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Gender: Male

Age: Play30 - 50 best. However, I remember my 20ís well, and fondly.

Orientation: Hetero

Power Exchange: This is an area to explore. Iím most familiar with nutural/even to mild Dom, however Iím willing to ďresearchĒ and explore heavier aspects of both sides of the D/s coin.

Race: Unimportant, however I am a Caucasian and American so naturally that would be my best frame of reference.

Bodytype: Comfortable playing all different body types as I have gone through many of them myself over the years.

Alternate species/fantasy races/furries/mutations: Meh

Settings: In no particular order of preference. Fantasy, Si-Fi, Action/Adventure, Modern, Recent History. (Anything earlier than 1900 might be a stretch, I know the history, but I would have to research the lifestyle, standard of living and appropriate lingo to pull it off convincingly.)

Likes/kinks: Ummmmm, Yes. But seriously, I love sex in pretty much any shape or form. From traditional Vanilla to the kinkier side of things. Again, in no particular order: light/mid level bondage, anal play, partner worship, oral, D/s, voyeurÖ Open to trying almost anything at least once.

Hard limits: Incst, minors, scat, necro, vomit, drinking piss, graphic gore,

Availability: Evenings and most weekends US Eastern Time.

Misc: When I come up with story ideas, they can often be pretty detailed. I like stories with a natural beginning, a tension point, climax and resolution. When I put an idea out there, everything is up for discussion and it is strongly encouraged to use the plot points as a framework to improvise from. Iím looking for writing partners, not actors. Everything is on the table. The story lines and summaries are merely a starting point.
Have Fun!

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Orientation: After reading many different threads, the characters that I know I wouldnít be good at, Sub, Dom, or rape. And no bathroom scenes of any kind, but I'm ok with spanking

Race: I have no preference.

Body Type: whatever it calls for I guess, _But I tent to play the man that is more likely my size. Iím six feet plus and I have a home gym to keep well fit. Though Iíve played a Vampire, Warrior Mercenary and Werewolf.

Alternate species: This would depend on the story if it's the character I would like to play.

This is all I can think at the moment. Iím sure once I get involved in some more treads, Iíll have more to add here.

Posts: I am not fond of reading a manuscript and Iím OK with two to three paragraphs, as long they are related to the story and to the point. Please donít paint me a picture of the countryside or the room weíre standing in, I can see those things myself. It is the content in what you write thatís most important.

My favorite is Fantasy circa 1200 up to the 1800 century, and thatís because I did some fencing during my high school years. I also like romance with some sex, of course that goes without saying.

I am also a very private person and I donít chat on line. I am here to have a little fun with any female writer that wouldnít mind being a co- writer with me. I do however answer all the PMs I receive.

There is though one thing I do not appreciate from my partner, and thatís when she doesn't post for 10 days or more, and yet she does post on her other threads all that time.

So please. If you don't wish to continue, do me the courtesy by letting me know.

Please note. I have a life outside of Lit, but I do make the effort to reply that day or the next, unless Iím out of town, and that was the case I would let you know ahead of time. I have threads at present that some of my partners have neglected for more than 6 days, and if youíre one of these partners. Please donít be my partnerÖ.

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Gender: Male

Age: Play any age that is older than 18.

Orientation: straight

Power Exchange: I like being in charge, but do not like the girl doing everything I say, I enjoy a little sass. Also have fun having no one in charge. I am not a good sub.

Race: Don't matter, just be human.

Body type: Any, usually play as myself. 6'2 200 lbs

Alternate species/fantasy races/furries/mutations: none

Settings: Modern times, keep it real

Likes/kinks: I enjoy sex in every way. Rough, light bondage, sweet and slow, romantic, dirty, nasty, filthy, loving, public, humiliation, gang bangs, groups, step-mom and son. Older mature ladies.

Hard limits: Incest, minors, scat, bathroom things, animals

Availability: A LOT

Misc: I usually only rp through PM, sometimes yahoo.
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Gender: I prefer to play female characters. I might try a shemale or hermaphrodite.

Age: For human characters, I can do anything from 18-30.

Orientation: I play lesbian characters.

Power Exchange: I play a dominant and sadistic woman who likes to seduce other woman into submission. From women who are already submissive to me I demand obedience. I do not play a submissive.

Race: I'm white and prefer to play a white woman.

Bodytype: I am about 6í2Ē long and a slim body with a B/C cup.

Alternate species/fantasy races/furries/mutations: I am willing to paly a shemale, hermaphrodite or genetically modified woman who has grown a cock next to her pussy. Fantasy races and furries do not appeal to me; same applies to vampires and lycanthropy.

Settings: I prefer a setting comparable to the real world. Historical settings I am willing to try.

Likes/kinks: My sexual nature is dominant and sadistic. I .like my submissive to be obedient or naÔve depending on the setting. I like it when my submissive are inventive in punishments they ask from me. My kinks are pregnant subs, slavery, bondage, corporal punishments/spanking caning/whips, other kinds of punishments/hot sauce/large enemas, modifying a sub trough piercing/branding/tattoos, collars and other ownership marks, footworship/giving scat/golden shower/ latex, cuckhold/chastity, anal both giving and receiving and possibly a lot more.

Hard limits: Minors, receiving scat, animals/furries/whatevers, necro, vomit, drinking piss, graphic gore and subbing and switching.

Availability: I will try to be available every night (European time) except for Mondays. Otherwise I try to be available about four times a week.

