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Couple discover cuckold fetish together

Lorraine and I have been lucky enough to have indulged a handful of times now with the same gentleman but admittedly it may not be for everyone. For us however it has been a
highly erotic journey and it has lifted the level of sexual communication and trust in our
relationship. Over the past few years we have also formed trust and an odd personal
friendship with our play mate, which has provided us a very safe release for both of our
fantasies and curiosity of being with other partners (mostly Lorraine’s as she had only slept
with six other guys before we were married). As for me, I never had any desire to stray from
our relationship, my wife is all I ever desire and I discovered through this journey that I really
get a thrill from watching and sometimes helping her to relax and let go during sex. I suppose
that’s where I discovered the cuckold fantasy as it hadnt occurred to me previously and it
certainly was not a known term.
For those that don’t understand the term cuckold, it is a twist on the traditional threesome;
however there are degrees of this meaning (you can look it up). For us it means that I rarely
play with my wife during the encounter, rather opting to be a voyeur (in some way) to her
dalliances with our mutual friend. The arousal and denial of being able to have sex with her
during these encounters is truly the apex of the experience for me. From her perspective she
has found over time an ability to be totally uninhibited and indulge safely and erotically with
another partner, whilst still being faithfully mine and providing pleasure to me in a unique
nontraditional way.
Let me first preface this story with the fact that we are very much your average, late thirties
Aussie couple. I work in a professional career and Lorraine is a secondary school teacher. We
are healthy, fit and active however we don’t have gym memberships or personal trainers
instead opting for non-formal exercise on our time off. Previous to meeting our friend, we
had flirted with the idea of a threesome (mostly during the heat of passion) however let me be
clear that we didn’t go into this to fix any sexual issue in our relationship and this certainly
wasn’t something we jumped on (excuse the pun) lightly. We also don’t consider ourselves
“swingers”, mostly because we don’t swing! We are aware of all the risks to having multiple
partners and therefore this has never interested us. Not to mention the thought of turning up at
one of those parties with the intention of finding sex with a stranger would have my wife
running for the hills!
Personally I would suggest that any couple looking to try a threesome experience, have a
serious chat outside of the bedroom first and agree on some mutual guidelines, what type of
person interests you both and last of all don’t rush with the first person you find, feel it out
and make sure he/she is the right fit for your relationship.
So as I said my wife Lorraine and I are in our late thirties and had been married several years
before meeting fellow traveler Mike who was also holidaying in Bali at the time. Staying at
the Suarti Resort Villa’s, which is right next to a magnificent marine park, we had taken
advantage by booking an organized group kayak tour from Pandawa beach to Bali Cliff beach
(highly recommend this). It was our second day at the resort when we met Mike, who was
from Britain and had been working in Denpasar, but was taking time for rest and relaxation
on the coast.
On the morning of the kayak tour we went down to the beach area of Kebun Bunga to join
the tour and rent our kayaks however arriving late we were informed that there was only one
solo kayak available. Lorrain had not kayaked many times at that stage, therefore knowing
that as a seasoned Kayaker I would enjoy doing my own thing, she opted to buddy up with
another group member and allow me the last solo kayak.
As luck had it Mike was also not a competent kayaker and he ended up partnered with my
wife. Mike was in his early forties however he was an athletic early forties, not overly
muscular but neither was he skinny. He was tall, lean and clean shaven with brown hair and
some reasonably flat abs under his life vest, so he probably kept fairly active while working
in Denpasar. He was also very friendly, smiled a lot and had a thick British accent, which
guessing by the way Lorraine flirted with him, she found interesting. She told me later on that
she had always had a thing for Hugh Grant and James Bond and Mike sort of looked like
Hugh and sounded like James so there was instant appeal.
So our tour group of two single kayaks and three double kayaks (plus three local guides) set
off on our full day adventure into the turquoise Indonesian ocean, teaming with tropical fish
and reefs to explore. As Lorraine had sea kayaked previously and Mike had not, he opted to
go up front and allow her to steer from the rear position on the way there and then they could
swap on the return voyage. I found myself paddling next to them for the first little while until
Lorraine said to me “If you are going to just coast along next to us then we may as well trade
places as I thought you would want to have a workout?” I realized seeing as we always did
these types of things together, that I was feeling a little over protective about leaving her
alone with a strange guy. With her reassurance I headed to the front of the group to help lead
the group around the cliff point. I eventually circled back to make sure Lorraine was having
fun and that’s when I pretty much caught her paddling out of sync while perving on Mike’s
well defined arms as he stroked his paddle. “Don’t forget to paddle honey, I can see Mike’s
doing all the hard work here” I said pulling up alongside once more. Lorraine’s only response
at the time was a stuck out tongue and a splash of water from her paddle as she blushed.
