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Hey everyone, am pretty new here so thought I would join the crowd. By no means a writing genius but am fun, playful and have a sexual imagination that makes me blush lol

Here is my profile, guess it will change as I develop on here!

Gender: Female, I would be terrible as a guy lol

Age: Anything older than my age (19) prob up to around 30

Orientation: Bisexual - love female company.

Power Exchange: I tend to be submissive, but can be dominant if need be, though I don't like dishing out a lot of pain

Race: Caucasian

Body Type: try to stick to what I am used to. Am 5'8", willowy brunette, am a fitness freak so am toned but have curves in the right places. Have been compared to Barbara Palvin but am sure that person was drunk!

Alternate Species/Fantasy Races/Mutations: I think I will stick to human for now please!

Settings: Prefer modern day and played as realistically as possible

Writing style: I like realistic and moderate paragraph chats. No one liners but also lose interest in pages of essays!

Likes/Kinks: Sibling incest, father/daughter incest, threesomes, public sex, age gaps, babysitter, exchange student. Why does listing this turn me on so much???

Major Turn Offs: No pain, scat, underage, urine blood, beast, etc yuk

Availability: I try to check my PMs at least once a day, get me interested and doubt you can get rid of me!

Comments: I can RP either via PMs or on the boards. If you just want to chat just send me a message!

Bye for now!

Libby xxx
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Della Divina

Gender: female or male characters

Age: 18-45

Orientation: I can play bi or hetero as f-f, m-f or f-m. I prefer f-f in real life, but this isn't real life. I can read m-m in a story, but I am not good at writing it.

Power Exchange: Flexible.

Race: It does not matter.

Bodytype: Variety is the spice of life.

Alternate species/fantasy races/furries/mutations: It depends upon the story.

Settings: I like a variety of settings

Likes/kinks: voluptuous females, a slow build up, romance, flirting, character development

Hard limits: vomit, scat, golden showers, anal, rape and extreme torture

Availability: Most evenings and some during the day, on my phone

Additional Comments:

I am looking for games and writing partners who can do the following things:

-respond every few days
-write at least two paragraphs (with an indentation or a space between them)
-take things slowly and naturally

I am not here for "sex", but for good story telling. That is why I mostly can be found in the Online Role-playing section.

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Wolf writer
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New To This...

Gender: Male. I play only male roles.

Age: I am 28 IRL, but will play 18 to approximately mid 40.

Orientation: Heterosexual

Power Exchange: I enjoy equal-power to submissive women for SRP roles. I am open to negotiation on certain levels, but I don’t usually play the sub.

Race: I am Caucasian myself. I am open to playing other ethnicities myself, but prefer to stay in the bounds of what I am able to identify best as that is what I can draw on the most experiences from.

Body Type: I am 5’ 9” with dark, black hair, about 165 lbs and in decent shape. I will play anything from a skinny high school boy to a ripped business executive and everything in between, but nothing obscene or grotesque. I want you to be as attracted to me out there in SRP world as I will be to you, so let’s be each other’s fantasy, shall we ?

Alternate Species: I’m not opposed to alternative species, so long as the characters are basically humanoid or close enough to human that I can still relate to how to write that character’s sexual experiences and needs through my own understanding. Sci-fi is perfectly fine, so if that is your thing, feel free to e-mail me and we'll chat, but I love to still keep it grounded in some basis of reality.

Settings: I'm up for playing in just about any situation.


• Taboo - (boss/employee, student/teacher, babysitter, office romance, etc...)
• Oral Sex
* Romance
* Anal
• Redheads
• Punk Girls/Emo girls
• Facial Cumshots and Cumplay (a must)
• Rough Sex
• Reluctance
* Threesomes
• First Time Experience
• Exhibitionism
• Humiliation or Degradation (of my partner)
• Group Sex
• Domination (of my partner)
• Dirty Talk

for a good old fashioned romp without any real power dynamic!

Hates: C’mon, everyone, let’s keep it legal and sanitary

Format Preference: YAHOO IM (real time), E-mail (secondary or in between to keep us satiated until we’re both online again).

Availability: I'm on pretty often and can make myself available once a day possibly. There will be times when maybe every 2 days is the longest I will have to go before I can continue due to working late hours at work and having to get up the next morning without any alone time in between, but I like someone who can keep up and is respectful of my time and needs. When we aren’t on IM I can send e-mails out and will try and be as tedious in responding to your messages as well.

