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How is my English?

Hi there.

I love writing erotica, but English is only my second language.
I'd like to know if it shows, if it bothers you, and what I could fix.
Here's my stuff: http://www.literotica.com/stories/me...ge=submissions

I also have concerns about pacing (do my stories feel rushed?), so if I could get some feedback on that too it would be great.

Thanks in advance for any replies!
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Your English is fantastic for a second language. I admire you. I read "a classy night out".

The only grammar points I spotted were, "it lead to a lodge" when you meant 'led' and "wishing 'her' a good evening" - often writing mistakes of native speakers.

You get very good scores so I am a bit hesitant to comment on your pacing. I thought you rushed 'a classy night out' without developing the relationship/emotion between the call-girl and her mark. I assume you were intentionally writing a 'stroke' story but, for me, I would have liked a bit more interaction.

You write good English, you get great scores, what are you fretting about?
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