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Originally Posted by happy_bloke View Post
One of my favorite memories of flashing was when I was dating my girlfriend, now wife. She had put on a fairly decent scooped necked top, and as it was a hot day and unbeknownst to me she had decided not to wear a bra. She was a perky 34b cup at the time and could get away with it. We went round a friends house and were discussing bikes as our friend had bought a really expensive new one. The guys all had a go on it, and it was great.

My girlfriend announced that she had not ridden a bike for years, and without thinking I encouraged her to have a go. She was unsure, and so we all gathered round the bike to help her get on. As she got on of course she had to lean right forward towards the handle bars. The top fell forward and I could not believe that suddenly I was standing with 3 mates, with my girlfriend on a bike and her breasts were completely exposed. We were all standing around her looking down at her and you could literally see the whole of her breasts, on one side it slipped down below the nipple.

She was a bit shy at that time and I could not believe that she knew that she was exposing herself in this way, I was about to tell her she better get off when she rode off up the road. She was concentrating so hard on not falling off that she then rode around for 5 mins. Every time she turned back towards us, once again her shapely tits were shown off again wobbling lightly in the breeze.

I kept telling her to get off but by this time she was enjoying herself and thought I was being boring. My mates looked over a couple of times at me with huge grins but what could I do?

Once she got off, I did mention to her that her top had been a bit exposing but she just laughed and ignored me.

Looking back on it now is of course a complete turn on, although she still denies knowing anything about it.
I had a somewhat similar experience years ago with my now ex.
She wore a loose fitting blouse with no bra, I had a few friends over and she bent over enough that her breasts were completely exposed several times.
Later when everyone was gone I asked her if she realized that they had all seen her breasts very clearly.
She said she knew full well they had seen them, it was her intention all along.
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Originally Posted by southern_gal View Post
Just what is it about guys that actually want us to show a lot more than we usually do.......to strangers? I think that if mine had his way I would walk around topless in public all the time. I admit that I wish I was more comfortable showing off because it seems to get his attention but I am just not like that usually.
Actually, the turn-on for us is seeing something you're not supposed to see in public. It's the "naughtiness" more so than a purely sexual act, especially if done discreetly or "accidentally" versus an outright flash. At least that's how I view it.
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While I am a male and have never indulged in flashing or wanted to, my wife is another matter! She is fairly modest and pretty conservative most of the time, but she definitely has a naughty side that comes out occasionally and is a bit of an exhibitionist at times.

Several years ago, the stars lined up for the story I will relate. We were out on a date night having left the kids with a sitter, and went out of town. She had dressed in a way that was pretty much for my pleasure, although I think she enjoyed it as well. Since I am a leg man at heart, she wore a dress. Nothing exceptionally short or tight, but it was attractive nonetheless. It hung just past the knees and was a cottony fabric that flowed smoothly. Under it, she wore stockings and garters, something that drives me wild!

What she forgot was to put on a pair of panties! Also, she had shaven all of her pubic hair off, something she did fairly regularly back then, but it was fresh and very smooth! I didn't know what was hiding under the dress until we were on the date for a while. After that, I was a bit preoccupied running my hands over her thighs and tracing the garter straps up and down!

The real fun began on the way home. We had about an hour and a half drive on the freeway to get home. We had been chatting and talking about many things, and she was getting very relaxed in the passenger seat. As she often did on a trip, she had slipped her heels off and had her legs resting up on the dash, leaning back a bit in the seat. It was dark outside, but being a clear night with the moon shining, there was quite a bit of natural light out.

At this point, she was very relaxed and we were just enjoying the ride and I was enjoying the view of her stocking-clad legs up on the dash. Occasionally, I would reach over and run my hand along her leg from her knee up to her thighs, stopping to feel the stocking tops and garter straps on occasion. As were were slowly approaching a semi truck in the other lane, an idea hit me. Just as we came upon the truck, I looked over at Lisa and slid the hemline of her dress up far enough to expose the tops of her stockings and a bit of garter strap. Then I simply removed my hand and smiled at her.

She looked at me oddly, then realized that the truck we were approaching would be able to see everything I were seeing if he happened to look down. Lisa got a slight look of panic on her face before simply smiling at me and relaxing.

As we came even with the truck, I eased up on the gas to hold my position next to him for a few minutes before resuming my previous speed. As we passed, we both looked up at the driver to see him moving around in a bit of an excited state with a big smile on his face! We also saw him pick up his CB radio mike and start talking into the radio.

She stayed the same way as we approached another truck, and it was pretty much the same scenario. A few minutes later, we cam upon another truck, and I decided to take things up a notch and see what happened. Just before we got there, I reached over and flipped the hem of Lisa's dress up over her waist, exposing not only the stocking tops and garters, but also her smooth and completely exposed pussy!

She looked absolutely gorgeous and extremely sexy! While she is no Victoria's Secret model, she is a very attractive woman who takes good care of herself and turns many heads when she dresses up nicely!

She looked over at me once again and I thought she was going to cover up and that our fun would be over. I could see a look of contemplation on her face. Much to my suprise, she simply dropped her head and closed her eyes, either attempting to look like she was asleep, or maybe just loosing herself in the moment! Either way, the message was clear, that she was going to let the next driver get a clear view of her bare pussy, surrounded in the framework of sexy lingerie!

I could barely contain my excitement! I was as hard as I had ever been in my life! As we evened with the truck, I dropped my speed again to pace him. This driver had obviously heard a description of both our car, and the show that went along with it. He got very excited also. He even started blowing his horn. We quickly passed him and moved towards the next ruck, which wasn't all that far ahead.

This time, the driver was expecting us and very excited. He was shaking his head and smiling big and nodding in a yes motion! This time, Lisa looked up and smiled at the driver. She was obviously enjoying being the object of desire and was relishing in the moment. She could barely contain the lusty smile on her face.

At this point, we sped away and decided that we should stop and just get home. With all of the CB chatter going on, it wouldn't be long before the State Police became aware of what was going on and didn't really want to chance going to jail over it. Before we headed for the homestretch, I reached over and touched Lisa's pussy. It was warm and extremely wet! I slid my finger into her and it made those wet, squishy sounds that only an aroused pussy can make.

When we got home, we headed straight for bed and had great sex while reliving the entire thing and she admitted just how turned on she had gotten exposing herself to complete strangers like that. Probably not a good idea as far as traffic safety, but it was one hell of a ride. One I will never forget!
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I'm not a lady, but I'd like to share a memory of being flashed, if you don't mind.

I was a limo driver, and once I commented on a client's deeply plunging neckline because the way she was sitting and getting out of the car was allowing others to see fully see her nipples. (When we would make stops, I noticed that one guy was often shifting his sitting position to try to ogle her nips.)

"I ain't got nothing to see!" she laughed, jerking her top up to reveal her little "A" cup titties. It was so fucking hot, because she only flashed me. That guy I talked about above...? He looked heart broken that she had her back to him.
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This is how I intentionally flashed my bf's friends. We clubbing with friends and offered them a ride home. I was wearing really short skirt (almost microskirt) just covering my pussy. My pussy was bald and I wore no panties. We messed the interior of the car up so I have excuse to make room for his friends to sit. When we reached the car I pretend to move the things from inside the car into the trunk. You can imagine what they saw, right?
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