Qualifications: I have numerous long-format stories that are all on average rated above a 4.5 lending them to have “H” rated certifications. I have studied writing in college and do it as a hobby, so I am able to articulate and correctly convey my thoughts as well as paint vivid and illicit scenes. My stories should speak for themselves. My username is RiversEdge. I have a popular series called “The Neighbors” and most recently have uploaded a second NC-17 rated fan-fic about Hayley Williams from Paramore. There are similar themes in my writing and if you find that you enjoy them or want something even more extreme, I am willing to work with you.

Notes: I prefer partners with a similar love and taste (and skill) for writing. Not asking for pages, but at least someone who knows how to format and articulate ideas in paragraphs, thoughts, and use dialogue creatively and effectively.

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Originally Posted by Undercoverseeke View Post
Gender: Female, but am willing to RP as a male

Age: In my thirties, but can RP any age from 18 and up

Orientation: Bisexual

Power Exchange: I tend to be submissive, but can be dominant if need be, though I don't like dishing out a lot of pain

Race: Caucasian

Body Type: Short black hair, gray eyes, curvy body type, 5'6'', cup size C

Alternate Species/Fantasy Races/Mutations: I enjoy RPing as different species, such as dragons and aliens. I've even RPed as a robot before.

Settings: No preference

Likes/Kinks: Sibling incest, father/daughter incest, threesomes, public sex, abduction scenarios, some light bondage, cross-species sex (not bestiality -- has to be a sentient species such as an alien or fantasy race)

Mild Turn Offs: BDSM -- I like being tied up, but am not into pain. Also iffy about anal, but am willing to experiment and try to stretch my limits (no pun intended).

Hard Limits: Anything involving scat, urine, or blood

Availability: I try to check my PMs at least once a day

Comments: I can RP either via PMs or on the boards. I don't give my e-mail out, however.

Standard/Favorite Character: Don't have a set favorite character -- I'm flexible in what I can do.

]Likes/Kinks:[/b] Sibling incest, father/daughter incest, threesomes, public sex, abduction scenarios, some light bondage, cross-species sex (not bestiality -- has to be a sentient species such as an alien or fantasy race)

Daddy daughter is my biggest turn on and happy to play along with u
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Subject to change as time goes on!

Gender: Female and female only..

Age: I tend to play between the ages of 19 and 25 to stick closer to what I know.

Orientation: Heterosexual (though if it a good plot and a wonderful writer, I can be persuaded to try something new).

Power Exchange: I am a submissive myself and will only play someone who is submissive in the long run. Expect some sort of fight at first, they are usually willful and the idea of some non-consent to put them in their place entices me.

Race: I am Caucasian and therefore tend to stick with that. If I tried another culture I fear like I would fall into stereotypes far too much.

Body Type: While it does vary, I tend to stick with red-heads who are slim and well proportioned, average height and weight. I don't mind doing something else if it makes the experience better for my partner.

Alternate Species: I have never done anything of another species but so long as I had the basic idea of how the character worked and the ways in which they differed from a human being than I am more then happy to oblige.

Settings: I am a history major so I do love any kind of historical setting. I also have a liking for some kind of "sex house/club" to fully immerse characters in a foreign setting and such. I am open to anything really though if the plot is good.

Likes/kinks: I have quite a lot of them so here are some of the ones that come to mind.

• Anal Sex
• Slave Training
• Rough Sex
• Reluctance/Non-Consent (within limits)
• First Time Experience
• Exhibitionism
• Humiliation or Degradation
• Group Sex
• Dirty Talk
• Branding/Marking/Tattoos/Collars/Ownership
• Coercion/Blackmail/Abduction/Slavery/Captivity
• Medical Examination/Examinations/Medical Equipment
• Leather gloves/Spanking/Whips/Riding Crops

Plus I tend to be open to anything that another person may like as well!

Hates: Minors, scat, animals, necrophilia, vomit, drinking piss, graphic gore, atrocious SPG, rushed/unedited posts, horrid grammar/spelling and switching

Format Preference: Either through the boards or PM due to the nature of my life.

