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Which category is right?

I'm working on a story right now that's got me a bit confused as to where it should finally live. My muse has taken an extended coffee break, so I'm not working on the content, just doing some planning and minor editing.
(Yes, this idea came from a forum thread you'll recognize)

Basic vague description:
There is a discussion between two ladies about being fingered in public by a stranger. Two couples are involved, and both wives dearly want to have this done to them, but who to trust? Wife1 arranges with Hubby1 to accost Wife2, then Wife2 has Hubby2 make Wife1 happy. The men just know they are doing a huge favor for their wife's friend, they have no clue who they are diddling. Naturally, at first the surprised wife doesn't want this attention. She doesn't know who it is, but realizes what's going on and happily goes along with it.
(Hey it's a story. In real life the tazer gets turned on instead of the lady. I know this. Yay fiction.)

So... Category... Where the heck does this fit best? It's got traces of LovingWives, Voyeur/Exhibition, NonConsent, and why not - let's say Wife1 does it to Wife2 just to be silly. They we've got a (very slight) hint of Lesbian as well. If you were to see this story in any of those categories, would you say I picked 'x' wrong, it should have been 'y'?

40-something tales so far.

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Writing erotica is a very exhibitionist and revealing hobby. We are all opening our trench coats for a crowd.
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First, this isn't a story idea it's an author question and will be moved as soon as our mod finds this. Just so you know WHY it happened when it does.

As for what category it goes in it's not non-con at all, the women are clearly both consenting and without any form of cohersion or anything. It's only exhibition/voyeur if they are at least at serious risk of being seen which this being in public may qualify. I don't think Loving Wives would be a great category since the hubbies are really stunt cocks.

Honestly I'd dump this in Erotic Couplings and call it a day. Yeah it's a catch all, but it's a catch all precisely for stuff like this that nobody has a clue where to put.
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