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my opinion about "interracial cuckold"

I think white couple + black guy theme is so simple and boring, especially all male characters in the story are young.

I like the interracial cuckold stories that's another male's physical detail is different so much than couple, not only different race, but include age, social class, body, religious, and culture.

more different, more interest, more horny.

as same as this http://www.literotica.com/s/beer-sto...e-with-a-drunk
attention, "nun" in my username is not the meaning in English.
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At the risk of plugging my story, I think you might find my cuckold stories about Vidya and her Indian husband bucking the trend of black/white theme.
-- spankedboy

I am a young male who loves to be spanked and used by dominant females.

I write about strong Indian women and their cuckolded husbands and spanked males.

My Stories:

Interested in chatting about stories, fantasies? Feel free to pm me, or add me on google chat.
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I checked out the stories, spankedboy. I like the Vidya character a lot.

prettynun2010, the problem with what you are saying is that the idea of black man / white woman is just so much hotter. Sure, it's been beaten to death, but I think rather than abandoning it, we need to just think of new and better ways to tell the story. I'm working on one, we'll see how it goes.
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Any story is boring that doesn't have a fresh, interesting plotline. Any white couple + black guy story that has a fresh, interesting plotline isn't boring. It isn't either the color or the mix of the characters that make a story boring--it's the boring plotline.
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