Availability: I tend to write more late at night due to the way that I work during the day and the family that I live with. For this reason I won't be on much before 11:30 pm EST throughout the week. I tend to try and get on at least once a day but it might be a day or two between my available times.

Notes: I would love for someone who loves to write as much as I do and wants to develop a story with the characters and go through with a full plot line. I want them to think about their character's thoughts and not just spew something out to get a quickie with my characters. I don't expect a novel or anything but something well thought out and interesting to read would be lovely!
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Gender: Female IRL, and I'd be fascinated to find the male character I would want to play.

Age: 18-45? Timeless understanding?

Orientation: Experimental. Generally hetero, but my girlfriend says I'm adorable.

Power Exchange: Yes please. I run submissive. I can be joking, high intensity and challenging, or sweet and demure or anything in between, but I need to know that by the end of it I will not be the one in overt control.

Alternate Species: Yes. Though always through a lens of humanity. I don't think I am able or interested in being entirely inhuman, though separating myself in one degree or another to see how that impacts everything else is the interesting part of making any character.

Settings: I'm having difficulty of thinking of a setting that wouldn't be fun to explore. I have an overwhelming fondness for post apocalyptic worlds and settings where the rules have broken down or are changing quickly.

Likes and Kinks: Anything with power exchange. Everything from a gentle slope into careful and precious master/sub relationships to rough non consent. Almost whatever the equipment or trapping or setting is, if the heart of it relies on an imbalance of power or trust, I am interested in exploring the topic.

Dislikes: Cheating squicks me out. Necrophilia, scat, urine, gore. My interest in incest outside of older brother-younger sister is so mood driven it would be irresponsible of me to start a thread with someone else for that purpose.

Availability: A few posts on the days I can, but once or twice a week there will be a day I cannot post. I aim to not over burden myself with active threads so as not to disappoint anyone. I do not intend to rush to post and I prefer to write with others of the same ilk.
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AV by Makinmepurr
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Gender: male characters

Age: at least 35 and up

Orientation: Heterosexual

Power Exchange: Flexible.

Race: Caucasian.

Bodytype: doesn't matter.

Alternate species/fantasy races/furries/mutations: Nope.

Settings: I like a variety of settings, I do like sports (soccer, college basketball, baseball)

Likes/kinks: one on one, MFF, oral is a favorite

Hard limits: vomit, scat, golden showers, anal, rape and extreme torture

Availability: some evenings but not always

Additional Comments: Interested in trying hand at sexy role play in most scenarios. Not really interested in long drawn out stories
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Gender: I am male and have pretty much no experience playing as female. I am, however, curious to do a scenario that involved gender transformation.

Age: I think I could do up to around 50 pretty well. I think I could make a good silver fox.

Orientation: Pretty much straight, but potentially flexible in the right situation. I do have some interest in futanari.

Power Exchange: Yes, please. I switch but tend toward dominant. However, I love it when I can find a woman who can top. I can play dominant or submissive in a particular scenario, or switch during if it makes sense within the story. I'm also not opposed to vanilla romance. It can be a challenge to write, but I like challenges.

Race: I tend to think of myself as Caucasian, but open to playing something else. My partner's race is unimportant.

Body Type: What would you like? If it's up to me, I'll probably go with taller and better-looking than myself, because it's fantasy and why not?

Alternate Species: Hmm...never given it much thought or tried it. I suppose as long as the characters are basically humanoid, I'll consider it. Fantasy-type characters such elves, angels, demons, etc. would be fine. I'm at least willing to entertain most things and see if I like the idea.

Settings: Variety is the spice of life. Contemporary and realistic is fine, and so are fantasy, historical, alternative universes, whatever. I tend not to be too interested in post-apocalyptic or horror settings, but a good one might still work for me. I have been wanting to do an Asian martial arts-themed story (think Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon).

Likes/kinks: OK, a partial list: power differentials, bondage, anal, collaring/pet play, cumplay/squirting, lingerie, clothed sex, moderate pain and humiliation, reluctance and dubious consent, threesomes and groups

Dislikes: If it fits into the story, I'm game for most things. In general, I'm not a big fan of mother/son incest, watersports, impregnation and lactation, or anything really rape-y.

Hard limits: As far as I know, just scat, extreme pain or mutilation, and death.