Misc: I am new to roleplaying and willing to try and learn it.
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This is me

Gender: I play both rather well, though I personally prefer male characters.

Age: Humans I tend to stick with the 21-26 age area. I can't play younger or older. Anything other then human. Depends on when I make the profile for my character to save on my computer. As I am writing out who and what my character is the age comes to me eventually and I can play such person.

Orientation: I play straight characters. I have played a bi woman, but that was a while ago.

Power Exchange: Typically I am a very dominant writer. Always have been, it comes with usually playing a male. I can associate with the submissive type of persona though because of my r.l.

Race: I tend to stick to white toned people, werewolves, black. yep yep.

Bodytype: I am an average woman with DD cup size. I tend to reflect that in my writing.

Alternate species/fantasy races/furries/mutations: I can play werewolves, vampires, humans, and so many more types. I have been writing for 11 years so I have had the chance to play with many types of people and types of characters.

Settings: I stick to common settings. Future and Historical I can't really do. I can't wrap my head around it.

Likes/kinks: Hehe. I am a submissive with 'little' attitude. That's when I feel like it. I can be a 'sam'. I love pain. Crave it. Crave dominance. Living where I live it's impossible to find said wants and needs though so being able to go on a learning journey of submissive side cannot be done to well.

Hard limits: KNives near or around my vaginal area. Not happening. As for other's. I can't say to much I am opposed to. I am willing to try anything THREE times. If I still don't like it by the third time I will put it on a hard or soft limit depending on it.

Availability: I am available everyday. (Alaskan Time.) Yep, live in bum fuck cold Alaska. haha. I'm either around the laptop or on my phone depending on the time of day. I do work nights on weekends so that's a little difficult but I can be on after worl which is five am my time. haha.

Misc: I've been roleplaying for 11 going on 12 years. I love it. I love meeting new people. Anyone and everyone are welcome to pm me at any time. I'm a social butterfly. =)
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I may very well have one of these already floating about this thread but a brief hunt turned up nothing so I've decided to do another.

Gender: I predominately play female characters but for the right role would consider a male character

Age: For human characters, I can do anything from 18-40.

Orientation: I can play heterosexual, bisexual or lesbian characters.

Power Exchange: I play almost exclusively Femdom. I have done some extremely successful femsub ones but its an area that holds little interest.

Bodytype: I can do just about anything other than obese, mostly my characters though, are tall with great asses, full breasts etc. what is normally refered to as curvy these days

Alternate species/fantasy races/furries/mutations: I love doing fantastic creatures, specifically vampires were creatures and elves etc. I don't do tentacles aliens etc.

Settings: flexible though I have an affinity for historical or contemporary.

Likes/kinks: I am by nature a sadist, but I play to comfort level. I love a good mind fuck and anything from the sensual to blood and screaming in pained ecstasy. consensual non-consent, coercion, reluctance etc. I like strong characters who choose to submit, the gradual cleaving of ones will. Above all though I do really enjoy a well written story. Nothing sours a story faster for me than one or two line posts. Not every post has to be a page long but for goodness sake give me something to work with!

Hard limits: Minors, scat, animals, necro, vomit, drinking piss, graphic gore, atrocious SPG, rushed/unedited posts.

Availability: Somewhat limited. Just returning to lit after a long absence I am still taking it easy. A busy home life and a full time job means I can get on lit once every couple days for sure, though a longer absence would be mentioned.

I have a story in mind, but am open to ideas. Pm me with your thoughts etc.

Temet Nosce
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Hey fellow Litsters!

During my college years, I was here for many hours. Many nights, I enjoyed writing and talking with the other people who call Literotica their sanctuary. But upon my graduation, I found it hard to find the time to keep up my commitment to my RPs. I made the tough decision to step away, until I could get back my life under control. The time has come to make my return.

One of the major changes in my life since I was last here is that I have become a devout practitioner of the Law of Attraction. One of its teachings is to devout your life to things you love to do. Being here, on the forums, was one of my favourite things at college. Now that I am back, I truly realised how much I missed it.

The majority of my time here will be spent in the Roleplaying forums, writing and chatting with other writers. However, my photography enthuasism may lead to my Amateur Pic forum in time. But for now, I will be concentrating on my RPs.

I will be basing all my RP character on my real world self, as follows:

Mid 20s
170 pounds
Short brown
Green/blue eyes
7 inch cock, thick girth.

With regards to my writing style, I tend to write at least one good paragraph per post. I expect the same from my co-writer. I like slow build-up, with detailed development of both the storyline and the characters. Sex will be important to the story, but not the only element. I enjoy romance plots with dark twists, conventional plots with a difference, and BDSM plots.

My limits are few:

Extreme violence

I am available most nights 8-10pm GMT. But as life as taught me, something can always come up and take me away at a moment's notice. But if I am away for a significant period of time, I will do my best to inform my co-writers.

That's it for now. I hope to get writing very shortly. I have a number of good ideas swirling around in my head, so I will be setting up RPs soon.
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Gender: I pretty much stick with female characters. I can't imagine being a guy and would ruin any story that involves such.

Age: Anywhere from 18 to 40.

Orientation: Heterosexual. Although, I'm open to the idea of playing a bisexual character.

Power Exchange: I'm submissive by nature, so I'm going to go on a whim here and say that it's probably the best role for me to write in.

Bodytype: I can play as any body type except obese. I tend to play as women with curves, sometimes even exaggerated though. Not to toot my own horn here or anything, but I prefer to play as more busty kind of women, mainly because that's what I can relate to the most!

