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Launched by BarbarianSpy on 4 January, the first of two espionage-based GM anthologies, Spy Tails 001, by habu (a pen name of sr71plt):


The prolific gay male short story writer, habu, delivers the first of two volumes of spy tales spotlighting the use of male-on-male sexuality to serve intelligence gathering operations.

The easiest, most assured way of collecting intelligence is not torture. It, rather, is the “giving” to someone, who knows what you want to know, what they want most in exchange for the information they know. And it is in being especially prepared to do so if what they want the most is illicit—that is, for instance, connected to male homosexuality. And you can be assured they will give you the most useful information and continue to give it to you if you continue to give them what they want to have, but cannot acknowledge they have gotten or want to have—and holding over their heads the threat of collapsing their whole world if they don’t continue to cooperate.

These sixteen stories show an aspect of intelligence work very much in the vein of Graham Greene and John LeCarré, but delving into spy craft operations that go well beyond where either of these authors dared to go. The reality of spying is that it isn’t all Agent 007 glamour. There is a nasty, cynical, and even arousingly sexual underbelly to it, and these stories don’t shy away from showing that, or from ignoring the difficult questions of the morality of taking advantage of the vulnerability and weakness of men who have a weakness for men in the pursuit of chits in the power games of nations.

If you enjoy this collection, be sure to check out the upcoming habu’s Spy Tails 002.


From “Murmansk Delights”

I was sitting at the bar of the Meridien Hotel in the Russian seaport of Murmansk, one seat away from Lev and with Mariana, a blowsy blonde, sitting on the other side of me, chatting up a businessman from Moscow. I liked sitting next to Mariana at the bar. It got a thought into men’s minds, and, if Mariana and others of her gender weren’t who they were looking for but Mariana put into their minds what they were looking for, their eyes could slide off onto me. And maybe stick.

I was in my working clothes. Tight black stretch pants, molded in the buttocks and showing a little basket in the front and a billowy, long-sleeved, black-satin shirt, open almost down to the navel and showing off a simple gold chain suspending a unique gold charm—two male sex symbols intertwined. Not all that tasteful but nothing too subtle. Subtlety didn’t get understood much on the Murmansk docks.

I was turned toward the room, elbows in back of me, resting on the bar, legs slightly spread with my butt barely perched on the stool, when he appeared at the door to the bar. He took the full room in a sweeping glance, passed over me, and then brought his eyes immediately back to me. After dwelling on me for a few seconds, his eyes broke away and continued the sweep of the room. But they came back to me.

He looked like all I ever wanted. In fact, he was exactly what I wanted. Oleg Isakov, captain of the Kresta-II-class Russian guided missile cruiser stationed at the nearby Severomorsk naval base. I was here because his ship was in port on the first night after a three-month at-sea hush-hush dispersal, and we had been building a nice file on Oleg, a very personal file.

He stood there, solid and sparkly in his navy blue, well-pressed summer uniform, dripping in medals. He’d taken his hat off his head and held it under his arm. His steel-gray hair, lighter gray at the temples, had been trimmed, as had his close-cropped beard and mustache. He looked robust and tanned from months on the bridge. I hoped those had been lonely months.

Our eyes met. He smiled and I smiled back. I turned around toward the bar top and he was at my side, between me and Lev. His hat and gloves and a Meridien Hotel room key on a big brass tag with a room number engraved in large characters on it went down on the bar top.

“May I buy you a drink?” he asked. His voice was smooth, cultured. It sounded a little breathy though. It sounded like he was ready.

“If you wish,” I answered coolly, and I looked over to Lev, who nodded that he had seen the room number on the key and who then pushed away from the bar and was gone even while Isakov was mounting his stool. I began the countdown of how much longer I’d need to keep Isakov in the bar.

Isakov indeed had been lonely those three months, and he tried to make up for all of that time between my legs on the bed of his hotel room.
En route to the room, I whispered to him, “I hope you are forceful. I love it rough. I love being taken like it’s the first time and not of my choice.”

This aroused him to the point that I didn’t think we’d even make it to the room.

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Wrapped in Leather by M.A. Church

Released 1-3-14 by Dreamspinner Press, Wrapped in Leather, a M/M BDSM novel. This is the first in the Wrapped Up series.

Buy link: http://www.dreamspinnerpress.com/sto...oducts_id=4567

Paperback: http://www.dreamspinnerpress.com/sto...oducts_id=4568

~As of 1-5-14 Wrapped in Leather made Dreamspinner's Bestseller List.
~As of 1-5-14 Wrapped in Leather made Amazon Gay Bestseller list.
~As of 1-5-14 Wrapped in Leather has a silver star at ARe and made the Bestseller list.


To celebrate his decision to take the next step with his boyfriend Ian, Toshi Baylor plans a romantic evening at their favorite steak house. Toshi starts the special weekend with a bang by surprising Ian at home with lunch. There’s a bang all right, but it’s between Ian and another guy.

Jase Taylor’s auto repair shop and the BDSM club, Wrapped Up, keep him busy while he waits for Mr. Right, instead of Mr. Right Now. He’s a Dom, but playing with the club’s submissives isn’t providing the usual stress release. After a day from hell, he deserves a good meal at his favorite steak house.

Toshi and Jase find a mix-up with their reservations: a table for Baylor, not Taylor. When Toshi invites Jase to dine with him, they discover a mutual affection for leather and a shared belief that trust must be earned.

Before they can explore their common interests, Toshi suffers a series of attacks by vandals. Jase’s protective instincts kick in, but both wonder if it can lead to anything permanent.


TOSHI PULLED in the parking lot and found a place up front. Yanking the collar of his coat up, he hurried to the front door of the restaurant. Being a Friday evening, the place was already packed. Good thing he’d made a reservation. Just as he reached for the door handle, he heard the low, sexy growl of a motorcycle behind him. Damn, what a sound. Stopping to look, he noticed a well-built man on a Harley hunting for a parking place. He had a blacked-out face-shield helmet and wore a black leather jacket.

Toshi watched as the guy parked and swung a leg off the bike, jeans tightening across what looked like a fine ass. Toshi gulped. Now that was some fantasy material. The guy stood next to the bike—oooh, he was tall too. The helmet, along with the leather jacket, gloves, and boots gave him a mysterious, dangerous look, with a strong side of kinky thrown into the mix.

“Damn,” Toshi muttered, his dick twitching with interest.

The stranger removed his helmet and leather gloves. Nice, short dark-brown hair and a sexy goatee—Toshi swallowed hard. His dick was doing more than twitching. Gods, everything about this guy screamed smoking hot, kinky sex. The leather alone was enough to rev his imagination. Which was unfortunate, since the man he was drooling over was probably straight. But hey, he could dream.

He entered the restaurant before his interest was noticed, just to be safe. Wow, the biker guy really flipped his switches. He was more than a little surprised at how he’d responded—no one had stirred his interest like that since he’d started dating again. Not even Ian had gotten him this hot. Toshi sidelined his thoughts when he was greeted by the hostess.

“Good evening, sir. One for dinner tonight?” Angie, the hostess, flipped her long hair over her shoulder, a smile on her face.

“Yeah, I had a reservation under the name Baylor for eight.” A breeze swirled around Toshi as the biker guy walked inside the restaurant.