Writing style: I'll just say it up front: I'm fairly particular about grammar and spelling. I don't expect perfection, but if your posts are riddled with grammar and spelling errors it will be a problem. I tend toward longer exchanges, but again it depends on the requirements of the story. I prefer to write in third-person past tense, but I'm open to other styles. I love seduction, build up, and establishing the characters rather than just jumping to the good stuff. I don't mind my partner filling in minor actions and dialog for my characters if it helps move the story along. If you don't want me to do that for you, say the word.

Availability: I check on and off during the day, but don't always have a lot of time to write. I'll let my partners know if I'll be unavailable for more than a few days.

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Gender: female

Age: I will play teens to thirties

Orientation: very straight

Power Exchange: Yes, but not very much. I like to have a choice, even if the choice I make is to surrender.

Race: I'm fine with whatever race you want me to be, but I'm not a fan of scenes where race is made a big issue.

Body Type: I like to play voluptuous women.

Alternate Species: Bring it on. I'm open to discussing just about anything.

Settings: I'm very fond of fantasy and sci-fi settings, including contemporary dark fantasy, post-apocalyptic and almost any other permutation. I'm not good at canon, so I prefer either generic settings or loose interpretations.

Likes/kinks: Kissing, caressing, nibbling, licking, sucking, fucking. I'm pretty vanilla, I think, except I'm really big on gangbangs and mfm or mfmm... I enjoy being slutty in roleplays. Semi-public is sexy.

Dislikes: Not such a big fan of BDSM, and all that goes with it.

Hard limits: abuse, bathroom stuff, kids, animals,

Writing style: I'm pretty short and to the point.

Availability: Most days I should be able to post a time or two, but there are exceptions.
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Gender: Female, and I only play females.

Age: I can do from 18 - 30.

Orientation: I'm heterosexual, and that's all I'll play.

Power Exchange: I'm pretty vanilla myself, with some slight sub tendencies at times, therefore I much prefer mutual power exchange.

Race: I am white, but I'll happily play other races if the situation calls for it.

Bodytype: I tend to play myself, basically, so I'm very small (5ft) with small hands and feet. For the most part I'm slim, though I have curves around my hips and chest.

Alternate species/fantasy races/furries/mutations: I'm only into playing Humans.

Settings: At the moment, I'm big into historical fantasy type settings. I don't enjoy future or sci-fi. I also love general modern day settings.

Likes/kinks: As I said I'm pretty vanilla, and I love romance. However I do like being called names at times, and being spanked.

Hard limits: BDSM, Incest, scat, toilet stuff, bestiality, minors, the list can go on.

Availability: I tend to be pretty available!

Just one slight warning, I'm a massive grammar nazi. Bad grammar and spelling is my big pet peeve, so please don't message me if you're prone to text speak and abbreviations.

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Gender: Female

Age: 18-30

Orientation: Hetero but MIGHT be willing to try bi.

Power Exchange: I like about equal but would go a bit sub or dom for the right story.

Race: Any

Bodytype: I'm short and a lil' chunky but I'll play anyone who isn't Amazonian.

Alternate species/fantasy races/furries/mutations: Human only (I know my banner is a bit furry but it's just for show.)

Settings: I tend to realistic settings w/o much violence or action.

Likes/kinks: Dressing up slutty, evocative language, a little bit of romance.

Hard limits: No underage, hard bondage, non-consent ( but forced seduction might be okay) scat, golden showers, pain, degradation.

Availability: Sporadic, at least every two or three days and I like to write one or two solid paragraphs.

So hit me up!
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Newish to lit. I used to frequent the site and wrote quite a bit, life got in the way and I parted from this hobby'o mine.

Gender: I have a preference for playing female characters, but I think in the right circumstances, I could play a trans-female or "sissified" male.

Age: 18-30

Orientation: I can play straight,bi or lesbian females. I'd like to experience writing in male-male interaction as trans or "sissy".

Power Exchange: I am submissive and "little" , so ideally playing one or both of those roles is most satisfying. I enjoy non-consent, brainwashing/retraining scenarios mostly, but who can resist playing the seductive, slutty school girl when the skirt fits so well!

Race: I'm mixed-race, I am comfortable playing every color of the rainbow.

Bodytype: I am short and very curvy. I like to keep it that way.

