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Question Can men squirt?

When I was younger and I used to masturbate I didn't produce semen the first few times that I had an orgasm, or if I did it was unnoticeable. Instead I had a rolling orgasm building up to a such an intense orgasm my head flew back and I squirted a thin, clear liquid right across the room. Later I began producing semen when I came, producing a normal orgasm. But very occasionally, like when I was in the bath I would continue stroking, gently when I was sensitive and building up again. When I reached climax for the second time I would squirt the clear thin liquid like before, along with a more intense orgasm.

My first thoughts were that it must be urine, so I would urinate before hand, but I had the same response. As I grew older I did it less and less, especially after realizing that there are plenty of unusual sexual phenomena, but this one isn't generally spoken about.

Has anybody else experienced this?

Does anybody have any theories?

Do you think it could be the male equivalent to female ejaculation?

I'm thinking of giving it a go again, after years of abstinence. Should I include my partner in it. How do I even bring that up in conversation?
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Semen consists of a liquid base produced by various glands, plus the actual sperm cells. If you have recently ejaculated, a second ejaculation may contain little or no sperm, and a more diluted mixture of fluids which will be largely clear.

Transsexuals M2F undergoing hormone therapy often ejaculate a clear fluid, as do men who have been castrated but are capable of erection (many are).
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I dont know if i squirt, but i do know i;m damn near multi-orgasmic. When i get a good session of edging, maturbating, & porn it usually happens. It scared the shit outta me the first time, lol.

I had been surfing & stroking for over an her, built up a real good ache in my cock & balls. When i finally let it fly, i shot across the room for 3 of my first 5 spurts. I stopped spurting @ that point, kept stroking & felt something building down under my balls near my prostate. I kept stroking & sure enough after about a minute, i got a good 4 more spurts out. I was shaking all over, but it felt AMAZING!!! I have since done this numerous times when my schedule allows.

Best orgasms i've ever had were like this. I want to have someone help me, but my wife isnt into edging & the time it would take. Soooooooooooo, i'll just enjoy this little diddy myself.
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I manage to squirt multiple times a day without issue...

but seriously that's interesting. If you're sure it isn't just ejaculate without a lot of sperm in it, I'd guess that you may be just ejaculating fluid from one of the sources like another poster suggested.
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Originally Posted by krissive69 View Post
i think the sperm itself is just a small component. Some of the liquid is stored in the prostrate (~30% or ejaculate it think), and other fluid in the two seminal vesicles (about 60%)... these have a different look. My guess (and its only a guess) is that the clearer liquid was from one of these glands & their other had not quite "woken up"... Can any medical types confirm that?
lol.. and risk busting the myth that your orgasm is "low carb?"

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Interesting ideas. Everyone is pretty much thinking along the same lines as I was, but what I really wanted to know was if anybody else had experienced it. I suppose turbokalt is the closest.

I should probably indulge myself like he does once in a while.
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