“Great! We’re really slammed tonight. Dan will be here in a moment to show you to your table.”

Toshi heard the hostess Angie start her spiel again. She didn’t get far.

“Oh no, oh sir, I’m so sorry! We don’t have a Mr. Taylor listed.”

“Look, I spoke to you, remember? I called and made a reservation at eight tonight for one. It was a little loud in here when I called.”

Toshi shivered and slowed at the deep voice behind him. That sound reached right down to his balls.

“I-I… I’m so sorry, sir. There seems to be a mix-up with the last names of you and the customer who was just here. But we should have a table coming up in about an hour.”

“An hour? You’re kidding, right? You made a mistake, not me, but I have to wait? Jesus, can this day get any worse? Look, I’ll just sit at the bar until something comes available.”

“I’m sorry, sir, but the bar is full. I’m so sorry for the mix-up, but there simply isn’t a table open. And there isn’t any room at the bar right now.”

“I want to speak to the manager.”


“Now would be good.”

Toshi damn near panted at that commanding tone. Without thinking, he turned around and walked back to the scowling man. “Um, sorry, but I couldn’t help overhearing. If you’re okay with it, you can share a table with me. I’m by myself anyway.”

“If you don’t mind, I’d appreciate that. It’s been a helluva day.” The stranger held out his hand. “Jase Taylor.”
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My Stories

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New release by the author of Isabelle's Awakening, Jasmine30:

Link to buy in Kindle or paperback format:


Happily-ever-after doesn’t exist for wealthy socialites with secrets better left in the past. After twenty-two years in an abusive and loveless marriage, Bree Daniels knows that better than most. Paralyzed and unable to leave for reasons beyond her control, Bree finds solace in the arms of other men. And as long as she follows her rules: never trust anyone, never get too close, and most important of all, never fall in love, she’s safe.

But then she meets Adam.

Handsome, charming, and successful architect, Adam Reagan, is everything her husband is not. When he wants more than Bree can give, she has no choice but to walk away.

Adam refuses to let her go. Especially when he discovers her husband’s shady criminal past. She resists his attempts to renew their relationship until a chance meeting in a tourist town forces Bree to question whether her rules are worth saving. And if she should make new ones.

Trapped in a remote cabin with the one man capable of breaking her rules, she must choose between a haunted past with her husband and an uncertain future with a lover she doesn’t know if she can trust.
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Charlie and Mindy, Book 1

The first book of my four-book series, "Charlie and Mindy", in the Incest/Taboo genre (see link below my sig), is now available, in a variety of e-book formats, as "A Walk on the Wild Side", by Charles E. Magness. It's been edited and revised, and is now a better read than previously. You can get it in Kindle format from Amazon (given the genre, I don't expect that to last long) at


or iBooks format from Apple (!) at


(that won't last long, either).

It's on other sites in multiple formats, too.

Smashwords, for one:


Carnal Pleasures, for another:


Books 2, 3, and 4 are currently being edited and revised, and they are to appear in e-book form soon---on Smashwords and Carnal Pleasures, at least.

My publisher wants me to remove the books from Literotica, and I'll be doing that soon. So if you're reading it here, read quickly.



Charlie and Mindy had grown up as more than just brother and sister; they'd been best friends their entire lives. 'Big Brother and Little Sister...best friends, now and always,' had been their lifelong mantra.

But close as they were, something unexpected was about to happen when they enjoyed a week-long camping trip in the rugged Wyoming mountains...something that was about to change their entire lives!

'Big Brother and Little Sister' were about to discover that their special bond was both deeper and closer than they had ever anticipated!



"We forgot something important last night," I told her, "and I want to be sure we don't forget it tonight. We should check each other for ticks."

At the mention of ticks, Mindy shuddered and screwed up her face. "I couldn't stand it if you found a tick on me. I'd just die! But we'd better look."

Slowly we undressed each other. I ran my hands over her back, her sides, her shoulders, and her arms. "No ticks so far," I reported.

She was short, so I knelt in front of her, with my back toward her, for her to check my scalp and ears. Then she knelt behind me, straddling my lower legs. The creamy skin of her inner legs and lower thighs brushed against my legs while she checked me as I had just checked her.

"None on you, either."

I turned around; we faced each other, on our knees, both completely naked. Naturally, I had a big stiff boner. She looked down at it, then looked back up at me, smiling.

I smiled back. "I'd better check your boobs."

She said nothing, but her smile deepened, and she nodded. I reached out and cupped her firm warm tits, gently rotating my hands as if seeking the hardness of a tick between hand and boob. I felt her nipples stiffen at my touch. When I finished this part of the inspection, she reached out and repeated it on me.

My boner was throbbing.

She lay on her pad, belly down. She was breathing deeply and quickly. So, I noticed, was I.

She spread her legs a bit, and I gently stroked her inner thighs. As I did so, one of my hands accidentally (really!) brushed the outer lips of her pussy. I heard her sharp intake of breath at that touch.

I lay down on my own pad. She performed an inspection on me that mirrored what I'd just done for her. My cock pulsed.

"We're almost done. I just have to check your pussy." I realized that I was whispering.

Her whispered reply was, "Yes--you do. And I have to check your hard-on and your balls."

She laid down on her back. I got to my knees between her legs, and ran a hand through her 'electric fur.' She stiffened at the touch. And then, for the first time, I fully understood that phrase; that touch was indeed electric--for both of us!

Gently, I reached out with both hands and parted her nearly hairless outer lips, revealing the secret pink complexity within--her clitoris, hooded by her inner lips, and her vaginal opening. I stroked them all. She moaned.

Then I ran my index finger up between her inner lips, from her opening to her clit. Her furrow was hot, marvelously hot, and marvelously wet. She gasped...

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Expanded and relaunched by BarbarianSpy on 19 January 2014, the GM Middle East espionage thriller, Velvet Interrogation, by Shabbu (a Literotica author, who also is a collaboration of Literotica authors sr71plt, under the pen name habu, and Sabb)

*Two days after its release, Velvet Interrogation reached #3 best-seller in the Romance/Thriller category at Allromanceebooks*

For free GM reads from the Shabbu collaboration of sr71plt and Sabb, visit Shabbu’s Literotica story file at http://www.literotica.com/stories/me...ge=submissions.


U.S. diplomat Chet Bender saves young Nabil Shabili in an extraction from Palestinian refugee camps inside Lebanon, in the shadow of an impending Israeli attack that will lead to a massacre in the camps. He subsequently accepts Nabil into his life, bed, and heart. Nearly twenty years later, Nabil is in the running to take the presidency of Lebanon and the forces promoting this rise are busy cleaning up loose ends in his past. And one of those loose ends is Chet.

This is an expanded relaunch of Shabbu’s The Interview.

REVIEWS of the original The Interview:

Rainbow Reviews 5 stars

This story is fascinating complex, set against an all-too-believable historical backdrop. . . . Against this backdrop, the contrast of Chet and Nabil’s love for each other shines through, a love strong enough to make the protection of the other man of primary importance, more important even than being together.

From Dark Divas 5 Divas

If you enjoy an intellectual story, if you like mysteries, if sizzling sex tempts you, then I have a recommendation for you: Shabbu’s The Interview will nicely fulfill any and all of the above requirements and entertain you as well.