Alternate species/fantasy races/furries/mutations: I would like to play other species/races. So long as they stay (mostly) humanoid. Being a gamer and a Trekkie, my fantasies regularly include non-humans.

Settings: I have never been very picky about settings. So long as they are sensible with the story and don't reach too far, I am a happy gal.

Likes/kinks:My kinks include (but are by no means limited to) daddy-girl(other authoritative figures could replace daddy) , coercion,abduction,slavery,captivity, rape,implements,spanking,collars,bondage, gang-bang/gang-rape, humiliation/objectification,psychological torture, choking/breath-play, water-sports,blackmail. The transformation from virtuous to what ever sick thing you mold me into is the best. I don't always have to be drowned in kink, I like to be vanilla on occasion.

Hard limits: Minors, scat, knives/cutting,animals, necro, vomit, drinking piss.

Availability: with school and work, I don't think it would be fair to commit to something more than daily correspondence.

Hope to start writing soon!!
My SRP Profile

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Let's see if I can make a profile too

Gender: Female only.
Age: 18 - 40ish?
Orientation: Straight, Bi, Lesbian.
Power Exchange: Submissive or equal, no dominant or cruel side.
Race: No real preference
Bodytype: Will normally play a 'normal' girl, but no problem adjusting to the wishes of my partner.
Alternate species/fantasy races/furries/mutations: Never written anything other than human, so staying close to that might be good, but we can always explore the possibilities.
Settings: Modern times is what I know best, but different suggestions are always welcome. Just give me a world I can somewhat imagine.
Likes/kinks: Sex in public, sex with strangers, being controlled, being seduced, getting punished, humiliation, gangbangs, nonconsensual sex.
Hard limits: Minors, animals, bloodplay, scat.
Availability: I am a student IRL so some days I have all time to myself while other days I am too busy with my study. I do try to post every day or let my partner know when I go missing for longer times.
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Gender: I play females.

Age: 18 to 40s

Orientation: Heterosexual.

Power Exchange: Submissive.

Race: Doesn't really matter

Bodytype: Whichever turns the partner on. ;]

Alternate species/fantasy races/furries/mutations: Humans. Open to werewolves, vampires etc, but no furries/mutations.

Settings: Got to stick with what I'm familiar with, current settings. Wouldn't mind the past or future, if detailed enough.

Likes/kinks: Incest, anal, orgasm denial, spankings, first times, daddy kink

Hard limits: Rape, scat, bathroom play, animals, violence, gore.

Availability: I am usually on every day in the evening, unless I have a social life.

Notes: With regards to activity, I work office hours and when I get home, I might just not do anything at all. If you have a thread with me, you can expect at least one reply every day, if not every other day. Please note that if you're threading with me, don't do any major godmodding of my characters. Also, a reply of at least one paragraph will be appreciated!
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Gender: I write male characters.

Age: mid 20s to older man, although I like to write closer to my age most.

Orientation: straight male.

Power Exchange: Shared power; Mainly Dom with a softer side, daddy Dom; I can play switch too.

Race: Doesn't matter, but mainly Caucasian.

Bodytype: I'm a 6'3” larger built guy, that how I see most characters.

Alternate species/fantasy races/furries/mutations: I've written Vampires, Egyptian god and human with magical powers.

Settings: I'm a historical geek and love to write about different time periods although the consistency of the story is more important that absolute historical accuracy.

Likes/kinks: I'm open for most things: Anal(play and sex), Coercion, Blackmail, Abduction, Slavery, Captivity, Rough sex, Torture, Toy play, Spanking (ass & pussy), Tattoos, Marks, Collars, Bondage
Psychological torture/control, Choking
Public sex, ...

Hard limits: Minors, scat, rape, golden showers, humiliation, ...

I am not a fan of when a partner writes a response for my character or puts words or thoughts for my character. I don't do it for their character either. I'm not a spelling or grammar Nazi, but enjoy writing with someone who can maintain both well.
Lover of a beautiful lady!

I am a nice guy with enough bad boy inside to keep you entertained. (wicked kisses)
The only answer to a unspoken question is 'No!' so take a chance and ask because Life is too short to be unhappy.

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My Profile!

Gender: I play female characters only please

Age: At least 18. I'm not sure how the oldest would be to play--maybe 40?.

