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It's not just the voyeur aspect of cuckqueanry; the emotional masochism is the defining element. Here's one quean's description that can be applied to almost all cuckqueans:
I am learning that on top of all my other kinks. I am with out a question of a doubt an emotional masochists. Very much wanting to be a cuckquean: meaning I must accept the fact that my master can fuck whoever he wants, whenever he wants, with or without telling me.To know that he may choose to point out ways she is better or may choose to tell me nothing at all. I know that his pleasure comes first and their is no way I could fully pleasure him just myself. That he deserves variety and it is his right to do so. I find this to be a wild turn on to know other women are enjoying his cock/tongue while he is enjoying them all the same.
I have additional info about the fetish as well as copious content on cuckqueanry (check out the alliteration, huh?) on my blog http://www.closetquean.com/about/

Gotta run - work.
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I really didn't know there were stories for this
although that makes no sense there is a story for everything
thanks for the links
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for the links
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I'm a fan of the theme. I have a married friend who has a girlfriend. The wife knows about the gf although they try to keep it down low. Anyway he told me that his wife would make comments about the gf when they make love. Like, is this where your girlfriend kisses you. I suspect that was more that he didn't share.

The story would be so much more erotic of the gf started demanding oral favors from the wife. The wife totally sumbits as a husband would to a bull.
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A male 'cuck' fetishist is more properly a wittol, a willing wimp who is aroused by watching his mate fuck one or more other men and who possibly craves humiliation. A woman who wants to watch her man with other women is not necessarily fetishist. I've read that polygamy is normal in some Kenyan tribes and that women expect to have sister-wives sharing their bed. Traditional social life was disrupted by the HIV epidemic leaving an under-supply of available women. Perhaps, to distinguish her from a deprived sister-wife, a 'cuckquean' craves humiliation.

The usual psychological mechanism cited is that powerful people in public life need to feel dominated, controlled, even humiliated in private. Perhaps Hillary is a cuckquean?
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