I stopped there, not wanting to delve deeper into this, damning myself for creating the opening. How could I tell him that—against all of my instincts to harden my heart to the young men milling around and looking threatening—I was attracted to Nabil from the start—by his striking good looks. His beauty, actually. Somewhat androgynous then, when he was not more than a teenager. He would have been beautiful no matter what sex he was. That was then, of course. Later he grew in stature and commanding musculature and hardened up into a handsome, masculine man. Always the sort of engaging personality that served him well in what he has become. How could I tell Moorhead that I was immediately attracted to Nabil in a way that none of the other Palestinian refugees affected me—that, immediately, I was concerned for him; didn’t want him to suffer what I knew was coming from the Israelis?

I rushed on, protecting myself from what Moorhead could have asked that would open the Pandora’s box of this interview.

“‘Who believes the Israelis?’ Nabil answered me. His tone was sarcastic, and for a moment I was afraid that he was egging that muttering group of other men milling around outside the bus to start trouble. I told him that I did—I mean that we, at the U.S. embassy did.

“Nabil asked me why. And I told him that it was because the Israelis usually did what they say they would do. He looked at me for a moment; then he left. But as I was getting ready to leave, still with two empty seats, he came back with a backpack and said, ‘I am going with you.’ I wasn’t sure I could get him past the checkpoints. I didn’t have permission to take any young man—men his age were the targets of the Israeli action that was to come.

“I paused for a moment, but he repeated, insistently, ‘I am going with you.’ I grabbed his backpack and told him to open it. He looked at me as if he wouldn’t; then he did, and it was just clothes. And some books, in English. So, I decided he didn’t want to get on the bus to cause trouble. And I took a risk. I had papers to cover two young women. So, I looked around on the bus for a woman of his stature—Nabil wasn’t tall, and he was thin. I had him dressed quickly in woman’s clothes. Credit to the others on the bus, not one of them objected to my trying to save a young Palestinian man. We managed to get through the checkpoints without any of the soldiers taking notice of him.”

I expected Moorhead to pursue my motivation for taking such a risk for a young man, and I was prepared to say that I had the two empty seats, I wanted to save as many as possible, no one else was showing willingness to go, and it was time we had to leave, so at that point I was willing to do anything to save another life. But Moorhead just smiled at me and moved on with his questions.

“You reached Beirut.” Moorhead asked in a low voice, almost a monotone. “Was that a difficult journey? And then what happened? Nabil wasn’t on your original list, was he? So, you didn’t know Nabil at all before that time. And yet your association with Nabil doesn’t end there, does it? It’s a long way from a refugee camp to the University of Virginia; to Washington, D.C.; and back to Lebanon. And here we have Nabil campaigning for the presidency in Lebanon—and very likely to win. So, this is a pivotal story in his rise to prominence, isn’t it?”


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Cool Man to Man

At long last! I am almost 70 and have finally published a book. With my first earnings i will buy a bottle of champagne

My book, Man to Man, a novella and a collection of short stories, all originally published on Literotica is now available from most major sellers for $2.39, thanks to Smashwords!

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Launched on 24 January 2014, a GM Valentine’s Day offering (originally written for the Lit. Valentine’s Day contest but snarfed off by the publisher, BarbarianSpy, for an e-book), Trading Partners, by habu (a pen name of sr71plt):


It’s coming up to St Valentine’s Day and Avery, a handsome, hunky, and highly successful Richmond, Virginia, lawyer is, or so he’s convinced himself, on the cusp of a big lifestyle change—driven as much by his own sense that he’s aging out of the game as that anyone else is telling him so. He has always had it all and skimmed along the top with everything going his way, whether it’s burnishing his public image by being pictured in the society pages escorting pencil-thin models to gallery openings and concerts in Richmond or picking up young men for rough-sex, one-night stands in Virginia Beach.

With his fifty-fifth birthday looming, he has been trying to settle down with a one-and-only young man, living very discretely in his Fan district colonial mansion. His latest attempt to do so with VCU graduate art student, Dominick, goes sour when the flighty and effervescent Dominick shows signs of restlessness. Avery is shocked when Dominick suggests a couple’s swap date to spice up their life. He drags his heels despite his growing attraction to Kelsey, chosen for him in the swap, as his plans for his future start to spiral out of his control.


Avery moved faster than he normally would have from the jewelry store toward the men’s department of Dillards, in Richmond’s Regency Square mall. It had taken longer to buy the Gucci watch Dominick had been bugging him for for months. Not just any watch would do for Dominick’s birthday either. It had to be a Gucci Timeless Stainless wristwatch. Of course, having scrutinized and categorized the well-dressed and very presentable Avery and seeing how expensive the watch was that he had asked about, the salesman had tried to sell him an even more expensive timepiece. That had eaten up more time than Avery had planned spending on this purchase.

Avery wondered if Dominick even knew how expensive such a watch was. They hadn’t mentioned price. What Dominick had mentioned was that he was restless in their relationship. In response, Avery was doing what he could to keep Dominick’s attention focused on how good life was with an indulgent corporate lawyer, and Dominick certainly seemed to know what sort of toys and clothes would maintain his attention.

That was what Avery was afraid of—that he’d left Dominick to his own devices too long in Dillards men’s wear department while he was doing a “surprise” buy of the watch.

Dominick was something of a last hurrah for Avery, who was turning fifty-five the week after Dominick turned twenty-two—not that Dominick would notice that Avery too was having a birthday. . . .

Avery approached the men’s wear department at Dillards in time to see Dominick trying on a cashmere jacket and modeling it for another young man, maybe in his early thirties, tall and heavily muscled in contrast to Dominick’s lithe build and small stature, on the macho side where Dominick was slightly effeminate, and the taller young man had curly blond hair and blue-eyes in contrast to Dominick’s Mediterranean olive complexion and dark hair and eyes, a look that had always aroused Avery. The young man Dominick was talking with looked more like a high school football coach or car mechanic than a Dillards sales clerk.

“There you are, Avery,” Dominick said brightly as Avery walked up. “Isn’t this coat lovely?”

“Yes, it’s very nice,” Avery answered. He might have added that it looked very expensive, but that would be a waste of breath. Everything that attracted Dominick was very expensive. And he was more concerned with the man Dominick had been talking with. There was an interest or even a shared intimacy between the two that Avery didn’t like to see.

“What do you think, Logan?” Dominick said, turning to the blond giant. “Doesn’t it look stunning on me?”

“Ratty jeans look stunning on you, Dominick,” the other young man said and then he laughed.

Dominick turned a questioning look toward Avery, who, immediately capitulating, as he knew he must, said, “If you like it, of course you must have it. We’ll have to find a sales clerk . . . unless, of course, this gentlemen is a clerk.”

The “gentlemen” looked a bit amused.

“Oh, you haven’t met,” Dominick said. “This is Logan, he’s with a fellow student of mine, Kelsey. Avery’s the man I live with, Logan.”
Avery wasn’t wild about the baldness of Dominick’s explanation, but he was somewhat relieved that Logan was hooked up with someone else. Only somewhat, because he very much didn’t like the familiarity being displayed between Dominick and this Logan guy.