Alternate species/fantasy races/furries/mutations: No, no, no and no.

Settings: Contemporary mainly

Likes/kinks: Here's the thing about me, I love the darker side of stories. That said, it's a guilty pleasure of mine to play stories that involves reluctance, coercion, non-consent, drug use and more. I love playing character who are pushed around to submission and rough sex. I also like some imperfections in characters, mine and others. This can both be mentally or physically. I especially love reading and writing cheating stories; the taboo of the subject alone seems so exciting.

Hard limits: Anything against Literotica rules, so don't bother trying to weasel your way out of that. Aside from the super obvious (minors, scat, animals, necro, vomit, gore), short one liners are a huge turn-off.

Availability: I'm available for one post a day, at the very least. If not, I'll let you know.

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Gender: Male's

Age: 20-35

Orientation: Heterosexual, Also I wont do MFXM

Power Exchange: I am flexible. I can make the man dominant or passionate. This also depends on the character you would like.

Bodytype: Usually all muscular or athletic.

Alternate species/fantasy races/furries/mutations: I am open to ideas and my characters being things like vampires, etc.

Settings: Various

Likes/kinks: Each person is a little different in some way. See below.

Hard limits: I wonít do any kind of ass play (to my characters), or bondage to my characters (tying to bed is okay), vomit/scat/piss, etc is also a no. I donít mind women that squirt though.

Availability: I'm available most of the time and can usually do at least one post a day and more if needed depending on the quality of work I am looking to produce. I will ten to write equivalent to the person I am writing with.


Name: Dameon
Age: 20's (Varies per topic)
Appearance: Here
Info: Dameon is a young but tough man who though is in very good shape often enjoys being lazy, drinking beer, and eating fast food. That said Dameon often also plays roles like a cop/spy/soldier, and other roles involving an action packed background. He tends to like women that know what they want and wont play games. While he is a dominant type he also likes it when women also take the lead.

Name: John
Age: 30's (Varies per topic)
Appearance: Here
Info: John is a more mature man that is well settled into his way of life. He is in excellent shape and works out every day when he is not working. He is fit for various roles that involve action backgrounds (cop/spy/etc), but he is also good in the business world and as an excellent theif. John likes all kinds of different women and is not afraid to go after someone he wants or needs. He is a dominant type and prefers women that are submissive and ones that don't ask too many questions.

Name: Billy/Bill/William
Age: 23
Appearance: Here
Info: Billy is an in shape male though not a active enthusiast is overly working out or becoming in amazing shape. Billy is a bit of a nerd and works mostly in geeky roles like IT/Office Worker/Photographer and various other misc. roles. Billy isnt the most overly confident person in the world and doesnt usually go out and seek women by going to clubs and other social events. Billy likes women that tend to make the first move and from there he usually doesnt care what the woman is like so long as they share some interests. Billy isnt an overly dominant type but his isnt submissive either he just tends to go with the flow and become more of a passionate lover.

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Gender: I prefer male, but can play a female fairly well, too.

Age: Anywhere from 20-50 is my comfort zone.

Orientation: Hetero

Power Exchange: I am pretty good with neutral or being the dominating one. I suck at being submissive.

Race: I am a white human so naturally this is the easiest for me. But I've role-played as a variety of fantasy creatures in the past.

Bodytype: I don't really have a preference on this one.

Alternate species/fantasy races/furries/mutations: I can do elves, dwarves, and most mythological type species. I'm not really into furries or mutations, though.

Settings: Most of my role-play experience is in the sword & sorcery realm, but I would love to venture into more modern settings.

Likes/kinks: Mild/Mid dom, Exhibitionism/Public sex, Stranger sex

Hard limits: Minors, scat, necro, vomit, piss

Availability: Monday through Friday daytime.

Misc: I am comfortable with any length of story from brief encounters to long, drawn-out role plays. I can usually post at least three or four times a day unless I have a lot going on. I am new to the forums, but I have role-played in MUDs for years.
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Gender: I am a woman and am mostly only interested in writing as one at this time.

Age: If we're talking humans, I'm an 18-30s kind of girl off hand, but given the right story line, I don't mind expanding to older. Legal ages though, please.

Orientation: Any? To be fair, I don't often write lesbians, largely due to lack of opportunity, but I would love to try out a girl on girl storyline sometime. I would be very interested in writing an experimenting college girl.

Power Exchange: Initially, I implied more of a switch situation, but not so much having had more playing around. Highly sub if anything, I adore being told what to do, how to do it, and generally being taken advantage of, both in character and out.

Race: I like playing the full gambit, and I'm probably not going to write you up a sassy black woman or a gentle geisha because those are awkward one dimensional stereotypes.

Bodytype: Personally, I know big boobs best because that's me. However, I can easily bend to fit different body types. I just am not a fan of extremes, nor am I interested in bodies that come anywhere near child-like. Flat as a twelve year old boy, I can accept, having the appearance of a twelve year old boy? Not so much.

Alternate species/fantasy races/furries/mutations: All of it. Gimme. Okay, I'm filling this out in reverse, so let me say it twice. I'm cool with furries as long as they're still quite humanoid. I read fantasy and comics all the time, I'm up for near anything.

Role play experience: I've been writing in various chats and forums since middle school, which are days long, long past. I have about 16 years of experience. Lately, I write a few comic based characters on tumblr as well as running private storylines with friends.

Settings: Not hospitals. I don't know, I just never liked that as a sexy setting, even General Hospital confuses me. Personally, I'm a fan of contemporary settings, less to research and more time to invest in characterization.

