top, a'la D&D) and at times here at literotica. I enjoy the challenge and the reward

Rapid responses/turn-arounds are appreciated when you can. When you'll be away for days, a warning is important.

If this sounds good to you, drop me a PM and let's give it a try.
My SRP Profile --- My New Stories!
- Becomng Beth (transgender)
- I'm Going to Need Some Help (MMMMF)

Time for me to depart Literotica, most likely to return someday but hopefully not. Watch for my next screen handle/avatar name.

If you're interested in my past stories, check them out: EliasRotica - EliasRoticaTwo - SissyJane - SissyPantySlut - TheSissyJane - Eliasrotica3

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I am new to this, so this is my first attempt at a Role Play Profile:

Gender: Male

Age: In real life, I am 59. I can role play from 18 to 60+.

Orientation: Straight

Power Exchange: Since I am a dominant lover, I prefer to play the dominant role in the scene.

Race: In real life, I am Caucasian, but it really does not matter.

Body type: I tend to play men who are regular to athletic build, which is what I am in real life.

Alternate species/fantasy races/furries/mutations: Since I am new to this, I had better pass on this for now.

Settings: I am good at story development and settings. Since I grew up in the 50’s and 60’s, I am especially good at settings in this time frame.

Likes/kinks: Upskirt; downblouse; seeing and touching the lady’s lingerie including panties, thigh highs, stockings, girdles, corsets, sexy bras, etc.; voyeurism; playing skirt tease in public places; panty flashing; chatting with bi-women who have similar interests; light spankings; anonymous encounters; secretly doing kinky things in public; and forbidden relationships such as professor – student, teacher – student, boss – secretary, minister – female in need of counseling, and teen-age male – older woman.

Hard limits: Urination, defecation, bestiality, rape, hard-core gore, physical violence, or anything in those categories.

Availability: I am often online in the evenings from about 8 pm – midnight in the Central time zone.

: In real life, I am a distinguished, older gentleman who prefers to treat a lady like a lady. I can be quite imaginative. Psychological tests show that I am in the “Romantic Lover” category with 73% partner focus, 67% aggressiveness, and 50% adventurousness. I grew up in a conservative religious family and can play the innocent male who is influenced into being naughty.
My Role Play Profile

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Gender: Male

Age: 35

Orientation: Bi

Power Exchange: I am a naturally dominant man and rarely veer from this in roleplay. I enjoy playing with ladies who are naturally submissive, and, particularly, those from whom submission needs to be drawn over time.

Race: Caucasian

Bodytype: Large and powerfully built, 6'1, 220

Alternate species/fantasy races/furries/mutations: Not something I have ever done

Settings: Broadly speaking, I enjoy historical settings, ranging from ancient civilizations through to twentieth century history. That said, I prefer shifting paradigms, shying away from stereotypical scenes; role reversal an especial favourite,

Likes/kinks: BDSM, spanking, Non-Con, prolonged roleplay, play with multiple partners

Hard limits: Underage, animals, scat, blood.

Availability: Frequent, per the day in the UK

PM if interested

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Gender: Male

Age: 52

Orientation: Straight

Power Exchange: I am a Dominant. I like submissive females but their level of submission can vary from very mild to degraded slave.

Race: Caucasian

Bodytype: 5'11", 155 lbs, short cropped mostly dark hair, tattooed

Alternate species/fantasy races/furries/mutations: Alien warrior species/dark elves, ogres, orcs/ no to furries/ Ability to heal others at cost of self and cause wounds and regenerate myself.

Settings: Historical, scifi, Tolkien, Robert E. Howard (Conan and Hyborian world), bikers, college, strip club, BDSM club

Likes/kinks: BDSM, corporal punishment, reluctant, slavery

Hard limits: Underage, animals, scat, blood.


Availability: Frequent

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Gender: Female characters only

Age: Usually early twenties but as old as mid thirties

Orientation: I prefer heterosexual characters, but I am open to bisexual or lesbian characters.

Power Exchange: I tend to play rebellious fighter types. One who isn't going to lay back and submit and given the chance, will fight back and overtake you.

Race: I'm white so that's what I tend to stick to, though I'm open to playing other races.

Bodytype: Usually average height (5'7"?) with a muscular to curvy build. I'm open to others but I'm not really comfortable playing bbw.

Alternate species/fantasy races/furries/mutations: I'm a big geek so I'm pretty open to any kind of fantasy race. Elves, Vampires, Demons. Even x-men-esque superpowers. I do draw the line at furries though. If you want that you better have an amazing plot.

Settings: Open to anything. From medieval to futuristic to alternate realities. And yes of course modern as well.

Likes/kinks: I like sex. From hard and forced to soft and romantic. I tend to lean towards mild violence. I like to fight for control. Angry sex. But I'm open to a lot of things.

Hard limits: Minors, scat, piss, gore, necro, vomit, stretching, and feet. Just no.

Availability: Most evenings (central time) I'm avalible. Weekends it tends to be all or nothing.
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