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Favorite story series?

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This thread *must* include "Just the Six of Us". Funny as hell. Raunchy as hell. I'd be happy to be reincarnated as any of 'em!
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Siblings with Benefits.

This thing is a lot more than a story of two siblings fucking. Its the long dark journey of two broken souls who were destined to be together.

A lot of BDSM style sex and down right heart breaking in places. Several of the later chapters had me in tears.

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No matter how partial I may be to my own series offerings, when it comes to gay male stories, you can't beat Timber Pack Chronicles.


Romance, drama, trauma, werewolves, and pure sexual heat...whatever you want, it's in there!
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My Only Talent

Amazing series tho the irregular updates are a killer.
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How long are you talking about? For a short series, it would be Chess Game by urbanslut. But that one is only four very short chapters.

If you are referring to a longer epic piece, I would go with Etaski's Sisterhood series. This is actually a series of series, starting with the four part Sisterhood and then continuing through Subterrane, Sufferance, and Surfacing. It's all one continuous story.
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The E&I Interracial Series By Stormbringer

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