Hmm it certainly felt to me like I busted her even though Mike was probably oblivious to it
Let’s be clear I am not a jealous husband and I generally don’t question where, what or with
whom Lorraine hangs out. After two years of marriage I sometimes take for granted just how
damn gorgeous my wife is with her long auburn hair, tiny waist, firm tits and dazzling half
smile. She has never given me a reason to be jealous, I trust her implicitly and she isn’t
overly flirtatious with other men. However having said all this I am not ignorant to the fact
that she does attract attention when we go out for the night, she has incredible legs on her, the
sweetest face and some very kissable pink lips that offset a slight smattering of freckles on
her nose - if you want to imagine Isla Fischer, I would say Lorraine could be a dead ring in
for a body double!
Back on the beach before we left I had noticed that it hadn’t passed Mike just how great
Lorraine’s butt looked in her new swim gear. I’m pretty certain I caught him checking her out
twice while we were waiting and listening to the tour instructor. My wife may be an English
teacher however she likes to run 5 kays most days after school and maintains a fairly regular
morning yoga practice, which keeps her in great shape.
When I opted for the single kayak I certainly wasn’t expecting Lorraine to get teamed up with
a handsome stranger and when they started hitting it off, splashing each other with their
paddles and laughing, I admittedly had some of the first jealous feelings in our entire
Nearly two hours into our exploration down the coast we headed to shallow water and a
secluded white sand beach where we were met by a boat bringing cold refreshments and our
lunches. After pulling the kayaks onto the beach, we sat around trestle tables in the shade and
chatted about all the awesome things we were seeing. Mike and one of the guides sat with us
through lunch and I realized Mike was actually a pretty nice guy. He had been married in his
early twenties, divorced by thirty and now spent most of his time working in Asia for a
motorcar parts manufacturer. They paid pretty well which allowed him to volunteer some of
his time to engineering projects in local towns. The rest of his time was spent travelling in the
region, enjoying the cultural experience and treating himself to the good life (which is so easy
to do over here).
As rolling contracts in different locations aren’t conducive to holding a steady relationship he
typically found himself holidaying on his own. Because of this a few times a year he would
book into an all-inclusive resort as it was apparently a great way to meet other travelers,
enjoy good conversation and never feel lonely when travelling through a new place on your
Lunch was fantastic, plenty of cooked prawns, spicy Balinese rice and salad followed by
tropical fruits and ice cream for dessert. After this we were given time to explore the island,
tan on the beach or for those up to more activity, snorkel in the shallow water with the fish.
Lorraine and I chose to snorkel for a time but then retreated down the beach to a shady spot
to snooze off the hottest part of the day. After an hour of dozing we woke up groggy and lay
there for a while as we still had some time before needing to head back to the main group. I
leaned across to my wife and casually teased her about all the flirting going on with “British
Mike”. She denied it all but with a cheeky grin asked me whether I was jealous that she was
kayaking with James Bond? After laughing at her joke I admittedly said I was a teeny bit
jealous as I wanted to be sharing more of the experience with her however it was also making
me a quite horny as it made me aware of all her “hot” bits when I saw him checking her out.
Oh really, he checked me out? And what bits are you referring to their Steven, these babies?
She asked and with that she casually pulled her bikini bra down just a little, flashing me the
tops of her slightly tanned tits and raising her eyes brows suggestively.
Seeing as we were a little ways up the beach from the main group and fairly private, that was
all the provoking I needed. I started kissing my wife’s neck and rubbing my hands over her
silky bikini top while feeling her slowly hardening nipples on the other side. Lorraine has
fantastic nipples that stand right out like bullets when she is turned on and this was one of
those occasions. I continued to grind against her wishing we were totally alone on this beach
so I could take her into the water for some naughty afternoon fun.
