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Fetish world

When I think of the word 'fetish' I think of things that are not common or usual. Like furries, bondage, rape, and blood. (no these are not MY fetish selections just examples).

I read some posts from this section and see white T shirts, hairy pussies and anal play as examples of fetishes. Honestly, there are a plethora of fetishes or things considered to be fetishes that turn a person's crank.

I am looking for the unusual sort- to explore for a story idea.
Anyone willing to ante up to the unusual side of the dark?
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this site has rules on anything illegall so people who don't know what that allows n not allows tend to stay on the safe side of the rules.
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Thanks for the reply. I don't want to know of any illegal fetishes. I used the term rape loosely, perhaps it should be worded as rough sex- well not really.

Let me reiterate, I am not interested in illegal desires, just unusual ones.
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Many of the more unusual fetishes are impossible in the real world, so they require a writer who's willing and able to write science fiction or fantasy. They're not necessarily "dark" though. For example, I particularly like masculine hermaphrodites, and feminine hermaphrodites are popular, though not my personal cup of tea. This doesn't mean accidents of nature where an individual has one testis and one ovary, or a single organ which is a muddled mess of the two tissues. We're talking about fantasy hermaphrodites which have 2 complete reproductive systems, both fertile, and one can even get hirself pregnant by selfcest. Ideally these aren't humans, at least to the extant of being kemonomimis (humans with animal accessories like ears and tails). They could be either a fantasy race or an alien race, anthro or not. Transformers (the robots) are an example of a non-furry but non-human race which is often represented in fanfiction as hermaphroditic. Personally I like races that build nests (I don't think there's a name for this fetish) and lay eggs (oviposition fetish). Some people are really fond of other kinds of anatomy - tails, wings, animal ears, multiple breasts, etc.
I was wondering why I was having trouble getting inspired to continue an erotic story I've been working on. Then I noticed my shampoo bottle said: "Herbal Essences Drama Clean: I'm so good I'll put clean thoughts in your head!" And I thought well, clearly I need to get some new shampoo if this one's washing away all my nice dirty thoughts!

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