Likes/kinks: I'm up for dom or sub positions, playing with pain, certain levels of noncon, it's something I'd like to be aware of going into writing. Oral, vaginal, and anal are great, but let's skip in the ear. Toys are fun, but bare in mind I might have to google certain things on occasion. There's really very little limit to the settings I enjoy, I'm absolutely open to writing things and if something decidedly turns me off, I'll let you know.

Hard limits: Minors (I can do high school and college writing as long as everyone is legal), scat, bestiality (I can do furries as long as they land on the humanoid side), zombies, bodily fluids (cum is fine, piss, blood, and vomit are not), graphic gore, anything involving needles.

Availability: I am not a daily site visitor, but I'll pop in if I have things going and/or anticipate responses.

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My SRP Profile

I've seen other people provide SRP profiles and thought I would give it a shot; I'm not sure how useful it might be, but here goes:

Gender: I'll stick with what I know, i.e. female characters. Playing a male would be too much of a stretch for me.

Age: Anywhere from 18 to 60.

Orientation: Again, I think it's important to play roles that reflect the reality of one's experience. Thus, I'm largely interested in bi or lesbian scenarios.

Power Exchange: Definitely some sort of power play adds a frisson of excitement. In real life I'm a figure of some authority and responsibility; here, I find it relieving to cede the power to someone else. However, I can play a commanding part if required and the story line demands it.

Bodytype: As regards this category, I'm pretty much open. Personally I prefer natural body types (curves, real breasts, pubic hair).

Alternate species/fantasy races/furries/mutations: Not for me, I'm afraid. I prefer scenarios that are grounded in reality. By all means use one's imagination, but I find it more convincing if things take place on earth between humans.

Settings: Contemporary appeals most.

Likes/kinks: I would like to think that I'm open to all possibilities. I prefer situations that are unconventional and characters that are more rounded and convincing. Scenarios involving people of different ages and/or social/racial backgrounds are particularly welcome. I'm really looking for playing partners who can write intelligent well-considered prose, who are prepared to develop a scene and their character in a more detailed way, and who are considerate of the other person or persons involved in the role play.

Hard limits: I don't like imposing boundaries but I am very opposed to anything involving minors, scat, animals, excessive pain and humiliation.

Availability: I generally post at least once per day. However, sometimes work or my family life imposes itself upon me and I may not post quite as regularly as I would like.

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Red face Blast from MySpace..

So, my only experience with Roleplaying unfortunately came from...MySpace. That whole scene died out on me and I am now going on 4 to 5 years without practice.Hoping I can gently, and quietly quell my recent urges with roleplaying. Without further adieu, here's me:

Gender: I play female characters. But I'm open to playing male characters if you can forgive my inexperience.

Age:I don't like to include an age, unless that is what you are into. Generally I suppose I range from 18-40.

Orientation: I play heterosexual mostly. However, extremely open to suggestion of bisexual orientation.

Power Exchange: I fall into playing submissive women usually. I also can be sort of dominate I suppose, with the right sort of situation and how I'm feeling that day. I believe it feels more natural that way.

Race: I mostly just shoot for Hentai-like characters. I'm black but, I don't usually play black characters. However by all means let me know if that is what you like and I'll play along.

Bodytype: I'm fairly curvy. My characters tend to have full hips, slightly above average height, and everything else may vary.

Alternate species/fantasy races/furries/mutations: I love playing a Siren (mythological) and that is what most of my characters are. I would also entertain being:a vampire, ghost, nymph,werewolf.....I run out of things here but I'm sure as I go along I'll find more.

Settings: I love fantasy and fiction in general. I love getting into things and places like : Libraries, some video games, books, movies,lots of hentai etc. I'll pretty much go with anything, if it feels good and gets my creative juices flowing.

Likes/kinks: . I love dark storylines. I love Incubi and Succubi storylines, huge turn on. As a horror fan and erotic horror fan I crave for this sort of thing. Oddly enough I can be very "vanilla" like as well. Really depends on the day and where my mind is going. My hottest buttons are dominance, control,a bookish nature, humor, shyness, good-nature, some innocence, curiosity, romance, some submission, detail, some violence, and occasional non-consent. My main concern is to be felt out and I'll do my best to do the same with you. If it is not something I want to do I'll play along for a bit but I wont be very into it. All I ask is to for others to be considerate. My kinks are not very limited, because I don't always know what I will be into.

Hard limits: Minors, scat, animals (unless mythical and mixed with realistic human-like reproductive organs and features), vomit, ,urine, foot worship, very graphic gore, the word "bitch", extreme violence, extreme stretching of reproductive organs.

Availability: I will make myself available as needed and wanted. With that said, I cant guarantee coming here everyday and typing out extremely long, extensive replies. It's not because I don't want to or couldn't, I just don't have the time. Granted, I do this for fun and for a way to release any frustrations or short comings. I come here to explore different things I would probably never do OOC so please understand and let me know if this does not work for you.
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All About Me :)

Gender: Female and as such I write as one . I would probably be very bad at writing a male outside of a few lines as an NPC character.

Age: Anything from 18-45 I'd say. It's really all dependent on the character I'm writing and what they demand.

Orientation: Heterosexual. Though I've toyed a bit with bi-sexual characters in the past, and I suppose I could be persuaded to do so in future if the right opportunity, writing partner and story presented itself.

Power Exchange: Yes. To say that I lean towards submissive would be a gross understatement. I'm all for vanilla as well. Ultimately I just like to please.