We heard someone approaching and of course as chance would have it Mike walks up on us
to inform us the group is getting ready to head back. Even though we had heard him coming
and had made ourselves ”decent”, there was nothing Lorraine could have done about those
nipples that were by now providing us both with some very erotic images of my wife’s
boobs. Even though Mike was wearing polarized sunglasses, so I couldn’t really be sure
where his eyes were looking, I’m definite that he could not have missed seeing her erect.
“Come on Lorraine are we ready to race Steven back to the resort”? He asked. We all
grabbed our gear and kayaks and moved out into the shallow water. A short way into our trip
back Lorraine and Mikes kayak got turned over by a cross wave. It was nothing major
however they had to re-enter from the water which is always a tricky maneuver. Mike seemed
to get up and in place just fine and when it was Lorraine’s turn I was aware of him being
provided with a fantastic view of her wet bottom as she slid onto her belly facing away from
him before slowly straddling the sides of the Kayak and then placing her feet into the hold.
Back at Kebun Bunga I couldn’t help but notice that her nipples were still rock hard points
through her wet bikini top. It really turned me on thinking about the other guys in the group
and especially Mike seeing my wife’s hard nipples and seeing as they stayed like this all the
way back, I’m guessing our little conversation after lunch had turned her on as well.
Back at the Villa that evening I was still horny so I decided to bring up the fantasy we had
been talking of in private for a few years now about having a threesome. We'd talked about it
several times on and off however neither of us knew how serious the other was about the
whole thing.
So you think Mike’s cute do you? I asked Lorraine. Yeah he’s pretty nice but not as cute as
you babe” was her guarded response.
“You know I was jealous watching him with you however a part of me loved it as well. It
reminded me of our threesome fantasy and I was picturing him undressing you out of that
bikini and feeling you up” I said
“I thought you wanted a girl in our fantasy?” She asked me. Even though I did, something
about watching my wife flirting with this guy and him checking her out in front of me had
really turned me on. I had never really considered her playing with another guy however the
thought of what that might feel like as I watched her seduce someone in front of me was very
I told her I simply enjoyed seeing her in a more sexual light and was appreciating how damn
attractive she was, something I had started to take for granted over the last few years.
“Well if it turns you on, I can let you know I was thinking of him touching my boobs back
there at the beach when we were making out. With you kissing and rubbing me that way, I
was so turned on when he walked up, I probably would have flashed him and possibly been
open to letting him hold them if you had asked me to back there” she replied.
My heart just about leapt out my throat when she said this, I was amazingly excited and
instantly hard just thinking about my innocent wife taking out her boobs for a stranger to not
only see but feel. I know this might sound strange to some of you however Wow, at the time
that was by far one of the hottest things Lorraine had ever said to me.
Well of course we fooled around a bit after that, had a shower to clean up, got dressed and
went out for a snack before heading to the resorts outdoor patio bar on another incredibly
warm tropical night. The bar was packed with tourists but we spied out our kayaking group
having drinks, so we pulled up seats and ordered a few cocktails. Mike was of course there
and we invited him over to share drinks with us.
Lorraine ordered a Bali Moon cocktail called “sex on the beach” with a cheeky wink at me
and the three of us got really close (with Mike in the middle) to drink it with straws. There
was a silly bet thrown down that the first to need to break for the bathroom would pay for a
round of Bali Hai Cocktails for the three of us.
Two more rounds of drinks and Mike was the first to bow out announcing that he would grab
our drinks on the way back from the washroom. When he was just out of ear shot Lorraine
asks me, “How serious were you before? Would it turn you on if I was to flirt with him? Do
you want me to kiss him?”
“HHhhmm well do you want to kiss him?” I tentatively probed. “yyeessss please” she
answered giving me her sweetest angel look. “It’s been a long time since I have kissed
someone else and I am only offering to grant you your fantasy” she said with a very sultry
smile. “OK I will think about it” I said before getting up and heading for the washroom
On the way there I passed Mike heading back, being both a little tipsy and in “party tourist”
mode, I put my arm around him and say “buddy you ‘broke the seal’, next rounds on you!”
Mike laughs and said he was just being polite as he didn’t want Lorraine to be the loser and
he could see he was clearly outmatched by the Aussie drinking machine that I was.