He was justified in not being quick to be relieved, because on the way home from the mall, Dominick revealed what he was thinking of them sharing—a trading partners date or two—with Logan and Kelsey, and, although Avery didn’t like the suggestion one bit, he knew he was being backed into a corner if he wanted to keep Dominick with him and didn’t want Dominick pointing to age as the source of Avery’s reluctance.

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Originally Posted by robertreams View Post
At long last! I am almost 70 and have finally published a book. With my first earnings i will buy a bottle of champagne

My book, Man to Man, a novella and a collection of short stories, all originally published on Literotica is now available from most major sellers for $2.39, thanks to Smashwords!
Was it a long haul? or have you only recently started writing?
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New Opeth Pack Book: Raining Kisses OUT NOW! Paranormal MFF Menage

After slaughtering Katarina's brother and father, along with a handful of other wolves who tried to abuse them, Nicholaus realizes his true darkness and decides to leave Hungary to keep his lovers safe from him. Relocating to Albuquerque, New Mexico, Nicholaus made a life for himself where he controlled the shots until the Opeth Pack messenger shows up with one of his lovers, requesting his assistance back in Hungary.
Katarina's other lover Krystyna has done something bad, but what, Katarina doesn't know. Her heart aches for both her stubborn lovers and forces her to find the courage to venture to America and bring Nicholaus back. Once the threesome reunites, sparks explode but secrecy threatens to tear the triad apart, as does Prophecy. Will Nicholaus remain with the two women who hold his heart, or will his lack of control make him return to the States, alone forever?


Excerpt one:
The idea of losing his temper again and potentially killing those he loved frightened him.
“Where’s Nicholaus?” He heard Katarina’s pained voice.
“Nicholaus, get your ass back here!” Krystyna shouted. “We’re not finished yet!”
Krystyna could be such a demanding bitch when she wanted to be. Still, he ignored them both and continued into the dense foliage, hoping he could dash through them and sprint back to town undetected.
Slinking along the ground, he crept slowly toward the bushes.
“I will come get you. I smell you, you selfish bastard. Get back here!” Krystyna yelled louder. He pictured her angry eyes, mouth hung open and fingers trembling.
Nicholaus knew he’d blown his chance. Krystyna would come after him. He sluggishly made his way back toward the front of the house. Stopping, he knew better. He was asking for trouble if he went back to his two lovers, knew his heart was asking to be loved. The problem was that he couldn’t stay here in Hungary. Not with them, not with the pack that had fallen apart. He had to leave.
“Nicholaus, get your ass back here and come face us!” Krystyna stomped toward him.
“Please, Nicholaus. I…” Katarina sounded like she was on the verge of tears.
Nicholaus couldn’t bear to hear her cry. Standing on two legs again, he walked out front to the main road. “I’m here,” he sighed heavily.
“Why would you disappear on us again after the three of us are reunited?” Katarina ran to him, tears in her eyes. “Why would you do that to me? Again?”
He had no response.
“He’s an asshole, like the rest of the Opeth Pack males.” Krystyna uncrossed her arms and drew Katarina to her.
He shook his head. “It’s easier to run when I know what’s best for you both.” The words came out a whisper but both women heard him loud and clear.
“But,” Krystyna's lip trembled, “you don’t know what’s best for me or her. You don’t know, Nicholaus. You have no idea,” tears streamed down her face, “how much we’ve suffered without our third and binding partner.”
Nicholaus looked at Krystyna. Her face showed little emotion but he caught the desperate need for completion in her eyes. She could never totally hide her feelings from him. Hell, it was blatantly obvious what she needed, desired most. Too bad she had no idea what she was truly asking for.
“I’m a murderer.” he looked away.
“You’re a wolf. Embrace what you are, Nicholaus. You did what you had to in order to protect us. I forgave you a long time ago.”
Katarina’s sweet words hit his heart with the force of a tank. He didn’t want to embrace what he was. He’d killed before in cold blood. He’d murdered her brother and father right in front of her. It didn’t matter that they were trying to rape her. There had to be another solution if he had just thought long enough about it.
“You’re going to have to get over the past someday, Nicholaus. Even I let shit go after a while.”
Krystyna reached for him but dropped her arms and looked at Katarina.
Katarina nodded.
Something was up between them.
The look that passed between them made him pause. “What are you two thinking?” He narrowed his gaze. Sniffing the air, he now smelled the pungent fragrance of arousal coming from both of them.
They turned, eyes wide and filled with an emotion deeper than lust and so much more than love. Krystyna and Katarina sauntered to him, each of them flanking him on a side.
“Love us,” Katarina begged. Her breath whispered softly over his ear, sending shivers up and down his skin.
Krystyna nodded. “You promised my lover something and you should own up like a man.”
Nicholaus growled at the challenge. He couldn’t take the torture of both his lovers assaulting his senses, putting him on the defensive and overloading his mind and body. He sucked in a breath, trying to drag air into his lungs but when Katarina leaned into him, pressed her lips against his and cupped the back of his head, he found he could only take in her aroma.
Krystyna’s hands found his shoulders, pulling him closer between them while she dropped fiery kisses all over his neck, drawing her tongue over his flesh.
Goose bumps appeared on his skin, the hair on the back of his neck stood and his cock throbbed. Heat built in his loins. His struggle to free himself was a loss, once both pairs of hands held him captive.
Only it wasn’t because he couldn't overpower his lovers. Trembling beneath the love and fury of their emotions, Nicholaus could only feel. Frozen by the love given to him, he let himself enjoy the sensations of two pairs of soft lips pressing onto his skin, dragging down his face or neck.
He’d grown painfully hard by now. When a hand caressed his erection, he nearly jumped out of his skin. He opened his eyes to see Katarina’s hands treading over his stomach, feeling the ripples of his abs. Krystyna’s palm cupped him.
He blinked, saw Katarina’s ruby red lips moving toward his. Leaning into her, he tasted her lips, sucked in what air he could, finding it full of her luscious scent and the spicy tang of Krystyna’s arousal. Knew that when the two were together, their aromas mingled instantly, remembered just how it used to be when they were younger.
Pulling back from Katarina, he found Krystyna's teeth working over his flesh, exciting the animal within. “I’ve got to taste you both,” he uttered between kisses.
Katarina’s mouth was velvet soft while Krystyna’s lips upon his neck burned him to the very core.
He stiffened between two sets of skilled hands caressing him, moving over his back, shoulders, down his abs, all while Krystyna kept her hand over his cock. He didn’t want to want them both, knew he needed to stop them, but the weakness in his knees only helped to drag him further into ecstatic lunacy.