Orientation: Hetro

Power Exchange: Vanilla to Heavy Bondage, more so power of wills

Body type: Curvy, Toned--depends

Alternate species/fantasy races/furries/mutations: Mostly human (what's a furry?)

Settings: Modern day to future settings. Perhaps others with the right partner.

Likes/kinks: Still trying to figure this out, so what are your likes/kinks?

Hard limits: No killing my char and fucking her, that's a little gross. Cutting up is OK to a limit.

Availability: Well as airheaded as I am, I'm going to stick with just 2 stories but I love reading others' stories! I think now, with posting I can do one story a day. For example if I have 5 stories going then I can only answer one at a time each night.
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Gender: Female - I may write secondary male characters depending upon the plot.

Age: 18+

Orientation: Straight is what I know and write best, though I've had a few forays into writing bi characters and would consider this within the right setting/character/plot.

Power Exchange: I can write anything within the spectrum from vanilla to submissive to more dominant roles. I dislike extremes, however and find no appeal in what amounts to brutality. I think if I'm attempting to write a bi role, I would prefer to write a submissive female.

Race: Race is not usually a key issue within the stories I write. I happen to be 'White British' and could write any similar race/culture convincingly - French being a character background I've used quite a few times. My knowledge of the USA and its geography is shockingly limited, but I have managed to 'blag it' in the past, though I couldn't comment on how successfully - usually a knowledgeable co-writer supplies culture/factual gaps in my knowledge. You may need to take a lead if I'm writing out of my comfort zone in this respect.

Body Type: I play what the story requires, though curvy and buxsom is my default as it most closely resembles myself.

Alternate Species: Not a strength of mine. As a general rule I prefer human or at least humanoid, but that is not a hard rule - it all depends upon the plot.

Settings: I love to write in many varied settings - modern, fairytale, fantasy, historical, sci-fi ... they're all possible. I enjoy ghost stories and perhaps something linked to fate, karma, that sort of thing. I generally dislike student/teacher and cheating stories, also older woman/younger man isn't a favourite of mine, although if they go beyond the cliché, I can be tempted to explore in that direction. I have no understanding of hentai or 'high fantasy' and despite attempting to do so, simply don't 'get' that genre.

Likes/kinks: Dependent upon the character and requirements of the story. I play experienced and inexperienced characters so what fits one scenario would be a turn off for the character in another.

Dislikes: I don't really 'get' foot fetish or similar interests. Too much focus upon dressing/clothes also bores me easily. I hate co-writers 'god-modding' and making decisions for my character and will refuse to continue writing if my partner continues to do so. I also dislike sloppy/careless posts. It's not the length, it's the quality. If it took 2 minutes to throw down and post, then I'm not interested in responding to that ...

Hard limits: family/incest, bathroom stuff, under age, animals, needles, tattoos, piercing, body mutilation, abusive brutal activity. I only write stories for the forums - no email / IM story exchange.

Writing style: I tend to write longer posts and tend to create a character profile before beginning a story so that my characters are consistent in their reactions and actions. I enjoy exploring motivations, thoughts of my character and appreciate the same in co-writers. I am collaborative and love creating interesting stories with strong plots and characters. I am always willing to edit my posts to ensure my co-writer is happy with the development of my story and would expect similar from those I write with.

Perhaps the best way of illustrating my writing style is for those who are interested to click on my profile and check out some of the links to my current stories.

I think perhaps most importantly, no matter how many stories I have 'live' I devote equal care and time on all of them and reply systematically in order to be 'fair' to all.

Availability: Variable - my posting can go in waves. Due to family or work commitments I may be away for some days, but conversely there may be days when I can post really prolifically. If I am away for an extended time, I do try to inform my co-writers. I believe in communication and would not just abandon a story. If I'm not around it would be for a valid reason and would hope co-writers would trust that this is so. I have been very fortunate with co-writers in the past and currently and touched by their patience and understanding when family crises have hit.

My writing approach: I have co-writers I find I have 'clicked' with and with whom I have multiple threads, but I am always happy to find new writing partnerships and have written with many 'newbies' also. I ask that people who write with me are just open and honest about their expectations and how the story is going for them. I dislike it when people go quiet or disappear rather than sending a message about any story 'issues'. I am honest and if I have a difficultly with a story I will tell you - I'm not sure if that is good or not, but it is how I am. At the end of the day, sometimes stories/collaborations do not work and it is better to walk away than to struggle to try to save something which is not fun for either party. This is never personal and for me it's key to separate the project from the person. I invest a lot of effort in my writing and I know many others do also. Another time, another story and the partnership might work in the future ...

