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Update on my dog

Mocha had his surgery today, his cyst was removed. I did not have it biopsied, it was pretty pricey and honestly money was a factor. We are choosing to believe it was cancer.

He is home with us now and doing well. I put his cone back on him, he was messing with his stitches. He can eat a small amount after 7 PM.

This is his shaved neck.

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Anything New?
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*Hugs to you and Mocha*
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Hail Hydra
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Can you bandage it over rather than putting the cone back on him? I know he's prone to scratch it, but now that the cyst is removed it's not really necessary, is it?
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¿por qué no?
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you should get him a rubber chicken w/ a cheap turkey call in it. dogs love that shit. well, mine does. also, those furry rags with squeakers. yay dogs.
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Queen Bee
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That is good news, Pink, and for Christmas too!
But I don't know about doggies, so I will follow pointless and his suggestion with a rubber squeaky for Mocha
porqué no?
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Not Titty-fuckable
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Glad it's okay.

I've only had one pet where I would have paid for a life saving surgery, the rest, including the present one, can suck it if they get sick.
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Not Normal
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I'm glad He's home with you and on the mend.
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Accidental Genius
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Poor baby. I hope he's comfortable.
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Aww the cone of shame! I recently had to tumors removed from my dog's mouth. I did have them biopsied (still paying that off) but the peace of mind was worth it.

Hope your baby heals quickly.
~Vivienne LeRoux~

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Literotica Guru
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Hi Pink, I am glad your dog is home and surgery went well. Your vet should have a good idea by looking at it if it was a fatty deposit etc. Since you are choosing to think it is cancer there are a number of things you can do to help your dog. Diet is very important. Google cancer starving diets for dogs. You can come up with a feeding program for an affordable price that will cut out all the sugars and foods that feed the bad stuff. If you want to chat further about things shoot me a pm, I have some dog experience lol ...

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warrior queen
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Good that you have your pup home for Xmas
Season's Best to you and all of yours......
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Fata Morgana
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Don't they break your heart! Worth it though. Fingers crossed he's ok now.
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Literotica Koro
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ahhhh pink, you poor dear...
you're not having a very good year here...

may your next be better.
[wonder drain]
~Fred Lutz~
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Big hug to you and Mocha. I am glad J is home to tend to you. xo
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Hoppin' for Spring
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So happy to hear you puppy is home
& to a speedy recovery for him
I'm not evil, I'm good with a twist ;-)
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hope mocha continues to get better, pink.
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