Race: As for my characters, I write whatever I feel fits the story best.

Body Type: Slender to Curvy, doesn't really matter to me. Tell me what you like and I'll try to fit it in if I can. However, I will not do obese or ridiculously large breasts or ass for that matter.

Alternate Species: I played an angel once, does that count? I'm not into furries or aliens or tentacles monsters and the like. Humanoid fantasy races are fine I guess, but really the storyline would have to be what grabs me.

Setting: Contemporary/Modern, Historical, Alternate Universe and Fantasy are all great. I don't know why, but I feel like I'd probably suck at anything overtly Sci-Fi.

Likes/Kinks: BDSM, Bondage, Spanking (bare hand or belt or anything else), Pain, Humiliation, Exhibitionism, Reluctance/Non-Consent, Rough Sex, Rape, Psychological Play/Coercion, Sensory Deprivation, Anal sex, Oral Sex, Voyeurism, Orgasm denial/delay/teasing. Knives... not sure why though. Still more more I'm sure, will add as I see fit.

Dislikes: Incest, Foot Worship (a teasing peck - maybe; licking my soles or toes - no thank you), Spitting (all depends on the situation)

Hard Limits: Anything involving children, any form of human waste, enemas, animals, mutilation of any kind, gore/bloodplay, necrophilia, impregnation (breeder stories to be specific), gang-bangs.

Writing Style: I have a preference for longer detailed posts, wherein the story and characters are what come first and the sex is a delicious bonus. I don't claim to be the best at grammar however I at least make an effort and prefer to write with those who do so as well. Spell check is my best friend, though I only tend to make mistakes in that regard if I write when I'm tired. I tend to write in the third-person past tense, as I dislike writing stories in the first-person narrative. If you see me slipping in either sense, kindly shoot me a PM so I can correct it at once.

I believe in discussing and exploring the plot and character motivations with my chosen writing partner, before beginning and throughout the actual writing process. This is in an effort to ensure that the story is flowing to mutual satisfaction.

If it's one thing I truly dislike, it's "god-modding". I have no problem with my writing partner moving my character as a result of direct interaction with theirs in an effort to move the story along or add to the scene. Nor am I opposed to you describing my characters facial expressions or movements as they are interpreted or perceived by your character. That being said, what I will not tolerate is being removed from a scene or dismissed by your character without my interaction or consent. Additionally I will not stand for you putting words into my characters mouth or thoughts into their heads in order to suit the agenda of your own character. Sorry to be seem blunt or harsh but its happened before and it ticked me off royally!

Availability: I honestly cannot give a standard answer. At the moment my schedule is not particularly demanding and so I may well be free enough to manage a post everyday or every other day depending on the length and review time. However this is subject to change as real life commitments will always take precedence over Lit life. However I will always communicate my availability to my writing partner where possible.
Maybe I've always been more comfortable in chaos.

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My profile

Gender: Male.

Age: no preference/flexible. Comfortable playing 18-50.

Orientation: Heterosexual.

Power Exchange: Generally dominant, but depending on the role could be submissive.

Race/Ethnicity: I'm Caucasian, probably wouldn't do it justice to play other races.

Body type: I'm tall and athletic.

Alternate species/nonhuman/fantasy: At this point no

Settings: Contemporary settings.

Likes/kinks: like stories were I relate to my character and find her character interesting. younger woman/older man , boss/ employee, blackmail.

Sexual kinks are just about anything that isn't listed in hard limits.

Hard limits:minors, animals, scat, pee, poop

Other dislikes: People who have short responses with frequent misspellings and poor grammar.

Availability: Every 1-3 days.
Chat sessions are a box of chocolates, Forrest. You never know what you're gonna get.

My SRP profile
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Posts: 14,611

Gender: Woman

Age: anywhere from 18 to 40 depending on the story line

Orientation: Straight

Race: White Ė human

Body type: Generally stick to what is familiar, 5 1/2 feet tall, healthy form, curvy with C cup.

Alternate species/Fantasy races etc: Not into mutants and furries, just hasn't appealed to me thus far. I have written werewolves, vampires, elf, witch, demons. (demons are fun )

Time Setting: Any time frame really, if you aren't a history buff and anal about a possible oopsy of putting a pencil/pen into your time frame, weíll do fine. Not a big Sci-Fi fan.

Likes/Kinks: The variety of what I like to write is far too long to list. I lean more towards an even exchange but I do adore a dominate man. Ėgrin- they are such fun.

Hard Limits: NO spit, scat, urine, animals, underage, extreme pain/unwarranted violence, snuff. if I did not think of it and it crops up, I will IM and ask that the action be edited out in a nice fashion as I would expect to see if I step over a hard limit line. If it is logical to the sequence of events / reaction, then it is alright. i.e. spitting in someoneís face/ at their feet in reaction to an insult. Slapped, etc.

I will not write with someone two two lines me to death. Can't do it, it's not even worth trying to. I need inspired to reply and I try my best to always inspire back the same. It isn't all quantity over quality, but I need more than brief, bland auto-answers. Add some emotion into it, some thought, some of those senses humans possess. It helps a lot more than you know not to gloss over everything.

SRP Forum Mod ONLY (sorry folks I can not mod another forum)

SRP Profile

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Well, it's about time I added my own profile on here. I don't SRP currently as much as I used to, but I'd like to get more involved again. I'm fairly new to the forum, though I've creeped for the past couple of years. I have plenty of experience with SRP, but again, not on here.
Here we go.