Mari x

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Gender: Real life male. A favorite SRP character (Nika) which I have written for twice is female. I can RP either way although my female imagination and repertoire has the limits of never having been one.

Age: Adult, prefer 30s +

Orientation: My female character is bisexual. My male characters have been straight, but privately had other ideas which hinged on there being a female gatekeeper.

Power Exchange: I enjoy scenarios where the power in the relationship shifts from one character to the other or where both characters have to overcome the power of some outside force.

Race: Open, although limited as noted in Gender, above.

Body Type: Height/weight proportionate. My characters are fit from enjoying or working outdoors or sports, such as swimming.

Alternate Species/Fantasy Races/Mutations: Open, given the right partner. I have thought about creating a character who is a giant – the right partner would definitely be required. I'll add that the one and only RP where I've written for a giant character was extremely enjoyable and satisfying.

Settings: Contemporary, although open to alternatives.

Likes/Kinks: Blind trust. The possibility of getting caught – or – getting caught always adds to tension. Dominant/submissive play. Punishment. Pushing boundaries. Committing without risk analysis. AMBIGUITY.

Mild Turn Offs: Over commitment to other writing relationships by writing partner and/or lack of commitment to begin with. Favoring predictability over a flowing, unpredictable collaborative process.

Hard Limits: Any contact outside of Lit.
Jerks, disrespect in the SRP to the point of humiliation, murder/blood work, feces and otherwise "no" means no.

Availability: I can usually commit to a couple posts/week and usually post more often. I’m good about letting my writing partner know when availability changes.

Comments: I have an affinity for ambiguity and willingness to suspend disbelief. I like to have some level of dialogue with my writing partner through Lit PMs – questions, ideas for the story direction and things we’d like to write about, casual comments.

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Ki's SRP Profile

In general all of this will likely evolve over time and sometimes based on my mood but here I go:

Gender: Female

Age: 18-30, but I'm 20 and prefer to play around my own age unless the specific scene really inspires me

Orientation: Straight

Race: Open

Body Type: Short, slender & athletic

Alternate Species/Fantasy Races/Mutations: Not something I gravitate towards but might be willing to give it a go

Settings: Mostly contemporary/modern, fantasy, urban fantasy

Likes/Kinks: My favorite part of erotic writing is the build up. I like a good deal of sexual tension, people that would not be a natural fit to hook up for whatever reason. I am submissive, and enjoy being manipulated (mind control, blackmail).

Dislikes: Daddy, assholes

Hard Limits: Minors, animals, scat, violence, rape

Availability: I think I can post once per day, most likely at night. I like to write at least a couple paragraphs per post.

Comments: Please let me control my own character, don't speak for me, don't make my character react (I'm ok with your character perceiving something, just give me an out if I want to take it in another direction).
I'm not a team player.

My SRP Profile

Old SRP's
Did I Get Your Attention?


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Gender: Male predominantly, but could play a female role with other females.

Age: 28, can play 18-30

Orientation: Heterosexual male or lesbian female

Power Exchange: Overt relationships of power isn't something that appeals to me. I can play semi-dominant or semi-submissive roles, but I'd rather power be balanced overall.

Race: I'm white. I'm interested in fantasy and sci-fi characters as well as regular scenarios.

Bodytype: I'm about average height for a guy, with an athletic build.

Alternate species/fantasy races/furries/mutations: I'd be interested in any sort of humanoid race.


I'm interested in playing out real-world scenarios where two strangers meet. One specific idea from there is picking up a hitchhiker stuck in the rain.

I would love to play a fantasy world with magic and dragons. Post-apocalyptic worlds are another interest. I could also play ancient, modern, or futuristic pirate.

I'm also into group play or being watched by others. Live on-stage porn show sounds like an interesting idea.

Likes/kinks: I enjoy detail and intelligent writing. When I write to people I try to make sure that I don't generalize the actions I am taking. I'm not too interested in the extremes of sex in terms of domination, humiliation, violence, and bodily fluids. I prefer to stay in the middle. Anything that is well thought out with good effort put into it I can get into. I am partial to thigh-high socks, goth girls, tomboys, panties, and groups. Honestly, though I'm quite open to anything that's not extreme.