“Well if you were so damn polite then you could have refrained from staring at my wife’s ass
all day mate” I said
“Well Steven you have to admit that bikini was pretty damn tight, especially the top part, if
she was my wife I would have her wearing that one to bed!” he answered
“Well if you are lucky I could organize that Mike, I don’t think Lorraine would mind
showing you what she looks like in a bikini once more or maybe even out of one later tonight
if you have no plans”
At that stage Mike was just smiling at me dumb struck and trying to work out whether I was
joking or serious. I was so horny by all the flirtatious talk and I was dead serious by this
point. Leaving it at that I patted him on the back and walked off to the men’s leaving him to
head back to the bar and my sweet wife.
I took my time at the urinal and walked back the long way on purpose just dragging things
out as I allowed my imagination to tease me with thoughts of British Mike and my wife.
When I got back I sort of knew from the way they were sitting off away from the main group
that something had been said and as I got closer I noticed Lorraine was allowing Mike’s hand
to rest politely yet encouragingly on her bare upper thigh which confirmed my suspicions.
As I sat down on the corner lounge, my wife came over and sat on my lap, put her arms
around me and purrs into my ear "Mike tells me you think I am going to put on a bikini
runway show for you two boys tonight?” OK I was busted, he must have been tipsier than I
had realized as I hadn’t expected him just come on back and divulge our conversation to
Lorraine. “well sorry to inform you honey but I don’t perform tricks on command, however if
you play the good husband and give me a foot massage, then I might consider going in the
jacuzzi topless for you two later on", she said. With that she sat back on the lounge, slid off
her heels and lifted her right leg up over the left providing me with a bare foot to rub. This
motion also caused her dress to cling tightly to her well-toned body outlining a very pear
shaped bum.
While I began massaging her soft feet, Lorraine looked back over at Mike and hesitantly ran
her hand up her leg to her thigh, slowly pushing her dress back just far enough to expose one
side of her bum and the slightest view of her pink, silk panties underneath. Being dimly lit in
the corner and having a table between us and the main group, no one could really see but
Mike and his wide smile and the way he downed his drink was indication he was enjoying the
Watching her openly flirting with him was something I had not observed in Lorraine for a
very long time and it definitely set a fire inside me. By now Lorraine was using her other foot
to massage my crotch, where an awkwardly tight bulge was on the rise. After a while she
turned back to Mike and said, "Hey 007 you had some good moves out there on the water
today, must be feeling pretty tight across those shoulders? Why don't you come back to our
Villa for some late night snacks and join us in the outdoor Jacuzzi?"
"Does this mean we get to see you in that stunning bikini again Lorraine?" Mike asked at
which she responded cheekily "who said anything about a bikini?”
We asked Mike to give us about thirty minutes to tidy up before coming over and with that
Lorraine and I headed back to our Villa. When we left him he was grinning from ear to ear
and I had to wonder exactly what had been exchanged while I was at the men’s washroom to
get us to this.
Back at the villa I put some music on and lit the candles inside and outside around the garden
while Lorraine busied herself in the bedroom changing. The garden was small but beautifully
maintained and privately enclosed with a lovely 8ft bamboo fence. There was a table seating
on the patio along with a couple of reclining chairs overlooking a sunken rock lined Jacuzzi
encircled with plants.
When Lorraine emerged from our bedroom she had redone her makeup with a little more
attitude than before, her hair was tied up and she was wearing her sexy black swim gown she
wore only when on vacation - I always thought it was hot as hell as it tied up just over her
boobs and fell away in front to reveal her belly button and bikini bottoms. Here she was
wearing a dark green bikini panty with high cuts over the hipbones which revealed a fair
portion of her side bum cheek from behind and made her legs look incredibly long. This was
another new one I had not seen and she looked amazing. "You like" she asked with a small
twirl that whipped the gown up over her bottom as she spun. I had to refrain myself from
taking her to the bedroom for the rest of the night.
“Are you sure you will be comfortable if I warmed things up with Mike? He is pretty hot and
I am a little tipsy?” Lorraine asked me. I grabbed my wife by the hips, brought her in close
enough for her to feel my interest pressing out of my shorts and for me to catch the scent of
her intoxicating perfume; I looked her in the eyes and kissed her deeply. “I trust you honey
and if you end up playing around a bit with Mike then so be it; I’m sure I will enjoy it as
much as you do” I replied.