Excerpt two:
Katarina arched a brow. “You don’t follow the pack chatter on the wind?”
He refused a response, preferring silence until her smile faded.
“You really don’t want us, do you?”
He pushed back from her, knelt before her, took her face in his hands and searched her eyes. Of course he wanted her, that’s why he did what he did. To protect them, but…
“I love you.”
“Say it again, please. The right way.”
He couldn't resist her begging. The wolves were born of Hungarian deities, that meant Magyar culture was theirs, not the humans. Had he believed in the legends, wolves were put on this Earth to protect man, just as Les had proclaimed earlier, but they were here first. Guardians to scout the lands the gods had made for man. His heritage could be traced back, just as a wolf, all the way back to the creation of the world, which at this point, made him a Hungarian.
Her voice dropped an octave, took on a smoky quality that hardened him instantly. His heartbeat picked up and he felt heat over his skin. Of course the look in her eyes was a mixture of lust and love, begging and sultry siren. Truly, her emotions broadcast in her beautiful dark green eyes.
Her lips curled upward in a smile that seemed to light his world. He stood slowly, appreciative of how she held on, then he pushed her head against him just to feel her nearness.
Katarina leaned into his stomach. “I’ve always liked your body, Nicholaus.”
Looking at her, he cupped her chin. “Kiss me.” He tilted her head up.
Katarina rose and leaned forward.
Closing his eyes, he let her mouth touch his, taste his lips. Her tongue swirled over his lips, first on his bottom lip then over his top lip. “I’ve always enjoyed your lips, drága. Loved the way they felt pressed against mine.”
Breathing in her scent, the overpowering sweetness of fruit, Nicholaus pressed harder against her mouth, opening his to give her tongue easier access.
Katarina’s tongue swirled around the inside of his mouth. She tugged him to his feet.
He felt it dip behind his teeth, over the edge of his canines, around his lips. His cock hardened, knees went weak.
Katarina’s hands circled around his waist. Her nails dug into his skin, drawing blood.
If he let her take over now, she’d be taking control from him. He’d be bound to them both if she drew blood and drank from his wound. “What are you doing?” He pulled away from the kiss.
Sealing her lips over his, she thrust her tongue into his mouth again, pushing him back against the bed.
“You’re,” she pulled away and nipped his chin, “actually here, Nicholaus. Truly,” she lowered her head to his chest and nipped his collarbone again, “really with us in the flesh.”
He swore he heard the unfinished “but not mentally” bit, yet her teeth felt like pinpricks. Her tears burned hot against his cool skin. Settling his hands on her shoulders, he pushed her away to arm’s length. “You can’t want me as much as I scent, can you?”
She shook her head and guided him to the bed. “Szeretőm, I want you. I need you. I’ve needed you like air.” Her voice dropped low, husky. Eyes remained half open.
Her hands pressed to his chest. She climbed on top of the bed and straddled him.
Heat from the juncture of her legs settled perfectly over his cock. Of course he felt the dampness soaking her jeans.
Squeezing her thighs around his, she fell forward. Hair spilled over her shoulders, draping over her like a thick red cloak. Flames of desire danced in her eyes.
Nicholaus licked his lips. Shifting his weight beneath her, he settled his hands on her luscious hips.
Katarina’s hands cupped his. “Like this.” She slid their hands over her hips, up her sides and stopped at her breasts. “Squeeze me.”
Full, luscious breasts filled Nicholaus’ hands. Thumbing her nipples into tight peaks, he squeezed and watched her throw her head back. She arched her body forward, sending her hair cascading down her shoulders. She fell forward, crushing her chest to his. Katarina’s lips sealed over his.
Nicholaus inhaled sharply, sucked in her tongue and felt her caress his mouth. Moaning into her, he arched his hips upwards against the soft, heated wetness between her thighs. “These,” he mouthed, “need to come off.”
Katarina pulled away and ducked her head into his shoulder, nipping his collarbone.
He yelped and slapped her ass.
Katarina gave him a dirty look before biting his lower lip.
Nicholaus hissed, pressing his hips harder into her. Her sexual prowess never failed to arouse him painfully. He'd never forget that, not in a million years.
Moaning, Katarina ground her hips into his harder, rocking faster and faster.
Nicholaus’ cock throbbed painfully beneath his pants from the friction she was creating. “I mean it.” That familiar build up started low in his loins, his every nerve begged for contact of skin against skin. He reached between them and pulled his zipper down. Hurriedly, he undid the snaps of his trousers. His cock sprang upwards.
Katarina took hold of him and began pumping him. “I need this. Krys will join shortly I'm sure of it.” Katarina lifted herself off Nicholaus and rolled to one side. With one hand, she undid her pants. Shoving them down her hips, she revealed pink panties and creamy thighs.
Nicholaus’s gaze rested on the dark thatch of curls covering her sopping core. “You’re not a natural redhead?”
She grinned. “Are you really worried about that now?”
He licked his lips. “Sit on me, drága.”
“You’re playing and not going to invite me?” Krystyna’s voice cut throughout the room.
Katarina shifted her weight, “We were just hoping you’d join us.”
Nicholaus looked over Katarina’s shoulder to see Krystyna standing in the doorway, towel wrapped around her body. “Drop the towel, Krys.”
She crossed her arms over her ample chest. “You are not my boss.”
Nicholaus caught sight of the slight rise and fall of her breasts. “You’re right. I am your mate.” He found his voice, barely.
She walked forward slowly. Her chin titled upward, she closed her eyes partially. “You’re a bastard.”
He looked at Katarina.
Katarina slid off Nicholaus, fingers gliding over his cock before she left the bed.
“And I am your mate too,” she cooed to Krystyna “Please play with us.”
Nicholaus watched Krystyna’s expression change from anger to softness, sensuality. Lust filled her eyes, flames of desire danced wildly. This wasn't Katarina's energy, he'd have felt that through the bond the three of them shared. Rather, it was her pure lust for him.
Katarina’s mouth sealed over Krystyna’s. Hands wrapped around Krystyna’s body. The towel fell to the floor.
Nicholaus was treated to a view of full hips, ripe breasts with dark areoles and beaded nipples. Krystyna’s hair hung in dark ringlets past her shoulders. Plump, red lips begged for teeth to be dragged across them, tongues to caress them.
“Please,” he mouthed to Krystyna, “come here.” His body burned from lack of contact now.
Katarina pulled Krystyna to the edge of the bed. “See his nice erection, Krys? It’s for us.”
“Bah. It’s for you.” She waved a hand dismissively.
How could she think otherwise? If it weren't for her he wouldn't be here, not really. Katarina wouldn’t come on her own. Besides, it was much easier to flirt with her and ease her temper than to fight with her. “I beg to differ. It’s for both of you,” he winked.
Krystyna licked her lips.
His eyes widened, eyelashes batted at her. “Touch me, Krystyna. Please?”
“You never beg.” Tentatively, Krystyna reached for his cock. It bobbed in her hands until she sealed her fingers around it.
Sascha Illyvich

Erotic Romance Author – http://saschaillyvichauthor.com
Facebook FAN page: - http://www.facebook.com/RomanceAuthorSaschaIllyvich
Twitter – http://www****itter.com/SaschaIllylvich
Erotic Expert – http://www.write-sex.com
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Cool Man to Man and Men In Love

These are the titles of my two e-books now for sale at ridiculously low prices on Smashwords.com and various other venues.

Best to try Smashwords for now, because other sites may be slow on the uptake.

Man to Man is a novella nd five sort stories previously published on Literotica. Obviously homoerotic in Nature.

Men In Love is heterosexual erotica of teh highest quality.