Gender: I am male, so I tend to play male roles. I have played female on occasion in the past, but only with female partners.

Age: 18-40 (ish). I'm currently in my mid-late twenties, but I remember my late teen years well. I have played older roles in the past, but would find it hard to identify with a character older than his mid 40s.

Orientation: I am heterosexual. I'd be lost playing a male gay or bi role, and honestly don't have much desire to.

Power Exchange: Either dominant roles, or roles with an equal power balance work best for me. I enjoy being more in control and can play total dominant quite well. I am fine with losing control on occasion if the plot lends to it and the conditions are right. (For instance, in an equal relationship plot, losing control due to light bondage would be fine).
I have never been submissive, and don't identify with a submissive role. I'm liable to ruin the scene by trying to take some control back.

Race: I am caucasian (white). I have no problem playing other races and will try to avoid creating/perpetuating stereotypes whenever possible.

Bodytype: My current body type would be considered stocky. At 5'7", I'm solid and fairly muscular, but I'm not a beacon of human perfection. One of the sports I used to play was rugby, so that will give you some idea of my physical build. I was formerly a highly competitive athlete in another sport, so I can identify well with being fit and healthy as well.

Alternate species/fantasy races/furries/mutations: Honestly, my imagination is pretty limited when it comes to this. Let's just stick to being human.

Settings: I predominantly play with plots set in the modern day. However, I am a History major, so I can play historical settings as well.
Be forewarned though, doing a historical setting may invite my inner nerd to come out, and might involve me doing some research to get things right. A historical setting with plot/time/prop inconsistencies would frustrate me.

Likes/kinks: I'll get it out of the way by saying that plot, detail, spelling, and grammar are important to me. I like a plot that builds and develops the characters and scene. While sex is the eventual main focus, lets have some fun getting there. Jumping right into sexual situations without a character connection leaves me feeling disinterested. I need to have a feeling that we (the writers and characters) are on the same page and headed in the same direction. And don't be vague. When you're describing something, feel free to be detailed.

As for spelling and grammar... we're human. I get it. Mistakes get made. But please try! English is an expansive language, and short form or text speak is a quick way to end a story or conversation with me. Also, multiple spelling errors in a paragraph are just plain annoying.

Regarding the kink side of things, there is very little that I don't enjoy or won't experience at least once. As mentioned above, I do have a dominant streak, and that comes out in full force when allowed/warranted.
I enjoy: bondage, power imbalance, dirty talk, teasing, rough sex, oral (both ways), anal play (giving only), squirting/female ejaculation, humiliation, props/toys, spanking, mutual masturbation, blackmail, non-consent (if discussed first), reluctance, exhibitionism, sexual slavery, impregnation, incest (certain roles), orgasm control, bladder control, insertions... a little romance never hurts either!
Of course, I'm open for other things, so if you have something you want to incorporate, run it by me.

Hard limits: Minors, scat, beastiality, vomit, blood, graphic gore, mutiliation.

Availability: On average, I'll be able to post here a few (3-4) times a week. Hopefully more often, but on occasion less. If I am going to be unavailable for any extended period of time, I'll make sure to let my partner know. I have limited availability on the weekends though.

Notes: I am perfectly happy to RP via a thread, PM or email. I generally write in paragraph or multi-paragraph form. I don't expect an essay in return, but I expect more than a one-liner or two sentences. A RP is a two way street, and both parties have to be involved. As I mentioned earlier, I like detail!

If the plot loses your interest, please let me know. We can look at evolving it, or ending it. Don't just disappear.
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My weakness? You.
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Posts: 5,656

QUICK NOTE: I'm more of a romance writer than erotica. I like to explore the relationship and affection between the characters and build the voices for the SRP. Sex scenes are there, but they aren't the focal point in my writing.

Gender: I'm a female so I'll always be a female as the main character. However, I will play male NPCs when the plot calls for them.

Age: 20s and 30s are my preference for mine and his character.

Orientation: Most likely heterosexual pairing.

Power Exchange: It depends on the plot. I can be shy or coy or anything in between.

Race/Ethnicity: I can dip my character into whatever color-bucket

Body type: Will usually be the "stereotypical" body but can be mold into however fit into the plot.

Alternate species/nonhuman/fantasy: No humannoid, fury, or wacky monster. On the contrary, I'm open to the "mainstream" fantasy type, i.e. Elf, Sorceress, Angel, Vampire, as well as superhero/superpower type.

Settings: Modern or Medieval. I'm not good with futuristic or space setting. I'll give it a shot, but it might not be on any fanatic's par...

Likes/kinks: I really like plot heavy and development. Open to any scenerio as long as it's reasonable and "realistic-ish." I like to build the plot, story, and foreplay before jump to the gun. I also welcome fanfic with canon pairing. For fanfic, I need us to stay true to the canon characters, such as appearance, history, upbringing, personality, ability, characteristic and so forth.

I like descriptive posts. I don't need a novel with each reply, but give me something to go on and move the plot along. Give me your character's perspective, his desire, his fear, his reaction. And remember to talk to my character! I can read your character's thought, but my baby girl can't. She's not a mind reader (unless the plot say she is lol), so she won't know about your narrative's feelings unless you show through non-verbal queues or verbal dialogue.

Side notes: I write as much or as little as what I receive. I like detailed posts with proper punctuations, spellchecked, nice spacing (I know that's a little anal but the right paragraph indention makes it so much easier to read ), third person POV, and past tense.

