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Originally Posted by JAMESBJOHNSON View Post
Why would anyone want a LIT friend? Why encourage it! Its a lot more fun to spoil the fun for the freaks.
We've noticed.
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Profiles Are Like A Preview

I think you can refer to a person's profile as a preview of their writing and proofreading style. However, it's not necessarily the best indicator of their ability to give story guidance or deeper story editing.

I'm fairly sensitive to errors like that. It would make me choose a different editor. But I tend to think of proofreading as a different skillset.

There are also some people who want to let the Modern Language Association run their lives. For example, not using the word "impact" as a verb. If you really want to get pick- picky about things (like: last night I dreamed not last night I dreamt) you can find yourself in a situation where your stories are changed to sound correct, but far from what a native speaker would actually say. I think it depends on the outcome you're looking for. (...the outcome for which you're looking.)
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Would you please...

Originally Posted by Chiara23 View Post
I've written stories here, and I've edited some as well. I know I'm not the best writer here, and I also know I'm not the best editor. What I do know is that whether I'm writing or editing I always do my best on the project at hand. ...
I would appreciate it greatly if you would take a look at this thread. I think it tells enough of what I am looking for and based on a quick look at the stories you have written and the favorites you have identified, I think you might be able to help me.

Please take a look.

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I am halfway through writing an incest story. Was hoping I could get some help. But all I can tell from this post is that editors all fight and point fingers at each other and don't care about helping writers at all. So never mind. Keep fighting and calling each other names like you're still in high school or something. I thought this was someplace special. I was wrong. I'll find help someplace else.
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