Many many thanks to Literotica and to my faithful readers for pushing me into production of 41 stories in a very short time.
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I have been writing my entire life, but never even tried to publish a word until i found Literotica. It has taken me thisd long to overcome the negative crap my dad laid on me, and all the image problems that created, not to mention the controversial nature of much of my writing. Since that last post I have published another book ; Men In Love, a heterosexual erotica collection, and am working on a third, My major Life's work, "Uncertain Seasons." It took me two vary frustrating weeks to learn to format properly, learn to create a cover, etc, but now that I know how, it is a breeze. Still anticipating the first sale with bated breath, tho
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Launched on 31 January 2014 by BarbarianSpy, the second of two GM anthologies of spy stories, Spy Tails 002, by habu (a pen name of sr71plt).


These seventeen stories, in the second of habu’s two “Spy Tails” anthologies, show an aspect of intelligence work very much in the vein of Graham Greene and John LeCarré but delving into spy craft operations that go well beyond where either of these authors dared to go.

The reality of spying is that it isn’t all Agent 007 glamour. There is a nasty, cynical, and even arousingly sexual underbelly to it, and these stories don’t shy away from showing that, or from ignoring the difficult questions of the morality of taking advantage of the vulnerability and weakness of men who have a weakness for men in the pursuit of chits in the power games of nations. These stories not only show the substance of spy craft, but they also show how men are suborned to be U.S. intelligence Candy Store unit agents and then how they use other men to extract what their handlers want.

If you are interested in the intersection of spy craft and man-on-man action, both volumes of habu’s Spy Tails should be on your “must read” list.

Also available in paperback.


From the short story “The Art of It”

“Hello, you must be Shayne. I’m Mr. Caldwell’s houseboy, Jerome. Come on in. I’ll take your bag to your room. He’s out beyond the great room, in the pool. Go on back.”

Ted Caldwell’s houseboy was a surprise. He certainly didn’t look the least bit boyish, although he looked maybe four or five years younger than me—barely twenty. He was a chocolate brown and obviously worked out a lot. He’d answered the door in just wide-legged white muslin pants that rode low on his hips, and he was barefoot. Other than that, he was all muscle and male model looks. I could see that the New Jersey shore was a whole lot more laid back in midsummer than Manhattan was. . . .

The wall toward the ocean in the great room was one whole expanse of window, and I could see the gray head of a man swimming laps in the terrace pool beyond, breaking water at a good, fast pace as I walked through the room toward the sliding glass doors to the pool area. He apparently saw me coming and was rising out of the pool as I came through the door.

Yes, indeed, the Jersey shore is far more laid back than the city, I thought, as I watched him emerge from the water. He was nude. . . .

“Is that you, Mr. Tanner from Spy magazine, come to suck this old man dry?” He called out to me. “Come. Come out to my playground.” He smiled, a very nice, disabling smile as I gulped through his colorful double entendre reference without being able to discern that it wasn’t a well-turned and apt phrase. I had enjoyed his book, The Candy Store, supposedly about a special sexual favors unit of the CIA—at least the writing style—and I felt yet another of my spiteful prenotions dropping and shattering on the patio tiles. It was quite possible that he was facile enough with the language to have actually written his book himself. The critical undercurrent of the structure I’d already preprogrammed for this magazine interview was quickly being shredded into tatters. I was left with trying to tie him up in lies and contradictions.

“Umm, sorry for surprising you this way, Mr. Caldwell. And please call me Shayne. And as for coming out into the hot sun . . .” I spread my arms, bringing attention to the three-piece suit I was wearing. . . .

“Surprising me? Oh, no, dear boy, you arrived within a couple of minutes of when I expected you. So, you seem to be the obsessively punctual type. We’ll have to see what we can do about . . . how we can help you prolong your pleasures. Do call me Ted—or daddy, considering the differences in our ages. Oh, no, that wouldn’t do. Jerome calls me daddy, and it would be so confusing when the three of us were together. Oh, sorry, I’m prattling again, and you’ve dropped your jaw.”

I indeed had dropped my jaw. The innuendo he was throwing in there, the breezy “but of course we all are on one page with this” talk. It was straight out of his book. It should have put me off in reading the book, but, strangely enough, it hadn’t. It had made me feel warm and wanting to think of the possibility of being in his world, which seemed so open and easy. It was like chocolate; I had felt evil in indulging in the book, but I read it to its completion and wondered what deeper level he could talk to that he hadn’t put in his book.

This feeling that I only now was intellectualizing, coupled with the man just standing there toweling off his head and chest, with the water dripping down the white, now nearly transparent front panel of his shorts, was making me feel a little woozy and dangerously aroused. But Caldwell had prattled on while I was spaced out.

“No suits allowed on the Jersey shore in the summer, my boy. What you are wearing will not do for another second. Take that off on the spot. Here, here is a swim suit. Put this on right this instant. Here. Then you can take a cooling swim, and Jerome will bring us some drinks. I have a special cocktail for you to try. It’s got passion fruit juice in it.”

He was moving toward me, holding out a skimpy Speedo and capturing me with laughing eyes that were a pale blue.

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The Contest by jack30341

Attractive and high maintenance, Amy Sinclair gets caught up in an erotic competition, when a former in-law challenges her to seduce her stepson. She finds herself as conflicted as she is motivated, as her prey turns the tables on her.

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e books

I have just publish 3 e-books on Smashwords

Man to Man, Men in Love, and Grey Heat.

all are compilations of novellas and short stories originally published on Literotica;

nce one learns the formating procedure, it isn't that difficult.
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Professional author

I am now officially a professional writer. I sold a book, Woo Hoo! Proud recipient of $2.05. On my way to becoming a wealthy man.

Men in Love. https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/402263 -

Man to Man (gay) https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/400201

Silver Heat (gay) https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/406730
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I have a new story up on Amazon. This one is going to be part of a series.
The basic premise is that on the day that the Mayan calendar ended in 2012, a giant serpent emerged from a portal in the sky over New Mexico, stretched around the world, then disappeared when its head reached the portal that its body was still coming out of.
After that, other strange things start to happen.

As with most of my stories, the focus is on sex and sexual encounters.

This story is FREE until midnight Feb. 18!
Get a copy now.

Check Out My Kindle Stories!
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Picture Perfect my new eBook available at Smashwords and at Amazon.

What started out as a present for her husband turned into something far more. Watch as two friends egg each other on to do more daring and explicit things in front of the camera. And fall in love in the process.

--------------- Excerpt

Michelle stood in the shadows watching as the camera clicked and the strobes flashed. The woman in the center of the bed was very beautiful. She was naked with her head propped up on her hand looking into the lens of the camera as the naked man behind her squeezed her breast. Michelle could not help wondering how it would feel to be her. To be the center of attention among these strangers as her friend was, laying there naked with a strange young man touching her.

Susan had talked Michelle into coming with for this photo shoot. The pictures were for Susan's husband, well not the ones being taken now but the ones that had been taken earlier. Pictures were taken of her in sexy silky underwear, nightwear, little see through nities, bra and panty sets, then some tasteful nudes and some not so tasteful nudes. Then the photographer had asked if she was ready for her partner. Michelle had gasped when Susan had said yes. Michelle stood there in the shadows in shock as she watched a truly handsome young man emerge from behind a curtain.

He was nude as was Susan. His penis was standing out straight before him pointing the way to his prize on the bed before him. As his weight signaled his approach, Susan swiveled her head toward him catching her first glimpse of the smooth tan skin taught over muscles that bulged as he moved like a cat. Susan gasped as she caught sight of his hard penis. Her tongue flicked out and licked her lips as she smiled to herself, her eyes never leaving the hard appendage bobbing its way toward her.