Hard limits: No hardcore BDSM, wacky objects penetration, minors (consensual or not), incest, gang rape, golden shower, and other out of this world feetish. I'm no prude though. I don't mind taboo relationship, light bondage, so forth.

Other dislikes: Jumbled up posts. Frequent misspellings. One-liners. Out of character. Jump the gun. Strange, going-nowhere plot.

Availability: I'll try to post at least once a day. It'll most likely be once a couple days, however.

Current threads: None.

Un-active favorites: Cinderella || Threats || Sinclair || Descent || Kiki's

Another attempt to be active;
...Don't hold your breath, deary...

My SRP Profile

---A quick note about me---
I don't always reply to PM,
but when I do---
I only respond to the
upperly-superly-duperly cool ones.

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Please don't take anything written here as set in stone. My profile is still a work in progress so think of this more or less as a guideline.

Gender: I mostly play female characters since I am one, but I can also play supporting male characters if that is called for in a rp.

Ages: 18 to 30. I stop at age 30 because that's only a few years older than my own age. I would be willing to play older but can't guarantee the quality of it because I'm not there in age yet.

Orientation: Heterosexual and some Bisexual scenes if that's called for. I'm strictly Hetero in real life but can play Bi fairly well. I'd just write what I'd want done to me.

Power Exchange: I am naturally a submissive person when it comes to sex and find that the easiest type of characters to play. But, I can be dominant as well, just not to the extremes of taking total control of the situation. Neutral control is possible too.

Race: I am more than comfortable with playing any race

Bodytype: I'm actually small and petite in real life; 5'2, 118 lbs with small C cups. So I tend to make my characters petite as well. I've never played anyone taller/larger in size than myself but will give it a try if that's what my partner wants.

Alternate species/fantasy races/furries/mutations: I have played a vampire and werewolf before. Demons could be fun too as long as they're more humanoid in form. I have no experience playing furries or extreme mutations i.e:: Lizard people, anything mythical like a Minotaur or any half human half animal character.

Settings: This can be discussed when an idea is proposed but I feel comfortable with all of most settings. If it turns out to be historical i'll do my best to be as accurate as possible for my partner. I personally don't care about perfect historical accuracy. Just don't, lets say have Christopher Columbus using a smart phone's gps to sail to America.

Likes/kinks: This won't be defined because I have too many to explain and they often change depending on what mood I'm in and what I'm craving.

Hard limits: I am open to trying most things at least once. That's the only way to know if I like it right? My only non-negotiable limits are: anything that you would do in the privacy of your bathroom, fatal violence, and massive amounts of blood loss.

A cut lip because I accidentally nibbled to hard on it during a passionate kiss is okay. I need to stop thinking right there before I make myself horny.

Availability: I can promise without a doubt one response a day, possibly more if it's a slow day at the office. I'll do most of my posting while I have a free time doing work. I'll post at night if it my schedule is clear or I just happen to have a sudden surge in inspiration. My location is Oregon so that should help you figure out what my timezone is in relation to your own. I ONLY POST THRU LIT'S SITE. NO EMAIL ROLE PLAYS PLEASE:

Miscellaneous: The writer should be able to handle both short posts (One paragraph minimum but 2-3 paragraphs preferably) and lengthy posts (as long as you feel it needs to be to get your idea across). I'll post to what I feel the situation calls for at the time.

Please, Please let me know ahead of time if you have to take a break from posts so that I know you haven't just lost interest. If you have lost interest just let me know so that we can write a practical ending to the rp.
Full-time Playgirl, Part-time Femme Fatal and always Your Dream Girl

My Idea and Blurt Thread.

Take a peek at my SRP profile! I dare ya!

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Gender: Female is preferred, but I have written for male characters before.

Age: Can do anything between 18 and mid 30s

Orientation: Straight preferred, but might be able to do a bi-curious female

Power Exchange: Not much for either heavy Dom or sub.

Race: Preferably Caucasian, but open.

Body-Type: Generally like good figures with a slightly athletic undertone, but again am open.

Alternate species/fantasy races/furries/mutations: Am pretty open to things, though nothing way out in left fieldÖ. Just ask first.

Settings: Modern, historical, fantasy, sci-fiÖ.. all good.

Like/Kinks: Willing to try most thingsÖ.. just ask.

Strictly taboo (non-negotiable): Brutality (Heavy violence like striking with fists, kicking, using weapons for harm). Scat, piss, vomit. Spitting. Paedophilia.

Availability: On a lot, so not too much problem here.

Side Notes: If things are unclear, just PM me.

(think i got this right..... lol)
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Posts: 7,381
Gender: I will play both, though I find it a little hard to play women. I can write both genders though my women will swing both ways.

Age:I can write any age from 18 to 50 but normally from 25 to 35.

Orientation: Heterosexual but willing to try new things if the story line was good.

Power Exchange: I guess I am a more dominant person but also a romantic. I have never played a submissive and don't know if I would be good at it.

Race:No problems with any races and don't give a toss about the mixing of races. I have played mainly Caucasians but can play other races if needed.

Body type: I am not the most hunky of guys but I can play one in my writing if need be. Really If the setting is natural I prefer to play a regular looking guy, but have no problems playing anyone from skinny to overweight, to uber muscles.

Alternate species/fantasy races/furries/mutations: I am generally open to writing most things, but I need to have a clear idea about what it is that you want. So futuristic ideas need to be clearly laid out. As a nerd, I can write most fantasy, and I love to. Furries is debatable it really depends on the co-writer. Mutations arenít a problem for the most part as long as I understand the why of it.