“I highly doubt that” She said cheekily. We agreed on a condition that if either of us felt
uncomfortable with the situation we would use the safety phrase 'I'm sleepy' whereby we
would stop things progressing any further and call it a night.
When Mike arrived he had changed into some neat fitting shorts and a loose blue cotton shirt.
He had combed his hair and was wearing sandals with a towel casually draped over one
shoulder (very preppy British I thought). After some small talk and showing him around the
villa I left Lorraine and him in the garden and made an excuse to go fix some drinks while
they sat in the chairs under a brightly lit, starry Balinese night.
Of course I didn’t go very far from sight and turned to observe them covertly from just inside
the house. I was really surprised to see Lorraine was being the flirtatious one. She had leaned
across to him and was laughing in response to something he was saying to her under his
breath. She then reached out and touched his chest, letting her finger trail his collar bone
before unbuttoning the first few and putting her hand inside his top. I felt a rise of the
excitement I had felt earlier and I couldn't believe my shy wife was openly flirting with this
guy. The feeling of being a voyuer and being so out of control was amazingly freeing to me.
Even though Lorraine was being so forward, Mike on the other hand was being a perfect
gentleman, going along with things and smiling however allowing her to lead which made me
feel a whole lot better about watching my half-drunk wife flirting with him. I felt I could trust
him to treat her with respect and that was very important to me. I felt confident enough to
give them some space and after watching them for a little while longer I headed to the
Coming back from fixing some drinks and a few snacks I noticed things had become very
quiet outside. As I approached the garden under the cover of the noise of the Jacuzzi, I almost
thought they had gone someplace else however when I stepped out of the villa I found Mike
sitting comfortably in the Jaccuzzi with his top off and Lorraine sitting up behind him with
her legs dangling against his back in the water while she massaged his shoulders and neck.
She asked if I minded them jumping on in as she wanted to reward him for being such a great
kayak partner today, of course I said I did not and I put the drinks down, took my top off and
sank myself into the bubbling water at the other end. I enjoyed watching as Mike was
massaged eventually groaning and leaning his head back against my wife's warm crotch as
directed by her. “You are a very lucky man” he said to me closing his eyes. After a moment
of hesitation, and unbeknown to him, she reached up to unclasp her hair and then undid her
gown front as she brought her hands back to massaging his head and neck. As her arms
moved the gown slowly slid apart and I realized she hadn’t worn a bikini top underneath. Her
naked breasts with pointy nipples slowly worked their way free of the material and hung
there wobbling only inches from Mikes face while she continuing to rub him. She silently
mouthed to me "so you want him to touch them?" I nodded yes i did as I was absolutely
loving the show and could feel myself getting hard in the water. Reaching down Lorraine
grabbed Mike’s right hand and guided it up onto her left breast and saying "ok Mr. I think its
only fair I get a rub now”
When Mike opened his eyes his surprise was classic, followed by a ‘wow is this really
happening’ look. Looking to me first for approval he then turned around and proceeded to
gently explore and fondle, kiss and lick my wife’s gorgeous perky and almost teenage boobs
while she slipped her top further off her shoulders and onto the ground.
I sat in the Jacuzzi silently watching them kissing, one of Mike’s hands was exploring the
inside of her bikini line until it ended caressing the side of her ass while the other one was
gently massaging one of her exposed boobs and every so often guiding it to his mouth. My
wife moaned in pleasure and leaned back holding his head and encouraged Mike to suck on
her breasts before slowly moving his way down between her legs. As she lay back on the
paved floor he continued to gently kiss and lick at the fabric of her bikini making a dark
green wet patch in the middle however when he tried to remove them she motioned she
wasn’t ready to go that far so he simply continued kissing and feeling her up. By now I had
my shorts totally off and was stroking a very hard erection watching this guy pleasuring and
playing with my lover.
After what seemed like an incredibly long time, Mike got out of the Jaccuzzi and headed over
to a reclining chair motioning her over to him. Lorraine stood up, came next to me from
outside the Jacuzzi. Reaching into the water and rubbing my hard on she asked, “Are you
sure you are still ok with all this?”
“Have fun baby, I’m over here if you need me”, I replied.