Michelle was surprised that the two seemed to know each other as he leaned down and kissed her passionately. Michelle wanted to run, run out of this place but couldn't move. She couldn't tear her eyes away from what her friend was doing, her married friend. Susan, her best friend, married to...she couldn't keep from watching. She watched as Susan's hand gently wrapped around the man's penis and started to stroke it oh so gently. She watched as the man slid his hand to her breast and squeezed, hard.

Michelle could hear her friend moan as her excitement rose at the man's touch. All the while, the photographer was snapping picture after picture of the two naked people on the bed. The photographer then called to the lovers, having them get into one of the first poses of the many he had written on a piece of paper before him. The handwriting on the paper was that of Susan. Michelle had watched her write them out for the photographer before they had started.

Michelle could not stop watching as her friend looked into the camera with the stranger squeezing her breast. Susan's nipples were hard as the man pinched one between is thumb and forefinger. Susan threw her head back, her mouth open wide, as she sighed in pleasure. Michelle's own nipples were diamond hard points under her silk blouse. Without realizing, she had reached up and was pinching her own nipples as she watched her friend.

Attached Images
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Released by BarbarianSpy on 22 February 2014, a mature-age GM anthology, Fifty Seventy, by habu (a pen name of sr71plt).


Fifty Seventy is a six-story anthology affirming and exploring the sexual relationships between men when one sex partner is fifty and the other seventy. These six stories are varied in not only time, place, and situation, but also in who is on top and who is on the bottom and how long their relationship has been going on. All, though, share the common thread of a fulfilled sexual relationship among mature men of certain ages. All of these stories are of men still getting pleasure from sex in their later years.

We all grow old—if we’re lucky—and, if we’re honest with ourselves, we wonder if we will be one of the lucky ones one who can still get it up at ninety and enjoy a sex life. All of us who have enjoyed an active sex life wonder, with some sense of concern, how good sex can be at fifty, and whether there can be sex at all at seventy. And these are as much questions in the gay world as the hetero world. Add to that the question of the durability and sexual aspects of May-December relationships or, perhaps even more problematic, October-December relationships, and the concerns can be complex. But the possibilities can be interesting as well.


From “Climbing Machu Picchu”

The old man pulled a packet of vibrant-colored cigarettes out of his pocket and was lighting up even as he asked, “Care if I smoke?” He didn’t wait for an answer before going on. “My name is Bob. I trust that you’re a tourist, coming for the first time to our little tropical paradise down here in Key West to . . . observe?”

“Yes, down from Delaware—Wilmington—to escape the winter. Stopped here on my way farther south. My name’s Alex, by the way.”

“Nice solid name, Alex. It suits you. You’re a nice solid-looking man. Well put together. Staying at . . . ?”

“The Blue Marlin, just down the street on Simonton. Rather interesting. An old fifties-style motel, but they keep it up and emphasize the retro.”

“Yes, I know it well. So, just retired from DuPont and decided suddenly to see the world? You look a bit young to have retired. More than a bit, actually.”

Was the man leering at him suggestively? Alex chose to ignore any possibility that he was. Still, he felt a tightness inside himself—as if the old man was pulling at him to extract all of his deep, dark secrets. Then why, Alex wondered, was he proceeding to give up nuggets about himself? At the back of his mind, he kept wondering just why it was that he’d wanted to take a side trip to Key West on his way farther south.

“Not retired yet, but you hit it on the head with DuPont. Not DuPont itself, but one of the major banks in town. We do a lot of work with DuPont. I’m fifty—just turned. Looked around and decided I hadn’t done much of what I wanted to do in life. So, I’m on an extended vacation.”

“Ah, yes. Fifty is a dangerous age. I’m seventy myself.”

“Seventy? I wouldn’t have guessed.” And, in fact, Alex wouldn’t have guessed that. Sixty maybe. Certainly older than he was himself.

“I’ve done what I can to keep that from being a first guess. And you got bored up there in Wilmington did you? Made a list of places to see, and Key West was on the list?”

“Yes, Key West has always intrigued me.”

“Yes, yes, it does, for a certain type of man.”

Alex didn’t quite know how to respond to that, but Bob saved him the trouble, continuing on with his probing. “Is Key West the only sightseeing destination on your vacation agenda?”

“This is just a stopover. I’m on my way down to Peru. Wanted to see Machu Picchu. It seems to be on everyone’s bucket list.”

“Ah. Rather unique, a stopover in Key West on the way down to Peru. When you get there, you’re going to do what, take a flyover of the area? You’re not going to climb to the ruins?”

“Yes, yes, a flyover, but how did you guess that?”

“I sense a pattern here. And, so, why did you stop over in Key West? To observe beautiful young men playing volleyball on the beach or to fuck or be fucked?”

“Excuse me?”

“We’re an open and honest lot down here in Key West, Alex, and the key is famous for one thing, really. I just wondered where you were in life. It seems you’ve moved to observer from experiencing. I can understand that. I was in my fifties once, facing retirement, and suddenly realized I hadn’t been much of anywhere. In my rather older age, though, I’ve discovered that it’s all going to abruptly stop at some point—and I will either have collected photographs of others doing something—young men playing volleyball on the beach, for instance—or I’m going to have experienced life myself. That’s why I went back to smoking and drinking . . . and fucking. And Key West is a great place to do all that and devil may care.”

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Free Books And A General Update

It's been a while since the last posting and so this probably won't help with the very short term (day) FREE BOOK deal at smashwords(ends march 8) but i'm going to put in other info with URLs that anyone interested in following my writing can use to check my books on amazon, smashwords and barnes. (they're also on KOBO) but I don't know if i've ever sold any books there.

1. let me do this in order. There are three books in the When We Were Married series that started on LIT. All are FREE as part of the Smashwords Global e-book one week campaign that offers tons of free ebooks. Log on smashwords before the 8th (that's saturday- they're good through saturday) and you can get up to date at NO charge. When the deal ends, the three books - the long fall, second acts, and the wind is rising - part one - two weeks in november - will go back to their regular prices of 4.99 on barnes and smashwords and pretty much the same on amazon except that currently The Long Fall is $2.99.

For long time readers, The Long Fall goes through the return of Aline to Jacksonville. It's about 90 percent what was on LIT, but there is new material and I switched things around including maitland's becoming The Angel of Death and his first meeting with Philippe Archenbault in Paris.

Second Acts picks up with Aline in Jacksonville and goes through the end of of the material on LIT but there's about 30,000 words of new material including the beginning of Maitland's relationship with Myra.

The Wind Is Rising- Part One - Two Weeks In November continues the story of Maitland and Myra, brings in new characters both good and very, very bad, brings back some old characters who seemed to be out of the story for good.