Settings: I can be flexible, but it should be interesting. I like fantastical threads and different settings that allow me to grow with my writing.

Likes/kinks:Dominant/submissive, Master/slave, oral (both give & receive), Romance, Actually just ask it would be easier to to discuss if I would or wouldn't be up to doing it.

As for the writing side I like to develop my characters. Not just jump in the sack and jump from one sex scene to another. I have done this and while fun at times it can get boring. Plot makes things fun.
Spelling while important is not the be all and end all. If you use the spell checker on here great. I know that some writers here are foreign and English is their second language. As long as I can understand it it is all good. However people from English speaking countries don't get as much slack.

Hard limits: Minors, scat, blood play, needles, piss, foot worship, badly written posts, SPELLING, one liners also will get you ejected from the co-writers seat, as will making me wait weeks for every single post.*However I do understand that RL sometimes throws all of us a curve ball from time to time. If I am informed about delays or issues in your personal life that will cause you to be unable to post I am happy to suspend writing for awhile*
The Cute Fuzzy Aussie



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Gender: Female

Age: Late teens to early 20's, although I'd consider playing older for the right scene.

Orientation: Straight/Bi-Curious

Race: Open to playing any race

Body Type: I prefer to play characters that are slender and petite but could be convinced otherwise

Settings: Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Modern. I don't mind historical settings as long as you're ok with me being very light on historical accuracy (history has never really been my thing)

Power Exchange: Equal to submissive roles

Likes: I love the internal conflict of my character knowing that they shouldn't do something, shouldn't want to do something but feel compelled to do it anyway. This could come from their own perception of their limits or from coercion, manipulation, blackmail, mind control. I also enjoy voyeurism scenes.

Dislikes: I'm not really into incest, although have found a few incest scenes fun with the right partner. Romance (seriously, I have a very nice and romantic bf, don't need more of that in my erotic writing)

Limits: animals, minors, anal, scat, violence and rape

Availability: I don't have a set schedule but I'm around quite a bit. That said, even when I'm around I don't always have time to write. I plan to be able to post about once per day with each post being a few paragraphs.
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My Srp

Gender: Male

Age: me 25 to 50, she can be 20+

Orientation: Hetero

Power Exchange: Generally I enjoy a give and take in this but I can definitely take dom roles if requested. I also really enjoy being sub to a milf of any kind.

Race: Human and I am white and generally prefer to stay within my frame of reference for authenticity. She can be any race that she prefers.

Bodytype: I am 5"11 and 200lbs again for authenticity I don't generally veer to far off from that.
I have a major breast fetish so I prefer a c-cup or larger in my scenes as it is a major turn on for me.

Alternate species/fantasy races/furries/mutations: no thanks

Settings: 1950 forward. I prefer this world and contexts that are not too far reaching, but I am very open to ideas.

Likes/kinks: I have a thing for older younger, love women's lingerie and also have had fun with family roles. As I mentioned I love large breasts and everything that can go with that. I am a switch so power play is ok within reason.
No blood, scat or animals here.
Voyeur, secrecy, light bondage all works.

Hard limits: scat, necro, vomit, drinking piss, graphic gore,

Availability: Daytime weekdays. My days can vary depending on my client load but I will always check in a couple times on weekdays. Some days I may have a light load and can really enjoy heavier contact or instant messaging.

Misc: I don't require pages and pages of lineage or back-drop. Some pre-story and background is good, but one of my main reasons for being here is to dive into the sexual talk that is not a part of my professional life.
With that said, context is great and a writers ability is important to me. I have a high level education and I like to see intelligence in my writing partner. I enjoy knowing what is going on in the character's head as much as their body.
I can answer any questions and hope to meet some of you soon!

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Gender: I'm a guy so would do that the best

Age: Not an issue, from my age to anyone...

Orientation: I'm straight

Power Exchange: I'm a switch irl so no problem going both ways

Race: I'm a well, typical American (mutt) but identify as white

Bodytype: Any

Alternate species/fantasy races/furries/mutations: As long as it's close to human I'm game at least once.

Settings: Any, they all have their good points.

Likes/kinks: this actually depends on who I'm writing with but have some hard limits.

Hard limits: No kids, animals and blood play bores me, scat and watersports just no...

Availability: It depends on workload and how well I'm doing that day (have a vision problem) But I'm usually Mr Dependable
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Prefer Private RP, But Will Consider Forum

Gender: Male - I don't think I could authentically play a female

Age: mid-20s to late 40s, I'm in my mid-30s, so I can go both ways...

Orientation: Straight/Bi/Bi-Curious/Gay - I'm enthusiastically bi, so take your pick

Race: Open to any race, but I think white/European or Hispanic is a more comfortable fit for me

Body Type: Thin to muscular, prefer characters that are masculine

Settings: Historical or Modern, I love history, so I could definitely get into a period-setting. I'm not a huge fantasy guy, but I would try a Game of Thrones-type scene, I love that show.

Power Exchange: equal or dominant.

Likes: I would love to explore a polyamory-type relationship in RP, sophisticated but tough guys, bad boys with good hearts, and forbidden desires. I prefer realism in roleplay, characters who speak and act like real people, even if the scene is fiction.

Dislikes: Brutal sex, pushy people, harassment.

Limits: sexual violence, animals, minors, scat, incest.

Availability: I check the account off-and-on, sometimes I go a week without checking it, other times I check in a couple times a day. The best time to find me for chat is afternoons, US EST. I live in Germany for the moment, so that's after-work hours here.
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