She walked over to the recliner opposite me where Mike had laid back now totally naked
before pulling her down onto him to make out for a while. She seemed so into it that it wasn’t
hard for me to imagine that she quickly forgot about me watching from the water. My
position provided me a great view of my wife’s ass as it was groped by this British stranger
we had met only hours earlier. I remember feeling slightly dizzy as my heart was beating so
quickly watching things unfold and I was thinking “This is fucking hot!”
My arousal was so high that I had to stop stroking myself at a point and instead I leaned back
and floated in the cool water, my hard dick comically poking out at times like a periscope
watching the scene above.
Lorraine went about touching and sucking Mike’s chest and nipples before working her way
down his flat stomach and following his hip bones she eventually was on all fours teasing and
rubbing his balls but kissing him on either side of his cock. He eventually motioned her with
a hand on her head and she tentatively took the tip of his cock between her lips. I couldn’t
believe she was going to give him a blowjob in front of me – I was absolutely speechless.
Mike was moaning softly as was my naughty wife while stroking his cock up and down into
her mouth, her lips just sucking on the head of his penis as I listened to the sound she was
making. I couldn’t really see how big he was, only that his legs were spread on either side of
the lounge exposing him vulnerably while he back with his eyes closed. Lorraine was
kneeling between his legs, her butt in the air and her head between his thighs as she took her
time enjoying him slowly and diligently. Exhilarating was the only way to describe watching
my wife sucking this guy, she was letting go and being totally uninhibited with disregard to
me being only meters away and it looked like he wasn’t exactly missing out here either, she
was hot and he enjoying every part of her hotness.
She eventually decided to swap positions with Mike and that was when my heart started to
really race. Mike gently yet firmly directed Lorraine back on the lounge where he had been,
motioned her to spread her legs before he pulled her bikini over to the side, exposing her -
she didn’t resist. He spent some time gently fingering and kissing her clit and by the moans
she loved his technique.
By now she had seen me over in the water and was smiling at me wanking myself stupid
watching them. Guys it is so hot to watch your wife being pleasured by someone else and to
have her look back at you while it is happening, I couldn’t hold it any longer and had an
amazing out of body orgasm by myself in the Jacuzzi while my wife looked on in pleasure. It
was an explosion of pure ecstasy and I floated back in the bubbles feeling intoxicated.
Amazingly still hard I got off once again watching her as he fingered her to climax while she
straddled and rubbed herself against his cock, with her bikini bottoms still on. I remember the
vision clearly of her writhing onto of him, her wet hair in his face and her naked tits dangling
against his chest. The thought of simply watching and not participating had never entered my
mind before however I got so much pleasure from the experience it was incredible.
I got off three times that night, twice in the Jacuzzi watching them and later that morning
after Mike had left. Lorraine and I spent hours reliving the experience and pleasuring each
other and I told her I was glad I had stayed out of her time with Mike. I loved the images that
were seared into my memory and I had an enormous erection for most of that holiday
whenever my mind floated back to that night (and it did often).
Lorraine said she felt a little embarrassed and guilty about it afterwards however when she
realized I actually had enjoyed watching and participating as a voyeur she was able to relax
about it all and accept it as a new experience for both of us.
Falling asleep that night I remember she smelled of perfume, another man’s cologne and sex.
I have to admit it was probably the best sexual experience I've ever had without actually
having sex.
For the rest of that trip we saw Mike a handful of times however we had booked other side
trips and were not quite ready to over indulge in a good thing, so we exchanged contact
details and parted ways at the end of the week. Three years on we are still in touch with Mike
and have met up with him twice since Bali, on different holidays. Once was back in the
region that same year and the last time was us really pushing our comfort zones, with just
Lorraine and Mike spending a two day overnight stay over in Greece, while I was at a work
conference in Athens last year. That was a really interesting experience with the use of
phones and internet however I will save that story for another day – maybe I can convince
Lorraine to write it.
I hope you have enjoyed reading about our first time and I hope if you and your partner
decide to invite another person into the bedroom that you find someone like Mike who I can
honestly say we think of as a trusted special friend more than a stranger we play with.
I look forward to your responses and I will post back on here when I get the chance!
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Great read, that was really hot.
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love this story

Originally Posted by readinggp View Post
Great read, that was really hot.
Have had similar experience and would wife to do more.
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Originally Posted by executivelust View Post
Have had similar experience and would wife to do more.
never get tired of these stories. Th wife and I discovered it together also...
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