Hard limits: Extreme domination, humiliation, violence, and bodily fluids. No incest.

Availability: I'm new around here, but I'm interested in improving my writing ability. Depending on what my workload is I can respond frequently. I travel for work, so at those times I'll be less available.
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gender- female

age: 30s but flexible when it comes to play

orientation: i love men, but can enjoy some bi interaction

race: white

body type: petite

settings: i have varied interests. period pieces are fun. for me it is really about the story and the connection of the characters.

likes: again this is varied based on the story. i do enjoy men that have a dominant side but not so much of the whips and chains variety. i love backstory and seduction. i really enjoy connection.

i can post several times a day but usually in the afternoon and evening
she looks like such a good girl....but did you notice her wicked smile?

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Gender: Female

Age: I generally play young characters (18-30), simply because I have more experience with them; however, I'm certainly willing to consider older for an interesting role.

Orientation: Hetero or Bi

Power Exchange: Personally, I am quite submissive and, while my characters need not necessarily be the same, I tend to avoid dominant roles. (I will admit I've had fun with the rare exception.)

Race: *ascends soapbox* Categorizing each other in this unscientific, prejudicial way is revolting. *steps down meekly*
Sorry, couldn't resist. It's my obligation as a college student, right?
I'm anglo-american. My characters can be anything.

Bodytype: Role dependent. Typically, average height and lithe or athletic build.

Alternate species/fantasy races/furries/mutations: Non-human characters do not hold any special interest for me. (That doesn't mean I'm necessarily opposed to playing one.)

Settings: For the most part, I write realistic and present-day. I feel it helps allow for a focus on the relationships between characters instead of on world-building, but I'm open to fantasy and/or sci-fi.

Likes/kinks: Although my characters often differ greatly in this regard, the writer's still the same. So, in no particular order, here are a few of my own favorites:

bondage, anal, facefucking, spanking, gagging, collars, choking, humiliation, non-consent, orgasm denial/delay, punishment, nipple/breast play,

erotic tension and good story telling!

Dislikes: godmodding (They're mine, damn it!), excessively detailed historical settings (I don't like feeling stupid. ;p)

Hard limits: In the traditional sense, I have none. Context is key. If it makes sense to the story, do it! Interesting plot and development should always trump my weak stomach. That being said, I would prefer not to set up stories with the intent to focus on vore, scat, watersports, or necrophilia.

Soft Limit: Incest
I often find that stories, which include this, focus entirely upon it. I don't have an inherent objection to our characters being siblings. What I do need is more reason than blood to care about them.

Availability: varies considerably during the school year. I'll try to keep you up to date with pms/emails if I expect to be gone for more than a couple of days.

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Awesome idea, so here's mine.

Gender: I am a female! I've played female characters in SRP, but have played male characters in NSRP. I wouldn't mind doing either.

Age: 18+

Orientation: I can play heterosexual and not against playing the LGBT spectrum, either.

Power Exchange: I tend to play women who are slightly dominant or neutral/equal, but wouldn't mind playing submissive women. Generally, unless it's a nonconsent story, I prefer neutral/equal.

Race: I'm Mexican-American, born and raised in the US. I have played white and Mexican mainly, but wouldn't be adverse to playing other races.

Body type: I'm 5'3", a little chunky, I have a generous butt and 40 EE breasts. That doesn't mean I'm not willing to write through a different body type, because it is an RP after all.

Alternate species/fantasy races/furries/mutations: I'm willing to give it a try!

Settings: Usually, I play present-time, but lately I've been wanting to explore other settings such as historic, fantasy, sci-fi, futuristic, you name it.

Likes/kinks: I'm pretty open to a lot of things, so I'll try a lot of things, but I am into:
Light BDSM

Hard limits: Minors, scat, vomit, necrophilia, bestiality, terrible grammar and spelling, and last, but most definitely not least, writing in your posts what you would have me do (a.k.a. Godmoding). If you are looking for a writing partner, I'll be your partner not your puppet or slave.

Availability: I am usually online, I can write pretty regularly. If I know I won't be around I'll let you know.

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