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I think I've gotten all of the advertising topics on the first pages of each of the CHYOO sub-forums. However, I also know there are several spam posts in legitimate topics, more well hidden topics, and I haven't done too much digging beyond what appears on the first page.

If anyone noticed a topic I missed, or has a post in a legitimate topic, please post the link here, and I'll get to it as soon as I can.

Hopefully there will be three more forum moderators to help expedite the process; the PM mentioned four people.

...Or Laurel and Manu could leave me to do this by myself while a certain person forces me to keep a near-constant vigil over these forums.

Instead of simply attacking Manu and Laurel, allow me to use this time to point out something I didn't know about the forums until July 3, 2013. If anyone reports a post as they normally would, it does not notify me on site with a PM. Instead, I receive an email. The address attached to the forum account is a registration email, I check it only once every month or two unless I'm expecting emails. Instead of reporting posts, please PM me here on the forums or use this topic to post. Though this would probably be superfluous, I'd appreciate a link to the posts or threads and a brief explanation of why you're reporting it. And yes, this is why I've given this thread a sticky and a title change.
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