I'm currentlyworking on the second part of The Wind Is Rising - this will be "The Past Never Dies" and despite the fact much of this past year has been a bust in terms of writing I've over 60,000 words and writing faster now.



http://www.amazon.com/dp/B008SUSE8O - lady white eyes
http://www.amazon.com/dp/B008YPL9R6 - wwwm 1- the long fall
http://www.amazon.com/dp/B0091FOWWC -wwwm 2- second acts
http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00CQR8N4A - the wind is rising part 1
https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/115234 - SMASHWORDS FOR WWWM 1
https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/124503 SMASHWORDS FOR WWWM2
https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/315148 - Smashwords For WWM 3
http://www.facebook.com/danielquentin.steele -FACEBOOK PAGE FOR DANIELQSTEELE
http://wempublishing.com/ - new website
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new ebook

I am in the process of deleting my story Falling from this website. Thank you to all who read/favourited me/commented.
It is available on Smashwords. Please feel free to use the coupon code VA56E for a free copy. The coupon is good until March 30, 2014.
Falling is a non-erotic adventure/romance set during World War 1. Monique is a young woman, running her family farm alone, and wondering what adventures the world may offer if she were ever able to escape her obligations. Sean is a Canadian Ace, who's Sopwith Camel is shot down over Monique's farm. Can they find happiness, even for a brief duration while the raging war seems to have forgotten them? Will Sean's duties dampen whatever sparks fly between the two?
A list of my stories can be found here.
my author's website is located at
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Sex in a Can

Sex in a Can

This is a reboot of my popular Sex in a Can Literotica series, available for now only on Amazon: all new characters, situations and of course the same "friendly" tentacles!

Here's the teaser:

Samantha left the stodgy world of high finance for the fast-paced excitement of storage unit auctions and hasn't looked back. She has a great eye for a deal and some "special" techniques that make her the best in the business. When the chance to buy a unit that has been illegally modified with a massive metal door on the inside to protect its contents arises, she uses all her tricks to get a look at what treasures it might hold.

The answer is stranger than anyone expected...
Check out all of my Literotica stories here: http://www.literotica.com/stories/me...ge=submissions
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Expanded and relaunched on 14 March 2014 by BarbarianSpy, the GM Romance novella, Arena Stage, by habu (a pen name of sr71plt).


Young theater dancer and secret playwright Sean Singleton and streetwise Gil Johnson struggle from their separate circumstances to rise from under the domination of three larger-than-life unfettered predatory Broadway legends during the staging of a major production at Washington, D.C.’s, renowned regional Arena Stage theater. In a twisting tale of lies, bravado, and sexual exploitation, told from the differing and separate misunderstandings and perceptions of Sean and Gil, the two spar in their own dance of denial and attraction in a rush to free themselves and find new love and validation in a final curtain act of defiance.

This is an expanded relaunch of the eXcessica novella of the same name.


“Defiance?” Cersenka questioned, speaking up for the first time since they had opened the manuscript and thus answering the question that had been in my mind. How strange. Not an ending really, but seemingly more the beginning of a new cycle.

“Precisely,” Masters said, his voice warm with triumph, proud of his work and of the surprise it engendered. “The unexpected. I always intended the unexpected at this point. I know what everyone was thinking, what they were thinking the final title would be . . .”

“Death,” Cersenka whispered in a ghostly voice, stopping everyone in the room in their tracks, causing them to hold their breath, the heavy silence punctuated by the hacking cough Cersenka devolved to after interjecting that word into the air.

After a minute, Masters sniffed and said, “Yes, well. I know what people thought. But I always thought that would be a bit too obvious.”

“Obvious, yes,” Cersenka said. “But it’s there, isn’t it? It’s there in all of them, all of the ‘D’ plays, lurking in the background, pointing to it, leading up to it. Death.”

Masters looked radiant, accepting what Cersenka was saying as an accolade to his talent. But then he said enigmatically. “Perhaps yes, perhaps no. You have not read this last script.”

“Yes, well, perhaps it is time that I did,” Cersenka said. “We have not that much time to stage an entirely new production. I too assumed it would be a revival. Something that could be slightly reshaped, brought into the current decade. But a whole new play . . .”

He paused momentarily to let the task that was before them sink in; they were all stage professionals of the first rank. They all knew a new production for the Arena Stage, given the time frame, would be a Herculean task. But all three, including Cersenka, had been infused with excitement from the moment they realized that they quite possibly had an earth-shattering event in their grasp.

“It has dancing scenes, this last play?” Cersenka then asked, obviously not yet fully believing. “And a score? It already has a score?”

“Yes, of course,” Masters answered in a slightly wounded voice. “That has been key through the series. They all have dance sequences. And, yes, certainly it has a score—but you will be able to recognize themes in the score from the earlier six plays. That is purposeful. This is the last, the linking play. The glue to my masterpiece.”

“Then I best get started,” Cersenka said. “If you gentlemen will excuse me. I have a score to review and dancers to hire.” He rose, apparently in some pain, took up an ivory-headed cane, and started to move toward the double doors at the other end of the shadowed room. He stopped, though, beside the chair of Masters’ assistant and took the surprised young man’s chin in his hand and lifted his face.

“You are a dancer, are you not?” I was amazed that Cersenka had reached the same conclusion as I had about the young man. I had not noticed that he had realized the youth was in the room at all.

The beautiful young man cleared his throat in embarrassment at the attention paid him, and answered in a small, melodic voice. “I was, yes . . . I was. But not now. Now I work for Mr. Masters.”

“Perhaps, though. Just perhaps you still want to dance,” Cersenka said. “Yes, I see it in your face. Perhaps, just perhaps I will see you at the auditions.”

Even more embarrassed now, the young man moved his chin from Cersenka’s gentle grip, and his eyes returned to the back of his boss—I could just as easily say “of his master.”

“I don’t think—”

“Well, perhaps,” Cersenka repeated, and then he turned and tapped his way, slowly, yet gracefully straight for the exit.

Neither Masters nor Handelsman had seemed to notice this exchange at all, they were already so deeply engrossed in preliminary discussions about the coming production. But I certainly noticed. Handelsman had worked with Cersenka before. I had been there. I knew Cersenka. He would not have a single dancer in his troupe for a production that he did not fully control, fully possess. He fucked them all; that was the symbol, the acknowledgment of the control he had over them, individually and as a troupe. The sexual dynamics in the room had just been kicked up a notch—and the Master apparently hadn’t even noticed it.

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E Books

Yea! I am a professional writer. So far $14 plus.

6 e books

Man to Man - homoerotic short stories

Men in Love

Silver Heat I, II, & III

Uncertain Seasons-- non erotic

All are Published by Smashwords, but available wherever e books are sold.
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My Baby Girl by amicus


My first new publication in a while, the first of many to follow...

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Guilty Pleasures A to Z (26 Naughty Short Stories)

[IMG]https://s3.amazonaws.com/CAPS-SSE/content**F4317614**FDIGITAL_BOOK_THUMBNAIL?Expires=1395895385&versionId=cIVDdceEW92rfBQriNTgFKxbx2jj Jon7&AWSAccessKeyId=AKIAILQIFW3ZSRPSOLZQ&Signature=KayhHauVFwg**Fi7Y**F1NFsAfc896A**D[/IMG]

Guilty Pleasures A to Z is a short story collection of naughty behaviors and sizzling delights. Let your imagination soar as this book takes you on ride to places deep and dark inside.

My Stories:

Innocent Foot Rub Ch. 01 - Erotic Couplings - An innocent foot rub leads a wife to an erotic encounter
Innocent Foot Rub Ch. 02 - Anal - Frustrated Amanda yearns for Steve to explore her ass
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